2017-02-23 Second Rule of Book Club

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Second Rule of Book Club
Date 2017/02/23
Location Habsuites - Perceptor and Gearshift's
Participants Perceptor, Fortress Maximus, Rung
Summary Book club meets up again.

While Perceptor doesn't spend a great deal of time in his shared quarters, he still tries to keep them tidy. That said, his half of the newly moved-into chambers have been strewn with crystals, arranged on shelves and some strung up and hung around the recharge slab. The mech himself has managed to arrange seating in some semblance of a circle, with one seat being his own berth. There are a few datapads on the usually pristine surface, set next to the spot Perceptor has claimed for his own seating.

Now, he just has to wait for Rung and their new club member to arrive.

A looming shape briefly fills the doorway before stepping through, ducking to get his tank treads in.

Fortress Maximus stops and looks around, the crystals catching his eye first. He'll have to make sure he knows those are there and doesn't knock anything over by mistake. He waits for Rung to follow him, stepping aside so he isn't just...blocking Rung, while trying to think of something to say.

"Perceptor," he finally settles on, giving Percy a slight nod. He's never really talked much with Perceptor since the latter, well, found him. There.

Meet the new club member, Percy!

Rung is quick to duck into the room behind Fortress Maximus, smiling cheerfully with a box in his arms. "Good afternoon Perceptor! Here, I brought these for you." Rung has invited Maximus to join them in their little ritual of book club, he thinks this might be a fairly stress free way to help nudge Fort Max into some more socializing... in a sense. Perceptor... well he just hopes Perceptor won't be too passive aggressive with both of them, since the scientist didn't seem to be a huge fan of the idea. That's why he brought a peace offering in the form of energon goodies, currently holding the box out for the mech. "These crystals are lovely!"

Despite his stated displeasure at inviting more people into the group, Perceptor does perk up when the other club members arrive. "Hello Rung, Fortress Maximus." He gestures to the impromptu seating, sliding off the berth to take the box of goodies from Rung. "They're Drift's." one shoulder lifts in a shrug as he turns to set the goodies next to the datapad and hop back onto the slab. "He'll run out eventually."

"Ah." Yes, that does sound like Drift. Max hopes this doesn't mean that Perceptor had to be bribed into letting him join. But he's here now, and he trusts Rung knows what kind of activities would be good for him. Reading sounds nice, nice and peaceful. If it counts as social interaction, all the better.

He settles (carefully) into the seating circle and picks up the data pad in his big hands. "I've never been to a book club before," he admits, "do we-that is, is there an order to events? A structure?"

Rung looks a little doubtful at Perceptor's assumption that Drift will eventually run out of crystals. More likely they will find the knights of cybertron first. The only indication of his thoughts is the slight raise of an eyebrow before he is smiling again and sitting next to Fort Max. Obviously he is dwarfed by the larger mech but that doesn't stop him from giving the tank a comforting pat to the arm, "There is not really a defined structure or events. Mostly we just read and make recommendations to each other. Occasionally comment on a story." But the comments are generally once in a blue moon. But see? Nice and peaceful and almost no talking on a regular basis.

Pulling his legs onto the berth as well, Perceptor nods extra confirmation to Rung's words. "The primary activity is quiet, companionable reading with little to no interruption." He lifts his own datapad, turning it on to flick through selections. "That-" here he flicks his fingers toward the pad in Fortress Maximus's possession, "Has several selections loaded onto it. One should suit your tastes."

"That does sound nice," Maximus admits. No wonder Rung invited him along-it's quiet and low-stress. He scrolls down looking for something in the way of non-fiction, something nice and engaging, settling in. "And...thank you for having me here, Perceptor," he adds in a low voice. "That is, inviting me." His impression of the Wrecker is that Perceptor's a very private person.

Rung pulls a datapad from his subspace, a novel he has been trying to finish for the last few weeks, and may only be spying on the other two a little bit. Thick glasses make it easy for Rung to look where he wishes without usually being spotted. The therapist hopes that his inviting Maximus didn't throw the scientist off or make him too uncomfortable. Exchanging the comfort of one mech for another's wasn't really what Rung had been hoping to accomplish tonight.

Perceptor finishes queuing up his own novel, tipping his head slightly to look at Fort Max. "Rung invited you." He points out, expression neutral, but his tone is leaning more toward teasing. "I do not mind the addition." That said, the scientist's attention returns to his own reading material, prepared to read for their alotted time.

Oh, right, though at least Fort Max doesn't seem to take offense. Perceptor didn't object, which is something; Max acknowledges this with a quiet nod. And this is a good balance; he's at rest and without too much stress, but also not alone.

So long as he resists the urge to read anything particularly violent. Better an overwrought romance, maybe?

Rung gives a smile to the scientist, "And I thank you for agreeing to let me invite him, Perceptor." He looks back down to his reading, a little more at ease since it seems no one is going to be firing passive aggressive quips at each other anytime soon... or real fists. Those are almost as bad.

A smile and half-shrug are given in response to Rung, although not as perfectly directed as Perceptor generally is. The reading choice for today is actually quite interesting, and he's already become engrossed. Despite the new member, this looks like it will be an acceptable, if uneventful, session of the Book Club.

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