2017-02-22 Fox Tale

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Fox Tale
Date 2017/02/22
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Rung's Office
Participants Permafrost, Rung
Summary Permafrost gets to be the elder storyteller for the day.

The psycho-analyst mech has his office.... on the storage deck. There is probably some quirky reason for this, but it escapes Permafrost because she doesn't have the frame of reference to realize there's something quirky about it. Other than it seems strange, because there didn't seem to be any shortage of room on the medical decks when she looked up the location. Maybe it's just some odd standardformer thing. She knocks on the door, then gives it a nudge to see if it just opens. "Hellooo~? Doctor in?"

The door doesn't immediately give to Permafrost's nudging but she doesn't have to wait long before a certain spectacled mech opens the door. Smiling, Rung is quick to greet the femme, "Hello Permafrost, how are you today?" A small step backwards has the entrance clear for the Eukarian to go into his office.

Not that Permafrost needs much room to step through the door being close to minibot sized. "I'm fine!" she yips cheerfully in return. Almost literally. If it wasn't for being standard the pitch of her voice could very well be a yip or even a bark. Just goes to show how close some Eukarians are to their beastmodes. "But told I was suppose to see you for ... checking in?" Pause, the foxtail swaying on the back of her helm like a ponytail as she cocks her head to the side. "Checking up?" Checkup? "Something like those."

Rung gives a gentle chuckle at Permafrost's cheeriness, "Yes, just wanted to check in and see how you have been adjusting to living on the Lost Light." Returning to his desk, Rung settles himself in a chair before continuing to speak, "The Lost Light is very different from Eukaris and I wanted to be sure you weren't having any issues or problems making your life here."

Permafrost gives a small, barking laugh. "That is, what you say, understatement of the exceptionally large timeframe!" She sounds more amused at the arrangement than anything else though, as she bounces over to sit on the edge of the couch for patients. "But yes, it is quite different. A little awkward, but also, very interesting!"

Rung folds his hands in front of him as he listens, lips still upturned as he listens to the very upbeat Eukarian, "I apologize I could not meet with you sooner, I have many patients to keep up with," Not to mention keep track of, "If you aren't against it, would you care to elaborate on 'awkward'?"

"You have very different pack structure." Or social structure, as it were. Different terms for different worlds, but the same meaning. There's a thoughtful pause, then the fox-femme cants her head a little towards Rung. Almost as if gauging if he was actually listening. A lot of people seem to get bored when she's tried to explain before. "Not my place in Furwalker tribe was very typical to start with."

Rung has his entire focus on Permafrost, very much listening to her. He definitely would not deny he would like to hear more about Eukaris than he has been told. Understanding the environment and social structure of the colony is instrumental to better understanding their thought process and mentalty, "I am afraid I do not know much of Eukaris other than the basics. So you may have to elaborate some things for me if it is not too much trouble."

"Oh, okay." Permafrost kicks her legs lightly over the edge of the couch as she muses on how to put. "You know how there is three primary tribes, yes? Furwalker." She pats a hand to her chest. "Cloudwalker." Makes a wing flapping motion with her hands. "And Scalewalkers... you know, like cranky gator lady." That's much more descriptive than trying to make some gesture for it, right? "Don't know 'bout others, but most Furwalker tribe divide down into clans often with similar species forms, or similar habitats. Shared needs, shared reason to protect it to prosper, yes?... But some places, not a lot of even same tribe can go."

Rung gives a small nod as she goes about describing things. 'Cranky gator lady' can only be Lockjaw. Cloudwalkers must be flying alts, which makes sense, and then mammilian alt modes like herself. "So it is like a larger society splitting off into almost smaller family groups? But there are some places even the entire tribe cannot enter?" He hopes he is translating this correctly.

There's an obvious perking when it's clear Rung is actually listening and making an effort to understand. About the only other person that's listened to her ramble is her roommate... and let's face it, he was nice to listen but very likely not understand a thing. "Yes yes, very much!" At first it looks like Permafrost is going to lay down on the couch, only for it to become more of a folding in and over to shift to her arctic fox form. "Most Scaleys and Wingys not like really cold places... But not many Furwalkers good for cold, high altitudes either. So most of time was spent in far places, alone. Only rocks and stars for company. Occasional carcass of hunt, if felt like talking to dead prey." Ooooookay. The fox gives an approximation of a shrug. "Now still going far places no one go... But no longer 'alone', either." She holds her forepaws up in a bob that might of been attempting air quotes.

Rung ... is starting to get a bit of a clearer picture here. Sounds like... she was some sort of scout of lookout in the colder regions of Eukaris? That would definitely imply social isolation and potentially something of a rift from others of her kind if they didnt understand the extent of the conditions she regularly lived under. That is just the doctor's beginning assessment. "And how do you feel about not being 'alone' much anyone?"

Permafrost waggles a paw at Rung, as close as she can get to pointing in that form since her digits don't actually seperate in that manner. "That is why it good!... But also very awkward and different." Fox tail gives a few swishes before curling around her haunches. "So many more people to actually know and be known. Don't have to talk to rocks any more. Even if they were good listeners." Her chipper tone of voice makes it really hard to tell if she's joking or not about the rocks.

Rung gives her a gentle, compassionate smile as she explains a little bit. He can understand how it must be strange to be suddenly thrust into a situation so different from the one she has always known, "I can see how it would be incredibly different for you, have you managed to get to know any of the others yet?"

Permafrost bobs her head, making her ears flop a little. "Maybe not as good as some people, but still, more than I did before. But still scout, still patrolling. Just not where no one else is." Pause. "And more preventing trouble than looking for it." A somewhat simple but apt description of her assignment to Security.

"I see." Rung is glad to hear she isnt willfully isolating herself, as some others in her position might be tempted to do. "Have you found yourself wishing to experience some things that perhaps you didn't have a chance to back on Eukaris?" From what he has heard some Eukarians might be interested in learning about the things 'standards' tend to take for granted.

Almost immediately Permafrost blurts out "Romance Novels!" in response. You can blame that one on Gearshift and Waspinator, while I make references to older scenes likely few remember happening.

Rung gives a laugh at that, "Really now? Have you discovered any favorites?" It seems that, despite many cirsumstances being again her, Permafrost is adjusting rather well to life on the Lost Light. Its nice for the therapist to see someone who doesn't seem entirely miserable.

Maybe it's a bit ironic that how being a little odd in the head from her isolation actually made Permafrost fit in better. Or at least make an effort to fit in now that she had more opportunity to. "Some. Plus you have TWO watering holes. One really, REALLY fancy. With rail sliding!" Not that Mirage has allowed that outside of the special event night.

Rung first thought water hole meant the oil baths or reservoir.. then she mentioned rail sliding. The only place Rung knows on the ship with railing? Visage's, meaning watering hole translates to bar. Laughing a little, Rung decides to let her talk about what is obviously something she found enjoyable, "Rail sliding? Really? I didn't know Mirage let mechs play on his staircase."

"Only done once," Permafrost replies. "But it was fun. Like sliding down icy slope, but much narrower. Being small help sometimes, take less room and easier to balance." And sliding on things seems like a thing someone with a bit of an ice motif would be good at.

"Perhaps he will allow you to slide down it again one of these days," Rung is definitely picking up on the ice theme going on around the fox, "So, why don't you tell me about these romance novels of yours? What do you like about them?"

That actually gets a tip of wagging out of the fox tail. "Oo, oo, get to be the elder storyteller this time." Permafrost is all too happy to go off into a lengthy recount of the last one or two stories she's read. Storytelling is something many of the Furwalker tribes do to pass along information and history rather than writing it down, so Rung may have his audios occupied for an indeterminate length of time!

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