2017-02-21 Oil and Engex

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-02-21 Oil and Engex
Date 2017/02/21
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Oil Baths
Participants Torque, Lieutenant, Starstruck
Summary Should probably not be mixed.

Some entirely unnecessary fabric half-curtains hang across the entrance with a swirl of some strange foreign characters painted onto the fabric.

The air is warm and rich with a bouquet of scents. Near the entry, the sharp, bright scent of soaps and cleaners is strongest near the the racks of open showers; shower heads of adjustable heights allow bots from Minimus to Magnus to make use of the facility while benches and stools give space for the injured or wearied to slough off the mess from a fight. Beyond, a larger space is cordoned off into several sections.

There are a few small, deep baths, capable of holding one very large mech, or a couple of smaller mechs. Minerals and scents are racked on the wall nearby to be added to the smaller baths. By far the largest pool is a communal soaking pool, hot enough to sink deep past armoring into the struts while an icy plunge pool nearby is good for waking back up.

Sliding doors lead to the body shop next door where a clean frame can go for touch-ups.

If he is being completely honest, Lieutenant cannot stand the baths. Mostly due to the fact that he feels uncomfortable washing when there are others around. While he may try to avoid it until the place is empty, it's still a necessity. The avian will at least just a quick rinse. No lingering, no scrubbing unless necessary, it's only an in-and-out job. Today is just that, except it takes him a moment to realize, he can't use the large wash racks. Still on the short side, standing at just barely at Pipes' height now, which means he has to detour into the other showers.

In-and-out, the librarian reminds himself, with a bottle of high-grade in hand.

Starstruck does seem to be growing at a faster rate than Lieutenant, though he still hasn't hit where he's supposed to be - at the moment he's about Magnus' mid-bicep height, a few feet taller than the last time he'd seen Lieu, back in the library when his biggest secret had been revealed. He stil wasn't quite sure how he was going to go about telling crewmembers - he doubts most read the security files like he has to for his job - but he'll tackle that when he gets to it. Right now he's enjoying a nice soak in the oil baths, frame sunk deep into the oil. He doesn't even have to stretch out as much to be chin-deep like he is at the moment.

Though, speaking of Lieutenant...

Starstruck isn't so relaxed that he doesn't notice the avian, sitting up so fast he causes a ripple of oil to roll across the surface and splash some up over the other end of the tub, Star absolutely destroys Lieutenant's plans by waving and going, "Hey, Lieu! Lieu! Over here!"

"Oh my goooosh!" A voice nearly squeals from the door to the body shop when Lieutenant shuffles about to find a shower his height. It's from Torque, of course, who's got some paint on her hands and torso that needs washing off, though the stuff on her hands is now on her cheeks when they press to them in awe. "Lieu, you're smaller again! And almost my height!" Her optics sparkle as she steps in quick, only to pause partway through when Starstruck sits up and gets her attention, Torque looking just as dazzled by his size. "Heya, Star! Mech, I heard something happened, but I can't believe I'm seein' it now, ha!"

Lieutenant glances over at Starstruck, greeting him with a twitch of his audio fins, before Torque squeals. Well so much for showering. Fins lower back a bit shyly at his Amica's fascination with his short stature. Maybe he should have quickly hopped in the baths with the party bus to hide in there. "Almost." he mutters, sticking the tip of his tongue out for no real reason. Time to make up a reason why he's here and back out of the showers all together. "Confiscated a bottle in the library. I know I am likely a buzzkill, but I do not want the place turning into a third bar." the mini librarian hands it to Torque, "You could share it with Starstruck."

Starstruck beams at both Lieutenant and Torque. Lieu is pretty cute, it's true; not that he isn't all the time. Hauling himself out of the bath now, oil running in rivulets down his frame, Star gives himself a little shake. "Yeah, there was a bit of an accident, you know how it goes around here," he says easily, coming up beside Lieutenant, innocently standing in a way that kind of blocks his escape. Sorry Lieu. "Nah, that doesn't make you a buzzkill! Library's no place for drinking, and mechs shouldn't be bringin' engex in there in the first place. Here, though..." His grin turns a bit mischievous. "You mean she can share it with the two of us, don't you?"

"I remember last time it happened with Jackie. Psh, I was smaller than a cassette!" Really, Torque was pretty much sparkling size. Sidling up to Lieutenant, she grins as she wraps an arm around his neck and pulls him into side hug, the mech just a tad shorter than her. "Now what fun would that be? Star's right, we'd all be sharin. And the best part of the baths is the heat really gets the engex movin' through yah." With that a side panel pops open and she reaches in to pull out three glasses. ..What? You never know when you might need them!

"C'mon, let's soak and get drunk. Whaddya say?" She waggles the glasses temptingly, shooting Star a smirk since they're both on the same page.

Starstruck, you slightly-less giant, could you not block the escape route? How else is this avian supposed to make his swift getaway? Lieutenant's pondering of alternative ways to leave and come back later are sidetracked at the suggestion of all three drinking. Not to mention, Torque why do you have glasses on your person?

Lieutenant tenses when Torque puts an arm around his neck. He doesn't pull away so not to make her think her touch is unwanted. He merely prefers no one get near his neck. A long sigh escapes him, "Against logical judgement, very well." After all, there was one book from the library that got checked out. And the one who did check it out made the librarian's tanks churn. Might be nice to have something take his mind off of it. Besides, drinking is legal.

You're not, Lieutenant, that's the point. Starstruck grins even wider when Torque produces glasses, and if she wasn't holding Lieu with one arm and the glasses with her free hand, he'd have high-fived her. Now that was how to do it! Of course, he always had his flask on him, yanno, just in case, but it certainly wasn't the same.

"That's the spirit, Lieu! Hehehe, literally." Chuckling at his own pun, Starstruck carefully takes Lieutenant by the arm to lead both the avian and Torque back to the bath he'd been soaking in. He didn't need to use the largest one right now, but he had been anyway out of habit. "And if ya want a little garnish for your drink," he adds as he slides in, holding out a hand once he's settled for his glass, "I can hook you up. Got some stuff that really brings out the flavor." Drinking was legal, Lieutenant, even if the 'garnish' he's referring to wasn't. But you didn't need to know that.

The smile that lights Torque's face is bright as ever, her antennas wiggling in enthusiasm. "Great!" Leading along with Star, she releases her amica once they reach the tub and swings herself in over the edge, raising the glasses clear of the oil as she sinks in.

"Mm, that feels so good." She sighs in content and sets the glasses on the rim of the large tub, allowing Lieu to serve since she didn't take the bottle from him. "Mh.. I might have a little garnish on the second glass. Wanna ease into it." The medic smirks and settles back, arms resting up on the ledge on both sides of her. "So whatcha two been up to since being tiny-fied?"

Just one glass should be fine. Lieutenant knows with at least one glass he gets a bit loose-lipped, hiccups, but on the plus side, his head gets foggy. He remembers less the more he drinks, which is a good thing.

The avian kneels beside the edge of the pool to pour drinks around. "Feel free to put it in my drink," Lieutenant replies, accepting Starstruck's offer. "I only intend to take a glass, so there will not be a second glass." With the drinks poured, he closes the bottle and puts it in his subspace for now. In response to Torque's question, "Work." Surprise!

"Sure thing, Tor." Starstruck, while Lieutenant pours their drinks, reaches into one of his own compartments to pull out the flask. Lieutenant's is topped off with a few drops - more than enough to give it that 'garnish' kick - the almost purplish pink of the flask's contents swirling into the high grade until they disappear. His own drink is given only a couple more than he'd given Lieutenant, as he's bigger and likely has more tolerance. "There we go," he says happily, resealing the flask and putting it away before taking his drink.

Star only plans on taking a sip, at first, but Torque's question makes him pause. "I, uh." C'mon, you can do this... "I went and checked out your mural, Tor. It's really amazing, I can't believe how much detail you put into it! My home city looked incredible, it's like I could see my old place from here." Vague enough, right? Even as Starstruck follows this by taking a larger swallow than he'd intended of his engex.

"Big surprise." Torque muses, the tip of her tongue just peeking past her lips to tease Lieu. Her drink poured, she takes it and gingerly sips at it at first, wanting to enjoy the taste of it instead of knock it back quick. Turning to Star, his answer holding more substance, Torque gains a bit of color on her cheeks and smiles bashfully into her drink at the compliment. "Aww, thanks Star! Everyone's been talkin' about it, heh. I'm really glad you all like it so much. And hey, it's bringin' folks into the library, for a change, which is nice. I just wish I had a bigger canvas so I could fit all the little settlements into it."

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Body: Failure. (4)

"A bigger canvas." Lieutenant shakes his head lightly after taking up his glass, complete with his pinkie properly out. "Well you can have more room for the next mural." That she can hold him to that. In the meantime he nods at Starstruck. See? You're vague about it, don't need to go into details and still be honest about your home city? He's proud of the mech, it's a step forward.

As for his drink, the avian takes a sip and his fins shoot up erect at the taste. It's the strongest thing he's ever drank in his lifespan. Starstruck was right, it does bring out the taste but it overloads it too! He can't gag or spit it back out though, so down it goes with a visible shiver.


<FS3> Starstruck rolls Friendship Magnetism: Good Success. (2 3 7 1 7 2 5 2)

Starstruck reaches in front of Lieutenant, arm long enough even if he's not his usual size that he can playfully bop Torque on the shoulder. "Hey, c'mon, knowledge was totally already bringing folks to the library! I will say though, your mural is that delicious cherry on top of an information sundae." So poetic, this one - and sneaky, because his arm stays there, resting on the lip of the tub before Lieutenant as the avian tries his drink and Starstruck continues addressing Torque. "Yanno, once Blackstorm and I finish cleaning all the shit Bitstream left in our hab out (seriously I've never seen so many enerDorito bags in one place before) I might have to commission you to do something on my wall. I bet you could do a killer Lord of the Rings mural."

Starstruck notices Lieutenant's shudder out of the corner of his optic, and he winces slightly. "Ah, was it a bit much? Sorry Lieu."

"What's Lord of the Rings?" Torque blinks with that pleasant, yet blank look. She liked Earth stuff when she was there, but it's possible she missed that particular film. She wants to ask further, but a little sound catches her audials, making an antenna flick before glancing over to Lieu. That is the cutest sound! "Heh, only one sip in, eh?" She muses. "Must be some strong stuff. Lemme at some've that, Star." Grinning now, she makes a grabby motion for the flask, but instead of put a few drops in she tests the limit with at least a shot's worth. This.. may not go well.

'Hic!' Primus, what is in this stuff? Lieutenant keeps a hand over his mouth to quiet the noise, mildly embarrassed.

Starstruck and his alien lingo, Lieutenant needs to sit down and talk about it at some point. It's very curious, probably E-Arth related since a majority of mechs seem to understand it. The avian remains clueless and only takes another, smaller sip of his drink. Hopefully it settles the hiccupi-- *hic!* does not. "Tpppth," *hic* "It's fine." the librarian lazily waves off Starstruck's concerns. "Earth book series and film franchise, super popular. It's medieval fantasy, dunno if you know what that is, but there's some really great scenery I think you'd be fucking awesome at painting. I'll have to show you some pictures." Starstruck doesn't hesitate in bringing the flask back out to give to Torque, and he laughs a little at how much she pours in. "Hey, easy now! That stuff'll fry the paint right off your plating if you're not careful." Again, the flask disappears from sight, and Starstruck looks up at Lieutenant. "Why don't you come in here with us, Lieu? It'll be a lot more comfortable than kneeling like that." Reaching up, he gently takes Lieutenant's forearm and gives the subtlest of tugs. Just enough to spur Lieu on without accidentally sending him headfirst into the oil.

<FS3> Torque rolls Drinking: Great Success. (6 8 6 1 8 5 4 4 6 1 4 3 7 8 7 6)

"Kinda like that fantasy game night Raj did at the bar? ..Still feel bad for havin' to sit that out." Torque chuffs while pouring. That suit was awesome! She'll have to bring it back out sometime. "But yeah, I could do that. Sounds badass!" She grins and hands the flask back, only to snort and swirl her glass. "Please, mech, you're talkin' to the drinking champ in eight star systems. I got this."

The mixture gets a small sip, to test, before not hesitating to knock it back. This is some seriously high octane stuff, for sure since it makes her antenna lights flicker as they stand up, but she appears to handle it amazingly well. "Mmm, good stuff, Star. Can see why poor Lieu's already got the hiccups, heh. Gettin' a nice bit a' warmth myself." She licks her lips and grins to the avian, "C'mon in, Lieu, the oil's fine."

Not expecting the tug, Lieutenant squeaks at the tug, grasping his glass tighter and wings flare out to their full -yet short- wingspan. He is not *hichic!* going in! "Not with *hic* my *hic* drink." he states defiantly, taking yet another sip. "I'll be getting in in a bit, just be patient, you dorks." He's not a drinking champ and he can't handle it as well as the other two but he'll have to relinquish the glass soon. There is no way he'll be able to finish it all.

"Yeah, like that!" Starstruck hadn't participated much either, but that was his own fault. Hey, what could he say, the barmaid mech at the bar was adorable and he had to get his flirt on. He laughs at Torque's bragging, giving a, "Show me what you got, then!" before she does. And it is impressive - he doubts he could handle knocking back a whole shot of that on top of this high grade so well. He does finish his drink, a nice sizzle running through his own circuits and causing his headlights to flash briefly, a pink beam just barely visible beneath the oil's surface, and sets the glass down so he can reach over and deliver an awesome high-five. It's accompanied by an enthusiastic "Nice!"

"We have our drinks and we're in the oil," Starstruck points out, shifting after the high-five to better face Lieutenant. "C'mon, it'll be fine, I'll show you!" He doesn't have any excuse for being so forward as he pushes up from the bath to carefully hook his hands up under Lieutenant's arms and lift the mech before just as carefully, and slowly, depositing him into the oil, so that he doesn't spill any of his drink and has plenty of time to acclimate."See! Feels nice, don't it?"

<FS3> Torque rolls Unarmed: Great Success. (4 6 6 7 6 7 7 1 1 7 4 3 1 8 1)

Torque can't pass up a high-five. Unfortunately for Starstruck, when Torque gets loose she doesn't control her strength as well as she should. It also doesn't help that she's really enjoying herself, adding to the enthusiasm. "YEAH!" The medic beams and reels back a hand, a bad sign, before swinging it forward to slap Starstruck's hand with the force of a freight train. It's fair to say he'll be hurting.

As for her, the momentum just keeps her going and she splashes into the oil, disappearing with a few bubbles.

The booze is a great cover for 'I don't want to go into the tub and have all my makeup come off.' Starstruck, however, sees through that and when he lifts the temporarily small avian, he squeaks again. His voice an octave higher this time, and arms clamping down to his sides...and over Star's hands. He stays seated in the bus' lap, slightly pink in his cheeks and drinking the rest of his glass. "Baras..." he mumbles into his drink.

He, however, can't keep a smile away when Starstruck and Torque high-five. The thunderous clap makes Lieutenant's wings shiver as is he felt it himself, but he is greatly amused by the scene. Oh poor Star.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (6 2 6 5 6 7 2 4 8 8)

Starstruck is completely fine with having Lieutenant in his lap, and settles back down himself in the oil, though not too far, because Lieutenant is much smaller and if he sinks too deep the avian will disappear. The mumbling gets a fond rub at an audio fin before that fateful high-five takes place and--

Well, he keeps his arm, at the very least, but along with the BOOM that is two stronk hands meeting, there's a bit of a harsh scraping noise where Starstruck's wrist bends back a little too far at the force with which Torque high-fived him. He's good at dealing with pain, so there isn't even a hiss escaping him, but still. Ow. More concerning however is the fact that Torque has now disappeared into the bath.

"Hey, Tor! TOR!" Sorry Lieutenant, you're getting the arm attached to a now quite sore wrist wrapping around your middle so Starstruck can fish about with the other hand. When his fingertips brush against metal, he grabs whatever part of Torque he's found - gently - and pulls her back up.

Torque ends up being dragged to the surface by her tow boom, though instead of coming up a choking mess, she breaches the oil laughing with only some minor coughs to clear her vents. "Ha! That was sweet!" Tittering, she hangs from Starstruck's grasp, whatever was in his flask starting to settle in her systems and up her buzz. "Oi, Lieu, see yah finally joined us. Nice, isn't it~?" She playfully flicks some oil at him.

Thankfully, Torque is okay when Starstruck pulls her up. Lieutenant gives a rather geuniuely concerned expression when she finally comes up. At least she's fine. He meeps at the flick of oil though, and flicks some back in return. *hic* "*hic*Sure." He replies, tilting his head back and forth a few times in a sort os so-so agreement. His smile reappears, a bit relaxed but mostly looking like he's quite dazed. "I do like the heat~"

"Heh, what a nice ornament you make!" Starstruck teases as he holds Torque aloft for a moment before setting her back down in the bath beside him. Lieutenant remains guest of honor to his lap as he shifts to lean back against the lip of the tub, now that everyone's in and nobody is in danger of drowning. "You got one hell of an arm there, Torque, I'll have to be more careful when I high-five you next time." He flicks a bit of oil himself in her direction, before the flask reappears a third time and he takes a swig straight from it. The engex is too far away to pour, obviously, and the flask is offered to Torque as his headlights go off again and the pink tips of his antennae blink. "You want more, hehe, garnish?"

"I know yah do. S'why I made that pillow for yah." Torque toys back, faux wincing at the oil sent back at her by the both of them. While Lieu goes about melting in the oil, Torque chuckles at Star. "Yeah, well, make sure I'm not full on drunk when yah do. I might accidentally take your hand off."

But then, of course, she gets offered more booze straight from the flask, making her perk up and nod ready when plucking it from his hand. "Yyyes please~." Torque chimes, tipping back a heavier swig that has her lights flicker briefly and optics brighten with excess energy. "Mh.. good.." She hums, the strong stuff building on top of her buzz, antennas falling as she sinks in the oil, relaxing with a sigh and low-lidded optics.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Memory: Good Success. (1 7 2 6 4 7 4 2 5 3 6 5 3 5)

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Body+Body: Embarassing Failure. (1 1)

'hichic' At this point, Lieutenant just needs to clamp his vents in order to try and cease the hiccups. A memory of the last time he was in the baths with Torque and fell asleep. Smile fades as he squirms to climb out of Starstruck's lap... at least, he attempts to. His limbs don't cooporate with him and the avian is left weakly waving his limbs and wings like bug on it's back. He'll figure this out, eventually. He can get out, just... give him some time.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Friendship Magnetism: Good Success. (2 7 5 3 1 8 1 7)

"I bet you could, fuck, I'll definitely know better now." Starstruck gives Torque a lazy grin, enjoying the pulse of the engex and the flask's contents through his lines. "You know, when I'm back to my regular size, you should totally bench press me. I bet you could. That'd be so fucking cool." When the flask is returned Star takes one last swig himself before it's put away for the final time. None of them need any more, especially Lieutenant, who is wriggling in a quite peculiar way in Star's lap. "Hey, chill out, Lieu." His free hand strokes down Lieutenant's arm in an attempt to calm him. "Just relax and enjoy the oil, we got you, right Tor?" He can't keep himself from reaching up to give Lieutenant's fin a playful tweak before going back to the stroking. Enjoy the drunkenly half-asleep friend time, child.

"Bench press.. heck yeah.." Torque mutters, nearly slipping back down into the oil, the heat starting to work its magic on her tired frame from the long work day. Couple that with plenty of a strong as hell engex and you've got a sleepy medic. By the time Star asks her about Lieu relaxing, the femme is already out like a light, leaning on the Con next to her.

Unlike the other two, Lieutenant can't quite settle. Chill out, you say? "*hic* Never!" Is his retort, *hic* as he continues to twist around, another squeak at the tweak to his audio fin, this time before he finally makes his way out of the bath. Not for him, not today. You two can, but this little speckled avian has the sudden need to do something! Maybe scale up high places and jump off repeatedly! Maybe even gather another flier to do so with him!

Lieutenant's mind is a buzz and he fails to walk a straight line out, of the baths. The faint little giggle either one of the other two might hear was absolutely not from the enthusiatically drunken avian. They'd be mistaken to assume so.

"Lieu, wait a min'--" But the avian is already gone. Starstruck sighs, thinking fuzzily that he should have kept a tighter grip on the smol. Then again, this is such a Blackstorm like behavior that he can't help but giggle, even as he shifts to put his arm around Torque instead, moving so she's got a more comfortable leaning position on his frame as he sinks a bit deeper into the oil and lets his cheek rest against the top of her helm. Well, Lieu can go do things Starstruck will likely regret allowing later, but right now he is going to nap with his stronk friend in this nice, warm oil.

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