2017-02-21 Of Wasps And Bees

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Of Wasps And Bees
Date 2017/02/21
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Quicksight, Tourniquet, Waspinator
Summary Medic (in training) Tourniquet is here to help!

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

Waspinator is sitting on the observation deck, perched on a chair as he looks at his wing over his shoulder. Its twisted at a bad angle along with a messed up shoulder. The bug really has not been having a good few weeks as some crew members decided it would be fun to beat him up again. The universe is seemingly catching up on its abuse towards the bug. He just wants to sit here- a quiet spot- and wrench his hurt limbs back into place then go on with his day. The shoulder is impairing that plan a little as he cant twist his arm around enough to get a good grip on the hurt limbs.

Tourniquet likes spending time with her friends when she's not studying or in medibay. She spends most of that time with Buzzkill, true, but she has other friends! And when it comes to non-medic, non-Eukarian friends, Quicksight is one of her better ones. She beams down at the smaller mech- real small- simply delighted to be doing something with someone. Even something as simple and mundane as just hanging out.

"You haven't been to the medibay recently- which is good! How're you feeling?" Last time he came in, it was for burns and what have you. Tourni slithers on through the deck's doors, pausing briefly when she spots Wasp. The wings get an immediate bristling of her armor, which settles quickly enough. Oh, wait, is he hurt?

Quicksight might not get along with everyone, but when he does befriend someone, he is only too happy to spend time with them. So it is with Tourniquet. There's even a chipperness in his step as he follows along with the Eukarin, his optics as bright as ever when he glances up at her "Hey, I'm good at not getting hurt! That time was just an outlier! Ain't gonna happen again!" he's been training to make sure of it.

The scout ducks in right after her - atleast, the forward part of her, and even a bit further, stopping only when he notices tha this friend has done so. The look he gives her is questioning, and, at first, a bit concerned, until she relaxes again, and he follows her gaze to the insecticon "I think I've seen that guy before."

Waspinator is halfway through trying to yank his arm back into place with one hand when he hears someone enter the room. Swiveling around, Waspinator's optics lock on the two entering. While Tourniquet might relax, the bug looks like he is very much on edge suddenly. Did they come to hurt Wazzpinator? No moves are made towards or away from them quite yet.

Its not that Tourniquet still thinks ill of other tribes, its just that... It still takes a moment to remind herself that they're not a threat and to shake off that lifetime of being told that they are. So not until after a few seconds does it sink in that the mech is hurt. "Yeah? Do you know his- OH!" She pulled away from asking Quicksight his question, lurching forward as the rest of her body finally catches up. "Don't do that! If you're hurt, you could hurt yourself worse! Do you, uh... Do you need some help?"

"Dunno his name" Quicksight answers what he assumes the question was, even as Tourniquet moves in towards the mech. With nothing better to do, Quicksight follows, curious, but hardly hostile. Infact, it's the damaged wing that ends up catching his attention "Frag happened to you?"

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Self Repair: Amazing Success. (7 7 4 8 1 6 7 7 8 4)

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (2 7 2 2 4 4 7 4 4 6 2 5 3)

Waspinator shifts away slightly as they approach, twisting so his injured limbs aren't easy to grab in case someone turns hostile, "Wazzpiantor... can fix zzelf."At the question Quicksight poses, a nervous glance is sent around- like someone will come dropping down from the ceiling to punch him for saying anything. "Wazzpinator... wazz in wrong place." Grabbing his injured arm with the good one, Waspinator suddenly gives it a savage yank. With a loud crack his entire shoulder seems to jerk as it is popped back into place. Miraculously he starts to wriggle the fingers on his perviously injured arm, not quite at full mobility but something that probably shouldnt have been able to happen.

"Nonononon-!" Tourniquet squeaks as the mech snaps his arm and... It goes back into place. Her servos cover her mouth in a soft gasp, optics wide. That had to have hurt. "I... Are you alright?" She has to look at it. He could have damaged something while doing that. She'd never seen someone just so casually do something like that to themselves. "I'm Tourniquet, I'm a medic." Sorta. "Let me see your shoulder, I can help." She reaches out gently.

Quicksight winces at the crack. That did sound like it should hurt. But ti did seem to work. He would likely have called it impressive if it weren't for Tourniquet's protests. He also doesn't mention that the Eukarian is technically a medic in trainin. He has faith in his friend. Instead, he simply adds "You do know we got a medibay, right?" you know, the place most people go to when they're hurt?

Waspinator looks startled at Tourniquet's reaction, legitimately not expecting it. "Izz.. izz ok? Wazzpinator hazz had worzze?" He doesn't really understand her horror. The medic comment gives him a little clarity, however. The medics don't seem to like it when he fixes himself. "Wazzpinator dozzsn't like the medibay... azzk quezztionzz or yell at Wazzpinator..." He hesitates slightly when Tourniquet approaches but, well if she's a medic he has to do what she says right? Very warily the bug lets himself drop lower so she can see.

Tourniquet takes Waspinator's shoulder carefully, examining it closely. "Ratchet does like to yell... And we only ask questions to help you get better and stay better. You really shouldn't fix yourself like that! You could end up hurt much worse." Not just his shoulder is hurt and she turns hims slightly to get a better look at his wing. As she moves the bug, she notices- "Oh! You're a Decepticon- like you, Quicksight!" She sounds surprised. Cybertronian beastmoders were still peculiar. "I thought you were Eukarian at first- like Buzzkill! She's a bee too."

"Or threaten to keep you cot-bound" Quicksight adds, glancing at Tourniquet, though his voice is light - he's not holding a grudge over that "Still, gotta be better than fixing yourself when you got the option." He's seen self-repairs done before, but that was usually when someone got stuck miles away from an actual medic.

For the most part, he stays out of Tourniquet's way, though he can't help but try and peek at what she's doing, looking up only to give her a perplexed look when she sounds surprised that the guy is a Decepticon. It's not like there's a shortage of them around here. Ok, maybe there is, since more Decepticons is always better, but they're still hardly an unusual sight.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (6 2 1 3 5 5 6 1 6 6 7 8 6)

Waspinator doesn't really react as Tourniquet surveys the damage but it quickly becomes clear that almost anyone else would be wincing in pain. The wing hasn't been 'lucky' enough to get a similar treatment yet. "Wazzpinator izz a wazzp. Not a bee." See he's got... uh... he doesn't have... He's different. A wary glance is sent Quicksight's way as Tourniquet declares him to be a 'con too.

Tourniquet looks back at Quicksight and sticks out her tongue. "Only to keep special patients from hurting themselves again," equally playful with the smaller mech. Now, back to Waspinator. "Hmmm... I'm going to work on our wing some, tell me if anything starts to hurt..." Very, very carefully, she starts her work. She doesn't want to break anything and make it worse afterall. "... What's the difference between a bee and a wasp anyways."

Now Quicksight's perplexed expression goes to Waspinator. What's with the look? What happened to Decepticon comardiere? Then again, this guy was pretty skittish back when he first saw him, maybe this is the same thing? Eh, it doesn't seem to be that big of a problem. Instead, he turns his focus back towards Tourniquet's work, and her question. His briw quirks as he tries to think of a possible answer, then he simply shrugs. No idea.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fortitude: Great Success. (7 7 6 8 6 7 5 5 8 4 4 6 6)

Waspinator stays incredibly still for Tourniquet, pretty much letting her do whatever she wants. His soon to come comment of, "Zznakebot doezzn't have to be zzo gentle." might be a bit strange to hear. Good wing giving a small twitch at the question Waspinator responds with a confident, "izz... uh... Wazzpinator..." .... What izz the difference? ...... Oh! He knows! "Wazzpinator can't make honey." Bees do that right?

Tourniquet's body bundles up behind her, a coil brushing against Quicksight. "I don't want to hurt you," she tells the green mech, determined not to do just that. She wants to heal, not hurt. "Oh! Is that it? Yeah, Buzzkill makes really good honey- have you two ever tried it? It's good!" She leans in closer, one hand firmly on Wasp's shoulder. "Hold still, almost got it..."

Quicksight takes a small step to the side as Tourniquet's coils brush up against him. He doesn't want to make it look like he wants to stay away from her, but he also doesn't want to accedently do something that would throw her off, or startle her. Medicking is serious business after all!

"Honey?" and again, the perplexed look, this time, to both of them. Being just a common MTO, he hadn't exactly had access to more exoitic foodstuffs, nor has he had that much contact with anyone who could make it. But... hang on, this does rigng a bell "Ain't that some sorta organicky stuff they made the drinks outta on Eukaris?" the ones the Lost Light got heading out.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fortitude: Amazing Success. (6 5 4 8 6 1 7 7 8 7 8 8 6)

Waspinator twists a little in Tourniquet's grip, entirely ignoring a small holt of pain that goes through his back, to look at Quicksight, "Yezz... honey izz sweet organic .... zztuff.." Ok, so, he doesn't actually entirely know what it is. But he does know he can't make it and that bees are supposed to be able to make it. "Buzzkill?" He has no idea who that is.

"Yeah, sorta. On Eukaris, we don't have energon quite like the rest of you. We found other sources and ways to get it. Bees have to eat stuff to make the honey- sometimes organic stuff yeah. Buzzkill is my rommate and friend! She's a bee. Which is why I know so much about bees. You two should meet her sometime! She's amazing. We like to make fun of the standards that have wheels on their butt." Tourniquet giggles and the pulls away. "There! Try moving your wing. Does it feel any better?"

Quicksight crinkles his brow ridge at Waspinator and Tourniquet's conformations "You eat organic stuff'?" Why would anyone in their right mind want to eat something like that! That's just gross! He isn't trying to be offensive, however, just surprised, and confused, as with his next question "What's wrong with wheels?"

Waspinator blinks at Tourniquet, listening but still entirely unsure who this Buzzkill is. His attention shifts back to his wing and a quick flutter of them is given. It seems to be ok now. A lot less painful of a repair than the bug himself would have done... he would have just forced it back into proper position. "It.. izz better.... Wheelzz aren't bad." See, Waspinator isn't as bad as the Eukarian there. He rather likes wheels on some mechs if he's in a room long enough to notice.

"Er, not exactly... Well, I never ate organic stuff- but I'm a Eukarian. We've adapted to survive in a mostly organic world so... It's better than starving." Her tail flicks. "And wheels aren't bad. Their placement is just, hehe, funny sometimes." Tourniquet beams as the wing moves appropriately. She did it! "Okay, you need to go to the medibay to make sure there's nothing else wrong with you."

Alright, Quicksight would have to admit that he did sometimes wonder if grounders like that ever rolled around sitting down. The image is worth an amused smirk. The idea of eating organicy stuff is still revolting, but, ok, maybe it's better than starving, so he'll atleast nod there. Tourniquet's advice to Waspinator to visit the medibay also earns a nod. See, that wasn't that bad!

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Low Standards: Failure. (6 6 2 5 3 3 6 5)

Waspinator settles his wings back down, turning in his perched position to look at the two others. Tourniquet... is being put in the 'not gonna hurt him yet' category of his brain.. but he's not about to go to the medibay. He's ditching as soon as they leave him on his own. "Organic zztuff-" He was going to say 'not that bad', and ' almost better than cybertronian internals' but... that seems like a bad thing to say in nice company... at least company he hopes is nice, "...izz weird."

"Heh, yes. Organic stuff can be weird." Tourniquet pauses and then reaches out to pat-pat Waspinator. "Now go to the medibay so they can fix the rest of you." He needs it. He kinda looks a mess. One of her coils bump-nudges Quicksight again, this time on purpose. She fixed the mech! Now they can keep hanging out.

"'Can' be?" Quicksight's brow ridge goes up as he looks between the two "Organic stuff is always weird! I've seen it!" if it weren't for Waspinator, he might have gone on about his experiences in the botany lab with Skystalker, and his plant parts that live on their own. Nothing against Waspinator, but he's not entierly sure that this guy won't judge him on it. It's well enough that Tourniquet's nudge distracts him, causing him to look up at her, a cheerful 'smile' - a bright flash of his optics, on his face. Good work too!

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Deception: Success. (4 1 8)

Waspinator gives Tourniquet a nod, a totally and completely false one as he has no intention of going anywhere near the medibay. Standing, the bug gives a flick of his wings, hovering a few seconds to test them, before beginning to walk to the door. Halfway there he stops, pondering something. Looking back over his shoulder, Wasp unsurely says, "...Thank you... Wazzpinator'zz name izz Wazzpinator."

Tourniquet sticks her tongue out at Quicksight again. "Standards are weird. Baths full of oil- weird!" She teases him again before looking at Waspinator. She waves at him. "Bye! Stay out of trouble and don't get hurt again!" she tells Waspinator.

"It gets you clean, it gets between the joints, and it's nice to sit in!" Quicksight fires back "Ain't nothing weird 'bout it!" folding his arms over his chest, he shoots her a cheerful, victorious look before turning to Waspinator "See ya!"

Waspinator gives them one final glance and small wave before walking out... and then promptly climbing into a vent and disappearing to who knows where. Frag the medibay, no way is the bug going there.

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