2017-02-20 Danger Guy

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Danger Guy
Date 2017/02/20
Location Lost Light - Habsuites - Common Lounge
Participants Blackstorm, Waspinator
Summary Wasp is not someone Blackstorm wants to hang around.

Blackstorm is feeling a little brazen after his talk with Soundwave. That's how the minibot finds himself sitting in a pile of trash in the middle of the common lounge smoking something that is certainly-not-a-cig. It's better not to ask what it is. Blackstorm's helm is barely visible from where it peeks out of the top of the pile.

He seems perfectly at home there, too. The minibot does not look as if he's of a mind to move anytime soon. Instead, he stretches out and lays on top of his pile of trash with a yawn. He could get used to this.

Waspinator comes into the common lounge, rubbing at his helm- still with a dent from where Grimlock beamed him with a energon glass. He just wants to get some energon then go back to his room... only the blatant pile of trash in the center of the room causes the bug to pause. What izz... what izz that? As far as the bug knows that isn't supposed to be there... Its not supposed to be there right?

The biggest piece of trash in the trash pile stirs. Rolling over, Blackstorm peeks at Waspinator through dimmed optics. He clenches the joint between his teeth as he reluctantly lifts his helm. "... Is that you, ceiling guy?" he asks. The minibot perks up a little more. "IT IS!"

The minibot claps his hands together in excitement and gives a happy chirp. "Gotta say I'm not in any condition to storm the vents tonight, though. Have fun doing it for me? Let me know how it goes. I'll probably be here napping. Probably."

Waspinator squints at said 'biggest piece of trash'. He feels like he should know that guy... He really feels like he should know that guy when that guy recognizes him. "What izz minibot doing?" He quickly answers his own question, though, when Waspinator gets a whiff of what exactly Blackstorm is smoking. What interests him more... "Why izz minibot on pile of trazzh?"

"Oh this?" Blackstorm asks, picking up one of the wrappers with a snort of amusement. "I guess you could say that I have junk in all the right places." His visor obscures the wink that he gives to Waspinator.

The honest answer? He was starting to clear out his berth from under the pile of trash left in his room by his former roommate. But after trying to push a file of trash through the hallway as tall as himself he'd gotten a little exhausted and decided to take a break. That's how he ended up smoking a joint in a pile of trash. "I'll clear it off to the trash disposal once I'm done with that nap. Maybe. No promises."

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Low Standards: Great Success. (6 7 8 8 2 7 2 6)

That line- not to mention the wink- goes right over Waspinator's helm and he just continues to stare at the little mech. "But junk izz in common room.... Izz wrong place?" Granted, Waspinator has had his fair share of garbage naps but none of them had really been willingly... ok maybe one or two willingly, but he would always take a bed or... say a couch (like the one right there) over the garbage any day. "....Why izz minibot not napping on couch?"

Blackstorm reaches up, pulling the joint from his intake just long enough to scrunch up his faceplates at the thought of walking to the couch. "That would take walking. And effort," he says. "I just pushed a pile of trash as high as my head down the hall and halfway towards the disposal. That's as much try as I've got in me for one night."

Blackstorm reaches up and gestures towards Waspinator with the hand holding the joint. A faint line of smoke lingers in the air when he moves. "Why don't you nap on the couch for me and we'll call it even?"

Waspinator looks between the couch and Blackstorm, in no way understanding what is wrong with the mini. Izz... izz right there... would only take minibot a few zztepzz... Though the bug will admit the couch looks rather comfy a wary glance is sent the way of the door. He last few weeks have not been good for Wasp, its like the universe had been catching up on all the bad stuff that hadn't been happening until then. "Wazzpinator... doezzn't want to get beat up again." because that is bound to happen if he gets too comfy.

Blackstorm suddenly falls into a fit of hysteric laughter, falling back into the pile of trash with a loud CRUNCH. The minibot briefly disappears underneath the mess. The only sign he actually survived is his voice calling out from within. "Do I look like the kind to throw a punch? That's the first time anyone has found me intimidating," Blackstorm wheezes.

"The worst I could do is throw trash at your face while you're sleeping. Trust me, ain't on the to-do list, ceiling guy."

Waspinator immediately responds back with, "Izz not minibot Wazzpinator hazz to watch out for..." A wary look is sent the door's way and Waspinator literally flies over Blackstorm and his junk pile to get to the energon dispenser, not wasting time with walking around it.

That has Blackstorm's attention, the minibot's slightly-hazed mind remembering the night he saw ceiling-guy pulled apart by the neighborhood stray cat. While he had been blase just a moment ago, he's suddenly tense with nervous energy. He lifts the joint back to his intake and takes a deep drag in an attempt to clam down. "... Is someone chasing you right now? Should I be running for my life?"

Waspinator tenses up, antenna twitching as he tries to assess if there is any danger around... seems like he is safe, for now at least. "...Not now... But Wazzpinator knowzz zzomething izz coming.. Univerzze hatezz Wazzpinator." Meaning it is only a matter of time before someone shows up and tries to hurt him somehow. His hands tap nervously on the table as he waits for the energon dispenser to finish. <FS3> Blackstorm rolls Escaping: Great Success. (8 2 7 8 6 4 2 3 8)

That's not exactly comforting, is it? Blackstorm is not waiting around to be turned into a filet. The pile of trash suddenly explodes into a flurry of movement as the minibot darts away to higher ground. BLackstorm's pedes clang, clang, clang on the wall as he rushes up. "I don't know what you do to p.o. off the guys with sharp claws, but a suggestion. Don't? Living is so much nicer, ceiling-guy. Give it a shot."

That and keep scary pursuers a million miles away from Blackstorm. He enjoys life too much to get fileted alive like ceiling-guy.

Waspinator jumps as the junk explodes in a flurry of panicked mini movement. Very quickly, the bug's gaze follows the mini's progress up the wall and he soon is staring up at the ceiling in perplexed silence, "..... Minibot izz not in danger. Univerzze only hatezz Wazzpinator." Actually in the past it's seemed like those around him are safer because he seems to attract all the danger. "...Wazzpinator not do anything to make mechzz angry," He is assuming that is what p.o. Means??? "Mechzz juzzt want to hurt Wazzpinator... not know why..."

Once Blackstorm is out of easy reach he finally pauses to catch his breath. The minibot is still exhausted from his trash hauling earlier. Huffing and puffing, he glances down at Waspinator with a suspicious squint. "Sorry, but I'm not gonna take your word for it. People with sharp things like to stab, doesn't always matter who."

The minibot shakes himself, causing a few pieces of trash still clinging to his frame to rain back on the ground. Dang, maintenance will not be happy about that. But he would not be happy about being dead. He'll take the extra chores if he has to. "Sorry about the trash pile? But maybe if you throw handfuls of the stuff at your attackers you can get away or something. Uh, you'll figure it out. Good luck with that." He starts to back away towards his habsuite.

Waspinator continues to stare at Blackstorm, head tilting to the side in confusion. Minibot izz... jumpy... That's quite a thing seeing as it is the king of paranoia and fear calling someone else out.

Blackstorm is gone before he can make another cheeky remark. His habsuite might be full of trash, but at least it's not full of death. And it also has a lock. And also Starstruck. Starstruck is good at punching people. He will just go back there to get away from any potential trouble. Maybe he should start calling ceiling-guy danger-guy.

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