2017-02-19 Me Blot, You Brainstorm

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Me Blot, You Brainstorm
Date 2017/02/17
Location Lost Light - Habsuites - Common Lounge
Participants Blot, Brainstorm
Summary Ship's genius meets ship's idiot

This spacious, rectangular room serves as the hub for four habsuite hallways that branch off from it on either side. Tinted blue with warm lighting, it's quiet and cozy during most shifts and invariably bustling with activity in the off hours. When the large videopane isn't buzzing with movies, it's being used for what must be aggressive gaming, evinced by the various controller-shaped dents in the wall nearby. A veritable tangle of game consoles flank the shelving unit, some Terran, some Cybertronian, some truly alien - all modded for mechs.

L-shaped couches circle a simple table in a pisces layout. Off to the side are a few more tables and chairs beside an energon dispenser and an over-priced vending machine.

Brainstorm can most certianly be described as a 'workaholic', regularly remaining in his workshop for hours uppon hours at a time, but even he doesn't spend his entire life at work. Even geniuses like himself need a break every now and then. A change in setting helps with the flow of ideas, and keeps his roommate off his back about the necessity of looking out for himself and all that.

It's more the former issue that's brought him here. He's come to a bit of an impasse on one of his latest projects and figured a clearer head will do him good. Since simply sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike can be rather boringm, and the bars are a bit too noisy for his thinking process right now, he's taken to the otherwise deserted common lounge, speciffically, to the entertainment system. The game on the screen appears to be something out of the alien adventure genres. Probably. Is there an alien game that revolves around the ussage of lots of round, green plants? Because that's exactly what the avatar is manipulating at the moment, one of many, carrying it through a massive sea of similar greens.

There's a prescient, sour stench that wafts into the Common Lounge from one of the doors. Sksshhskusshkussh - the sound of someone, as if walking through a puddle of ooze. Walking backward, with a mop, trying futilely to clean up the slug-trail of goo that marks his trail and every step. Blot wanted to come into the Common Lounge to visit the friendly Vending Machine which dispenses enercandy! He looks behind him. Sees Brainstorm. He turns around half-running straight to the Vending Machine and taps it gingerly with a finger, "Um.. hello..?" he asks it quietly, mop in one hand and oozing a puddle of lubricant where he stands. He doesn't want to disturb anyuone else in the room.

Blot continues talking softly to the vending machine. It's being bashful again, with its array of softly glowing treats inside, "Am Blot bothering you..? Blot am just want ener-candy again. The creature-robot makes a huge, grubby palm-print that oozes down the glass face--and leaving behind an equally grubby Smiley Face on it, "There.. Blot give nice present.. now machine give Blot present?" he pauses, looking it up and down, "Please?" he asks politely. That is, of course, what civilized Transformers do.

Brainstorm is well aware that this is a public place - he never excluded the possibility of other people popping in, and would be quite fine with it, so long as they weren't too obnoxious. He can't say that the mech that makes his way though the door is obnoxious, having not had much contact with him, but noxious...

The engineer grimaces under his faceplate as he follows Blot with his optics. When was the last time this guy had a bath? He litterally has stuff flowing off of him. Come to think of it, he has heard rummors about someone like that...Aaaand now he's talking to the vending machine "Before you ask, no, the vending machine doesn't have feelings." same as drones and engines.

'Bath' is a completely unknown concept to the former Terrorcon. The very few times he's been temporarily purged of his natural lubricant goo, he's felt terribly ill. Blot transforms to his creature mode, spraying goo in every direction, cocks his head curiously as he puts a paw up and points, "It have candy!" Blot whispers loudly, as if the Vending Maching could hear. He doesn't quite understand Brainstorm's explaination for the Vending Machine's silence, or of drones, or of engines, "It just shy," Blot explains with a faux-knowledgable expression. He truly thinks he understands the nature of these things, "You talk nice to Machine. It give presents. It have f-fee-lings. It just not talking," Unfortunately it never clicked that you have to consistently give it shanix. He thinks the Smiley Sticker will do. An oozing smile erupts from the creature's beastial face. He transforms again, a torrent of goo hitting the vending maching. He marches over, hand outstretched, "Am Blot. Who you?"

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Reaction+Reaction: Failure. (6 5 2 5)

The look on Brainstorm's face is a mix of disgust, and fascination. How does a mech manage to spill out that much gunk? The disgust quickly takes the forefront, however, when the mech's transformation sends the stuff flying in every direction, including at the scientist. It takes Brainstorm just a few seconds too long to snap out of his curiosity, leaving him covered in it.

"Eugh" he flicks the ruddervator flaps of his shoulder fins, along with his wrist, trying to shake the goo off. Just great. "No, it doesn't. It's not alive." this guy doesn't sound too smart, better use the most basic terms "It 'give presents' only when you give much shanix. Kind of like Swindle, but with a much smaller stock." he cringes when another wave of goo hits the machine, making sure to ducck in time this time. If the machine did have feelings, it would probably be very pissed "I'm Brainstorm. Weapons engineer, and ship's genius." and, apperantly, the guy in charge of reminding people that the technology is not sentient.

Most--no, all of that went right over the ex-Terrorcon's head. He looks ahead stolidly at Brainstorm, gears working overtime to connect the ideas together. His brow knits together in severe concentration. It does not go well. He glaces at the Vending Machine, one of his few 'friends' aboard the ship, "It have feelings!" Blot bleats, offended, "Brane-Storm no hurt Machine's feelings! See? It upset. It not talking," he scuttles over to the machine and speaks reassuringly to it, "It all right, Vending Machine. Brane-Storm not be mean, Blot think," he turns back toward Brainstorm, standing a little protactively between the genius scientist and the Vending Machine itself. Blot struggles to connect more ideas, "Brane-Storm make weapons..?" he says, oozing awe as much as lubricant, "Show Blot shinies?" his optics gleam with the promise of something new, "You," and he articulates the word which he definitely is not, "Geen-Yus?" he 'blinks.' "How you have two names?" The poor mech looks truly mentally taxed, even with the most basic of explainations, "Blot am Blot."

"No, no it doesn't. Why do I even bother?" Brainstorm raises his hand to his brow, only to yank it back when he remembers what's covering it. He's used to people being dumber than him, but this is just rediculous. Atleast he seems to understand what 'weapons engineer' means. "I don't have any here with me. They're either in my workshop, or the armoury. People get...scared when I bring them out. And 'genius' isn't a name" even though he does technically have two names, but that's besides the point "It just means that I am smart." he taps the side of his helm "Very smart. 'Ship's genius' means I'm smarter than anyone else on this ship." You gross, me smart.

"Smart..?" Blot puzzles over the concept a little, his primitive mind grasping at least that much. A gooey smile, "Blot am smart!" he wrongly proclaims, "Blot am m-main-tensenense," he struggles, but it suffices for him, "Blot come see weapons? Blot see!" he all but shouts, glancing back worriedly at the candy vendor, "Geen-Yus smart too! Blot see shinies! Blot see! Blot.." the janitor nearly begins bouncing up and down, "Us smart-friends..? Us smart-friends," he proclaims definitively, "Blot am have Important Work!" he says proudly, "Blot am have main-tenessness stuff to do," he gives a gentle (for him) warning to the weapons engineer, "Blot go. Geen-Yus be nice to Vending Machine." with that, and all seriousness, Blot leaves the Common Lounge in a worse state than he found it, a trail of goo oozing behind him as he's on his way.

Brainstorm actually cringes when Blot goes on to take the definition of the word 'smart' behind the barn and shoot it with the hypothetical planet-killer no one will let him make. What idiot told this guy he was smart just to make him feel better? "Yeah, you go do that." with any luck, this guy won't be able to figure out where his workshop is - he's definitely the kind to start touching things he's not supposed to. And while Blot goes 'main tenses', Brainstorm goes bath. Well, maybe after a quick stop to store some of this gunk fo future use in a weapon that would likely be rejected by the ethics comitee just for that.

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