2017-02-18 Reading Material

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Reading Material
Date 2017/02/20
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Penchant, Skystalker, Soundwave
Summary Soundwave and Penchant make a visit to the library-- purely for learning purposes, really.

Meant as a place for quiet study and public record, this storeroom is a repository of information. Whole collections of datapads fill shelves along all of the walls and the multiple diving partitions, giving the space a very 'full' feeling. While many of these pads contain a copy of Cybertronian knowledge and study, many still are empty, meant to be filled with what is discovered from the continuing exploits of the Lost Light. Both a library and record hall, this room shares what is known and means to add to it with what is found.

Inside the entrance is the main desk with a terminal there serves as a nexus to track what datapads have been checked out. It is accompanied by Decimal, a blue potted plant that acts as a silent greeter. From this entry, there are stairs down and up as there are two levels to this library, both a breezy light green color now. The lower level displaying a menagerie of bright colors. The central connecting space is open, allowing for those below to view who might be above and vice versa.

Honestly, Skystalker isn't sure how he's spent so much of his day in the library. He came earlier to check out a datapad, got swept up in origami on a terminal with Swoop, and after that had an inkling to go looking for more books, only to end up hiding here and there amongst the shelves for the rest of the afternoon, nose in a pad and padding around in a distracted silence. More than once he has accidentally spooked someone else, inadvertantly sneaking past them or next to them in some of the seating. Most of the time they edge nervously from him in response. The latest place he's taken up is back in the Cybertronian sections, idly spanning down the length of a datapad's table of contents.

Penchant might've been loud in his animated conversation with Soundwave as he leads the way to the library, but no portion of it is verbal. Probably a good thing, because Pench is mentally complaining about shoddy medical practices and how they're lucky no one's dead from this vaccine.

He's a lot better than he'd looked a few weeks prior, armor bright and optics burning as they scan the shelves for a particular databooklet. "Sky," he greets after spotting him hidden away. "Whatcha' doin?"

Soundwave is an excellent listener. And when he's only half-way listening, he at least appears to be listening. Which is the key in this situation. Though he gets the gist of Penchant's complaining. Though, it could be worse. Could make mechs fall in hate...

Ge follows the healthy minibot into the library dutifully, pulling up his own list of wanted reading from his databanks. Hmm... He makes a few additions. Soundwave tilts his helm to Skystalker in acknowledgement. Now, there were a few datapads in this section he desired...

In between his skimming the datapad, Skystalker's idle mind is set upon a song while he searches, mental voice heavy in the syrupy humming of experimental style. A practice from another afternoon.

Just as he pinpoints the section in the tome that covers regional trends covering worship of the Guiding Hand, Penchant's voice tickles at his audials and Skystalker's head pops up with an equally sudden smile. "Penchant, hey. Just doing some reading on my day off." There's a distinct lack of shyness and an open friendliness when the starfighter moves to give the minibot a small hug 'round the shoulder. "How are you?"

Soundwave isn't far behind, and for a moment, Sky fixes his optics on the other mech, a little searching and a little apprehensive, but still amicable. He gives just a nod of greeting in return.

"Better. I can't believe you almost let me eat a leaf." Penchant teases fondly, returning the little embrace. "Glad to see you're not stricken with that lovesickness." He smiles faintly and ducks around to trail his hand along the lower shelf, searching. "Cultural stuff? Ya' miss home?" he asks, innocently enough. He keeps Soundwave in his peripheral. As if Soundwave needs supervision.

Soundwave's gaze travels back to Skystalker, heavy as he senses the Starfighter's optics on him. But if Skystalker has something to say to him, he'll say it. So he turns back to the shelves, peering over the levels Penchant can't see and Skystalker may have trouble reaching. He quietly listens to the two as he begins taking the datapads he's wanting. No point in interrupting their conversation.

"I'm glad-- and I didn't almost let you. Did I?" Skystalker laughs quietly, hand resting at ease against the top of Penchant's shoulder. His wings splay slightly, lifting at the ends at the mention of lovesickness. "What do you mean, stricken with lovesickness? Is there another thing going around?" A part of him is suddenly wondering if he is, if there's something getting passed around again. Uhoh. "Oh, hm, this?" Both hands move to hold onto his datapad, glancing up after Soundwave's silent searching and back to Penchant's own poking around. "No, more like... things I never really was taught. Or wanted to learn at the time. Now that I'm older..." It's different. "Are you two looking for something in particular yourselves?"

"Some strange side effect of a drug the docs are testing, I guess. Folk'll do anything for shanix!" Penchant's voice abruptly drops when someone across the aisles tells him to 'shhh!'. "Culture's my favorite topic," he says, softer. "Everyone's inclined to gush about it but they forget that every beautiful aspect has a darker side. Oh, I'm just looking to see if there's any documentation on my old little settlement planetoid." He peers up at Soundwave. "I dunno' 'bout him. Probably looking up how to loom more menacingly."

Penchant pokes Soundwave with words and he retaliates. He takes a datapad from the selves and turns on his heels abruptly, returning from where he had ventured to gather the datapads from. He leans down as he gets nearer, using a free servo to place on Penchant's back and... encourage him to take a seat. Then he drops a datapad into the minibot's servos. "Read." He turns back to browse the shelves, leaving Penchant with a copy of a Cybertronian copy of 'Your New Frame and You.' The hardly audible hum of his systems give away that its meant to be a poke back- something amusing. He thinks its amusing.

Skystalker relaxes a little when he learns it's the side effect of something, and not a contagion. That's good, right? Optics follow Penchant's venturing for now, and there's a smile for his favorite topic. "I've read about some of them, yes... mostly I'm curious about what religious mechs see... starting to think I should be less bookish about it..." Aka, go find someone and talk to them. But not Mirage. That ended... oddly.

Skystalker doesn't bother to hide the smile at Penchant's quip about Soundwave, and despite the abrupt show of the latter's frame into their vicinity, it lingers. As he sits the minibot down and passes him the datapad, Skystalker cants his head to examine the title script. The lingering smile fades to something more neutral-- appropriately.

" two are really doing it, then...?" Soundwave can taste the mixture of emotions that come with Skystalker's words; concern for his friend, curiosity for the duo, a dabbling of fear from different origins.

Penchant plops right on the ground with a book in his lap. He narrows his optics, then vents a sigh, slowly looking up at Skystalker. "Uhm. Yeah. Yes." Doing the thing. It's pretty clear Penchant doesn't really want to elaborate, not in front of another neutral. "I know what to expect," he sasses back at Soundwave. "Lemme' talk to Sky, I haven't seen him in forever." To Sky, "Did I hear a song earlier?"

"Affirmative. Operation, soon." Not soon enough. It was, admittedly, making him a little antsy to think about. "Mine will be done simultaneously or after," Soundwave tacks on, glancing to Penchant. He looks rather satisfied for a giant blue brick.

"Permission granted. Penchant, enjoys Skystalker's lullabys," he intones before walking off to search the other side of the shelves. He may not be seen but he's well within listening range- though honestly what isn't his hearing range.

Skystalker watches the exchange with an air of watchfulness, lips pressing into a smile for the nature of it. A guardian fussing, a mutual sort of teasing. Soundwave is getting a change too? Hm. The way they interact gives Skystalker some more tangible peace over it, and it comes over him after a smooth vent of his systems. If it's what they want, and they trust each other, that's all he can ask for. His fear is primarily for his friend's well being.

Skystalker folds down to sit in beside Penchant as he asks about the song, though his answer is held when Soundwave gives one last tipoff before venturing for more books. There's a puff of air before Sky looks to Penchant, smiling. of course. He noticably tries to rein it back. "I believe it was. Something more-- lounge style? Now what's all this about lullabies?" Okay, just one good natured tease. Promise.

Penchant laughs nervously and rubs his neck, hand finally dragging over his face. Ughhh. But Skystalker is chill, as always, so Penchant explains. It's probably not THAT weird. "Soundwave has a recording of one of your songs. I indulged while recovering." He opens a palm and cocks his head a little. "What can I say. It's good tunes. Lounge style huh?" Sky's fringe thoughts of concern aren't lost on Penchant. "I'll be fine," he says after a pause. "This frame change is my choice." He adds, having a fairly clear idea of what Skystalker may think of forced frame alterations.

"A recording? I see." The starfighter thinks back to when he played just for Soundwave. There were other times he could have recorded, but somehow that seems the likeliest. "I'm glad I could help you even if I couldn't be there, then."

Sometimes having someone pick up on your errant thoughts can be weird and intrusive, and it's true that Skystalker once felt that way more than he does now. Things have changed just enough since that first time-- Penchant picks up what is important now, it seems. And Skystalker is glad he just doesn't have to voice it himself. Reassurances come from Penchant himself, garnering a slow nod from his friend. "If you're okay, I'm okay. I'll try not to worry too much."

Penchant brightens a bit. He spares a quick look around and reaches to give Skystalker's hand a lingering squeeze. "I can't express what it means to have a friend like you. Maybe I'll find the proper words, one day." He stands, looking over the first few digital pages of this book. Best for berth-reading. "I guess Drift doesn't talk about his religion much - ? Thought you two were close pals. Maybe he doesn't want to scare you off." He edges back out of the aisle.

"I appreciate that too, Penchant." Though Sky hears such compliments of his character often, it's always nice to hear it one more time. An affirmation, of a sort. His hand gives Penchant's a gentle squeeze in return, and as the minibot stands he follows, letting the hold linger just a bit before falling back to his side. "He does talk about it, if I ask. The other Circle mechs talk a little more openly. Chimera is a Mortilusian, Mirage an Adaptusian... it's interesting to realize what people believe in."

"Mirage? Really? Had no idea. Guess I'm more in line with uh. Ratchet's... beliefs." Penchant zaps his datapad into subspace. He then asides, in a low voice, "Let's chat more when I don't have a chaperone. Would love your thoughts on cosmic entities! Real or not."

Soundwave steps out in front of Penchant right as he tries to aside. CAUGHT. He looks down at the mini, optics flicking up to Skystalker. "Religon, personal. Individual's beliefs should be gossiped," he says levelly before showing the datapads to Pench. "Desired text, acquaired. Ready to check them out?"

    <FS3> Penchant rolls Telepathy: Great Success. (6 2 7 7 3 1 1 6 6 5 5 1 3 8 7 8)

Skystalker believes in-- something. Something bigger than himself, anyway. He's trying to figure out what it is. The low aside from the minibot earns a library-level chuckle, and a flick of wingtips. Just when he's about to say he's looking forward to it, there is Soundwave, and there is a slightly awkward shift of Skystalker's frame, one boot behind the other and one hand rubbing at an elbow joint, sheepish. The flush of Sky's biolights flitters when he looks to Penchant. "We'll catch up more later, hm? It's great to see you about."

Penchant is left warm and glowy, enough that Soundwave's abrupt appearance doesn't sway him much. "Yeah. Desired text acquired," he mimics. "Later Sky!"

Soundwave huffs softly, good-naturedly. Penchant will fit right in. "Skystalker," he intones with a tip of his helm before walking away. Its book time.

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