2017-02-18 A Little Stressed

From Transformers: Lost and Found

A Little Stressed
Date 2017/02/18
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Lieutenant, Sterling
Summary Sterling still isn't quite used to the chaos of the Lost Light...

Going into hiding from Brainstorm after the incident in the armory just means going back to work in the library. The one place you expect to find the large green avian. Except, one adjective has changed, Lieutenant is no longer tall... for the second time on this ship. For the third time in his life. No matter, size doesn't change the fact that he has a job to do. Simply dust off the old messenger bag to carry the datapads around and put them away.

Still, Lieutenant could use help shelving the higher up datapads. He can climb up there but the mech only has so much stamina, which in a tiny body, is spent quite quickly. He just sits in one of the middle shelves to rest up before making the jump down to continue working.

Sterling is coming to help Lieutenant in the library, something which is quickly beginning to become routine.. for her at least. And today she decided to do something nice for the avian, she has brought energon with her today. She really hopes that Lieutenant likes it sweet.

Stepping into the library, identical red vent ornaments swaying with her movements, Sterling calls out to see where Lieutenant is, "Lieutenant, sir? I-I'm here to help again today."

For someone with perfect memory, one might think Lieutenant would remember that Sterling is an assistant in the library now. He did, but simply pushed that fact to the side when he was focusing on scaling shelves to put datapads away. At her voice, the avian hops off the shelf he was sitting in, gliding to the general direction of Sterling's voice. Silly, tiny legs don't get one far as he tries to make his way towards the weapon.

Although he'd rather not, Lieutenant decides to speak so that she doesn't step on him. "Sterling." A smaller, yet firm tone from the avian should get the point across. That he's down here.

Sterling snaps her attention in the direction Lieutenants voice comes from, but the beginnings of, "Lieutenant I-" died on her lips when she doesn't see the tall avian. There is a moment of confusion before the gun registers the voice came from down.

Oh there he is... wait... there he is... Sterling stares down at the now tiny Lieutenant with a blank stare for a solid minute before reacting... and it isn't a positive one. Glasses of energon slipping from her hands, Sterling grips her helm as they smash to the grond. The shatter is quickly followed by a shocked and potentially horrified shriek from the femme, "SIR WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?" HOW- WHAT- WHY!? J- HOW!? Why is Lieutenant suddenly tiny!? Has he always been tiny, is she just crazy!?!?

Ah yes, the long, uncomfortable solid minute of staring. Lieutenant in not amused by it, but patiently awaits for the realization to process. Once it does, well, he didn't quite expect a full blown reaction. The last time this happened, most shrugged it off, familiar with the shenanigans that the Scientists and Engineers get up to. Sterling perhaps has not yet adjusted to the normalities of this.

Of course, Sterling's reaction has Lieutenant squeak as he tries to flee from the falling cubes. Tiny legs don't cover much ground and he's engulfed in energon. Well, could have been worse. "It was an accident." he informs flatly, "much like your cubes falling onto the floor, something of Brainstorm's used Mass Displacement to make me this size."

Sterling is starting to go into full blown panic, the combination of seeing him this shocking size, him acting like it is nothing, and then dropping the energon on him all only multiplying her reaction. "WHAT!? W-why would he do that!? WHY would that happen- Oh Primus I'm sorry sir!" Bolting to the desk, Sterling jumps over the counter and rustled around behind to find a cloth or something to wipe him off with. What the frag kind of ship is she on that this is normal!?

Lieutenant is indeed right that she still is having a hard time adjusting to the chaos that is the Lost Light. Recent stressors she has been experiencing probably don't help.

Never mind him, Sterling must be attended to first. She's shocked and freaking out over this. Yes, the last time this happened he nearly died, but she doesn't know that. Probably for the best as the poor femme has enough to stress over it seems. "Sterling, Sterling I need you to stop for a moment." he tells in a strong a tone he can muster. "I need you to take a seat, breathe in deeply." Watch him, just in... and out. "Gather yourself together, take a few moments to calm down first."

Sterling can't find anything to help him clean off with! Why is there nothing for him to clean off with!? "H-how am I supposed to calm down when you're tiny and covered in energon and not caring that you're tiny and Primus what is wrong with this ship that that's normal and-" If she was organic she might be hyperventilating by now. Leaning back against the counter, Sterling swings around to face him, hands flying up to start almost viciously pulling at her ornaments. There is practically a small groan of metal from her vents due to how hard she tugs at them.

"Because I have been in this position before." Lieutenant informs, "That is not important right now, Sterling, I need you to trust me. Breathe in and out slowly, rhythmically. We will discuss the quirks of the ship but right now, you are my focus." He doesn't want her to continue her stress, but patiently waits until she choses to listen and do.

Sterling tries to even out her venting but its hard, she just keeps thinking back to- PRIMUS THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME!? That's not helping! Ok- Ok do as he says. Very slowly the femme begins to slowly settle, weakening her vent yanks until shes more just holding onto the red dangly bits of her jewelry. "That isnt a quirk.. thats.. thats madness."

"I suggest talking to the scientist and engineer about 'madness.'" He just shrugs, "What happened was an accident, a few non-lethal weapons were knocked over, one of which went off before breaking." Much like the cubes did.

Lieutenant flaps his wings rapidly to rid them of energon. Once, decently less sticky, he lowers them back down, "Sterling, everything is going to be fine." Sterling slowly lowers herself into a nearby seat, staring at the floor and clearly stressed out, "H-how could the ship's genius accidentally do this with some random weapon!?" Miiight be a good time to tell Sterling 'Ship's Genius' isn't Brainstorm's actual title. "That goes against the whole genius bit! How are we going to get you back to normal!?"

Lieutenant figures he's going to find himself in hot water when the "Ship's Genius" finds out what happened. So he'll let her continue thinking that Brainstorm truly is. Besides, he is quite brilliant when you think about it. Mad, but brilliant. "Well considering some of us are equipt with the technology to use Mass Displacement, it is not difficult for a 'Genius' to make a weapon like such. And it was not his fault the weapon fell. Please do not put the blame on him for this." If it's anyone's fault, it's Lieutenant's for picking it up. Fortress Minimus and Starstruck wouldn't be in their positions if he hadn't touched it. He should have just let it be. "We are not focusing on fixing me. That is my own issue to take up with Brainstorm."

Sterling makes herself vent even slower and deeper in a desperate attempt to calm down. Good news: she managed to choke down the little hysterical bubble of laughter that was threatening to come up. Giving a few more weak tugs to her vent ornaments, Sterling finally makes herself look up at Lieutenant, "I... I'm sorry I... that I spilled energon on you... and yelled in the library... and knocked over a few things on your desk..."

Lieutenant flutters his fins to rid them of some energon, "Your reaction, given your alloted time on board, is understandable. No need to apologize for what was done." He takes off his messanger bag to shake it out. Thankfully, he knows none of the datapads inside got wet, so that was a plus. Now to try and wipe the rest of the energon off himself with his hands. This is not as easy though. "I keep some cleaning supplies in the back near the study rooms." He would walk there himself, but well, size difference. We will clean this up and take a few minutes of break before returning to work."

Ok a task! That- That is something Sterling can do! Quickly standing, sterling runs off to where the cleaning supplies are kept and gathers them all in her arms as best she can... but remains leaning against the wall for several seconds before she begins her trip back. Ok, easy Sterling. He's tiny for now. Obviously.. obviously that isnt a big issue on this ship... But it should be!

Returning with the supplies the first thing Sterling does is grab a cleaning cloth and knee down in front of Lieutant, offering the rag to the .. to the now mini.

While Sterling gathers the supplies, Lieutenant works on cleaning up the shattered cube pieces. Most of the pieces are in a single pile away from the puddle when she returns. "Thank you." he says, taking the offered rag. The avian could probably wrap himself into a burrito with it if he so desired. However, he does not as he wipes himself down.

Sterling's optic practically twitches in distress at the sight of Lieutenant nearly being able to use that cloth as a blanket. No no- Don't focus on that. Just- just clean the energon. Getting a bucket and another cloth, Sterling kneels on the ground and proceeds the process of soaking up the energon then cleaning off the sticky floor it left in its wake. Focus on the task. Don't think about poor Lieu- no.

There is some concern for the way Sterling is acting, but then again she isn't familiar with all this. He finishes wiping himself down, daring to speak, "Are you feeling fine?" You know, besides the panicking over a now miniture giraffe?

The sad part? Sterling had been having a nice day up until now. She should have known that wouldn't last. Going frmo somewhat happyy to a ball of absolute stress? hahahahaha- oh Primus she is slowly dying inside on this ship. "I... I'm ok sir..." No she.. she shouldnt lie to him, "...I will be."

Well, there is now guilt. He's to blame for Sterling's reaction so it is his responsibility to repair the damage. "Sterling, I appreciate your assistance, but if what is happening bothers you..." Lieutenant doesn't want her to go, but, "I think it might be best if I leave the library in your care for a few hours. Skydive normally enters around this time, so if any questions, ask him for assistance." He hopes him leaving will bring some peace to Sterling.

Sterling pauses in her cleaning, giving a sigh as she rocks back on her heels. She... no she can handle this. A deep vent and steeling herself later, Sterling gently turns to look at Lieutenant. Ok... its not so bad just... really really weird? "I.. no... its alright I just... its hard to remember how chaotic this place is... besides," Giving a weak smile Sterling reaches over and pats Lieutenant on the head, "Whens the next time I'll be able to do this? heh... he..." She's trying here.

The avian unintentionally let's out an unexpected chirp at the pats. His fins flutter bashfully, part because no one has patted his head in an age. "P-Probably not again." Unless he was perminently made small, but hopefully that wouldn't be so. Lieutenant averts his optics, a hand tugging at the rim of his audio. He's not embarrassed by this, not at all. He's just... the opposite! Obviously!

Sterling cant help a chuckle at the little, probably unintentional, chirp. That was pretty cute. "I'll ... I'll just finish cleaning up the energon, sir. You can go... do whatever it is you had been doing."

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