2017-02-16 Two To Tango

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-02-16 Two To Tango
Date 2017/02/16
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Skydive, Madrigal
Plot A Midventure Night Dream
Summary Madrigal feels the effects of the vaccine, Skydive doesn't handle flirting very well.

Madrigal should have stuck to his room, commed Skydive, and rescheduled their lesson. It took several falls and not-too-noticeable scuffs to his pretty new paintjob, but he's made it to the practice rooms. Maybe a bit early, which just means he did a better job walking straight lines than he'd thought. As it stands- or doesn't- the dancer has sat himself on the practice room's floor, knees curled to his chest and fingers tapping along his shins. It's a comfortable enough position to wait for Skydive to arrive.

Skydive is used to arriving early when making plans, already in the mindset of getting in some stretches and simple routines before Madrigal arrives. So color him surprised when the door to the practice room opens to reveal the small Knight seated on the floor in a nearly fetal position.

The thought to ask if he's meditating crosses his mind, but Skydive doubts it, crossing the threshold on quieter, flowing steps as he steps towards the avian. "I hadn't expected you to arrive so soon. Is.. everything alright?" His brows pinch slightly and the corners of his lips pull into a small frown. If Madrigal doesn't stand during his approach, Skydive will crouch before him.

Madrigal's antenna give a little twitch when he registers footsteps, the movement followed by a halfhearted wave of the hand. "H'lo Skydive." He makes no move to stand or otherwise move, or look up. "I'm feeling a bit under the weather but." Another small sweep of the hand to punctuate, "I thought getting up and about would help it dissipate." And he hadn't wanted to just cancel out of nowhere.

Skydive's worries increase at Madrigal's apathetic manner, moving from his crouch to take a knee. "Yet you don't appear as if you wish to move very much.. I wouldn't have been upset if you wanted to reschedule, I don't want to push you over your limits." A beat passes, Skydive taking the briefest moment to take in Madrigal's new colors, especially the cosmic shimmer on his wings. Beautiful, really...

But he can't stare all day, Skydive shaking his helm lightly soon after and carefully holding a hand to the small mech. "Please, allow me to escort you back to your habsuite, or even the medibay if it's bad. You need rest."

Venting, Madrigal reaches out to take the offered hand, tilting his head to look up at Skydive. At which point he freezes, all four optics wide. "A-are you sure?" the bird squeaks, curling his legs a bit further toward his chest and flexing his wings slightly. "I- That is- I'm really feeling much better! We could try?" He lets that sit for a moment before rushing to clarify. "To do the lesson?"

Usually, Madrigal sits at a much cooler than average temperature, chillier at his extremities than anywhere else. But right now, his hand is warm slipping into Skydive's and giving a hesitant little squeeze when he tenses to shuffle his feet under himself.

Skydive offers a kind, gentle smile to Madrigal when optics meet. "I would not be a very good teacher if I allowed my students to perform while ill. ..But if you're sure of yourself, we can do some simple steps once you've had time to collect yourself." But the jet is still skeptical, eyeing the hand in his and thumbing over it.

He'd held Madrigal's hand last they were together, so the change in its temperature is noticeable. "..You're awfully warm." He utters, leaning in to lightly press the back of his own hand to the bird's forehelm. "Was this sudden, or did something happen?"

"Oh I'm-" Madrigal cuts himself off, antenna doing a little skitter-bop forward when Skydive's hand contacts his forehead. "There was a- a vaccine, Lackluster put out a call for volunteers." He waves his free hand, head tipping to the side and away from the hand. "Possible side effects were nausea, dizziness and fever." Which, he hadn't realized he'd developed a fever, but the dizziness had definitely been noticeable. "It hasn't been very long a-and it's been getting better."

The bird tips up his helm, going for a sunny smile. "Advancing medical science!" Against better judgement, he opts to go on. "A-and really can you blame me, not wanting to cancel on you?"

Plush lips skew some at this new knowledge, Skydive's gaze narrowing a hair. "Hm.. I can only imagine what this would protect against if it so easily causes sickness." A mild critique of Lackluster's ability, but Skydive leaves it at that. "I suppose it's good the symptoms don't persist for long, but if you don't cool down soon I'll have to take you to the medibay. Sustaining a higher temperature than normal could do some lasting damage."

So engrossed in Madrigal's well being, he almost misses the subtle comment, only looking up when his audials catch the you. "Well I.. wouldn't have been offended. I assure you, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." There's the slightest touch of color to his already orange hued features, though he tries to cover it up by glancing away to a small compartment opening on his chest. "..Here. If you're not as nauseous, you really should consume something to keep your reserves up." An energon cube is produced and offered to the knight, one that's smaller and more travel friendly than the typical rations given.

"A little sickness is always better than something debilitating." Madrigal chirps, wings fluttering. He titters but merely waves a hand at the concern, optics pinching up into little crescents. "You're very sweet. I'm feeling much better already though, see?" With that, he folds up briefly before rising to his feet, wings flicking out to quickly balance, but the dizziness has clearly abated some.

With his new vantage point comes another little spurt of laughter, one hand over his mask. "Primus, you're so tall." The laughter tapers off into a smile while delicate fingers clasp around the offered cube. "Ok, Mr. Worrywart."

"True enough." Skydive concedes to the fact Madrigal is on the upswing, though a hand reflexively hovers out as the other stands, ready to catch him should he falter. Yet that doesn't come to pass, allowing Skydive to smile lightly and stand with him. The small titters from the smaller mech earn an upward shift up wings from the Aerialbot, blinking down at him before he joins with a soft, breathy laugh tinged at the edge by embarrassment. "Ah, yes, well.. You should see our team leader, Silverbolt. Now he's tall."

Clearing his vocals, he tries to abate the slight nerves from the subtle compliments being give, motioning to the mirrored wall on the far side of the room and the bar in front of it. "If you're feeling better as you said, you're welcome to join me in starting with some stretches." The mech steps to the corner of the room where his media player is, putting on some light, flowy music before moving to the mirror. In a single movement he swings his leg up, resting the ankle on the bar, leaning in to apply a little pressure and stretch inner ligaments and joints.

Wings twitching, Madrigal laughs again, bright and cheery. "I can imagine! Jets!" Because most jets are big, it's a very apt descriptor. A hand reaches to give Skydive a reassuring pat. "It's nice, I prefer being surrounded by much taller mechs." He follows up the statement with a wink, turning to follow Skydive's directions.

Technically, Madrigal doesn't need to stretch and prep his joints - they're designed for far more punishing twists and bends and dislocations than this kind of dance seems to require, but it's something to do. While Madrigal mirrors the aerialbot, his optics stay tracking the other mech's reflection. See? Dizziness gone. Nothing here but his normal lack of coordination.

Skydive hasn't known Madrigal for very long, but he gets the feeling he isn't the sort to wink much. Fair to say he isn't quite sure how to take it.. Best to just let it slide. "Well, there certainly isn't a shortage on the ship." He muses, a little avoidant of meeting the knight's gaze after the wink. As a loner he isn't as used to this stuff..

Focusing on his stretches, which he doesn't need either, but it's a nice distraction, Skydive gives Madrigal a bit of an eyeing to watch his movements. Seems his balance is back, which is good. That worry out of his mind, he rights himself and turns properly to the dark hued avian, a hand outstretching to ask for his, expression inviting. "Shall we begin?"

Madrigal's grin persists, choosing to interpret that avoidance as shyness, which is adorable. When he notices Skydive's look in the mirror, he does a little extra stretch, wings back and fanning up while he folds neatly in-half to his lifted leg. It's not showing off if what they're doing is stretching, right?

Still, the dancer pulls his limbs back to stand normally, reaching out to take the offered hand. "Of course!" Maybe that's a bit too excited. He can tone it down? "What will we be learning today, teacher?"

Shyness would be an apt term for how Skydive is feeling right now, but at least the prospect of a dance emboldens him, his wings twitching up with confidence at the question. "Something a bit more.. energized."

At that moment the calmer warmup music fades out and something on the spicier side begins. Skydive may show favor towards more classical dances, he isn't without his want for a quicker tempo. "Are you familiar at all with the tango?" Leading hand guides Madrigal in close against the taller mech, a hand at his back while the other is held aloft. That said, he nearly sweeps the knight off his small pedes, a defined sway to him as he moves along.

Optics wide Madrigal nods quickly. "I am- it has a very specific beat, and I've done some modified solo sets drawing from it." His wings flick up and out, held high and away from where Skydive's hand is pressed to his back. It's much harder to focus on the movement at his pedes with all of this pressed up against him, but he's trying. "L-let me know i-if my wings start to hit you, ok?" Despite it all, the little mech does a fair job of following along.

Skydive's smile to Madrigal is good natured and amused. "Excellent~. Then I suppose I won't have to hold back as much." It's been some time since he was able to do couple dances, so he's grateful for the avian's presence, even if he's not as tall. As for the mention of wings, he chuckles warmly. "It's quite alright, I'm used to dancing with flight frames."

No longer having to keep to beginners steps, Skydive's movements become more precise, a leg nearly hooking around Madrigal's as he steps around them in their complex dance of spinning, gliding, and eventually dipping. Hand more firmly at his partner's lower back, Skydive eases him back into a deep dip, holding his lightweight frame there a long moment as he comments softly, "I meant to comment earlier, and forgive me for how it may come off.. But your paintjob is absolutely stunning."

"Most flight frames aren't made of bladed surfaces." Madrigal hums, looking up toward Skydive with a quick, bright smile. Which quickly turns to concentration as the steps pick up and the dance becomes more complex. In fact, the chatty knight is entirely silent until he's dipped, optics going wide as he reflexively stretches into the most appealing pose for such a deep dip. For a minute, the only sound in response is the quiet clicking of his vocodor catching on words. "V-vortex does fantastic work." Not the best response. "I mean- Thank you!"

    <FS3> Madrigal rolls Allure: Success. (7 3 5 1 5 2 6 3)

Wings hike up in intrigue when Madrigal stretches out into a rather alluring pose, catching Skydive off guard and forcing his gaze to glance sideline and down, a shy look slipping over his features briefly. "He has a good eye, but you certainly wear it well."

But even with his sheepish manner, he still notes the vocoder clicks and looks back to the bird, drawing him back up to his dainty pedes. "You seem somewhat more.. anxious than last we danced. ..Is this one too much?" He admits, it is a bit saucy. Maybe he should have went for more ballroom.

"I'm built to." Madrigal chirps, smile evident in his optics. He gives an extra little flutter of wings and a slow shift-draw back to a less showy pose, pedes giving an extra click when he's drawn back upright. Maybe too quickly he shakes his head in the negative, hands fidgeting for want of something to do. "It isn't at all! It's just-- you're very-" A wing gestures to all of Skydive, as if that's a good explanation. "Has anyone told you how striking your colours are?"

"Ah, well I.." Skydive is caught well off guard by this, the compliment bolder and more direct now. Orange cheeks take on a faint, pink shade and his wings pin back, his usually straight-backed posture faltering a hair. Now he's the one that needs distracting, the poor mech a bit thrown out of his element as he resets his vocals softly and averts his gaze.

Out of habit he removes his small glasses, allowing a clearer view of his bright blue optics as he takes a cloth from subspace and cleans the frames. "I.. was not aware it was anything special. But ah.. thank you.." Trying to recuperate now, he replaces the glasses on the bridge of his nose and offers softly, "Perhaps a different dance would be best.."

Madrigal's wings give another little flutter, hands reaching up to gently pull Skydive's glasses back off. "Really? I'm tempted to believe you're lying about that. How can you not know? Look at you!" Giggles chase the teasing and Madrigal pops the glasses onto his own face, stepping closer and reaching up to place his hand as close to the jet's shoulder as it will go, this is how proper partnered dance form works, right? Hands on shoulders? "We can do whatever you'd like to do~"

Unbeknownst to Skydive, it's likely the effects of that vaccine are getting stronger because Madrigal is going from subtle to handsy. The poor Aerialbot looks shocked and affronted when his spectacles are taken from his face, left exposed and without his shield. "I-I.." He really isn't used to this, forced to take a small step back when the other steps in and nearly hangs off of him.

"Madrigal, I... I would appreciate the return of my glasses.. please.." His helm tucks a little, hating how obvious his embarrassment is. Biting the thickness of his bottom lip, he looks to the small bird with apology and nervousness. "I apologize if anything I did was.. misinterpreted, but I think you may have the wrong idea.."

Humming, Madrigal leans back to look up at the flustered mech. Awwh, cute. It takes quite a bit of staring before he clicks and snickers, reaching to pop the glasses off and hold them out to Skydive. Unfortunately, it's at this point the apology registers. "The wrong idea?" He squeaks, optics widening while the top edge of his secondaries droops down with worry. "I- What do you mean?" Every limb draws in close to his own body while antenna flick down, wings coming forward to shield the sides of his body.

Skydive is hoping Madrigal will understand and back off. ..And while he does back off, there appears to be miscommunication yet again, only this time is traps Skydive. What does he mean, asking what he means? The wrong idea! He wasn't trying to lead the knight on, far from it, yet now said knight is looking at him in confusion over the matter. ..Is he thinking something different?

He.. really doesn't enjoy being stuck in this kind of situation, his wings lower and giving a slight quiver when taking his glasses back. "What.. what I mean is.. I.." He pales, unsure what to even say so that this doesn't go south. "..C-Class is dismissed." The words come out hurried as Skydive turns on a heel and tries to make a quick exit, hoping to get back to his habsuite as fast as possible and stay in there for a while.

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