2017-02-16 Torque's Day

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Torque's Day
Date 2017/02/16
Location Lost Light - Recreation - Body Shop
Participants Lieutenant, Torque
Summary There is a surprise for Torque! (Prior to Small Accident)

He had been planning this since asking for Torque’s assistance in the Library. Her contribution was phenomenal, and that could not go unrewarded. Lieutenant wouldn’t settle for another physical gift wrapped in a box, it just wouldn’t cut it for all his amica had done. So this had to be more thoughtful.

Lieutenant was aware of Torque’s shift in the Body Shop, as well as Vortex’s. All he had to do was pick a time when Vortex would be out for a few cycles, and Torque would be there. There may have been a little abuse of his hacking skills to see if she had any scheduled appointments, but when he found a clear schedule, he took the opportunity.

The body shop was empty, a few items were on Torque’s desk that she might recognize as oils, and behind said desk was the librarian. Awaiting for his amica to arrive on shift.

Torque was tired. It showed. Juggling work while trying to get in time to finish the mural has taken a good amount out of her. She could've simply taken the day off, but that wouldn't look very good as both a medic employee and the head of the body shop. And so she arrives for her shift at the latter, rubbing over her face a little while trudging in.

And yet.. Something's off. Blinking, she pauses a few steps in the doorway and looks up to spot Lieutenant, of all mechs, standing near her desk. "...Lieu? What're you doin' here?" He doesn't look like he needs another paintjob yet..

Granted that he nearly ruined his last paint job during the library renovations, so that would not have been far from the motive of him being here. However, Lieutenant is not here for himself. “Thought I might switch jobs for the day.” He replied naturally, “Only been here less than a cycle and already I have a client.”

He raises from his seat to gesture Torque to the massage table. “I cannot always give you gifts, and words fail me, so I thought, for all you have done for me why not do something for you instead? I may not be a licensed masseuse, but I have done this many times before.” A pause, “You would be one of the few grounders I have preformed this upon.” They’re similar to flier types, minus the wings. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Approaching the avian, Torque stares in shock when he explains his reason for being here. She's not the best when it comes to being doted on, usually the one giving the attention, but maybe.. Maybe this time she'll give in. Besides, a massage sounds amazing right now on her weary joints. "Lieu, that's.. so sweet of you!" Smiling bright, the taller mech will quickly find the medic wrapping her arms around him in a warm hug.

When she looks back up to him she's sporting a more crooked, lax smirk as she squeezes his hand. "You're too good to me, heh. ..Oh! How'd you like the mural, by the way?" The latter portion is asked as she hops up onto the table, hesitating before shifting around to lay on her front, her chin resting comfortably up on her folded arms for the moment.

Ack! Hugs! Well, it’s okay since it’s Torque, and the fact that they’re alone greatly helps put the avian himself at ease to try and be himself. He gives her shoulders at squeeze, as a bit of a relaxed expression comes upon his face.

As Torque gets on the berth, Lieutenant goes to collect one of the bottles of oils and bring it over. “Your mural was too astounding for words~” he answers with a faint smile, “I had a plaque made with your name on it so that everyone knows how amazing you are.” Now, onto the task at hand. He lathers up some oil between his hands to coat onto his amica’s back before truly starting while also getting a feel for her frame. The tow cable he’ll have to treat like a wing appendage when he gets there.

Antennas fold back at that, Torque's pinkening face tucking more behind her crossed arms. "Aww, Lieu.. Y-Yah didn't have to." Even in her embarrassment she's overly grateful, not expecting him to do that. "..But thank you. I'm glad I could do that for you and everyone. I think next, when I have some time, I wanna paint the colonies."

About to speak further, it's cut short into a soft little squeak when she feels hands at her back. She tenses in response, a shiver running through her armor plating and tow boom shifting slightly. Clearly she isn't used to proper massages, though luckily as Lieutenant becomes more acquainted with her, she becomes used to him and eases up with a faint vent.

“You could do that upstairs where we keep all the colony works.” he suggests, as Torque steadily relaxes to his touch. Lieutenant certainly understand the tension she has. He’d do the same in her position, if not try to wiggle out of the position altogether. He’s glad she does relax eventually. “It could be with Mirage’s contribution from Velocitron~” That’s a couples goal, right? Who knows, he’s not that good at romantic things.

Once Torque’s back is oiled up, he places both hands on either side of her backstrut, sliding them down her back, down to her aft, the slowly back up to her neck. It becomes a rhythmic pattern as he falls into a quiet, professional state.

Not that she'd be able to wiggle anywhere with him now sitting atop her thighs like he does. "That's.. not a bad idea, actually." Torque comments back, imagining it'd be nice to have them all in one place. That said, she falls silent as he falls into a steady rhythm.

While her body may be relaxed, her joints are still tough from ages of weight bearing and the rubbing up around her shoulders and necks earns a slight hiss through her dentals. Bit more sensitive up there. Thankfully the continuous motion helps to steadily work out the pent up kinks in her joints, the femme beginning to melt under his touch as her inner engine rolls with a warm purr. "Hn.. That feels amazing.."

Lieutenant’s optic ridges furrow a bit at the hiss. He’ll have to focus more in that area then. His hands place just under her arms, staying there for a moment as if to signal he’s moving on, and puts his hands along her frame, towards her backstrut. Hands keep a firm touch for now to work out all the stress in the back, then the joints. His hands work over her upper back and shoulder blades.

“I do accept payments in praise, so you have the hang of this trade so far.” He replies with amusement.

Focused work on her more sore areas draws out a grunt on the end of deep vent, Torque shifting a little between the legs that hold her in place. It does smart a bit, but it'll be worth it in the end when all the knots are undone.

Antennas twitching back and lower lip bitten, her helm turns just enough to spy him over her shoulder with a half-mast optic. "Tch.. You're gonna get payments in affection at this rate." The corner of her mouth cocks in a sharp smirk. "And you say you're not professional. You should be, I'd kill to have this more often."

“I think you give me more than enough affection as it is.” The avian continues his current motion down her back. Hands over her sides and pulling up to her backstrut, repeating the action all the way down to her hips.

“You do not need to kill for this, simply ask.” Lieutenant wouldn’t mind. After all, they are Amicas. “Although if you try to repay me in the same manner, I am telling you right now: Not happening.”

The further Lieu moves down, the more freedom Torque has to look back at him. Only this time she fixes him with quite the devilish expression, her smile coy and optics squinting up. "Never enough affection, dearest amica." Loosened joints have her feeling far more relaxed, rumbling in content as she teases him. "Oh? Why's that? Is it because you're.. ticklish~?" The lazy, cattish smile she flashes at him is suggesting enough as to what's going on in her mind.

The avian’s optics look away from what he’s doing to meet Torque’s, before quickly glancing away with his nose in the air and a curt scoff. His fins lower just a touch, and face gets warm. Never enough, but he can only take so much before he’s greatly flustered.

“As if.” he dismisses, prodding at her hips in retribution, briefly. “Now do go back to lying down, you might twist something.” He returns to focusing on massaging her hips.

Torque snickers at his dignified appearance. Oh, he's so easy to get to. And she would've teased further, maybe turned under him to get her hands on a part of him, but Lieutenant gets there first by poking at her hips. Antennas flick upright and a small chirp of a laugh escapes her before a hand slaps over her mouth to stifle it, the medic wiggling under her captor.

"Mmf.. F-Fiine.." She huffs warmly, cheeks colored pink now as her helm tucks in embarrassment, Torque turning back around to lay flat. "Psh, no fair.."

It’s Lieutenant’s turn to smirk when Torque chirps.  A short moment of pride, before he turns to kneading under her shoulders.  “This is absolutely fair, my dear.” he replies with nonchalance, leaning down to give her a quick kiss on the back of her helm.  Even if she’s not looking at him, the mech can’t help but blush at what he had just done.

“Now do stay in this position. Just for a while longer for me?” He’s not close to done and quite frankly he’s enjoying this bit of bonding time. Not much talking, just doing. Lieutenant may not be one for much physical affection but this is fine with him. He may not be the recipient but one doesn’t need to be to enjoy this.

Torque would puff in retaliation. Yeah yeah, sure it's fair-- Oh, hello there! A peck at the back of her helm completely diminishes her pouting, her antennas flickering delightedly and a chipper little giggle slipping from her. "Alright, fine I'll be good." And that she does, resting her helm upon the table and closing her optics, a smile still hanging on her face as she lets him work.

And it's a good thing she does. Torque can honestly say she hasn't felt so limber in a long time, her joints and struts unwound and loosened up completely. Even her mind is at ease, having been drifting the past while laying there, the idle roll of her engine a telling sign of her content.

Lieutenant’s work was primarily on her shoulders and around her neck, kneading around them to loose the joints. Once he had worked them well, his hands were easier on her frame, stroking over her to relax.

He pauses after a few minutes to rub his own hands before getting back onto the floor. He puts a hand on her back to indicate she stay put. Lieutenant isn’t finished with her just yet. He takes her wrists so that her arms are out in front of her and begins rubbing one of them. “Your shoulders and back are certainly important, but as a medic, your hands need just as much care.”

It takes Torque a second to realize Lieu isn't on the table anymore, raising her helm a little at the hand at her back, blinking blearily at him. "Hm? What're you--" Even though she feels like putty, the feel of him taking her hands and starting to rub at her wrists makes her a little more alert, antennas up and optics widening.

"I-I.. ah.." The words are lost before they even come out, left to dwindle into a muffled little squeak. Her helm tucking to try and hide bright cheeks between her arms, she does her best not to make too much noise as her digits twitch heavily at his ministrations.

Awww, Torque…

Lieutenant is not always in the position of flustering someone else, so it is a bit of an experience whenever he does witness it. Torque is cute enough as it is but seeing her this way can only earn a small smile from the avian.

His fingers move from her wrist to the palm of her hand to work out any kinks in there. Lieutenant knows her hands are very important to her, not just in her line of work and hobbies, but affection-wise as well. Therefore they must be given the same attention.

But just because he’s enjoying it, when he finishes with one hand, he kisses the tips of her fingers and moves onto the next hand.

Of course Lieu knows her one weakness. Worse enough that he takes advantage of it, Torque nearly shivering as he kneads the sensitive, scarred metal of her hands. She wants to give him a biting comment, something to tease him with, but she can't really will anything past her bitten lip, left only giving a shaky breath.

It doesn't help when he kisses her digits, hand flexing weakly before being set down. One free, she pulls it back to herself, hiding it under her chin as her hazy, bright optics squint up. "Nh.. It's tingly.."

“It will be for a bit,” is his reply, as he works on the wrist and palm of her other hand. “A minute or two and it will start to feel normal again.” Lieutenant notes how worn her hands are from all the work she’s done. Muttering to himself, “And they say I am the one who needs rest?” A bit of a scoff, as his focus remains on his amica’s hand.

It takes a few minutes but another kiss to her finger tips signals he’s finally done. Lieutenant stands up, to take the bottle of oil on the table and put it back in it’s place.

“We should do this more often.” he comments, satisfied with a job well done.

It's true, Torque isn't the best when it comes to not working. But hey, at least she sleeps! Usually shaky hands for her is a bad thing, but right now their slight quiver actually feels great with the underlying tingle. It's like all her sensors are lit up at once.

Other hand pulled back once he finishes, Torque weakly rolls to her side before pushing herself up, her body feeling like it's made of rubber. But that's a good thing, the large, silly smile on her face telling. "Lieeuu~" Heavy feeling arms reach out and make a grabbing motion for him to come back. Should he, he'll have her arms draping around him as she leans into his middle, cheek smooshing against him. "This was the best, I've never felt this wobbly, heh... Thank you, Lieu. Love yah."

Torque said the ‘L’ word. Granted she has said it a few times since they’ve become Amicas, but it never fails to make his spark skip. Lieutenant allows himself to smile as he returns the embrace. “You are welcome.”

For him, the ‘L’ word has always been difficult and something he can’t quite get out. It’s a guilty feeling, but he hopes Torque knows he does, even if he can’t say it. “If you ever want this again, I would be happy to do it.”

Of course Torque knows. She's always known. But she doesn't need to hear it, not when Lieu is able to express it with actions like these. Maybe one day he'll speak the word, but there's no reason for her to force him along. "I'll definitely be calling you up in the future for more, for sure." Giving one last squeeze, she releases him and chuckles softly, "I think I'm just gonna keep the shop closed and relax here for a while. ...Feel like I might fall over if I stand up anyway." And she just might, so she might as well lounge around for a while and enjoy the time off.

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