2017-02-16 Small Accident

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Small Accident
Date 2017/02/16
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Armory
Participants Lieutenant, Fortress Maximus, Starstruck
Summary One of Brainstorm's inventions goes off, bringing back bad memories for Lieutenant and confusing Max. Who is already confused by Starstruck.

"I'm really sorry about this, Lieu," Starstruck says, rather mournfully, as he escorts the avian down to the armory. "Tiny boss said it had to be done, and everyone else was out on patrol when I clocked he asked me to take care of it." Behind his visor, those big, pink optics have gone full puppy-dog mode; it's a good thing Lieutenant can't see them. "I would've tried to talk him out of it but...they are kind of the rules. Sorry. We've gotta put your rifle away. I think he'll give it back soon, though, you never get into trouble like that, he'll see there's nothing to worry about!" There's a downside to being a security mech, and it's this, having to reprimand his friends for doing shit they weren't supposed to. At least it wasn't as bad as when he'd had to arrest Whirl for fighting Skydive in the library. That hadn't been fun at all, even if he had made up for it by finding one of those watches Whirl made. Which means he'll have to think of a way to make this up to Lieutenant...after he got it over with.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Seismic Sense: Good Success. (1 6 2 3 7 8 4 4 6 1 4)

Lieutenant shouldn't have fired a weapon outside of the Practice Rooms. He knows better than that, but he felt he had to do it. Rules are rules, and the avian will comply with them. After all, it's only his rifle. He gets to keep his blasters on his thighs, so he's not entirely vulnerable. Not that they're fighting a war, but on the Lost Light, one never knows what might come up next.

"Rules are meant to be followed, Starstruck." He reminds primly, as his focus is on unloading his primary weapon of it's ammo on their way to the armory. Who needs to see where you're going when you can sense your surroundings? His frame tenses slightly when he picks up on another larger mech. "Fortress Maximus." the avian greets plainly, without yet looking up as he finishes unloading his weapon.

Fortress Maximus is actually down in the armory in order to find something for the Practice Rooms. He's restless, and learning how to use some other kind of Blow Your Opponent to Smithereens Gun is at least something to do and a nice stress reliever in his experiences. He's staring up at an assortment of odd-looking weapons, suffering what he has to admit is choice paralysis.

And then Starstruck and Lieutenant arrive. He bristles, giving Starstruck the side-eye in particular out of old habits, then vents. "Lieutenant, Starstruck, is it?"

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Friendship Magnetism: Good Success. (8 3 5 3 6 5 3 7)

"I know, but it still sucks." Starstruck's lipplates shift into a small pout. "It's not like you shot at anybody...but I guess it's better than what could've happened." Aka, Tailgate ordering Starstruck to bring Lieutenant to the brig. He doubts it would have ever gone that far, but. Even the thought of maybe ever having to do that is a downer. "Can't say I'm not glad you're being so chill about it, though, that always helps - oh, hey!" Not having a seismic sense himself, Starstruck hadn't noticed Fortress Maximus until Lieutenant said the Autobot's name. Down mood momentarily forgotten, Starstruck beams and gives a little wave.

"Yep, that's me! Heh, usually I'm the one who knows a mech's name without introduction." Which wasn't always received well but that's okay. "Nice to meetcha, Fortress Maximus! I know you've been around but we must've just missed each other. Ah well, at least I finally got to now." Without showing any hint of the Autobot hater he himself used to be, Starstruck continues emanating pure friendliness. "What brings you down here?"

Tailgate would probably be hesitant to send Lieutenant to the brig even if he deserved it. Considering he has an old friend in there and the avian has had no medical assistance with his previous addiction, it would be simple for him to start the syk cycle all over again while in there. Thankfully, the librarian keeps himself in line almost all the time. No need to send him to the brig. "Seismic Sense and the second best aim on the ship," after Blast Off, of course, "I am very careful when it comes to not hitting someone." Is he a bit insulted that someone would think he might have shot anyone? A little.

Lieutenant steps into the armory, giving Fortress Maximus a usual greeting of a bow before moving in to put away his weapon. He's not been in here in a while so he lingers to note everything that has changed since then.

Ohhh Primus the Decepticon is approaching him and wants to have a conversation.

Fortress Maximus has been given several very stern talks about the fact that the war is over, and has been over, and he has to learn to get along with Cons or get out, and as much as he begrudges the former it's preferable to the latter. He's dealt with this mostly by assuming they'd keep their distance, which Starstruck notably is not. In fact, Starstruck is being affable and friendly and Max is really unsure of how to handle this.

Apparently by word-vomiting in a way that kind of undercuts his glower. "Nothing, just-just looking for something for the Practice Rooms, that's all. And I'm pretty sure I know which one I want, so I'm going to go get that now and-"

There's a loud clatter behind him, causing the Autobot to freeze up and turn around. He's backed right into the wall where Brainstorm's projects hang, and his tank treads knocked over several do-not-touch-these-things guns right by his feet. Nothing has discharged...yet...

"That's not what I meant--" but they're already moving on to the chat with Fort Max. At least Starstruck was going to make up for this whole affair anyway, might as well kill two birds with one stone and tack on that little misunderstanding, eh? Making a mental note, Starstruck's friendly grin doesn't let up one iota as Fortress Maximus seems a bit uncomfortable with the fact that he's being so nice. Either he doesn't notice, or he's simply, in his own way, extremely stubborn. Or maybe both, who knows!

"Yeah? Which one?" Star asks, legitimately interested. He's heard stories of Fortress Maximus, of course, and he wonders what weapon such a powerful mech would choose for practicing. Unfortunately he doesn't get an answer before Max has accidentally knocked over some of Brainstorm's projects. "Woops! Don't worry about it, I'll get 'em for you, dude." Starstruck moves forward, leaving Lieutenant's side for now - he knows the avian isn't going to run off and avoid his punishment, he doesn't have to babysit the guy - and, seemingly oblivious to the fact that these are Brainstorm's things he's touching, starts humming as he picks up the weapons that've fallen.

Lieutenant's hands fold behind his back as his frown is more pronounced towards the weapons on the floor. Brainstorm should keep his projects in his laboratory, not the armory. His optics narrow critically in case that 'bomb' was amoung the weapons. Thankfully not.

His gold, tired optics glance up from the mess to Maximus, to his threads, then at his own wings. The librarian's audio fins give a flick, he understands the accidents that occur when you have extras on your back that get in the way of things. "It happens." he assures bluntly, without much show of expression. He steps towards the lone Decepticon of the group, kneeling down to pick one up, giving a bit of a stern tone as he does, "You should take one at a time, careful not to discharge--" any. The one Lieutenant picks up goes off suddenly, blasting wildly. First at Starstruck, then at the weapons on the shelf. The avian lets it go with a startled yelp, as it bounces on the floor aiming at Maximus, himself, and more weapons.

<FS3> Fortress_Maximus rolls Stress: Good Success. (2 7 6 1 7 5 1 6)

"Those are Brainstorm's?!" Bad enough Max already feels like a clumsy oaf for knocking over potentially dangerous weaponry. At least a gun will just shoot you. He shouts when Starstruck goes to pick them up easily. "Hold on, what are you DOING--"

There's an odd flash of light and a strange sensation, and when it clears, Max is not dead. Or wounded, for that matter; he quickly looks over his chassis to find not a single blast hole, no pain, no anything. Was it just a stun ray? He looks around to make sure no one else is hurt, which seems to be the case. He's also laying against something pretty big and cylindrical, which...was that on the floor before?

Then he actually takes a long look around and notices how odd and disproportionate everything is, holding his helm and trying to withhold an outburst of a very ridiculous question. He looks between Lieutenant and Starstruck with wide red optics. "...Why is everything so big?!"

"Hey, I've handled volatile experimental weapons before, relax!" Starstruck says, with a laugh, even if he's not mentioning that he'd done so after stealing them to sell on the black market - piracy at its finest. He wouldn't have gotten a chance, anyway, as mid-laugh the weapon Lieutenant is picking up goes off, shooting him first.

Starstruck is big, and while he is surprisingly flexible, he is not very lithe or quick when it comes to dodging. Which means he's hit squarely on, experiencing the same flash of light and sensations as Max will just after him, and when it's over he's resetting his optics a few times as his processor tries to catch up with what the hell just happened. He, too, surveys his surroundings, and it doesn't take Fortress Maximus' exclaimed question for him to realize the answer.

"It's not that everything's big..." Starstruck says slowly, antennae shifting back and forth in a sort of confused excitement, the hoops in the right one swaying violently. "We're small!" His voice, though not particularly deep even when he'd been a Large, sounds strange coming from such a tiny frame. "Man, and we don't even have Rick Moranis to blame for it, how lame is that?" Because everyone here has totally seen Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Star.


Lieutenant knew this feeling, he's been in this position too many times not to know what happened. You know what one does in this situation, lie face down on the floor, grab their head, and internally scream. He can't go through this again. The near death, being forced into the medibay, a place he's sworn off since regaining his head and hands. He couldn't go through that all again. If it meant being small forever again! So be it! Fear trumps insecurities. He's just a tiny, fretting green ball on the floor now, don't mind him.

"We're small," Fortress Maximus echeos Starstruck. He climbs to his feet and realizes that yes, he is absolutely puny. Minibot-sized. And the walls are looming over him, towering, and this time he can't go 'well at least I know I'm big and strong, at least I have that...'

He actually manages to styme his panic when he realizes Lieutenant is actually coping worse than he is. He considers reaching out a hand to pat Lieutenant on the back, but he's a stranger, so Max pulls it back. "Um," he says, managing to lower a voice that does sound way too deep and resonant for his size, "it's okay. We're not dead or hurt. I'm sure the effect can be reversed." Having to calm someone else down is a good way to force Max to calm himself. Deep vents, just like he learned. "It's just that Brainstorm apparently has a shrink ray WAIT WHY DOES BRAINSTORM HAVE A SHRINK RAY? WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE THAT GUN!?"

Pant. "And who's Rick Moranis?!" He never saw that movie.

Starstruck goes to say something else when his optics return to Lieutenant, who has curled on the floor.

Oh. Oh, no.

"Lieu." Starstruck is instantly at Lieutenant's side, kneeling beside him, carefully pulling him into his lap the way he had when those personality ticks caused Lieutenant to let Vortex remove his wings. "Hey, hey, you're okay. Fort Max is right, we're not dead or hurt. This won't be like the last time." And now he's referring to when Lieutenant was shrunk once before, the results of which he learned, as usual, through the gossip mill. "You're gonna be fine, okay? You're gonna be fine." He glances over at Fortress Maximus who, if not for the conclusion Max had come to himself if not for them being strangers, would be pulled into the cuddling. "Brainstorm has a lot of different stuff. The scientists around here are pretty inventive." Carefully holding Lieutenant, if the avian hasn't squirmed away by now, he continues, almost distantly as he looks back to Lieu, "Earth actor. From a movie...Okay, can you do me a favor? Can you check the one that went off and shrunk us like this? Maybe there's a reverse switch or something that'll change us back." He doesn't mind being small, but it's pretty obvious that these two do.

He doesn't want to be pulled into Starstruck's lap while there is someone around. It's embarrassing! Why didn't that gun just kill him instead? Oh but he really doesn't want to hurt Starstruck's feelings, because he low-key cares about them. So Lieutenant slowly wiggles out of his lap, while he talks, giving the party bus a rather sheepish look from his optics. As if his pink cheeks and nose don't give away his flustered feelings enough. He is simply going to sit on the floor and look at the giant mess they've created. "It was that one." he says quietly, points at a rather dented weapon. There, he's contributed.

'The last time?' Max has to admit, watching Lieutenant fall apart over something that apparently happened before, watching someone else not be over it...well, he's not sure if it's a little validating, upsetting or both. But Max never, ever wants to talk about the Thing that Happened when he can avoid it, so he assumes Lieutenant is the same. And the Decepticon is comforting him...?

Starstruck really doesn't act like the image of a 'Con Fortress Maximus still has in his mind.

The displayed intimacy leaves him naturally feeling a little awkward, so he turns away to give them a moment and look at the gun. Fine. He can do this. He's still Fortress Maximus, Point One Percenter, War Hero of Simanzi, just a bit smaller right now. And still quite strong, easily able to lift up the gun in question even though it's a lot bigger now, having been built for a standard-size mech. "Okay, I've got it. I'm sure Brainstorm built it with a reverse mechanism in place. If we..."

He looks it over, frown deepening, which given the default is impressive. "We...might want to talk to someone. This thing's dented, and if this is what a functional Brainstorm weapon does, I don't want to know what happens if it's broken."

Starstruck can feel Lieutenant wiggling away, and he lets it happen, wincing a little at the look on Lieutenant's face. Okay so maybe he should have shown some restraint there, but...Lieu had looked so upset...he mouths a 'Sorry' at the avian before returning his attention to Fortress Maximus, who is looking at the weapon responsible for all of this. If he wasn't so worried about Lieutenant and Max both, he'd maybe give a wolf whistle at how easily Fortress Maximus lifts it even at this size. Good thing he's preoccupied, isn't it.

"It's broken?" Standing, Starstruck gives one last look at Lieu, though leaves him alone for the moment as he walks over to Fortress Maximus. "Fuck me, of course it is." Giving an extremely rare grunt of frustration, Starstruck crosses his arms. "But we need to get you two back to normal...Well, we're small, but not immobile. We can probably make it up to Brainstorm's lab pretty quick and get this all fixed up." Probably not something else you'd expect from a 'Con, Max: him putting your well-being over his own.

Broken. Because of course it is. Lieutenant would continue to sulk if he wasn't quite enamored by Maximus' strength. Even shrunken to be so small, he's still so strong. There is a bit of a sigh as his helm tilts off to the side, keeping an optic on Fortress Minimus. He is kind of-- No. No, not happening.

The librarian shakes his head and stands up. Just gather up those feelings of fear and insecurity, get them all together, put them in a backpack and get it together. "Listen, we will just comm Brainstorm, inform him of the situation and have him handle it." He puts his hands on his hips, "Not only is he the creator, but he is also larger than us in our current state. He can come here at a faster rate, pick it up, repair it, and you will be back to normal." There is a long pause of silence as the avian's hands fold in front of him. He looks down at them a bit embarrassed and in a far less commanding tone he adds, "But do not inform him about me being in this situation. I am not ready to go through the consequences again." There are only so many spark attacks one can have before they are gone after all.

Fortress Maximus, focused on the problem at hand, is entirely unaware of the fact that he's being ogled.

He sets the gun down like it was made of explosives (which for all he knows it might be) and dusts himself off before looking at the other two now-minibots. "You're right. Brainstorm ought to be able to take care of this. For all we know he has a backup ray. Though I'm not looking forward to explaining it...wait." He stares at Lieutenant. "Are you absolutely sure? You don't want us to have him fix you...?"

Calling Brainstorm, that's a good idea, and Starstruck is halfway through opening the comm line and doing just that when... "Lieu..." He comes back to his friend, faceplates creased in concern. "You won't have to, I know it. Brainstorm's the ship's genius, remember? He'll know how to do this right." Yeah Star clearly puts his blind faith in the right people, certainly. "Last time Wheeljack was small too, he couldn't really do much, but Brainstorm isn't, like you said. You'll be fine. Promise." He's back to finishing that comm as he finishes speaking aloud, contacting Brainstorm to come down and help them out, as Lieutenant suggested. " me, please? I know you don't want to stay like this." His voice has gotten quieter, so Max won't hear. "Trust me. Brainstorm will help, when he gets here."

Lieutenant's fins lower as he takes a step back. He doesn't want to stay like this, but he can't go through the process again. "I am absolutely sure." he answers firmly, "I will not stay in this position, but I need time. If either of you two go ahead with it and return to normal, inform me and I will consider it. I cannot put my trust in him, even if no one was responsible for the consequences that occurred last time." He's not going to the medibay. When he comes around he might start drilling Brainstorm about it but for now, "Please, keep this amoung the three of us for now."

Max gives a long, slightly confused look at Lieutenant, before he remembers the way the seemingly-stoic mech had curled up and drawn within himself, and how familiar that was.

"Of course. I won't say a word." For a moment, there's a look of understanding in Maximus's gaze. Empathy, maybe? But he seems to withdraw back into his focused, distant mode, turning away. "We'll keep you updated on the situation. I apologize for all this."

"Thank you." For someone rather monotone, the appreciation was genuinely thankful. Lieutenant bows to the pair and makes his way out of the armory to go... somewhere. Right now, wherever was closest to hide in.

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