2017-02-16 Desperate

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-02-16 Desperate
Date 2017/02/16
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Science Labs
Participants Brainstorm, Perceptor, Vortex
Plot A Midventure Night Dream
Summary Brainstorm offers Perceptor some help with his... problem.

Perceptor has a problem. A big, grey, frustratingly clingy problem. And as nice as being tactile is, this is not how he would have chosen to go about filling that particular need. Ever. At any point in his life past or present.

The scientist has set up out in the communal labspace, at a table with the stools pushed and moved away, with his work spread out on the surface in an orderly manner. This both keeps Vortex out of his lab and away from any unprotected volatile materials.

Its a shame that Vortex himself is volatile material. And he has unlimited access to that. Vortex is sitting at Perceptor's feet, tracing their shape with his claw while whispering, "Peets, peets, peets," to himself. He's kept himself occupied just studying the mech's legs, complimenting every newfound angle and occassionally taking out a cloth to polish.

And sometimes, he'll reach up and try tweaking on of the wires at Percy's knees. Like a child pulling on another's pigtails to get noticed. Vortex's rotors flutter happily as he goes to tweak a wire again.

Brainstorm doesn't usually hang around the common labs. He has his own nice, secure workshop where he can be sure no one will bother him, or get in the way if he doesn't want it, and there's less of a chance of anyone touching anything they're not supposed to. But sometimes, things happen, supplies run out, and it's too much of a hassle to trudge down to the storage bay to see if there's any there. It's so much easier to just raid the communal stores. After all, he's the Ship's Genius! His time is valuable!

He wasn't expecting to find Perceptor here either, but that doesn't stop him from giving the other scientist a friendly wave when he does "Hey Percy! What are-woah? Vortex? Didn't know you two were so close." Vortex should have told him!

Perceptor, valiantly, refrains from kicking at Vortex again when he feels a tweak inside his knee. He perks up to look toward Brainstorm, though, when the engineer graces them with his presence. "Brainstorm!" That's not excitement, he is exactly this desperate. "That would be because we aren't close." Despite current proximity. The microscope's tone stays just upbeat of neutral, but his expression is a plea for help. Given Vortex's current position, the other mech shouldn't be able to see.

Vortex giggles a little and then returns to tracing every seam and crease along Perceptor's legs. Eventually, he ends up with stroking those treads. He loves treads and these look- oh Primus they look so good on Perceptor. He looks so good. Beyond good! Better than anything he's ever seen. His helm tips up as he looks to Brainstorm... And then back to Perceptor.

Vortex's optics narrow into slits, engine rumbling from within as he scoots forward to hug one of Percy's legs. He holds on tightly. This is his. Brainstorm is competition and he won't stand- or sit- for it. "Brainstorm," he says coolly, the name spat up like spoiled energon.

Brainstorm looks from Perceptor, to Vortex, and then back again, noting the unusual desperation in one's expression, and the surprising coldness in the others "Well he seems to think so." he finally nods at the copter "So what happened here?" there is a small tinge of concern in his voice, mostly because Vortex clinging to anything is probably never good news.

Perceptor sighs, straightening and crossing his arms. "I don't know. He barged into my lab to hide from Grimlock, nearly purged on my floor, and has refused to leave since." He doesn't move to aknowledge Vortex, having taken on the mantra that if he doesn't give the mech attention, he'll leave of his own volition. "He has also taken to complimenting my.... Assets." His nose scrunches slightly at the term.

Vortex is hardly through examining your legs thoroughly, Perceptor. He hasn't even gotten to the rest of you. He's not leaving on his own anytime soon. He leans his helm against Perceptor's knee, nuzzling it. "That's because your assets are amazing. And you're so striking and brilliant and the best thing to ever happen to me," he purrs happily, rotors giving a whirr as they spin. His optics slide over to give Brainstorm a look. Yeah, get a good look, Brainstorm. You can't have none of it. All these assets are his.

Brainstorm returns Vortex's look with one of his own, his optics narrowing slightly, both in perplexion, and a bit of annoyance. Well, he won't argue there, but don't worry, Tex, he's not looking to compete here. His spark belongs elsewhen, to another microscope "I'm kind of surprised he's not declaring his desire to vivsect you. That's what happened the last time he liked something." Brainstorm glances up at Perceptor before turning back to Vortex, arms folding over his chest "When did you get a thing for microscopes anyways?

The rushed breath of "Thank primus not." Shouldn't carry far, but wow, is that a bit of extra perspective on this situation. Perceptor knows he has a volatile torture expert attached to his leg, but it's nice to know he's so far escaped the requests for vivisection. Not... that the desire to crack someone interesting open to see how they work is wrong, but he's only recently had all his parts put back where they're meant to go.

Vortex snrks and looks up at Perceptor, visor pale with awe and affection. "Only if he wants me to- or after he vivisects me. Oh- that'd be fun, Percy! We should do that." Thank you, Brainstorm! He holds onto his leg tighter, facemask pulling back to show a big, goofy grin filled with fangs. Someone get this boy some braces.

"I've always loved microscopes. And Perceptor is the best," Vortex assures Brainstorm as if he's always had liked microscopes. He presses his lips to Percy's knee, humming happily. He gives a little tug on the tread of the foot he's holding onto. Look at him, Perceptor! He's being a good copter. So nice and gentle...

"Riight" Brainstorm nods, but his expression remains doubtful "And yet it's my door you keep threatening to get past. And last I checked, it was Air Raid you were going after. How long did you say he's been like this?" unfolding one arm, the jet points a finger down at the rotary "I'm by no means an expert in Combaticon behavior, but this is kinda strange for him. Not the vivisection part. That's normal." there's a pause, and then he tips his head thoughtfully "You could take him up on his offer, but that might result in the rest of the team coming after you. Or...hmm" his optics twinkle with that telltale light of an idea.

"Roughly fifty hours." Perceptor perks up at the assessment, because he's been drawing a blank. There was that solicit that went around for a paid vaccine test but he's never seen a medical test produce results like this. "By your assessment, what is the optimal course of action with the least chance of involving more Combaticons?" Although, vivisecting the mech would mean he could get rid of him until whatever is causing this has passed. It's tempting, but ultimately unethical.

Vortex is not getting what he wants right now. And, yes, on that list is 'get vivisected' but apparently these Autobots have trouble with that. But most importantly he's not getting Perceptor's attention. Brainstorm is. "If anyone touches Perceptor except me, I will eviserate them," he growls. Team or not! He looks up at Percy. "Unless you want them to touch you. Then its okay!"

Vortex smiles... And then bites Perceptor's knee. Look at him! Attention, attention, attention!

The also probably normal. Even so, Brainstorm is quite glad that he's not in Perceptor's place right now, with those teeth. He offers the other scientist a sympathetic wince "You see, I've been working on this project with suggestive weapons, the Emotion Bomb, and recently got some results, but I've yet to properly test it. I'm sure you'd definitely agree that scientific progress is a worthy cause, and would have nothing but love and respect for anyone who might volunteer themselves for its sake." Perceptor gets a very direct look. Hint hint wink wink.

Perceptor jerks his leg up, giving an abrupt shove to the Combaticon. He can ignore a lot but that hurt! "Vortex, behave." While he's tentative to volunteer anyone for something Brainstorm's keen to test, this... works. "That does sound fascinating, it's unfortunate you haven't found a willing subject to test on." And, with a glance down to Vortex and a small pat to the mech's head. "I'd love to see whatever result the weapon has, when you get a volunteer."

Vortex releases Perceptor's leg to scootch back from the shove, rotors waggling. He is behaving! But Perceptor never notices that! What's he got to do to get noticed?! ... Oh, that might work. He leans up and into the pat on his helm, systems humming loudly in satisfaction. Sure, he knows what they're doing. He knows a classic manipulation strategy when he sees one. But he can't risk Perceptors dissatisfaction. Damn.

The rotary pops up to his feet, thrusting his servo into the air. "I volunteer! I love volunteering!" He looks back at Perceptor. "If you'll be happy if you get results, I'll get results. What do I need to do?"

Brainstorm gives his best, disappointed nod. Indeed, how unfortunate that there's no one volunteering to be a guineapig! (That's a lie. He's got a small list of potential volunteers). The excitement when Vortex takes the bait is not entierly ungenuine, however. Two birds with one stone, yes? Or more. He's no Chromedome, but he wouldn't mind poking around a bit to see what caused this sudden devotion, and if something in there could be weaponized "Great! We'll get right to it then! Meet me in my workshop in about 15 minutes!" he nods to Vortex, and then to Perceptor "I guarantee you will love this!" he jabs a finger at the CSO before stepping back towards the door. Preperations to make, precautions to take! Just in case there are some unexpected results.

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