2017-02-15 Painting Lesson

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Painting Lesson
Date 2017/02/15
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Rung's Office
Participants Tailgate, Rung
Summary Tailgate brings Rung a present.

Tailgate and Rung are both busy fellows, but Tailgate seems to try and make time to drop by with a valiant effort. Even after what happened at the last colony, it was hard to stay away too long-- he made sure Rung had time to recover, at least. And catch up to his beloved work. He's even picked up some interests from looking at Rung's ship collection all the time, and when he arrives today with a buzz at the door, Tailgate has a plain package stored under his arm and a bounce in his heels. "Ruuung? You in?"

Rung is in, and is currently looking over some reports. There is a momentary second of confusion over who could possibly be visiting him until Rung hears the voice, then an amused smile breaks across his face. Carefully he sets down his datapad and goes to open the door, greeting Tailgate, "Yes I am. Though with my track record would you expect me to be anywhere else?" A small step back makes way for the security chief to enter, "I apologize for not coming to see you lately. I have been rather busy. How are you?" 'since the incident' is not said but heavily implied.

Tailgate seems to open his vocalizer, only to close it again with a 'zt' of static instead. "No, I wouldn't, actually." Despite this, Tailgate offers the other mech a small laugh and toes his way in, posture comfortable and manner happy now that he gets to see Rung after all. "It's okay, you've had a lot going on... no pressure! I'm doing... better. You?" His question is earnest, even if turned around like it is. He wants to know, really.

Rung answers simply with, "I am doing better as well." Closing the door, Rung moves to his desk and makes himself busy searching through drawers, "Would you like some energon or perhaps a snack? I am sure I have some energon or rust sticks around here somewhere..."

"That's good to hear." Tailgate answers firmly, but softly. He's glad for it. Rung is-- well, Rung! "If you find something squirrled away, sure. Hey, I brought something, too! It's not candy this time, sorry!" Still, Tailgate marches his way to Rung's workstation and puts his box down. "Some of the guys in security were talking about these, and when they showed me some, I thought of you!"

Tailgate pops the lid for Rung to look. "I guess some of them are for games in some places-- the Earth Clubbers were on about one-- but I thought they might be cool anyway." Inside the plain box are miniatures of mechs and aliens and such, unpainted. 3D printing is a snap around here.

Rung makes a small noise of victory and pops back up from behind his desk, a box of rust sticks clutched in his hand. He found them! Just as Rung is offering them to Tailgate that box is place on his desk. Pausing to look down into it, Rung gently picks up one of the miniatures, "Tailgate... these are lovely. Wherever did you get them?"

"I recycled some things from the garbage hold before logistics slagged it all. Put into a composite printer, but I downloaded the blueprints for them..." Tailgate picks up a miniature of a round-backed mech with spherical fist-arms. It looks more jovial than angry. "I printed them out when I had some time here and there."

Suddenly squinting a little at them, Rung puts on a false air of scrutiny, "They are lovely Tailgate thank you but I feel they are missing something." The scrutiny quickly fades back into a thankful and amused smile, showing his prior expression wasn't serious, "I believe a painting session may be in order. With your assistance of course."

Tailgate reaches out to sneak one of the snacks Rung is still holding, setting the bobbly-looking mech back into the box. The scrutiny gets a bit of bated breath, so to speak. He laughs back when Rung clarifies. "Really?" He had just wanted to make something cool for Rung, but that's even better of an idea! "I'd love to see how you do it. I've always loved your models."

Rung steps out from behind his desk and roots around in a cabinet drawer, "Of course." Coming back, he has a toolbox that- upon being opened- reveals many small model building tools along with an entire set of paints. Rung is very well stocked for this. "You will most definitely have to assist me. I can paint ship models well but I fear my sense of color may be off regarding these."

Tailgate isn't shy about leaning in to get a looksee. "Aw, such tiny brushes!" They're adorable, Rung. "We can make up colors, that's the best part! I'm no interior decorator, but I know what looks nice, don't you? Your armor matches and everything." The minibot looks from the paints up to Rung again.

Rung gives a small chuckle at Tailgate's exuberance, "Well yes. But this is also the paintjob I was brought online with." Meaning he didn't necessarily come up with the color scheme, "I would be very interested in hearing your suggestions." Picking up the the little figure Tailgate had set down, Rung asks, "What sort of color scheme do you believe we should give this fellow?"

Tailgate shows his mental age a little when it comes to things he gets excited for, and this is no different. He might have a rank now, but he's still Tailgate. "Hm." There's a note of consideration, and a glance over Rung's paints. "How about this dark blue? Maybe with pink or yellow?"

Rung gives an equal amount of, granted calmer, consideration before he gently plucks up a paintbrush and offers it to the mini, "Dark blue and pink sounds like a wonderful color combination. Which parts of the figure should be what color?"

"His armor can be the blue?" Tailgate taps the hard end of the brush gently onto where he intends to color. "You pick one out too, we can pull up some seats!" True to form, the minibot goes ahead and tugs over a seat for Rung first. Here you go!

Rung gives a chuckle and sits in the chair dragged over for him. Watching in amusement, Rung picks up another figure from the box. Examining the gangly little thing Rung decides to carefully take some silver and red from his paints box. "Do you think these colors would would for this little guy?"

Tailgate pulls over a seat for himself, leaving the workstation angled between them. "I like it, sure... but you should like it too!" Tailgate wants to watch Rung start before he does, but he does set up the small paints he was looking at first. "Does he seem like a silver and red guy to you?"

<FS3> Rung rolls Model Ships: Good Success. (5 8 7 5 5 5 2 4)

Rung thinks for a moment, twisting the little thing this way and that...before switching out the silver for gold, "I believe, he seems like he would look better in warm tones." Taking note of Tailgate waiting for him to start, Rung sets to work. Using his millennia of ship building expertise, Rung begins to paint long even red lines down the figure's plated forearm.

As the work begins, Tailgate is watchful. What nice lines! Rung has such steady hands. After a little while of watching and considering his own little miniature, Tailgate begins with a very careful application of blue over most of the bot's armoring to start. "I'm glad you liked it. Them." He chimes in, more calm after he's worked a bit.

Rung gives Tailgate a beaming smile over top of his figure, which is quickly being covered in complex streaks of gold to help compliment the red, "Yes, they are wonderful! It was very thoughtful of you, Tailgate. Thank you." He sincerely means it, this was an incredibly sweet gift from the security chief... and means he will have to figure out what to get his friend to return the sentiment.

That's good, because Tailgate is sure he can find more designs for the printer. He beams back at the smile from Rung, visor sparkling happily. "You're welcome, Rung." He sounds quite contented with knowing. "Say, want to show me how to do the little lines better?" This kind of thing is sure to keep them busy whenever Tailgate stops by, right? Bonding!

Rung gives one last smile before leaning closer and taking Tailgate's hand, demonstrating the best way to do broad straight strokes. It's a good thing his work day is done, because it will be awhile before his attention is diverted back to the world outside his office. There are tiny models to be painted!

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