2017-02-15 Love Jabbing: The Prequel

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Love Jabbing: The Prequel
Date 2017/02/15
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Madrigal, Gyro
NPCs Lackluster
Plot A Midventure Night Dream
Summary A look back at the first subjects of the vaccine.

Lackluster is excited... not that anyone else would be able to tell. He has finally gotten through all the trials with his experimental vaccine and just needs to test it on those who show up. With any luck he will get plenty of volunteers and can get his findings done in a short time span... as much as he wants this to work out he doesn't want to be slaving over it when he's got better things to do, like help people.

Little does the medic know his dull but good mood will be spoiled within hours of beginning the trials. The fraggers on this ship, man. For now, however, he remains in good if ever apathetic spirits, "Congratulations. You two are the first to be signed up for the trial of this vaccine." It is clear he is trying to attempt something close to excitement but not quite making it there, "Gyro already knows me- frankly I'm shocked he's come out of his hole for this- but you don't. I'm Lackluster of Harmonex."

Gyro rests a hand on his hip, undeterred by the sassy remark aimed in his direction. With one hand he spells out, 'I'm only here because they're letting me out of a couple of medibay shifts while you await the results.' In other words, he's getting paid to be a hermit. He is not going to complain. Besides, he's done a few studies of the vaccine's compounds himself and sees little cause for concern.

Gyro ignores the mecha standing next to him, the one he once argued with about floor tiles and makes an impatient gesture towards Lackluster. He is ready to get going. Why the speech? The mortician mimes a jabbing motion.

Madrigal is already having second thoughts, but he's volunteered for this, and he's shown up. It would be bad form to back out now. The little bird sketches a wave, quickly returning to his prim and proper stance once that's done. "A pleasure to meet you, Lackluster. I'm glad to be helping." Only partially a lie!

A quick glance to the side at Gyro's miming and Madrigal nods along. "Yes. You've several more rounds of patients after us, no sense in drawing this out?"

Lackluster eyes Madrigal a little, he feels like somehow he should know that guy... but gives a small huff at the pointing out of his little speech just as he opens his mouth to continue, "I'm required to say it. So everyone who isn't listening can't complain if they say something went wrong." At least he is aware of how this is likely going to go. He does give them a slightly clipped version of said speech, however. Since one is already medically trained and it's probably ok to guess that Madrigal might actually pay attention. "With this vaccine you are likely to feel typical symptoms such as fever, dizziness, and nausea. Such effects are normal and will wear off after a short period of time. Any questions or can we begin?" The medic indifferently holds up a rather large needle in display.

Gyro raises his hand soon after the end of Lackluster's speech. With his other hand, he keys his comm line into the medibay's terminals. A monotone voice drifts from a nearby machine. 'Question,' it remarks. 'Why are you still talking?' The mortician gestures towards one of the berths and then to himself. He'll go first. Then he can talk at Madrigal all he likes! But he already read the paperwork and knows all this. Words are wasted.

Well that's one decision made for him. Madrigal shrugs, smiles toward Lackluster, and lightly steps out of the way. He has no problems waiting, and it will be good to review all the details just... one more time. Not like he's read it more than once or anything. Maybe he should comm Whetstone, too. Dizziness means immobility or a LOT of floor time on his way to his habsuite. Fun.

Lackluster gives Gyro a passive stare before moving to the berth. Always a joy to be around the mortician. "Fine, sit there. I'll inject it in a moment." Pausing to make sure the syringe is working in proper capacity, he send only a glance Madrigals way before he swipes a sterilizing pad across Gyro's arm in preparation for the needle once he's sat down.

Gyro is quick to obey. He just wants this to be over with so he can go back to his room with an excuse to be alone for a few days. Consider it a vacation. Well, Gyro's definition of a vacation. As Lackluster preps the vaccine, the mecha taps his digits against the edge of the berth and fidgets with impatience. He shoves his arm into Lackluster's grip and waits.

It is pretty much without warning that the needle is plunged into Gyro's arm, moving shockingly quick for the slowness witnessed of the medic before. Within seconds the shot is over with and Lackluster is moving back to his tray of fresh needles. Silently he crooks a finger at Madrigal for the bird to come over and sit to get this over with... the longer he's away from Gyro's company the better. Lackluster is good at dealing with people more excitable than himself ... not abrasive. He used to try not to associate with them. "you're done Gyro, you can run back to wherever now."

Gyro tilts his helm at Lackluster in a way that implies a 'Was that so hard?' The mortician lets that sink in before he slides from the berth to make room for the next patient. He's ready to be on his way! But being ready and should are two different things. He is a medic, after all, and a part of his brain module notes he should stay back for a short time in case any serious complications occur.

That does not mean he has to stay in other mecha's company while doing so. The mortician gestures to one of the more private terminals in the medibay and moves to settle there. He can at least work on some of his reports while he waits to see if anything develops. He's falling behind on them in the morgue.

Madrigal blinks, twitching out of his thoughts to take his place on the medical berth. If it's just an injection, there doesn't seem much reason to lay down or anything. Unless there is. "Do you need me prone or- Can I stay upright?" He holds out an arm regardless, impatient but with an edge of nerves. Ah yes, needles. Why did he think this was a good idea?

Lackluster gives a simple shrug as he approaches madrigal, "Probably not. Some are just squeamish." As the crane seems to be. Luckily Lackluster isn't one to dilly dally in a situation such as this and just as quick as with Gyro, practically an instant later the medic has swiped and injected the vaccine into Madrigal's arm. Just as quick as it started its over, "... You can relax. It's over." Now get out so he can prepare for the next round of volunteers.

Madrigal tips his chin up, barely indignant. He wasn't tensed. Not at all. No nerves here. "Alright." A bit stiff he slips off the berth and makes a face. Well, if he's sick, he'd rather deal with it in his quarters on a comfy berth than here, despite the benefits of staying. "That's it? I can go?"

Lackluster is already moving onto more pressing matters and only looks back at Madrigal long enough to confirm he hasn't dropped dead or his legs have disintegrated, "Yes, you are free to go."

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