2017-02-14 Valentine's Day

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-02-14 Valentine's Day
Date 2017/02/16
Location Botany Lab - Science & Medical
Participants Blast Off, Whirl
Summary What starts as a silly foray into Earth culture turns into something much more serious.

While most occupied labs on the science deck are filled with technology and science projects of amazing engineering, the lab at the end of the hall holds something else entirely.

With one large window along the wall, any natural light that filters in is caught by the vast array of colorful plant life. A great deal of flowering color is provided by the subtle glow of energon blooms. Shelves, tables, cabinets and other containment units are brimming with organic, hybrid, and technological species that fill the jungle-like laboratory. To one wall is the majority of equipment used in active experiments, tests, and manipulations.

The smell is almost intoxicating, heady with the perfumes of flowers, soil, bark and leaves; a richness in the humidity clings to the air, safely measured to not affect the functioning systems of Cybertronians.

Blast Off has spent much more time that he'd care to admit reading about romance. The shuttleformer harbors a secret love of cheesy sci-fi romance novels and voraciously consumes every one he can find in the library or while out exploring the great wide galaxy. One thing he's learned from all that reading and popular culture consuming is that anniversaries are important- and so are romantic dates, or days. Like Valentine's Day. This was one of those strange Earth customs Blast Off encountered in books and movies while stuck on that mudball, and according to his calculations that day is today. He thinks. Give or take a few weeks.

It's time to do something romantic for Whirl. Especially after how Onslaught tore into the Autobot, and that *look* Whirl gave him, Blast Off wants to make up for it all somehow, really show Whirl he cares. Even if they did have that talk. And so the shuttleformer has sent a message to have Whirl meet him here- in the Botany Lab, which he just saw for the first time recently. There are *flowers* here, and flowers are romantic! So he waits, standing at a table's edge where he has gathered a whole bunch of those potted flowers and flowering plants behind him, creating a riotous rainbow of color to contrast with his purple and brown.

The first thing Whirl assumed when Blast Off called him to the botany lab was that Skystalker was involved somehow, maybe Quicksight too since they tend to flock together. Why else would Blast Off call him there? As soon as he steps in, he scans the room but finds only the Combaticon present.

"Hey shuttlemuffin," he greets when he approaches Blast Off and the colourful flower display. "What's up? Is everything alright?"

Blast Off brightens as soon as Whirl appears. The Combaticon whips around to grab something off the table, then approach the Autobot, a spring in his step. "It is! Everything is as it should be, now that you're here!" There's a warmth to his cultured voice that is rare but has become natural when he's alone with the cyclops. "Whirl, I... I know things have been rather... difficult sometimes lately, but did you know what day today is?" He clutches the object, some sort of card, to his chest and waits.

Whirl's optic flickers slightly when Blast Off springs over to him. Holy shit, that's pretty cute. "Uhh..." He tries to remember if there is anything special about this day. Didn't they already have their anniversary? Is it their anniversary again already!? Did he forget again?? "Uhhhhhhhhhh." He stares at the card clutched in Blast Off's hands and tenses. Shit, he even wrote him a card! "N-no?"

Blast Off takes note of Whirl's increasing tension and can already tell that no, he doesn't. The Combaticon finds himself smirking a little under his faceplate but can't resist playing with him just a little bit. He straightens himself, placing hands balled up (one still holding the card) on hips, and tilts his head. He tries to sound cross. "Yes, I can SEE that, Whirl. Tsk." He shakes his head sternly, tsking all the while. "'Tis a shame, you know. Really. An Autobot who doesn't even know Valentine's Day. I thought all you Autobots spent time on Earth just inhaling all that Earth culture, if you could call it such!" He attempts to remain looking vaguely stern but there's a chance he's looking more sassy than stern right now. "Tsk." Shake shake goes his head.

Uh oh, Blast Off doesn't seem happy. As soon as he starts though, Whirl catches on pretty quickly that the Combaticon is having some fun at his expense. "Some of us were actually working, you know," he teases, moving in closer to snake an arm around Blast Off's waist. "So, since you seem to be all-knowing when it comes to inhaling Earth culture, why don't you enlighten me to this so-called 'Valentine's Day'."

Blast Off slips easily into Whirl's grasp, not putting up any kind of fight but simply gazing up at the cyclops through heavily lidded optics. "I /was/ working! I just... so often got stuck orbiting the planet for *months on end*, Primus it was tedious, I had nothing else to do sometimes but watch Earth movies..." He shudders a little, making a *blech* noise as he waves his spare hand, bringing the one with the card closer to his face. "But- FINE." He taps the card on Whirl's chest. "I'll do that, for I so often am the one who has to *enlighten* people on matters related to culture, after all." *siiiigh* "Just one of my many burdens, I suppose..." Ok, now he's just being melodramatic. At least the warmth has returned to his tone.

He grins under his faceplate, tapping the card on Whirl's chest once again. "Alright. So. Valentine's Day all started with some fleshl- human saint who wrote a letter and then got executed... or something.... but then somehow this day is considered...well, romantic. And humans continue the tradition to this day, writing letters or sending cards to those they... well those they care about." His hand pauses, still holding the card, then shoves forward, gesturing for Whirl to take it. His voice becomes a little less self-assured as he continues, "I.. I wrote you one."

"You poor thing, how do you go on with such a life of burden?" Whirl laughs and gives Blast Off's backside a quick pinch before listening to this bizarre holiday's even more bizarre origin story. "Woah, woah, woah, hold up. You're telling me this entire holiday is about a guy getting killed, and then making it into some romantic thing? Are you sure this is an Earth thing, because it sounds kind of..." 'Decepticon-y', he doesn't say.

He takes the card when it's shoved at him, giving Blast Off what might be considered a shy look. "You didn't have to do that.." Still, he opens it and begins reading.

Blast Off doesn't mind that pinch at ALL, arcing into the touch. Then he's grinning under his faceplate again. "...Kind of what?" He teases, then leans in a little closer. "Randomly violent and inappropriate at times? Well no, I have no idea who that might remind you of~..." Of course, in his mind, it just reminds him of THEM.

His grins broadens as Whirl gives him the shy look (how does a cyclops manage to look that adorable?) and takes the card to read. It's... well, the card is a bit of a mishmash. It's handmade and features a blue spiral with a heart and what appears to be rotors and a wine glass superimposed inside. The images are copied from references and look rather stiff, but the care and elegance with which they've been placed on the paper is definitely apparent. And the colors are actually quite nice, with a brown and purple color scheme that meets a gray-blue and yellow one, then blends in for a harmonious whole. The letters are elegantly written, glimmering with a gold patina: "You make my spark whirl <3". It's cheesy as heck. Elegant, earnest, but cheesy as heck.

Whirl has never received anything quite like this. The message in gold is cheesy as all hell, but it's also endearing, especially when paired with the fact this card was entirely handmade. He imagines Blast Off sitting at his desk with an assortment of coloured paper, scrutinizing them with a stern look as he experiments with composition.

"Blast Off..." Whirl lowers the card and stares at the Combaticon for a long time. "This is..." He envelops Blast Off with both arms, squeezing him tight. "Thank you."

That mental image is about right on target, too. Blast off put a lot of work into this card! He watches hopefully, then looks up into that one yellow orb of light as the cyclops gazes at him. And continues gazing, causing Blast Off to finally ask, "Yes?" He's swept into a hug, sending a wave of relief through the shuttleformer, his own arms wrapping around Whirl's waist to return the gesture. "You're welcome! Happy Valentine's Day, Whirlybird."

"Thanks, shuttlemuffin," Whirl says, bonking what passes as his forehead against Blast Off's helm. He pulls away just enough to pop his canopy ajar, reaching inside to tuck the card safely away. While he's poking around in there, his claws bump against something he's been hanging onto for quite some time now. There's a fluctuation in his EMField, one that should be easily felt by the Combaticon.

Suddenly his cooling fans kick on with a whirr, giving away his nervousness. "Uhm.." He glances around the lab at the wide assortment of flowers, something he remembers finding comfort and calmness in when it seemed like his world was falling apart. "B-Blast Off? I uh.. well.. I sort of.. got you something too. But.. uhm.."

Blast Off holds close to Whirl as they headbonk, enjoying the warmth. He pulls back as the Autobot does, looking up but keeping his arms wrapped around the other's waist. He has to keep a little to the side, of course, Whirl has a huge chest, but he's used to that by now. He keeps smiling gently under his faceplate, glancing back to the flowers he'd gathered behind him, then back to Whirl when he feels that sudden flair from the rotary's EMField. The shuttleformer blinks and tilts his head slightly, curious. "Yes?" What on Earth has Whirl so nervous? "What is it?"

Whirl's claws twitch against the gift tucked away in his canopy, debating whether or not it's too late to bail on this. "Uh.. Uhmm.. w-well.. uh...." His frame starts to tremble a bit and he looks away, cycling his vents in an attempt to calm himself down. "A long time ago, I asked Starstruck to find something for me, something I never thought he would ever find. I told myself that if he ever brought it to me, I would use it to.. uhm.." He scuffs his foot against the floor. "I-I was reading more about Conjunx Ritus, and well.. one of the Acts you're supposed to do is give a heartfelt gift.. so.. uh.."

Primus, this is difficult. Whirl has never been more nervous in his life, and he's been through some serious shit! He resets his vocalizer and tries desperately to calm his roaring fans. "The Act of Intimacy. The Act of Disclosure." He pulls out of his cockpit a watch, not unlike the one Skydive has. "The Act of Profference..."

Blast Off looks up, watching Whirl, puzzled by his behavior.... and then everything stops. Maybe even time itself. The Combaticon's violet optics widen and slowly begin to pale as soon as Whirl mentions *conjunx ritus*. He feels a little faint, is it just him or is the room starting to spin? Blast Off freezes, staring up as Whirl continues, his own ventilation cycles growing shallow as Whirl recites the Acts involved. As he pulls out a watch at the Act of Profference. A WATCH. The shuttle's gaze darts to the watch. No, no, there's no way that could be.....

On second thought, the room *IS* spinning, and Blast Off's knee servos threaten to buckle under him, causing him to have to grasp onto Whirl's arm for balance. His vents come faster. He stares up at Whirl again, then the watch, then Whirl, back to the watch. It couldn't be... but it IS, isn't it? Blast Off researched Whirl's watches once he'd learned about them and though they are rare now, saw hints of the incredible craftsmechship that went into each one. This has that look to it, that absolute perfection. He hazards another look up at the cyclops, the only steady sight in a spinning universe. His hand clutches Whirl's arm, twitching once as he almost reaches for the watch, then looks back to the rotary for balance again. "....Whirl..." His voice is dazed, husky, threatening to break.

Whirl's nervousness quickly turns to concern when Blast Off clutches him in an attempt to stay upright. Maybe this was a bad idea, he wasn't trying to give the poor guy a panic attack after all. Still, he pushes on, holding Blast Off steady with one arm and keeping the watch extended to him with the other. "I'm here, Blast Off," he reassures him. Yes, this is real.

"Starstruck delivered it to me quite some time ago, I couldn't believe it. Never in a million years did I think he would find one, but he did." His claws twitch around the watch in question. "It was one of my longer projects, I was months into it when it was finally done. I still remember the day I finished it... hell, I still remember the song I was listening to when I was giving it the final polish." He hums the tune in question, a popular song from before the war put a hold on everyone's music careers.

"I was making a lot of money with my watches and this was one of my finest. I knew I could make bank with this thing, but I liked it so much I decided to keep it for my personal collection." Whirl squeezes Blast Off and looks him directly in the optics. "It was stolen from me when my shop was burned down and I thought I lost it forever, but it traveled millions of miles over millions of years so it would be here, right now, for this moment. Don't you see, Blast Off? This watch was special because it was always meant for you."

Just saying *I'm here* the way he does makes Blast Off feel a surge of affection in his spark, in addition to a surge of strength. Ahem, yes, right. He's not alone, never alone with Whirl. He finds his footing again and continues to listen to the story of this watch, turning to admire the art piece, then admire Whirl. His armor flickers and ruffles at the melody- he remembers that tune, he always liked it too. He didn't know Whirl had such a lovely humming voice.

The shuttleformer's optics shine especially brightly as Whirl squeezes him and continues. Upon *don't you see?* the shuttleformer tilts his head, completely invested in the completion of this tale, and then it wobbles back a bit as the story concludes, emotions making it somehow hard to even keep his head upright. He's back to feeling that wave of faintness, clutching even more tightly to the cyclops. Blast Off finds he has to take in a few deep vents of air to steady himself again before he can look up once more.

His mouth opens and closes several times behind his faceplate, struck speechless as he is. The Combaticon blinks, trying to further compose himself, then realizes that perhaps a moment like this, he shouldn't even have that faceplate between them. He removes it, then looks up to the watch again. Black fingers tremble hesitantly before they finally reach over to take the watch very carefully, gently, into his own hand. "It's... it's about the most beautiful object I've ever seen, Whirl. It's... it's a masterpiece." He takes a few more deep vents as he studies the object, slowly twirling it in his fingers. Then he breaks away to gaze up at the cyclops, optics still overly bright. "The only thing I...I think I've ever seen more beautiful than that is... is you."

Whirl keeps Blast Off steady as he clutches him even tighter than before. He waits patiently for Blast Off to process all of this, knowing how overwhelming it must be for someone who prides themselves on their aloofness. He's pleased when Blast Off retracts his faceplate, and even more so when he finally takes the watch into his hands. "It is a masterpiece, isn't it?" he says, taking note of how perfect the watch looks now that it's with it's true owner.

His optic flickers when Blast Off calls him beautiful, and he drops his head and scuffs a foot in a very bashful fashion. "I was just thinking the exact same thing."

Blast Off holds that watch very lovingly, but nothing compared to how loving he holds Whirl, arm wrapped around him, gazing up at him with optics that are far too bright. His face shows that fondness, an out-of-practice smile playing across his lips. The shuttleformer's fingers curl around the watch to bring it closer to his chest, to the pulse of his spark, and he opens them up again to marvel at the intricacy of every piece. Then he glances up as Whirl replies, and the shuttleformer can't help but laugh softly. A genuine laugh, which is extraordinarily rare. A warm grin breaks out across his face and he can't help but tease at Whirl just a little again, "You were thinking how beautiful you are, too? We can admire you together, alright?" He leans in close, coming in for a hug as his EMField washes over the other affectionately.

Before Whirl associated a song with this watch, but now he'll always associate it with that laugh and the warm grin that followed. "Sounds good to me," he replies jokingly, returning the hug with a tight (but careful) squeeze. For a moment he just stands there in silence, just enjoying the moment and all the warmth that comes with it. Then he speaks, quietly. "I'm serious about this, Blast Off. All this Ritus stuff. I want to be your conjunx, and I want you to be mine."

Blast Off quiets again, his more teasing, jovial mood replaced with a more standard serious, solemn air. The shuttleformer gazes up, content in the tight embrace, holding the watch close to his spark. His optic ridges furrow slightly as thoughts strike him. Conjunx endura.... he wants it, has wanted it for a long time actually, but... how will Onslaught and the other Combaticons react? Glancing down, he just stares at his hand for a long time, worried, his EMField flickering with his doubts.

Finally, he looks back towards the door, as if making sure no one is watching. They are still alone with the plants. Violet optics shine back up at the cyclops. "I... Well, I...." His ventilation cycles start to run higher again, and his nervousness increases. Blast Off has to grip Whirl tightly as he feels a little unsteady again. "I..." His mind races, his words stick in his vocoder.

Whirl doesn't say anything at this point, he just holds Blast Off steady anytime he gets wobbly. He's patient and he'll wait as long as it takes for Blast Off to say what he's going to say. He appears calm but the suspense is killing him.

Blast Off had no idea when he sent Whirl that message and made these flower arrangements that that would lead to this. Yet THIS has been a long time coming, and Blast Off is both relieved and panicked at the same time about it. He's spent his whole life struggling with loneliness. Yes, he's had a team, and the team kept him functional, made life still worth living, and is a debt, a purpose, and a family that will be part of him as long as he lives. But he's been lonely, too, and always figured he'd be mostly by himself, if not bantering with Vortex or discussing plans with Onslaught or someone, he'd be soaring through space alone. And he convinced himself this was what he wanted for a very long time. INSISTED on it to anyone who would listen. How shuttles are built to be alone and how it's great that he doesn't have to deal with people. People are annoying sometimes, yes, but the truth is... he doesn't really like to be alone. Not in the way he has been.

The Combaticon is dying to ask a question, but he knows he isn't great at social stuff like this and greatly worried he'll say or ask the wrong thing. It keeps him quiet awhile longer, mind still racing, but he finally just swallows and belts it out. "Even with... even with the other Combaticons in my life? The fact that I... I have a team....some of whom ...well, some of whom are Onslaught.... you still want that, Whirl?" He can't quite gather the courage to look Whirl in the optic. "You... still want me?"

Whirl hooks a claw under Blast Off's chin and directs his face upwards so he can stare down at it. His optic scans every inch of it, taking in all the little details like the curve of Blast Off's lips, and the shape of his nose. "Of course I still want you. Even if your team was entirely Onslaughts, and every one of them punched me in the optic twice a day, every day, I'd still want you. Nothing will ever change that."

Blast Off allows his face to be directed upwards. Dark face with perky nose and oh-so-very-bright pale optics stare up at Whirl, lips parted lightly and a definite tinge of blush to his otherwise smoky cheeks. He gazes up in almost painful earnestness, no hint of the usual aloof attitude he generally carries. His spark is laid bare right now, no pretense as he stares up at the one he loves. He sort of laughs, a soft chcukle-huffing sound, at the image of endless Onslaught punching, and shakes his head best he can, bringing a hand up to caress the side of Whirl's helm. "No, no... that would be terrible."

He cracks a sort of half-smile which then fades. Glancing down, but not THAT much down given that his face is held up, he swallows again before looking up once more. The blush in his cheeks gets noticeably pinker. "I... I can't imagine a world without you in it. By my... by my side, every day." His grip on the watch tightens. "I don't know how long this mission will last, but after that.... I want us together for the rest of our lives."

Whirl pulls his claw away, only to hook it around Blast Off's hip and give him a gentle tug closer. He drops his head and bonks to against the shuttleformer's, nuzzling him briefly before just leaning against him. "That's exactly what I want too. So.." He pulls away just far enough to lock optic(s) with Blast Off. "What do you say? You want to make us official?"

Despite Blast Off's nearly lifelong attempt at remaining aloof, it just doesn't apply when Whirl is around anymore. He is putty in Whirl's claws and eager to be pulled in. The shuttleformer rubs his face on the rim of the cyclop's helmet, bringing his forehead to rest on the rim of what would be his face before it's pulled away. He gazes up at the other mech. And there's the question. THE question. The question he never thought HE would hear. He always assumed it would be for someone else, never a Combaticon like him. And the subject of the other Combaticons concerns him- how on Cybertron can Onslaught ever accept this???- but the fact remains that it is here, in Whirl's embrace, that he feels most at peace.

A Combaticon at peace... is that unnatural? Is that somehow wrong? Maybe. But that's why Blast Off knows his answer despite an array of fears and a jumbled mess of never-gonna-work logistics to this all. Why he can't imagine watching Whirl turning and walking away forever, ceasing to be part of his everyday life. His optics shine steadily, still just a bit bright, up to Whirl's.


Whirl thought he was prepared for this, that he knew exactly what he would do when Blast Off gave his answer, but he isn't. As soon as the Combaticon says yes, Whirl's optic flickers and his legs feel like they're going to go out on him. "O-oh my god.." He stumbles, pushing the both of them against the table and jostling the plants Blast Off so carefully displayed upon it. "I'm really happy right now, it's a bit overwhelming to be honest."

Blast Off most definitely ISN'T prepared for this, but he does his best as Whirl loses balance and pushes them into the table. The Combaticon has a sort-of half smile on his face, plus a rather dazed look himself, as he tries to keep Whirl steady, holding up that massive chest and an arm. "Me too... I... I am too. And..." He blinks and adds frankly, "Kind of scared to death, too."

Whirl regains his balance ne takes most of his weight off Blast Off, though he does keep him against the table in a tight embrace. "Y-yeah, me too. We'll be okay though, we've been through scarier things, right?" He gives the shuttleformer a tight squeeze before loosening his grip and giving him a bit of room. "What do we do now?"

Blast Off doesn't mind this either, content to remain in Whirl's embrace. He feels secure enveloped in the larger mech's arms like this and just nuzzles more tightly into it. "Yes, we have." Though he's not sure anything's scarier than an angry Onslaught. His too-bright optics finally dim as Whirl pulls back and he answers, "I.. I don't know, I-I never did this before. I...uh... aren't there the four acts of Conjunx Ritus? You mentioned some before... do we... do I need to do some of them?"

"Er.. I don't know who has to do what, or if we're both supposed to do everything.." Whirl shrugs. It's not like they teach you this stuff growing up! "But I read that the fourth act is called the act of devotion, like some kind of selfless act or something." He's quiet for a moment and then adds, "Maybe I should've talked to Rewind or Breakdown about this first."

"I...I don't know either," Blast off admits, then grows quiet. Act of Devotion, eh? He muses upon it for a moment. "It seems like you've already done that for me... many times. The DJD... or rescuing me on that moon... Or- or does it only count if you do it specifically with this sort of thing in mind? Or...?" His mind is racing again, and he braces a hand against the table to steady himself, the other hand still holding that beautiful watch.

Then his face pinches slightly and he looks up at Whirl. "Yes, they might know more about this. But... actually..." He leans a little closer to the cyclops. "If this takes a little time, that... that might actually be good. Can we... can we take this slow? I have to break the news to... to Onslaught, for instance..." His voice trails off. That's not going to be easy. Eeep.

Whirl just shrugs at Blast Off's questions. He honestly has no idea! "It's okay if it takes some time," he says, trailing a claw up and down Blast Off's side to comfort him. "If we're going to do this, we might as well take it slow and make sure we do it right, yeah?" As for breaking the news to Onslaught, that might prove to be... difficult. "Do you want me to be there with you when you do it? For support?"

Blast Off nods, grateful for some time to adjust to this. He wants it, wants it SO BAD, but.... breaking the news to Onslaught is a terrifying thought. the claw tracing up his side helps, though, and he vents out some air softly. "I... am not sure. I'm going to wait for an opportune moment, I think... it might be best if you're not there. Or..." He brings a hand up to his forehead. "Or maybe it *would* be, I-I don't know. But given what happened last time... maybe not? But..." Ugh, he doesn't know. "Let me think about it."

Whirl gently wraps his claws around the hand held to Blast Off's forehead and pulls it away. He immediately leans in to nuzzle his pedipalps against the spot. "Whatever you wanna do, I have your back." He gives Blast Off's hand a squeeze and tugs on it, pulling him away from the table. "Let's have a walk around the lab, we still have a whole holiday to celebrate, don't we?"

Blast Off watches as Whirl takes his hand in his claws, letting the claws' sharp edges and then spiky pedipalps slide along his fingers. He moves those fingers to caress the pedipalps as they nuzzle him while he gazes up affectionately at the larger mech. "...Thanks." As he's pulled away, Blast Off's optic brighten and he resists just a bit, tugging back towards the flowers. "Oh. Yes!" He tries to pull away enough to reach those flowers, looking back at the rotary with a grin. "Yes! These flowers are part of the ceremony! I'll show you!"

Whirl doesn't impede Blast Off's tugging and lets him pull him over to the flower display, a warm glimmer in his optic. "They really are beautiful, aren't they? When I first heard Skystalker was opening up a botany lab, I thought it was the biggest waste of resources ever, but now.. now I think it's one of the most important spots on the ship."

"Yes, they are. I have to admit, for an organic life form, they do have their own kind of beauty." Blast Off nods and looks back at Whirl. "You do? So you've been here before? I..I suppose it does have its purpose, yes..." The Combaticon nods again, then turns to reach for an object nestled among the potted flowers. It's a... vase. "Here," He says, reaching towards a flower, "And this is what people do for other people on Valentine's Day. They give each other a bouquet of flowers.... it's quite important, apparently."

Blast Off proceeds to pluck several flowers off the plants one by one, then place them all with great care into the vase he now holds. (Skystalker totally won't mind this, right? Surely not.) Satisfied with his arrangement, the shuttleformer turns and holds the vase out towards his he conjunx ritus now? And blushes, a small, shy smile on his lips. "For you, Valentine."

Whirl watches as Blast Off brutally maims a few flowers to produce the traditional bouquet. Skystalker isn't going to like that but Whirl doesn't particularly care, he's far more interested in Blast Off's romantic gestures (as strange as they may be.) He takes the vase carefully in both claws, holding it close so he can examine every flower Blast Off plucked. He then lowers it so he can gaze at Blast Off and tell him, "I love you, shuttlemuffin. Thanks."

Blast Off enjoys watching as Whirl inspects his vase of flowers. "The colors really play off your own paint hue very well, Whirl." He smiles softly... then glances down as Whirl says THE L WORD. That slight blush to his cheeks returns, circuitry burning hot under the surface. "Whirlybird. You're... you're welcome." He takes a step forward to wrap his arms around one of Whirl's own, his hands stroking the turbines on that arm before he looks up and gives Whirl a crooked smile.

"Between this flower display and your card, it would seem that you're quite the little artist, aren't you?" Whirl teases. He nuzzles at Blast Off's lips for a moment before leading him through the botany lab, arm in arm, to take in the smells and the sights of Skystalker's impressive collection with his boyfriend... er, fiancee?? Is there a word for this in their culture?

"I have my talents~...." Blast Off grins. He also knows he needs to say the L word sometime. Maybe that will be his Act of Devotion, who knows! But for now, he's content to give Whirl's pedipalps a kiss when they're placed so close to his own lips. Blast Off carefully places the watch into his subspace, where he can always keep it close at hand. Then off they go, he and his... conjunx ritus maybe?

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