2017-02-14 Love Jabbing

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Love Jabbing
Date 2017/02/14
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Grimlock, Tailgate, Vortex
NPCs Lackluster, Exo, Endo
Plot A Midventure Night's Dream
Scene GM Rung
Summary The entirely-not-Lackluster's-fault love fest begins.

After several weeks of seeing flyers everywhere, the volunteers to test a new rust rash vaccine are crowded in the medibay as they are given a small speech by a medic who introduced himself as Lackluster of Harmonex, "Rust Rash is a mundane disease most sweep under the rug as simply being an annoyance. But the truth is that when gone untreated, it can lead to infection of the energon and further more well known- understand that as dangerous- diseases."

The matte medic's dull drone breaks only long enough to stare blandly at the mechs standing before him, "Of course. You are all here for the 75 shanix." Lackluster, a mech living very much up to his name, gives an apathetic huff before going into the potential effects, "With this vaccine you are likely to feel typical symptoms such as fever, dizziness, and nausea. Such effects are normal and will wear off after a short period of time. Not that any of you care." He obviously has to say this little speech every time, and obviously no one listens. Slowly turning back to his exam table, a rather large syringe is raised, "let's get this over with. Who's first?"

Grimlock ... probably shouldn't be here. But hey, free money. Not that he's the greediest of sorts (or that he bothers to pay his tab half the time), but still. "Hnf. Side effects. Maybe if you're weak." He rumbles. Still, he takes a step closer, looming over Lackluster. His blue visor zeroes in on that needle, sizing it up as if it were a weapon. "Hn. Get it over with."

It's not everyday that medical trials go on-- and this one has a cash incentive that perhaps has too many hands reaching out. Tailgate is present in the front of the medibay, standing alongside an empty berth and keeping an eye on the door nearby him. Lackluster can only do so many at a time, and while he seems to know exactly what he's doing, anyone wanting in on the testing has to wait. Tailgate wasn't on duty otherwise, and volunteering is in his spark! Now, if he just could stop looking at that nauseatingly large syringe...

Vortex is definitly here for the seventy-five shanix and definitly not listening. And, for once, he's with the majority! Getting away with insubordination, its what he lives for. His rotors all twitch before lazily beginning to spin. "Tch, like I get dizzy," he murmurs as he examines his claws. Hmmm, he should sharpen these... And then the needle is revealed.

Dear, sweet, merciful Primus! Maybe he does exist. And if he is, he's certainly answer Vortex's prayers. The copter rocks on his heels with an excited flutter of his rotors. "Hey! Hey, where you stickin' that thing?!" he calls out, perhaps a bit too excitedly. He has to force himself not to reach out and go 'gimme, gimme, gimme'.

They stand with the rest of the group (a ways away from Grimlock, fake their Decepticon badges may be but they know of that guy's reputation), the large rotors on Endo's shoulders giving their own lazy spin as he glances over at Vortex. "Excited, are you?"

Before Lackluster can answer Vortex's question, or even respond to Endo, he's stepping forward. "I'll give it a go, Doc," he says, giving a lopsided grin. Exo, behind him, shakes his head, though he's grinning too - of course his twin would volunteer to go first.

"Try not to poison him too much," Exo says teasingly. Endo turns and sticks his glossa out for a moment before facing Lackluster again.

Lackluster doesn't seem phased by the large dinobot towering over him, just keeps that neutral and steady expression. It's rather without warning that he swabs an area on Grimlock's arm and jabs the needle in- moving shockingly fast for all the sloth like slowness he seemed to portray before that moment. The medic wants this over just as much as they do... well, some of them do, this has been way too much socialization for the guy. It's only seconds before he has done the same to Endo, grabbing a new sterile needle from the table beside him. The promised shanix is soon dropped into each of their awaiting hands, "You're done. Now get." Two down, one to go.

Grimlock gets stabbed! The needle slips into a gap in his armor plates, and Grimlock doesn't do so much as grunt at the sensation. This done, Grimlock steps out of the way-- and then proceeds to glare at Vortex. Endo and Exo get a wary look, but the glare's mostly reserved for Vortex. After all, if a 'con's enjoying something, that can't be good. Grimlock clenches one hand into a fist, and takes a step forward, no doubt to deliver a preemptive punching to the Combaticon for the crime of being a weirdo, but ... Grimlock falters. Slightly. Gyroscopic stabilizers begin to spin ways they shouldn't, and the dinobot commander is forced to steady himself by putting a hand on one of the med-bays. He leaves a dent. "Hn."

Tailgate is not too worried about this group, but between Tex and his excitement and the forwardness of the others, he seems a little taken with watching. It's funny! What? Not everyone is as excited to get-- eep-- jabbed. Tailgate feels a little stilted when he watches Luster go stabbing into his patients with such speedy precision. Ooohkay.

As Grimlock takes his prize and moves aside only to lean onto a medical berth, Tailgate has to remind himself that the side effects were definitely a possibility. Still, he uncrosses his forearms and sets fists on his hips, watchful of the dinobot's state. Surely if he needs to, he'll sit?

Vortex flashes a hidden grin to his fellow rotary- oh, those are nice, he wants to touchy touch them- before shrugging. "Free money is always exciting." And that needle. Hoooooooooo-boy. He looks up at Grimlock serenly, rotors flourishing quiet insults at the Dinobot. Come on, hit him.

The Combaticon lets out a cackle, sliding past the others to present himself for injection. Yes please! "Ooo- lookin' a lil woozy there, big guy. You already feeling sick already, tsk!" Snickering, he leans in close to Lackluster, engine purring. "Poke me somewhere fun! I love a good needling."

Man, of course Grimlock beat him to it - whatever, he's still getting paid for this. Endo doesn't even react to having the large needle jabbed into his frame, as if nothing had happened at all. The smirk returns after the procedure is finished when Lackluster gives him the cash, which he quickly pockets, stowing away in a compartment before turning on his heel and going back to his brother. "Nothing to it," he tells Exo, all smug, and then...his expression changes, a hand coming to his helm as he stumbles, slightly, other hand catching himself on Exo's shoulder. "Whoa...I don't...feel so good..." Exo easily supports him, the two only about half a head difference in height, his own rotors giving a whirl of concern.

"Endo, hey, take it easy; hey, wait a minute!" Exo's attention is on Lackluster now. "How long is 'a short period of time', exactly?" Probably something he should have asked from the beginning.

Not even looking over at Grimlock, the medic seems to know by audials alone that the dinobot stumbled, "Please watch the equipment." Is indifferently muttered before Lackluster turns his attention to Vortex. A new syringe is picked up as the medic looks even more deadpan (how is that even possible?) at the sudden leaning in. Clearly he is not impressed. There is a silent moment of contemplation before an energon line is swiped just as quick as the others and Lackluster jabs Vortex with the needle- right in his neck. What? He asked for somewhere fun, and its a tertiary energon line. Not like its gonna kill him, just gonna hurt.

The needle is retracted and set aside, shanix given, now he can- Ugh of course someone starts questioning him, "Not long." Great. Now it looks like Grimlock is being aggressive. His day just keeps getting better and better, "If you're going to fight," Lackluster looks up passively from where he is putting his things away, "take it outside.. preferably into space."

Grimlock has been shot, stabbed, bashed, bitten, burned, and once got buried in a volcano for a million years or so. It'll take more than a mere needling to stop the likes of him. Especially when there's a too-smug Decepticon within arm's reach. Grimlock growls and shakes his head, forcing his vision back into focus. As Vortex leans in over Lackluster, Grimlock in turn creeps up behind the Combaticon, opening his hands, readying himself to neatly rip the Decepticon in half.

But he stops. 
Slowly, Grimlock turns, having caught ... something from the corner of his optic. He narrows his visor, and then bears down on Tailgate. 
"What are -YOU- looking at?"

"Me? I'm looking at you looking at Vortex like he's a turboturkey wishbone." Tailgate is here for a reason-- and even if it's Grimlock, he's going to step up. The minibot squares his shoulders as he's more or less addressed, looking up at the dinobot with no uncertain amount of reprimand in his gaze. "I'm not afraid to brig you, so don't get started, hm? You look like you need a sit, not a scrap."

Vortex gets exactly what he wants. A nice ripple of pain running across his neck and shooting straight into his hub. Hnnngh. His rotors give a fast spin of satisfaction and he doesn't even notice how close he was from becoming half the mech he used to be. Luck for Grim, he'd of mocked him for backing down.

"Woo! Sure does got the pump pumping, don't it?!" Vortex tells Lackluster with a laugh, engine thrumming happily. He reaches out to pat the doctor to show his appreciation like an Autobot would. Then he turns, rotors perking while his vents hiss out some heat. "Lil' Boss, the big guy giving you trouble?" He's in security! And he'd LOVE to take Grimlock to the Brig. Dream come true.

"'Not long'?" Exo repeats, clearly not happy with that non-answer. "Not long? Primus, did you even test this at all before you did on us? What kind of scientific method is this?" Yeah so they're secretly nerds. Endo, meanwhile, is still leaning against his brother, trying to get his optics to come into focus as the floor - and what of Exo's plating he can see - keep spinning. Or maybe it's his processor that's spinning. Or maybe the ship is spinning. It's not fun, whatever it is.

Endo slowly, with a groan, lifts his head, optics landing on Lackluster, and. His vision clears. The nausea, caused by his dizziness, passes. A cocky, coy grin slides across his face. It's not a glittering pink background and falling sakura petals, but there's something about Lackluster that's changed, something that has Endo pushing off from his brother and moving to stand beside the medic, leaning on the nearest surface, looking cool and suave. "So, after this whole trial thing..." he says smoothly, completely oblivious to the 'what the fuck?' look Exo is giving him, "You free?"

If any other medics would have been present they would be stunned by the speed at which Lackluster suddenly moves. Sure, his hands have been witnessed to move like lightning with scary accuracy but his feet? Primus no, Lackluster has never been witnessed walking any faster than a steady amble. Yet now, in an instant the medic has leaned back to get the rotary out of his personal space, lower back making contact with the table behind him. If one ever questioned if an expression of 'wtf' could be portrayed through stoicism, it can. Lackluster is proving that right now. "What?"

Grimlock furrows his brow again. "YOU look like you need a sit. Scrap. I mean ... shut up." He shakes his head, still reeling. He even thumps himself on the side of his helmet, which gets things looking clear once more. That, and Vortex's inane prattling is enough to reignite Grimlock's typical rage towards most everything. Almost everything. "I can't believe I haven't killed you yet."

Tailgate's response to the usually intimidating Grimlock's attempt at turning his words back is a bit of a laugh, a barking chuckle behind his faceplate. "I do, huh? Aw, come on." Don't tell him to shut up, you were doing fine! What with the backwards thing and all. "He's not giving me trouble unless he starts actually trying to kill you-- so--" Tailgate leans around to look between the two of them. "Don't let'im." As if to kind of signal the need for dissipating the crowd in here, Tailgate pivots around to pop open the medbay door if any of them feel the need to escape now.

Vortex barks a laugh, vents puffing again. All the bodies in this one room is making things hot. Because its totally the room, not him. Vortex crosses his arms with all the petulent and smarmy attitude he can command. "And I can't believe I haven't interrogated you yet. But we can't always get what we want, big boy." He shrugs. "Don't worry lil Boss, I won't let him do a thing." His rotors all twitch with another huff of his vents before he glances back at one of his fellow rotaries. What're they doing to that poor medic?


And, whatever fugue state Grimlock has been in suddenly clears, giving way to the red, comforting sheen of rage. Grimlock lets out a bellowing roar, and transforms-- giving way to his terrible saurian form! To Grimlock's credit, he does indeed take it outside-- a couple of charging steps as he lowers his head, and attempts to bull-rush (tyrannosaurus-rush?) the Combaticon out the doorway Tailgate opened, and into the hallway beyond! That's where he's allowed to kill people, right? The medic said so!

Oh no, Lackluster. Bad move, because you've cornered yourself. Endo advances, essentially kabedonning the medic, putting both hands on the table on either side of him as he leans over the shorter mech. "I asked if you were free," he repeats, still grinning like Lackluster is a particularly tasty enertreat that he can't wait to eat. "Maybe we can, you know. Spend some time together~"

It's this moment that Exo acts, coming forward to grab his brother and drag him away from Lackluster, ignoring the, "Exo! C'mon, mech, I was gonna score!" Endo gives. Looking to Lackluster, he asks, "Are there any other side effects you're not telling us about?" Though he (and thankfully his brother too) is distracted by Grimlock suddenly going dino-mode and charging at Vortex. Endo, momentarily free from whatever had been afflicting him, exchanges a look with Exo, and both say, simultaneously, "Not our job."

The not-wtf face Lackluster has only grows in apathetic intensity as he is boxed in by the taller mech. He sends Exo a incredibly confused look- consisting of slightly raised optical ridge- and visibly relaxes when the mech is dragged away by his brother. And then Grimlock goes charging. Doubly great. Letting out a long suffering sigh, Lackluster calls after them, "Eat him outside the science labs," followed up with a mutter of, "I am NOT getting stuck here doing the paperwork."

Opening the door acts almost like a vacuum-- no sooner than he opens it, Tailgate hears Tex speak and watches Grimlock rear up in rage before he tries to barrel them both out of the medibay.

"HEY! Whoa, whoa!" Tailgate shouts, picking up his feet and leaping into Grimlock's wake. "Grim, no!" The next closest thing happens to be the dinobot's tail waving about ahead of him-- and so the minibot leaps for that next.

Opening the door acts almost like a vacuum-- no sooner than he opens it, Tailgate hears Tex speak and watches Grimlock rear up in rage before he tries to barrel them both out of the medibay.

"HEY! Whoa, whoa!" Tailgate shouts, picking up his feet and leaping into Grimlock's wake. "Grim, no!" The next closest thing happens to be the dinobot's tail waving about ahead of him-- and so the minibot leaps for that next.

Vortex is a button pusher. He loves it! He'll push and push and push until something breaks. Usually, he has to push a lot more buttons. Not today. Either he's better than even he thinks or- "WRONG BUTTON!" And out the door the rotary goes, slamming into the opposite wall before twisting and taking off towards the elevator. Oh god, why does running not feel good.

"No regrets!" Vortex calls over his shoulder just to show that, despite running away, he doesn't even care. Then the wave of nausea hits. Oh god, it got worse. "Okay, one regret, urgh..."

This testing has certainly gotten a lot more interesting than either twin thought it would, but in the time they've been on this ship, it's not exactly a surprise anymore. Though Exo isn't going to abandon his questioning, as Endo notices Lackluster again and starts struggling to get back to flirting with him.

"Seriously, what's going on!" Exo demands, trying to shove Endo behind him, though his 'younger' brother is a bit broader and taller and it's not as easy as it had been earlier with Endo wiggling like that. "What else does that formula d--Endo, Endo knock it off!" Shoving his brother out of the door, he says sharply, "Go help Vortex!"

"But Exo--"

"Go help Vortex! I'll buy you that skeleton you saw on that space station, S7-54G, we passed a few weeks ago, if you make sure Grimlock doesn't swallow him."

Apparently the fastest way to Endo's spark - even faster than an experimental drug - is organic bones, because he's instantly turning and sprinting off toward the ruckus, yelling behind him, "I'm holding you to that!" before, transforming himself, he's barreling down the hall in his Chinook alt until he catches up with the other three and, after transforming midair, dropping onto Grimlock to join Tailgate in trying to keep the rampaging dino from, well. Rampaging. Exo, in the meantime, turns back to Lackluster.

"What was I saying? Oh, right. What did you do." Lackluster is already halfway to the door, tools bagged and in hand, when Exo stops him. Lackluster takes one look down the hall then another glance is sent the older chinook's way... before he shrugs. "No clue." That is probably not a helpful answer, neither is the mech's seeming apathy towards this entire situation, "None of the other patients have reacted like that, implying it is a psychological issue rather than a physical effect of the vaccine. Meaning not my job, I would suggest you go see Rung. You're brother appears to have some repressed or newly discovered feelings." He works with the body, not the mind. Sorry mech. Now what's the best way to get around those fighting guys...

Grimlock 's thunderous footsteps echo down the hallway-- a big beast, he's not built for cornering, so he *SLAMS!* into the wall opposite the door! He storms down the hallway in hot pursuit-- literal hot pursuit, given the flames flicking from the corners of his toothy maw.

There's a tiny little voice somewhere behind him. His conscience? Wait. No. It's Tailgate. Grimlock's dino-optics blink for a moment, and he halts his pursuit (for now)-- all the better to curl his tail around and peer curiously at the little minibot. 
He tries an innocent tone. Badly. 
And then there's ANOTHER 'con dropping onto Grimlock... which earns another growl and a glare. 
"This one doesn't work for you. I can kill HIM, right?"

Tailgate feels himself jostling from the inside out trying to cling onto Grimlock's tail; too much stomping, please stop! When he finds himself nose to nose with the dinobot questioning him, Tailgate's optics spin a little behind his visor before reorienting on him. "You know what--" The flump of a second frame pulls his optics away again.

"What?! No! You're not allowed to kill any of the crew!" Tailgate would put his foot down, but, well, he's saddled up on the dino's tail and those big feet definitely don't reach the floor. It's in his voice, though! That's what counts!

Vortex doesn't look back to make sure the Dinobot is following or not. No way is he going to make it to the elevator. He's about to purge his tanks. Urrrgh- running was a bad idea. Need a better one. His visor flickers as he looks around and- there!

Vortex is not above using his security clearance to open up some door in the Science hall and dives in. And then promptly makes sure the door closes and locks so he can collapse on the floor, vents heaving and gasping. That doctor was joking about side-effects. Still worth it though. And, with any luck, Grimlock didn't see where he went.

Exo snorts at the medic's response. "Maybe you're the one who needs to see Rung, because there's a key element you're missing here." Before Lackluster can escape, Exo blocks his path. "If my brother was actually interested in you, he would've acted like that the moment he stepped through the door. But he didn't, not until you gave him that vaccine. So I suggest that maybe you check your notes again, because something you did is making him act weird." His tone is low, dangerous, as he adds, "And I'll be coming back to make sure you're working on a way to fix it." Lackluster likely won't be intimidated, if that blank wall of a face is anything to judge by, but Exo will make good on his word. Just as soon as he gets his brother out of harm's way.

Endo lands on Grimlock's back and - hey, he stopped! Though it becomes quickly apparently that the reason for this is not Endo, but Tailgate. "Dare you to try," Endo says cockily, this close to flicking one of many knives out of his frame and digging it into a particularly vulnerable seam, but Tailgate says that, and Exo suddenly shows up, having bolted down the hall to catch them, so that he can drag Endo off of Grimlock's back. "You look like you've got this under control," Exo says cheerfully to Tailgate, once more dragging his twin away. "We'll just leave it in your capable hands."

Hm. Lackluster might not outwardly admit it or show anything close to admitting it, but the mech does have something of a point. That wouldn't make sense though as no other incidents such as this have been reported and he's tested it on at least another dozen mechs before them. Alright maybe he does have to take another look into this. The medic walks straight past the chaos going on in the hall without a second glance on his way to the elevator. He will have to investigate this strange occurrence... tomorrow. Right now he's going to sleep.

More targets! Normally, the arrival of a second Decepticon would be when Grimlock started busting out the fire breath-- but, lucky for them, Grimlock has a conscience. Or at least a tiny little minibot currently clinging to his tail.

"Are you -sure?-" Grimlock says, still peering at Tailgate. The fact that he's listening to Tailgate and not going on a rampage being quite the ... odd sign. Grimlock snorts out a short jet of flame, and then turns his head to look down the hallway again. Lost Vortex. Dang. 
"Alright, I won't kill Vortex." He grumbles, none too happy about it. "Just call him up on the radio and make him come here so I can bite his arms and legs off."

Tailgate looks worried when the other twin shows up, and for a moment does feel like he's going to have to slingshot Grim in the optic to deter it-- but somehow that just doesn't go down. Shockingly, the dinobot listens. Tailgate's visor flickers and blinks between Grimlock and the twins, nodding once to Exo before he sits up on the tail, only to try and scoot his way up the dino's back so he doesn't have to yell.

"Yes, I'm very sure..." Tailgate answers, peering off to make sure the others have gotten away. "And no, I'm not calling him back so you can chew him up. You guys can, I dunno-- sign some forms and have it out in the practice rooms or something. That way we don't jettison you for eating him." Sounds practical?

Grimlock grunts. "I'm not going to -EAT- him. I've got standards."

And, rage abated, Grimlock transforms back to his bipedal robot mode-- perhaps involuntarily. There's a great deal of jostling and shifting in the process-- and by the end of it, Grimlock makes a grab for Tailgate, attempting to hold him around the waist like a kid with an 80's action figure. 
"Hn." Grimlock stares at the security director for a too-long moment ... and then his visor blinks as he comes to some epiphany-- at which point he drops Tailgate as if his white plating had suddenly gone red hot. 
"I'm leaving." Grimlock says, too quickly. "And, uh. Not to kill anybody. Promise." 
And then, with long, hurried strides, Grimlock heads for the lift!

"Well, that's good--" Tailgate has had his share of balancing acts on people's frames, and he seems almost balanced out when Grimlock plucks him up around the waist. His hands are on the dinobot's grip when he gets that stare. He's not going to get punched instead, is he? No way-- and as soon as Tailgate sets to wondering why he's getting that strange look, he gets dropped.

"Oomph!" Tailgate topples over onto the floor, sitting up and rubbing the back of his helm. When he stands up and looks to the elevator, the doors are closing behind the giant. "Jeez, watch the goods, wouldja?" Tailgate nurses that sore spot all the way back to the bridge.

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