2017-02-12 To the Heart of the Matter

From Transformers: Lost and Found

To the Heart of the Matter
Date 2017/02/12
Location Lost Light - Command: Blaster's Office
Participants Blaster, Cosmos
Summary Blaster finally gets a chance to settle things with Cosmos

Blaster sat in the office, alone after the shift was over waiting for Cosmos to show up. Cosmos, the unofficial secretary who actually does very well as secretary. Cosmos, the one who was avoiding Blaster now. And the Communications Officer can take only one guess why.

It is not often that Blaster himself would feel hurt by someone's reactions to him, but this one was taking the cake. He wasn't stupid- he knew that Cosmos was, for reasons he can't fathom, wary and careful of him. Like he was afraid of treading some kind of line. Blaster hoped that the kiss would break that ice and let Cosmos know that there is no real heavy boundries like that in his opinion.

Cosmos obviously didn't think that way.

Blaster sat in the silence, chin on his knuckles, contemplating whether or not to finally say anything.

Cosmos had been working at his console for as long as he possibly could, long past any of the others had finished. Why? To hopefully have Blaster leave before he went into the mech's office to drop off reports. yet it looks like the UFO is having no such luck today. Already it is way past when Blaster's shift ends but the mech has not made an appearance from his office. Great...

Finally with no other excuses to remain at his console, Cosmos stands, collects the small pile of reports from the day, and heads to Blaster's office. He gives a gentle knock and vainly hopes that maybe he just missed his division head leaving the bridge.

Cosmos holds back a small dismayed noise when Blaster does indeed end up being in his office. SO close... "Blaster I...uh..." The UFO opens the door and steps inside the room, standing awkwardly off to the side, "I have the reports from today for you."

"Oh, Cosmos. Good." Blaster looks at the desk, then looks at the UFO. "Take a seat, close the door, I want to talk to you about something." He gets up and goes around the table he uses as a desk and takes a seat in a couch he had inside the room.

Oh no... What did I do? I can't think of anything I did- Oh Primus what if I did something I didnt know what bad but was!? AHHH- "Uh... ok...." Cosmos quickly realizes he's been duped into sitting next to the mech by way of couch. Best to get it over with, The UFO shuffles across the room and sits beside his boss.... as far away on the couch as he can.

Blaster notes that, and frowns. How he approaches things depended on his mood, and today's mood was not to beat around the bush. "Do you hate me, Cosmos?"

Cosmos was expecting many things- to get chewed out, to be fired, yelled at- but that was not one of them. It takes a few moments of literal gaping at Blaster to finally catch up with what the mech just said, "What? I- No, of course not! W-why would you think I hate you?" Of course he doesnt hate Blaster! How could anyone hate blaste- Soundwave doesnt count in this equation.

Blaster raises an optic ridge at Cosmos. "Oh, I don't know... If I would have to guess, it would be your distant behavior and what looks like visible fear of me and my presence. Or the fact that more recently, you have taken to avoiding me altogether." A sigh. "I am not used to being hated, but it becomes a problem when my own subordinate hates me. I tried to be cool and friendly and approachable, or at least show that." He shrugs. "It might be the kiss at that game Vortex had? If it is that, then I am sorry for making you uncomfortable- er- more uncomfortable." Blaster then slumped, looking depressed. "I'll work more on being professional from now on." Because he thinks that is the problem. That he is too friendly, that he tries too hard to be friends with everyone.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Observer: Failure. (3 6 5 3 3 3 1 3 1)

Cosmos has, frankly, no fragging idea where all of this is coming from. He had just been giving Blaster the respect he deserved as his superior like... well like he had done with Soundwave when he was division head! Wha- I thought we were ok I thought I was doing everything right, just like with s- Its about then that Cosmos has a bit of an epiphany and would slap himself upside the helm if he wasnt so blind sided by Blaster's sudden mood. I've been treating him like I did Soundwave. I've pretty much been treating a dog like a cat! "I... Blaster I DON'T hate you. I just... Its just how I've always- Well I'm more used to space and stars then people and meetings... I just thought thats how your supposed to act towards your boss." You know, professionally. But it almost seems Blaster needs friends who can do a job not underlings... "And the kissing game.. I just- ... Its just kind of... embarrassing because..." The rest is trailed off in a combination of mumbling and clearing of the UFO's throat.

Blaster slumps down more in the couch, obviously more sad and depressed. "Then it is my fault for not being professional back." He rubs his face with both his hands. "I'm sorry, I forget that everyone has a different approach to work relationships. Although... I hoped it would be more... I guess I saw everyone getting along in this division like a family." Another shrug. "That was me being stupid." He then sat up. "Okay, thanks for letting me know. I haven't been doing things right."

Cosmos now feels bad. He doesn't want Blaster to be miserable, which he likely will be if he becomes a more professional boss. Letting out a huff, Cosmos runs a hand down his face in something close to but not quite exasperation- Apparently avoiding someone as much as possible is exhausting. "No- I mean thats not- S-" No, bad Cosmos! Calling him Sir is only going to make this worse, "Blaster, no I don't want you to change how you run things. Every mech I've worked for in the past has wanted things to stay distant or professional. I jsut assumed that was how you wanted it run. I was in the wrong here." He really should have known better with how friendly Blaster is... "I... I dont think us communications mechs will ever really be like a 'family', for mechs who spend their entire days talking most of us aren't that social, but things have definitely been a lot... a lot cheerier since you took command." And that would go down the drain if he started acting like any other boss.

"Have they?" Blaster isn't too sure. He's seen more of his comms team. If there was ever a group of awkward mecha, he certainly had the lot. Still... he sees Cosmos's attempt to make him feel better. He leans in closer to Cosmos. "Is that what you believe? That having me as solo head of communications have made things better? I rather be told the truth than a lie, to be honest. I'm not stupid..."

"...or rather, that stupid. Because I have done dumb things." A small smile at Cosmos now.

Cosmos has the immediate instinct to lean away from Blaster getting into his personal space but ... but he resists it since that would probably not help the point he is trying to make. "Yes, Blaster, I think you've made the bridge a little less stressful for everyone." He is careful to avoid things that might imply its more efficiant because he really cant say things werent running more efficiently with Soundwave around it was just... not as stress free. At the mention of stupid things, Cosmos gives a covered smile of his own, "I know you've done dumb things, I've fixed a couple of them."

That makes for a pouting Blaster now. "Oh..."

Cosmos hesitantly reaches out after a moment, giving Blaster a small pat on the shoulder, "Don't worry, I'm the only one who knows about the ones I've seen. As far as everyone else is concerned you're still perfection in of itself." Its.. a little easier now that he knows Blaster isn't going to blow up at him... and that he knows he probably should be a little more openly friendly to the mech.

Blaster now flops forward on the couch, face down, and sighs (probably a little too overdramatically). "I should be more careful with my work too." A pause. "At least I know you don't hate me."

Cosmos cant help a small chuckle as Blaster flops onto the couch, moving from patting the mech's shoulder to the back of his helm, "I never hated you just... Didn't know exactly how I was supposed to interact with you. Now I know." <i>I think... I hope... Primus this is going to be a disaster. "And I've just been avoiding you since... the uh..." He clears his throat and looks away in clear embarrassment, leaning his elbow against the couch arm and resting his chin on his palm to further keep himself pointed away from his boss, Ok just get it out already!! "TheKissWasNiceAndIDon'tKnowWhatToDoWithThatInformation."

Blaster lifts his head up to look at Cosmos, absorbing in what he said. Then he smiles brightly. "Ah ha. I knew you were digging that kiss." He then sat up straighter, crossing his legs on the couch now and scooting closer to Cosmos.

Cosmos is too busy studying the wall and blushing bad to notice the division head slowly scooching closer to him. That wall is really nice, nice paint, nice decoations- When did he get that close!? Cosmos goes from just looking away to covering his face and making a clearly flustered noise, "I- I wouldn't say digging it so much as- It was nice- I- I made noises I should be mortified over when it happened, didn't I?" Yeah, best just to give up on trying to deny it. He can see that now.

Blaster now plants a gentle kiss on a UFO's helm. "Actually, I am glad you liked the kiss. I thought I really offended you with it."

That did not help Cosmos' embarrassment. Already flustered from admitting he likes it to Blaster, the helm kiss is a little bit too much for him to process entirely. He wants to hide better than his hands can provide, the result: in a very rare reaction that horrifies him every time it happens, his Tcog decides the only way to save him is to trigger a minor transformation sequence... in the form of his helm sinking down partially into his chassis. OH PRIMUS WHY!? Immmediately the UFO cancels the effect and makes his helm pop back up, hoping to any and all gods in the universe that it wasnt noticed. "N-no, you didn't." The words come out almost like a pathetic squeak.

Now Blaster laughs! Although in an amused and gentle way, as he didn't mean to embarass Cosmos or cause that. "That's cute, you are like a turtle." As far as he knew earth turtles looked like anyway. He pats Cosmos's head. "Thanks for talking to me. You didn't have to but you did." Blaster then sighs and looks at the work that he needs to organize. "... I'll do all that tomorrow. I need to get away from the office for a while."

Cosmos hates it when that happens but the mention of a turtle and remembering those ridiculous little creatures on Earth- its just too silly for him not to laugh at too. At least his helm doesn't bob when its patted. And... it actually does seem like a lot of the uncomfortable tension between them is gone. All it took was moritifying him, it seems. Good to know. Hope it never happens again. "Yeah.. I should.. I should go catch up on some sleep. I'll- I'll see you in the morning then with your energon."

"Hey, this time, I want to get you the energon, if that is all right." Blaster asks, a cute turbopuppy look on his face.

Cosmos ... isn’t really sure how well that’s going to turn out but he is weak to turbopuppy optics, "I... Alright. I'll see you in the morning then." He gives his superior a small wave and then walks out the door, heading for his hab feeling a lot better than he has in weeks.

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