2017-02-12 Mural Of Memories

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-02-12 Mural Of Memories
Date 2017/02/13
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Torque, Mirage
Summary Torque and Mirage talk about recent happenings before the new mural's big reveal.

Mirage settles himself in a corner of the library, optics darting towards the door every time that he hears someone enter. The scout's body is rigid with tension and excitement. It feels like it's been an age and a half since last he had a chance to sit down with Torque. With their equally busy schedules, it can be difficult to find a moment. Ever since Torque invited him here to the library he's been on edge, feeling the questions building as the moment approaches. "Oh, Torque, where are you?" he whispers to himself. She's not even late yet, but Mirage is more tense than usual.

Torque will agree that their time together isn't as frequent as she'd like, but unfortunately that's how it is right now. But in a way it makes the time they do spend with each other that much better.

The library is currently quiet, as it usually is, so Torque's entrance is easily noted when the door slides open and she steps in, looking both excited and anxious at the same time. Spotting Mirage by his lonesome in the corner, she visibly perks, grinning as she quickly makes her way over to join him. "Heya, Raj. Didn't expect you to get here before me. Hope you weren't waiting long?"

Mirage knows that Torque asked to plan this date, but old habits die hard. In a matter of moments the scout is on his pedes and pulling the chair out for Torque. Offering out his hand, he'll guide her into the chair if she is so willing. A nervous smile flickers across his faceplates. "I'd gladly wait on you all day, my dear," he assures her. "It's not been long, but it feels ages without you."

That done, he moves to settle himself back in his own seat. His hands twitch in his laps ceaselessly, revealing his boundless energy. "I can't argue with your wonderful choice of venue thus far. I can't wait to see what you have in mind."

Torque happily sits with a nod of thanks, enjoying the bit of chivalry. As for his comment on her choice for their date, if it could be called that, she chuckles faintly and smirks, hands on the table and eager for his if he's willing. "Oh, I've got somethin' big in store, but that'll have to wait a minute. I wanna know how you've been, what's been goin' on."

Glancing sidelong briefly, her smirk softens before looking back. "..I also figure there's some stuff we should just talk about, now that we've got the chance." She gives him a knowing look.

Mirage glances about, making sure they're alone, before reaching out and resting his hand on top of hers. The scout traces the line of her digits idly. Unable to stop himself, the scout's faceplates drain of color when Torque fixes him with that knowing look. Has Skystalker already related their last encounter here in the library? "I... uh, I agree. You and I are of the same mind in that," he admits, faceplates scrunching up in a look of utter bafflement. "There are a few things we need to address. More than a few."

Torque isn't aware of what's been happening between Mirage and Skystalker, so that isn't on her agenda right now. What is is another particular mech they both know. "I wanted to talk about Hound." The smirk still remains on her lips, optics bright and warm as a hand turns, laxly twining a few digits with his. "Nothin' bad, I mean. I figured, well, after being so.. spontaneous we should at least be on the same page. I honestly wasn't expecting you to go for it, heh." An amused little hum leaves her, optics squinting up slightly. Always surprising her, this one.

Torque hits on the more pressing matter of the two right off the bat. Mirage is relieved by that. The scout's posture suddenly sags with relief. He has been torn up about how to address it in the first place, and it is a good that Torque is so forthright by nature. It's a boon for the both of them. "Hound," he says the name, sighing quietly to himself. "I suppose I should have warned you sooner. Hound and I go back a long time, and our friendship is... unique. Honestly, I surprised myself a little. It just felt so right in the moment."

He bites his lower lip component and pulls his hand away. "I'm not sure what to think of it now that the moment is over, though. I'm shocked at my own behavior."

Torque is never one to beat around the bush, so to speak. Though it does worry her a little when he pulls away, smile downturning a hair and brow knitting slightly. Despite this, her tone remains kind and her look considerate. "Mirage.. It's alright. Maybe it's what you needed at that moment. And listen.." She leans in a bit over the table, hand reaching a few inches closer. "I like Hound, we click pretty well. But this is more for you, and I support whatever direction you wanna take us in, with or without him." Hound is more his friend, after all.

Mirage wants to sink below the table. Once again, Torque proves her boundless ability to be forgiving. He is not sure he will ever become used to it, or ever deserve her understanding. But something about what she says makes the scout shudder. "No, Torque. You're wrong. This isn't about me. It's about us," he says, optics suddenly snapping down to the tabletop. "If this ever becomes just about me than we know something has gone wrong."

But just those words spoke volumes to Mirage. She doesn't feel the same about Hound that he does, and that's all there is to it. He may have complex feelings for his old friend, but he also knows what is important to him. "I won't put us in jeopardy for me. I will always care for Hound, but you feel how you feel. I understand that."

Torque perks a second when told she's wrong, but soon calms back into a light smile when he speaks of them. "I know you won't. And neither will I. Y'know why? Because we talk about this sort of stuff. We make sure we're both comfortable and open about what's going on. That a lot more than some couples." She smirks warmly. "You always come first for me, no matter what. That's never gonna change."

Mirage's optics slowly lift from the table, locking with Torque's. His golden gaze flickers brighter. "I need to tell you something," he finally says, breaking the silence that he himself created. "I've been thinking about what happened. I've been trying to push Hound away for so long, and I think that's what led to that night. Just decades of trying to deny something that's there. Not to say I feel the same way about him as I do you, but..."

The scout reaches up, rubbing at his nasal bridge. He could keep on rambling or he can just get out with it. "I'm going to ask Hound to be my amica, Torque. But you and I, well, we're still us. Or at least I hope so."

This is where Torque's attention hones in, the rather serious look from him garnering all of her focus. Watching him intently, she listens, hanging on each word with bright optics. Just what is he getting at-- ..Oh.


As realization washes over her, the medic's antennas rise straight up. Optics widening and brightening to near sparkling, the smile on her face is completely untamed. "Raj, that's.. that's awesome!" An errant shush from somewhere in the library makes her hesitate before lowering her tone back down, though the energy is still there. "I'm so happy for you. And of course we're still us. In fact.. Here, c'mon."

She can't contain her eagerness any longer, figuring it's time to show him why she brought him here. Standing, Torque extends her hand and gives a grabbing motion and a tilt of her helm, urging him to come with her to the large curtain set up along the entirety of one side of the first floor of the library.

That is a more giddy reaction than Mirage is expecting. The scout watches Torque leap to her pedes with shock, and before he can say another word the other mecha is trying to pull him across the room. "...?" Mirage is not entirely sure how they went from so serious to so excited in such a short period of time. While Torque is caught up in the moment, Mirage is still stuck in the past. The scout reaches out to grab Torque before she gets too far away from him.

"In a moment, Torque, in a moment. But while I've got you here, I have a few questions of my own. About, uh, Skystalker. More specifically, about what Skystalker knows. He's been dropping inferences and for my own peace of mind..."

Amica things just make her happy, okay? Torque is ready to go, but Mirage is eager to stay a while longer, her progress halted when she's held back. A quizzical look meets him, which then falls a little when Skystalker is mentioned. "Sky..?" Her body turns back full, pausing before slowly sitting back in her seat. "Well I mean, he knows about us. Not that it's really a big secret anymore, though I guess it's never been." She rubs her chin in thought and looks to the table before glancing up. "And well... I may have mentioned Hound. I think I was still kinda in shock that it all happened and needed some clarity.." Gaze looks more to his chest now, not wanting to meet his gaze at the moment since she can imagine how he'll react. "Sky's been a good friend to me lately.. I just had to talk to someone at that moment."

Mirage flinches a tiny bit, but he's not really one to complain right now. Torque is so understanding of the situation with Hound; the least he can do is try the same. "That's understandable. I've been itching to talk to you about what happened, too," he admits. He keeps one hand around Torque's wrist, using the other to rub at the back of his helm in thought. "Uh, so... just friends? From the way he was talking..." Mirage trails off.

"Well, nevermind that. We both know I have quite the big imagination. I'm most likely seeing something's that not there. Now, there's something you wanted to show me?" The scout loosens his grip on her wrist, letting his hand skate down to nest in hers.

Torque is totally caught off now, left staring blankly when he asks if they're just friends. It takes a second for it to click, but when it does she can't stop a little laugh from leaving her. "Wait, you thought we were..? Heh, big imagination is right. What've I been telling you about that?" First Lieutenant, now Skystalker. Thankfully, instead of reprimand him, Torque assures him nothing is going on and tops it off by squeezing his hand and leaning up over the table to pull him into a kiss on the forehead. Public or not, she's gonna hold him there to take it. "If it was something more we'd be talking about it, so don't worry."

That said, she straightens, standing again and nodding when asked of her surprise. "Yep, s'what I wanted to show you. You'll love it, c'mon." Now that he's willing, she leads him to the curtain and leaves him standing in front of it while she stands at one end of it. "Close your optics. And no peeking." Antennas flick enthusiastically, awaiting him to follow instruction.

Mirage's faceplates flush at Torque's reassurances. "No, no. I don't mean to imply that you would without talking to me," Mirage tries to explain. "It's just that I worry Skystalker may be under the impression that..."

He doesn't have time to finish before Torque is pulling him across the room. Well, it's silly to worry about it anyways. Torque brought him here for a reason, right? And he's not about to spoil her moment. The scout takes a deep ex-vent and allows himself to smile. "What's all the fuss about?" he asks, but Mirage does as he asks. Quirking an optic ridge, he reaches up and puts a hand over his optics. "Surprise me, dear. You always do."

Oh, it'll be a surprise alright. The sound of the long curtain being drawn back along the wall is heard before Torque is heard making her way back, standing at his side and chiming softly, "Okay, open 'em.." And when he does.. It's quite the sight.

Before him lays Iacon.. Or well, one of the grander angles of its pre-war days, the high rise buildings giving the illusion of gleaming while the cityscape itself teams with a frozen image of daily life. At both edges of the image, it begins to bleed into separate scenes, one city after the next blended into one another as well as some of the more well known sights of Cybertron. Their homes, painted in their most beautiful times through the ages.

Helex bustles with industry, Vos flocks with aerialforms, the Crystal Forest shimmers and the Manganese Mountain range casts a mighty figure. Even Luna 2 is present, shown in a time that was kind to it. All of that and more grace the wall, showing as much of Cybertron as she could fit.

"..You're the first one to see this. Not even Lieu knows what the end result is." Torque mutters softly beside him, smiling affectionately. "I even painted Yuss.." A motion to one section of the wall, which indeed shows his hometown in its better days. "I could only go off of so much info and pictures of the places I've never been, but.. I hope it's how you remember it."

Mirage may have been pouting about being left out of the library's decorating just a short while ago, but that is out the window the moment he pulls his hand away from his optics. The scout freezes in place, his lip components puckered in a slight o of surprise. He has no words. His golden optics skate across the mural of Cybertron and he feels his spark constrict with awe. "You did this?" he asks Torque, squeezing the hand in his grip.

Honestly, Torque could have created anything and Mirage would be equally awed. But the fact that she'd taken the time to share a piece of Yuss with him and the rest of the ship is beyond flattering. Mirage pulls at the other mecha's arm, trying to pull her closer. The scout rests his helm on her shoulder and just takes a minute to stare.

"I'm honored that you've decided to share this with me, Torque. It's beautiful."

Torque's cheeks glow a soft hue of pink when she feels her hand squeezed and sees his reaction, smile growing and optics shining. "Mmhm. I wish I could've had it done when Lieutenant opened the library, but.. you see why it took so long." She had to switch shifts at the medibay and give Vortex more time on at the shop just to put in more time here. And this is only the beginning, as she plans to include the colonies in other rooms of the ship.

Pulled in against him, she doesn't resist and happily supports his helm when it rests at her shoulder, her own tilting back to press cheek against him. Looking back to the mural, Torque thoughtfully thumbs his hand in hers and murmurs softly, "And I'm glad you're the first one to see it."

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