2017-02-10 New Roomie Day

From Transformers: Lost and Found

New Roomie Day
Date 2017/02/10
Location Habsuites - Vortex and Gearstrip
Participants Vortex, Gearstrip
Summary Vortex moves into his new assigned habsuite.

Room rearrangements! How exciting! With any luck, he'll be bunking with an easily extorted mech! Oh, he's simply got his rotors crossed. Trundling along, pulling a cart with him, he looks over the Habsuite numbers. Aaaaand... There it is! New home sweet home! He enters in the new code he had to memorize before poking his head in. "Knock-knock! Anyone currently here?" He looks around to see what his new room has in store for him.

Her own things stowed neatly -- in so far as there are any to stow neatly, which is not actually that many -- Gearstrip looks up from her perch on her slab in the habsuite, alerted by the opening door. One of her feet is tucked beneath her as she sits, the other dangling off the side, her goggles pushed up atop the crown of her helm as she sits there, browsing over a datapad and attempting not to be at all nervous about change. In the hours since Skywarp relocated to his new suite, she has not /quite/ gotten used to the absence of chaos and detritus on the other side of the room, but it's certainly made a change from how things have been since she first moved in. Looking up at Vortex when he pokes his head in, she offers him a hesitant but sunny smile. "Hi," says Gearstrip.

Vortex is pleased to see a mostly organized and rather sparsely decorated habsuite. This'll do. And then his optics zero in on Gearstrip. By Primus, he could eat her up. Smiling beneath his mask, he twiddles his fingers to her. "Well, hey there, new roomie!" Looks like he'll just put away his possibly not legal belongings very carefully.

Vortex tromps in, rotors waggling as he pulls in the cart, which is filled with crates and boxes. "We met a while back, remember?"

"I do remember! Hi, Vortex." Gearstrip shifts, pulling her dangling foot up onto the slab with her so that she stands atop it, her hands dropping to her hips as she cants her head slightly to one side. Her pale optics flicker between Vortex's cart, over his rotors and up to his face. She asks, a little hesitatingly, "Do you need any help with all that stuff?"

"D'aw, none of that 'Vortex' stuff! You're my roomie! Just call me, Tex." He shutters his visor in a wink before moving his cart to the unoccupied berth. The Combaticon looks over the many containers, thinking it over. "Mmmm, I appreciate the offer but really! It's not needed. I'm a little particular about my things!" And illegal contraband has nothing to do with it. He picks up one of the smaller boxes, opening it and setting its contents on the empty slab. Little discs. "So, this is exciting, right?"

It's possible that Gearstrip is naive and ingenuous enough not to recognize illegal contraband. After all, Camien, and not the most sophisticated of the Camiens aboard; but she nods, easy acceptance of the polite refusal, and cants her head to one side, her smile crooking a little more crooked as he winks his visor at her. She says, "Okay, Tex." She hops down off the slab only to sit down again, drawing her heels inward. "Don't worry, I won't touch your stuff. I mean, I sometimes-- touched Skywarp's stuff. To move it out of the way. It-- kind of got everywhere. But, you know. I wasn't like, going through it. Or anything." Her nose scrunches just a little. "I do not think I'm very exciting roommate," she tells him apologetically. "Although I can fix stuff! If it breaks."

"I'm sure I can find excitement enough for the both of us," Vortex assures the Camien. He's just an exciting guy! With all the discs set out, he begins to take them and place them along the wall thanks to magnets. He activates them, small holograms revealing picture moments or small, looping videos of what was captured. Most are of the same four mechs over and over. A few have Vortex in them. "That's great because things always seem to break around me. Can't tell you why, heh. We should set up some ground rules first, right?"

Gearstrip glances only briefly at his holos, her attention skipping back to him again quickly. Though warm and friendly by nature, she has yet to abandon a certain quiet wariness, an uncertainty over the new shared space. Her relationship with Skywarp was brief periods of awkwardness followed by long periods of avoidance, generally speaking. And occasional arguments over whether Gearstrip is too 'Autobotty'. Her smile flashes a little wider, and then tilts a little more wry. "Sure, rules are okay," she says. "--I guess. I mean, I'm not a huge-- stickler. Or anything. But um." Her gaze narrows a little and she asks a more sensible question: "Okay, but rules like what?"

Vortex admires his set up of holo pics before reaching out and straightening the one of him and Brawl after they'd taken out some Autobot bunker. Good times. "Rules liiiiike... Let's not touch each other's stuff and other things like that." Returning to his cart, he puls up a lil tool box and sets it on the room's desk. "And don't open that."

"Okay," Gearstrip says. Somewhat inevitably, she asks: "Why, what is it? Oh. Is it-- like, personal?" She swings her feet, and then drops back on the slab; she rolls onto her side, stretching out her small frame and then propping her cheek against her palm as she looks up at him with bright curiosuty. "I don't have much stuff, so you won't have much temptation, I guess."

"Uh..." Vortex looks at the tool box, claws caressing the latch that keeps it closed as he remembers. His time at that torture circus where he had enough sense while cut open to grab all the tools he could that were used against him. Never know when one might need a laser scalpel! He pats the lid. "You guessed it, very personal, heh. And guess that's good..." He does like touching things, admitedly. "Well, that's covered- what about recharge habits?"

"I like ... to be recharged when I'm done?" Gearstrip is not helpful. Watching Vortex with her hand propping her cheek, she crosses her feet and dawdles her fingers idly over the slab in front of her. It's a very 'sleepover' kind of pose. "Maintenance crew gets weird hours sometimes. I'll try and keep quiet if my shifts are wacky."

"That'd be much appreciated," Vortex tells her cheerily as he opens up the crate- arguably the biggest thing on the cart- and leans in. "Security can get some weird hours too. I don't make any promises to quiet, though. I'm a... But of a restless sleeper? I've been told I don't stop moving when I recharge, heh." He pulls out opaque tupperware-esque containiers, ranging in size. "Hey, do we have a closet?"

"Sure--" Gearstrip points, stretching out her foot to point towards the small closet space at the side of the room. "Storage is all yours. Most of my crap fits under the slab. I'm little, and all." She grins and then the grin fades, quickly. "There's no way you're going to be as noisy as my last roommate unless you're actively trying, which-- I mean I guess you could. I've got some audial blockers."

Vortex flashes Gearstrip another hidden smile, rotors flicking as he carries all the tupperware to the storage closet. Out of sight is better with these. "Nah, I won't try to make noise during the recharge hours. I'm a Combaticon, not evil. But... I might, hum, wake up with a scream or something? Probably best for you not to move or talk to me until I settle down."

"Aw." Gearstrip's immediate expression is one of concern, the last vestige of smile blanking clean from her features. "I'm sorry," she says. "I know the war has done that to a lot of you. Don't worry, I'll do what I can not to bother you." She sits up again, teeth set against the curve of her lower lip as she watches him with a kind of anxious sympathy. "Do you need me to do anything when that happens?"

Vortex is about to bark a laugh. Because it funny. Because this war has nothing to do with his screams. He almost forgot how colonists are... He pauses to glance at Gearstrip and in the ened, doesn't laugh. His rotors flutter almost wryly. "Not much you can do. Just let me ride it out. And definitly don't go approaching me."

When he finishes moving all his tupperware, he puts his hands on his hips. What's that you say? A small dismembered body could fit in those containers. Shush, that's crazy talk. Vortex nods to himself and goes back to the last few remaining boxes, filled hodge-podge items. "I think that's all we need to worry about though. Oh! I'm seeing an Aerialbot- you don't mind if he comes over, yeah?"

"Okay. Sorry." Resting her hands on her knees, Gearstrip looks up at him. She tilts her head to one side. "Why would I mind?" she asks. "I mean, if you want me to go away a little warning would be nice so I can figure out where to go with myself, but no, I don't mind." She leans forward, dropping the fold of her arms against her thighs.

Man, Gearstrip is just filled with all the right answers! Not overly prying or anything- delightful! Vortex turns suddenly. "Warning, got it! Oh, we're gonna be such good roommates! I have movies we can watch togehter and everything- this'll be fun!" He teeters on his toes as he speaks.

Tilting her head to the other side, Gearstrip smiles again. "Movies like what Swerve and Rewind do sometimes? I've never really stuck around for that. Our performance art on Caminus is mostly like-- music and art. I have an amica endura at home, Flyby, she does ... you know, aerial dancing?"

"Aerial dancing?" Boring. "Cool! I'm a flyer but no dancer myself. I do like to fancy myself an artist of some calibre, though... But yeah, we should watch movies sometime. Probably of an appropriate rating for you."

"Aerial dancing?" Boring. "Cool! I'm a flyer but no dancer myself. I do like to fancy myself an artist of some calibre, though... But yeah, we should watch movies sometime. Probably of an appropriate rating for you." Vortex moves closer to the small Camien, a glint in his optics. Gonna cement their first roomie interaction right proper.

Tilting her head back as she watches him approach, Gearstrip drops her hands flat against the slab to either side of her hips. "What, rating?" she asks, baffled. "What's that mean?" Nothing flies over her head, she would catch it.

"Most movies and stuff are rated. From 'soft spark' to 'DJD massacre', more or less. Then there's genres- I'm sure we'll find your favorite." Vortex pauses, going stiff... Before springing forward. ROOMIE HUG TIME.

Pale optics going round in a distinct startle, Gearstrip tenses at his sudden pounce. She's not quick enough to dodge the totally unexpected hug attack, but neither does she melt into the warmth of the embrace. She -- sits there, stiff and uncertain. "Oh," she says in a high, squeaky little voice. "Hello." (Yes, they've been through this already.) "We're hugging now!" she adds. Still squeaky.

Hug obtained! Vortex doesn't squeeze too hard, just enough of a squeeze to get the idea across. "Yes! We are! It's what friends do." He looks at her with a smile one could see even with the facemask. He pauses. "We can be friends right?"

"Uh, sure?" Gearstrip still seems a little confused by what has happened here, her hands lifted. She reaches up, extending her hand alllll the way up to pat Vortex's head gently at the side of his facemask. Is this OK. She has no idea. "I like friends. Friends are great."

Vortex's rotors give a quick spin with the pat, a light breeze fluttering around the room. "That's great!" He sets her down and pats her head. "Great first roomie day, don't you think?"

Gearstrip laughs as though despite herself. She scrubs her hand at the base of her neck, her optics narrowing with the width of her smile. "It certainly beats a lot of alternatives," she tells him easily. "Happy roomie day, Tex."

Vortex laughs. "Happy roomie day, Goggles! Now, I've got to return this cart to where I found it. It was hanging around medibay." He looks at it for a long moment. "... I hope that's not an unconscious guy in alt mode... Welp, better get going but I'll be back." He sends her another smile before strolling out, whistling off tune.

Gearstrip opens her mouth and then closes it. AN UNCONSCIOUS GUY? No, okay, that was a joke. Right? A joke? She goes, "Haha," a little weakly, and flops back down on her slab again. This is definitely going to be an adventure.

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