2017-02-02 Civilized Chat

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-02-02 Civilized Chat
Date 2017/02/02
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Skydive, Vortex
Summary Vortex needs Skydive's help.

Skydive doesn't seem to frequent the more social spots on the ship, so he hasn't gotten into any recent hijinx lately. ..And that's just the way he'd prefer it, honestly. He's the 'look from afar' sort, anyway.

Continuing the theme of a quiet lifestyle, the mech spends a bit of his downtime at the library. He really should finish collecting that donation for Lieutenant, but it's never been terribly easy to part with his texts. Soon, hopefully. Anyway, with a few datapads occupying one of the tables on the first floor, Skydive wiles away his time casually flipping through a journal of planetary exploration.

Vortex looks spectacularly extra scrawny without his rotors. Not even scrappy, just scrawny. But that's what happens when you stress fracture your rotors while showing off, you gotta wait for them to be mended proper before being able to use them again. So, with a definite lack of scissoring or shwinging or rustling or any other sort of rotor sounds, Vortex takes a seat across from Skydive.

He stares at the Aerialbot a moment before scooting himself closer... And then another scoot. And another. "I sat back a little further than I wanted, sorry... There." Vortex sets his elbows on the table so his hands could hold his chin. "... Hey."

Skydive has been rather engrossed with this particular datapad, so it comes as a surprise when Vortex all of a sudden appears before him. The Aerialbot is mindful enough not to jump when his new company drops down in the seat, but his wings are telling enough when they hike up a tad and he looks up, fixing the mech with a blank look tinged slightly with curiosity.

This persists as Vortex noisily scoots forward, Skydive blinking slowly until his guest finally settles. "...Hello." He replies back, letting it hang there a good few moments before following up. "..Is there something I can do for you?"

Vortex can read wing well enough. And Skydive is being polite, at best. His shoulders twitch, a hand falling to tap the table. Without rotors to constantly move and express, the rest of him is making up for it ten fold. He looks almost anxious. "Er, uh... Yeeees? Yes... ... So, how've you been? You don't get up to much do you?"

Reigning back in his emotion, Skydive's wings flick back to a more neutral position and his optics fall half-mast behind his glasses while looking back down to read his datapad. "I have been well." The words aren't overtly curt, but they're rigid enough to show Vortex's stance with him. It's a hard place for someone to be with the usually proper and polite mech, but the Combaticon did mess with family.

"And I do plenty it's simply not what you do." Another stretch of beats pass before he looks up again, expectant. "...You said I could do something for you. Yes?"

Vortex tilts his head up at that. "Oh, that's good. Goodgoodgood..." Primus, it's hard to talk to this guy. "Er, yeah. But, I mean. With other people. You don't do much... With other... ... Peop- yes! I do." He leans back... And then forward. Tip-tap goes his fingers. "... Have your faceplates always been that color or do you get them painted or what?"

Only hard for you, Tex. Skydive would argue he isn't as much of a people person as Vortex is, but he's quieted when the other gets to the point. ...Only to not. Finally Skydive sets his datapad down, quiet, yet weighted with purpose. The mech keeps his posture straight while looking upon the copter, expression flat and bearing, like that of a teacher waiting for an answer. "The point, Vortex."

The need to be petulant grows under the teacher stare... But instead, Vortex avoids making optic contact with Skydive, sinking in his chair a bit. "Alright, alright... Just trying not to be rude..." Because coming in with a request flat out is rude... Right? He's trying. After a bit of squirming in his seat, he glances up. Teacher glare is super effective! "What's Air Raid dream about? Like, dream about doing or being or the future..."

Honestly, Skydive would have prefered Vortex be upfront about what he wanted. Though he expected it to be a stupid request or question, the one asked is able to settle the flier, his entirety relaxing a little and his hard expression melting into a more appealing softness. "His dreams..?"

Optics fall to the side and downwards, searching for some invisible thing while speaking of his brother. "..Hard to say. I've known Air Raid for millions of years and he's always been the type to guard his more personal feelings, even wants like that. He was a freelancer when we met, so maybe something like that again. It's hard to say with our freedom so freshly aquired." He hangs there, thinking, before blue optics lift to look at Vortex less harshly. "..What of you? Truthfully."

Vortex huffs. Of course Air Raid was guarded. Mech gets close to personal and changes the subject faster than he can turn around. "Freelancer? What kind of freelancer?" Such an umbrella term, he needs specifics! The question aimed at him has him sitting up straighter. "Oh, uh..."

Vortex's look intensifies, mulling over what was asked... Then he pulls a little clicker out of subspace, spinning it in his fingers. He hasn't had to use this in a while, the effect has tension leaving his shoulders. "I dunno... I don't think what I want and what I dream are the same things... Or maybe what I dream is what I want but not what I need... I can't tell the difference. It's all too soon for me to know or tell anyways." He may be a leap before you look kind of mech for the heck of it but serious life matters? He's always wary- he'd rather not have to think about them. He's running out of things to do instead of confronting them though. Stupid life.

"Perhaps you should ask him." Skydive muses softly, becoming a bit more amicable with his brother as the topic. As for Vortex's wants for the future, the mech offers thoughtfully, "I suppose many of us are in that boat. But we don't all have to make a decision and settle down seeing as we have the whole of space to enjoy." Or well, the parts that don't have Cybertronians or mechanical life. Maybe they'll change their minds someday.

"Thankfully we have all the time to figure it out, now, so doing nothing for a while won't hurt." Focusing a bit more on his company again, Skydive's tone remains soft when asking, "..Did you only come to ask of Raid's ambitions, or did you want to talk about something else involving him." Meaning the whole watch fiasco.

Its always easier for folks to say all of that when they don't think about horrible stuff a lot. "Doing nothing sounds a bit boring though..." Vortex muses, chin lifting as Skydive continues to question him. He smiles. "Heh, guess you are pretty smart. Ah, yeah. See... With Raid, I... I'm..." He shifts on his seat, sitting up straight. "I'm trying to think of a good date to go on with him. But I dunno what he'd like. Do you know what he'd like?"

Skydive wonders if he'll ever get a proper apology out of this mech. ..Likely not. But he seems more concerned about the wellbeing of his brother, so he focuses more on that when Vortex asks of date advice. "...Take him out flying." He finally says after a pause, almost reluctant to share. "Somewhere remote, rocky terrain and trees, if we come across another planet like that."

Skydive looks down to the table now, clearly mulling over something as the tips of his digits tap the tabletop faintly. "..Listen to me, Vortex. As someone who also has a team, a family, please understand.." He lifts his helm to look to him directly, sculpted lips beset by a slight frown, concern behind his optics. "I love my brothers. I would do anything for them. Die for them. ..But Air Raid has always been the closest to me. Do whatever you wish involving me, but don't hurt him again. That's all I ask of you."

Vortex nearly throws his hands into the air. But this the library, no time for that. "But he goes flying with you. With other flyers. I just went flying and broke a rotor- I want to do something special. Something we don't do a lot and-" The Combaticon's vocalizer dies down as he's told to listen and he... supposes he can do that. So he shuts up.

Ah yes, teammates, brotherhood, family... He understands that. He understands wanting to do a lot for them, even putting one's life on the line. Vortex spins his little trinket again. "Yeah... I don't want to hurt him... That's why I'm trying to plan a special date. S'why flying isn't enough."

No answer will likely ease Skydive's worries, but Vortex's reply seems like a good start. Relaxing from his worry, the Aerialbot now refocuses his attention on the matter at hand. He rubs over his chin, pondering. "..He's always been the showy sort. Lots of bravado.. I'm sure you've seen he can be much different in private, so why not start there? Something away from the public, simple and.. well, natural. It doesn't have to be a big show if it's from the spark and well meant."

Vortex giggles a little. "Showy and bravado, I love it when he does those things. Like picking me up." What a strong show off, hehe. He leans forward as Skydive continues, tapping his chin. "Private, simple, natural..." Uhhhhh... "Naaaaatuuuuuurallll... Whaaaaat about the botany lab? Ah- oh, its a terran term- picnic! A picnic in the botany lab. I could set it up. It could be a surprise!" He looks to Skydive. Ehhh?

Skydive wouldn't have figured it's what Vortex would choose, but he doesn't appear against it. In fact he gains a somewhat lopsided smile, a soft vent followed on the end by a hum of amusement. "I think he'd enjoy that. ..If you need my help regarding any of that, I would be glad to give it." He still doubts Vortex's overall intentions for his brother, still seeing it as a fling, but he'll help a little if it means perhaps Vortex proving him wrong.

Vortex smiles and titters under the approval. Yes, that's what he wanted. "Yeah, I'll let you know. I might need you to lure him there... It ought to be a good surprise." He ought to go see what's actually in the botany lab sometime. Doesn't Skystalker work there or something? "Thanks for the help."

"You'll be fine. He's a simple mech, so as long as you mean it I'm sure he will enjoy it. And I'm sure some downtime in general would be nice." Skydive holds a more active smile now, light and kind. Taking his datapad, he sets it on the stack near him and picks it up after standing. "Anyway... I'm glad I could help you figure something out. But I think it's time I tidy up and perhaps go to the oil baths before the day's end." They may not have solar cycles on the ship, but they're still regulated by time.

Looking up as he puts away a datapad on a nearby ship, he asks curiously, "Was there anything else you wanted to ask of me..?"

Simple, simple Air Raid... Vortex snickers to himself, watching Skydive. Is it just him or does the Aerialbot seem more friendly around him? He puffs up a bit- guess his charm can't be resisted. "Sounds like a plan to me... Oh, er... Nope, don't think so! Though you didn't answer me about your faceplates."

He.. was serious about the face question? That actually surprises Skydive a little. Enough to give his orange cheeks the slightest tinge of pink as he quickly glances away back to the bookshelf, clearing his vocals softly. "My... face has always been this color, I assure you." It's always gotten looks, honestly, since it's not the standard grey like most.

"Hmmm... Cool." Vortex nods in nods in approval. He almost asked if he was made to have such sculpted features- honestly, have you SEEN this guy?!- but that might... Come off the wrong way. "Now, do you know where the books on plants are?"

It's probably for the best, if only to spare Skydive's face an even pinker shade. It may be one of the reasons he isn't social much, either. Less attention. Either way, the mech resets his vocoder again at the question and nods off to the opposite side of the first floor. "Fifth row, halfway down on the left." That said, he tries to stifle his blushing by removing himself, giing Vortex a nod of farewell before slipping away, further into the library.

Vortex waves his farewell to the aerialbot. This went way better than he thought it would! "Thanks again!" Now, to make sure Lieutenant isn't around and steal some library books.

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