2017-01-31 Rekindled Broship

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-01-31 Rekindled Broship
Date 2017/01/31
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Deluge, Inferno
Summary The fire truck bros are back together again

Inferno wasn't 'in the loop', so to speak, but he had of course heard the news that Deluge had returned from his sudden and unexpected trip, probably because he'd made a point to be up to date on ship's news ever since said departure, so that he'd know when news of what was going on with his friend was received. The only problem was that he'd also kind of taken on a couple of double shifts for the days following Deluge's return, as one of the other security officers had come down with something Not Good and a temporary replacement was needed. Inferno, of course, had stepped up to the plate, but. By the time he got done he'd pass out on his berth, usually just after sending a comm or two to Red Alert, little things to let Red know he was thinking of him, and therefore had no time to give Deluge the welcome back gesture the mech deserved. So when he finally got a day off again, Inferno immediately commed Deluge to see if he was free, when they could meet up, etc, and was currently waiting for Deluge's arrival at Swerve's. Sitting at the bar, seat beside him reserved, Inferno idly taps his fingers against the glass of engex he's holding. Another waits next to him on the counter for Deluge. Inferno can't help the excited grin he's wearing - he's missed his friend, and now they can catch up.

Deluge had a lot to catch up on since his departure. So much paperwork, new faces on duty, changes in policies here and there. His plate has been thoroughly filled for a bit, but thankfully it began to ease up when Inferno offered a meetup. As if he'd say no!

"'FERNO!" A large voice booms from the doorway, cutting over the chatter of the bar. Heavy steps are quick when coming up behind the firetruck, a thick arm suddenly wrapping around Inferno's helm and pulling it close to Deluge's chest as knuckles dig affectionately at the top of his helm in a noogie. "Mech, have I missed yah! How've yah been, big red??"

Inferno looks up at the familiar voice shouting his name, and his faceplates are breaking into a grin even as Deluge comes up behind him and drags him into a noogie. He laughs, servo curling around the arm delivering the knuckle rubs, optics bright with mirth and joy. "I missed ya too, Del! It's been a while!" Any hurt he may have felt at Deluge suddenly leaving without saying anything to him doesn't make it into his tone. "You know, same old same old..." His cheeks turn a light pink. He'll tell Deluge about the developments that have happened while Del was gone after-- "How've you been? Ain't been the same around here without ya."

Deluge chuckles heartily while showering his friend with brotherly love, only relenting when Inferno asks how he's mech. Releasing him, Deluge gives the mech a clap on the shoulder before dropping into the seat beside him, offering a nod in thanks for the drink and taking a sip.

"Oi, mech.." He vents softly after swallowing, a large hand rubbing across his face. "Been a helluva time, I'll tell yah. ...First, lemme say I'm sorry for not tellin' you I was gonna leave. I didn't really tell much of anyone." Except probably Tailgate, but even that was a vague message of leave. "I ah.. I went to go find someone, now that I could. Try to settle my own mind about if they're dead or alive still, y'know?"

Inferno's still grinning as Deluge sits, going back to taking swallows of his own drink, nodding in a silent 'you're welcome' at Deluge's gratitude. Least he could do, right?

Whatever tension he'd felt over Deluge leaving without a word dissipates instantly at the apology, and the grin grows softer, fonder. "Hey, 'salright. I was just worried you'd get inta trouble where I couldn't get you out of it," 'Ferno reassures, knuckling against Deluge's shoulder. He goes quiet when the rest comes, again nodding, though this time in understanding. "I getcha. Got good news, I hope?" He's ready to comfort, of course, if the answer is no.

Deluge's dipping mood is brought back up by the knock to his shoulder, a half-smile crooking on his rugged features. "Heh, well I found plenty of that along the way. Mech, should'a seen some of the dives I stopped in. Had to hide the badge most've the time." He thumbs his Autobot emblem before brightening at the question, a more genuine happiness lighting his optics. "Great news! He's been fine this whole time. Work kinda.. had to drive him underground, which is why we lost touch, but I couldn't believe it when I actually.. saw him." His thoughts wander back to the memory, a fonder smile touching his lips and a bit of color of his cheeks. ..Of course he tries to recover from this with a clearing of his vocals, rubbing the back of his neck.

"So ah.. yeah. He may come here. Or I go there. But I've got his comm again so we can talk, after so long.." Communications will get bugged a lot for some long distance calls, for sure.

    <FS3> Inferno rolls Obliviousness: Good Success. (2 2 8 2 3 8)

"So I was right ta worry," Inferno teases. "Ya always seem to manage to find trouble." Luckily for you, Deluge, he doesn't notice the the difference in smile or the flush to faceplates. He's too busy being happy for you, which is showcased with the way he surges forward to wrap Deluge in a tight hug, a pure laugh gurgling up from his chassis. "That's fantastic, Del! I'm glad ya found him, and ya got ta see him! But I gotta say..." Inferno pulls back, taking up his drink again, smiling almost coyly over the rim of the glass, "Ya better convince him ta come here. Who else'll hit the oil baths every other day with me if you leave? Plus I wanna meet 'im." 'Ferno may not have caught the hint at what Deluge's true relationship was with this mech, but he was clearly important to Del, which meant he was important to Inferno!

"Well yah know my nickname is 'trouble' so--Ergh!" Deluge cockily replies, which isn't true at all, before he's caught up in a big hug from the equally strong truck and venting a wheezing laugh through it. "Eheh! Thanks, mech, I'm glad I don't have to keep worrying anymore." As for the bath comment, he snorts and gives the other a playful elbow. "Tch, as if I'd ever miss out on a bath. Surprised we're not aquatic frames with how much time we spend in there. And heh, I'll be sure to bring you next time I call and you can say hey."

Back to his drink, he polishes off a good portion of it and clears his vocals. "Only other thing is.. I dunno what to do about Lieu. I kinda had to.. cut it off." He flexes his jaw, scratching over it anxiously as his brow scrunches. "He said he was happy I found Fray, but I dunno if I believe it fully. I figure maybe I should just give him a lot of space for now.."

"It's a good feelin', ain't it, knowin' things're okay." Inferno turns serious, sorta, for just a moment, own thoughts wandering toward Beachcomber, Blaster, and of course, Red Alert. He can't say things are okay really for Red, but the other two...there was a long time there that things were absolutely, completely not okay, and having them both on the ship, where he can see them, see that they're safe, is definitely a wonderful feeling.

'Ferno chuckles as he fidgets when Deluge elbows him. "Hey, maybe we can get a frame change, become fire rescue boats instead, huh? Then we'd get ta be in the water all the time...and thanks, I'd like that. A lot." He's about to go on, ask for more details on the adventures Deluge had, but. The mention of Lieu draws him up short, and finally it clicks in his processor as to why Del was so intent on finding this mech. "Oh. I'm sorry, Del...that's rough." Understatement, surely. "Yeah, givin' him some space sounds like a good idea...I reckon he'll need some time ta come to terms."

Deluge is still trying to process that day, even if it did end a little nicer with them talking. He supposes all he can do is wait and see how much time will heal. "Right.." He nods and gives a soft, sighing vent, but does his best to draw himself back up and take his glass in hand again, smirking lightly to Inferno. "Enough about me 'n my slag. What's been going on with you since I last saw yah?"

    <FS3> Inferno rolls Comforting: Good Success. (8 3 5 2 5 6 2 6 8)

Inferno tilts his helm, kibble-wings shifting somewhat downward in sympathy, before he's shifting his chair over so that he's close enough for their arms to brush. It's not another huge display of bro affection like the hug, but he's hoping to convey a comforting touch, an 'I'm here' sort of gesture. Just the reassurance of physical contact.

When the question comes as to how things have been going for him, though, Inferno ducks his helm, his own cheeks heating as energon rushes to the area, fingers fiddling with his glass of engex. Before he answers he follows Deluge's earlier example and downs a good amount of its contents before, with a bashful smile at the floor, he slowly says, "Ya know...all that stuff that was goin' on with me an' Red? Well, uh, we're kinda. Together. Sorta."

Deluge is thankful for the touch, offering a grateful smile as he nurses his drink. But he perks up when he sees Inferno's mood change so suddenly, blinking in a moment of confusion until the mech lets slip the good news. If ever there were a time for Deluge to have the biggest grin on his face, now would be it. A happy laugh barks from him and a hand swings around, clapping Inferno on the back in a congratulatory manner. "'Bout time! Heheh, 'Ferno, you dog!" Arm around his shoulders, he gives him a little shake. "Good on yah, mech. You two are pretty damn cute together, I'm happy for yah!"

Inferno can't help himself; the clap on the back, the laugh, the way Deluge puts an arm around him - even though he's not quite sure about how things with Red will go yet, he's laughing himself, leaning against the larger firetruck, blushing harder but in a delighted way. His kibble-wings shoot up to their usual position, headlights even giving a few happy flashes. "Like I got anythin' on you," he shoots back, jokingly, as he settles himself against Deluge's side. Yup, this is his home now. "Heh, thanks. I'm happy too, I just..." And now it's Inferno's turn to be a bit down as reality comes crashing in on him. The grin fades, the laughter dies, his kibble-wings droop again. "I'm worried I'm gonna screw it all up. I don't wanna hurt Red any more'n he's already been hurt, but after the thing know..." His voice goes quiet, seeing as the person he's talking about is running this very bar, and has only recently been serving him drinks without skittering away immediately.

But 'Ferno isn't about to let his fears keep the mood down when he's here to celebrate, and so the smile swiftly returns as he looks up at Deluge and holds out his drink. "A toast ta us havin' good news."

"Me? Why, I've got no idea what you're talkin' about." Deluge says with faux innocence, miming a haughty sniff. He's a saint, truly! But there isn't any complaint from him when Inferno rests against him, the big brute letting his arm drape more casually across his shoulders while he supports him.

"Hey now, don't get all down on me." He smirks fondly to the other mech and gives a bit of his wing kibble a pinch. "We're war mechs. A scrap here and there's not gonna kill us. Plus, you're one of the nicest mechs I know, so I'm sure things'll be alright." It's true, considering how many times Inferno's had to hold Deluge back from a fight.

He's happy at least to see 'Ferno brighten up, doing so as well and clinking his glass against the other. "To good news and good friends."

That also helps in cheering Inferno up, that little comment of Deluge's 'innocence'. He gives a soft snort, resting his helm on the larger mech's broad shoulder, engine coming to life with a rumbling purr of content. Saint, sure, whatever you think, Del...not that it would ever actually matter to Inferno anyway. He waits until after their glasses have clinked, until after he's swallowed down the rest of his drink for the toast, before saying, "Yeah, yer right...guess I'm just nervous, heh. I ain't been in a relationship in, scrap, what, nearly a million years? Got so caught up in the war, an' it ain't all that popular ta get attached like that...anyway. Thanks, Del." There's a fond squeeze of the arm that has snaked its way around Deluge's frame so a hand can curl at his waist, accompanied by a little nuzzle of his helm against Deluge's plating. "I meant what I said, it really ain't been the same without ya here."

"True, but when did that ever stop anyone? We can love and we can hate, we've got the right." Deluge nods firmly at that. It may not be popular, but they can still feel. As for the further affection from Inferno, Deluge isn't exactly the best at this, not as much into touchy feely. Still, despite that it's still Inferno, the big mech rubbing the back of his neck in a bit of bashfulness while letting the other be comfortable. "Ah, 'Ferno.. Heh, glad to be back, mech. Promise I won't be goin' anywhere for a good while."

That said, he looks to tender on duty and taps the bar. "'Nother round, on me." Best way to celebrate is to get drunk!

    <FS3> Inferno rolls Obliviousness: Good Success. (7 3 1 2 6 7)

"Yeah, yeah. Right again, heh." It's what Inferno's been telling himself for millennia, anyway. Unlike some mechs aboard this ship (coughSandstormcough) Inferno wasn't against the idea of being attached, and in fact was in favor of it. Unless it was toxic, of course, but that was a different story. But at the moment...

Unfortunately for Deluge, Inferno is into the touchy feely, and he has a lot of bro snugs to catch up on, what with how long Deluge had been gone. "Good. I still gotta beat ya at that strength measurin' game in the practice rooms, anyway, and I can't do that if ya ain't here." He grins at the call for more drinks, perfectly happy to remain tucked up against Deluge while they get plastered. Definitely the best way to celebrate.

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