2017-01-28 Space Invader

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-01-28 Space Invader
Date 2017/01/28
Location Lost Light - Habsuites - Common Lounge
Participants Madrigal, Starstruck
Summary Starstruck was just trying to be friendly, he swears!

Again Madrigal finds himself looking for entertainment outside his rooms or the practice rooms. This is the first time he's actually spent time in the common lounge without Whetstone, which is a bit odd to think and maybe a bit depressing. He's been too much a shut-in since boarding the ship. The minibot has set himself up in the corner bend of one of the couches, curled up in an illogical configuration and sharpening his dagger set. The sliding rasp is accompanied by soft humming as he works, an old showtune.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Saxophone: Failure. (5 5 4 4 6 5 3 6)

So, things Starstruck can't do yet: play his sax while walking, or more accurately, jiving down the halls, like a true blues musician would be able to. He keeps running into things, like walls, corners, other mechs, even tripping over his own pedes at one point. He's not able to watch where he's going while he's focused on the SOUL of the MUSIC, at least not yet. So by the time he reaches the common lounge he's letting the instrument hang 'round his neck and giving a bit of a defeated sigh. Ah well, he'll just play while he's sitting down.

As he enters, Starstruck, as always, gives the room a brief sweep of a glance to see who's about, and his gaze lands on the minibot sharpening knives on the couch. Oh! He knows that one, from the security files! And, being Starstruck, he immediately plops himself onto the couch beside Madrigal and extends a servo. "Hey! We haven't met yet, but I'm Starstruck. You're Madrigal, right?" As if he didn't already know that.

It takes a few seconds of Madrigal blinking down at the hand before the bird carefully extends a wing, blades folded back from the claw there, to shake hands. Both of his are busy with his other wing, but that's the beauty of having so many limbs. "A pleasure to meet you." He can't emote a smile, but the cheery upturn of his optics should suffice. "Though you have me at a disadvantage, I should assume you are either an officer or a member of the ship's security force?"

Whoa that is so fucking cool. Starstruck is quite, heh, star struck, optics brightening beneath his visor as he grins. Because of course this is his first response to meeting someone new. This gay ass don't quit. "You got it the second time! I'm in security, so I read your file." The realization of a 'knight of the circle of light' probably not being super into hanging out with a Decepticon pirate (not that anyone knows that shhh) has obviously not entered his mind yet. "I know pretty much everybody on the ship...or their names at least, heh."

<FS3> Madrigal rolls Tact: Success. (2 2 8)

Madrigal's smile persists while he, again, carefully pulls his wing back to hold it away from anything it could cut. Blade safety and all that. "I see! That must be quite useful." He finishes sharpening the knife in hand, slotting it back into place on his wing and picking out another one. "You're a musician as well?" He reaches out -- this time with a hand -- to tap a finger against the saxophone.-

Starstruck is fascinated by the blades Madrigal has like, everywhere, but not for the reasons one may think. It reminds him more of his best friend, Wrangler, still lightyears away on the Revenge. Wrangler had a penchant for knives, though his were slotted into his forearms. A Jeep doesn't exactly have wings to make into blades, after all.

"Guess so! Mostly it helps me keep track of everyone. For the job, obviously, and for social stuff too." Star glances down at the tapping, and. Oh yeah. His sax is there. "Yeah, though I only just started learning the sax, usually I'm more of a singing and dancing type. But after my friend taught me some guitar, I thought I'd learn another instrument, yanno?" Again: referring to Wrangler.

Madrigal's optics dim but his voice is no less chipper. "I see, that must be quite the time sink. I understand instruments are difficult to learn." He pauses, tips his head. "And you've picked up two, that's quite impressive." While he's kept his primary optics focused on Starstruck, the Knight's secondary set is watching his hands, ensuring he doesn't ruin the blade.

Whether Madrigal is bored or not by what Starstruck is saying, Star won't notice. And even if he did he wouldn't stop. "They're not so bad, just takes a lot of practice. Same goes for using weapons and stuff, right?" He nods toward the blade Madrigal is currently working on. "Playing instruments isn't too much different than learning any other skill. You just gotta put in the time and the work. And just like with fighting, some mechs get it faster than others, but that doesn't mean the slower ones can't do it."

<FS3> Madrigal rolls Tact: Failure. (1 5 5)

Done with this blade, Madrigal slots it into place, filling out the last dagger-feather of his wing. "You're much chattier than I thought you'd be. Does everyone get their space encroached upon in such a manner or is this a freak occurance?" All four optics focus up at the bus, Madrigal leaning back into the corner as much as his frame will allow.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Friendship Magnetism: Good Success. (7 1 7 4 3 8 4 1)

Leaning back against the couch, Starstruck laughs, not upset by the blunt - and rather rude - question in the slightest. "Space encroached--? I mean, if you're really that busy, I'll leave you be, but I like to get to know mechs! There's a lot of interesting people on the ship that I still haven't met. It's fun to talk to new faces, get to know them, make friends." Look at him, so pure, so friendly, casually resting an arm on the back of the couch as he grins over at Madrigal. "We're all supposed to be getting along now that the war's over, right? That's what I'm doing. I even got to hang out with the captain! He's pretty cool. I like his spoiler."

For all Madrigal had been trained and groomed for appearances in high society, its been millions of years since then, and he's more willing to speak his mind now than he might have been before. An optical ridge raises while his hands fold in his lap, wings held high and very still. "You didn't think to ask before sitting and engaging in conversation. Which, starting on a basis of knowing someone's name is startlingly creepy, your position may afford you that information but I would have preferred to introduce myself." His tone has turned chastizing, fingers moving to tic off each of these infractions.

Starstruck is having flashbacks to another mech he'd met in this very room, who'd acted pretty similar to his attempts at befriending. Well, it hadn't exactly done anything to halt his attempts then, and it still wouldn't now. He just snorts out a vent, tilting his helm. "You don't socialize much, I'm guessing. You don't really ask someone if it's okay to say hi or talk to them unless it's like, public transit, and it's a stranger. But this ship - we're all in it together, you know? It's not just a bunch of strangers you see for your commute every day, we're a crew." Star crosses his arms and shifts slightly to face Madrigal further. "And if I hadn't told you I was in security, how would you even know that's how I got your name? We're a community here. Mechs know of each other. Mechs talk about each other. I could've heard about you from anybody. To me, it sounds more like you're not used to being friendly with others, and that's a shame."

"Not to be contrary but I socialize quite often." Madrigal straightens a bit, folding his legs under him to smoothly boost up onto the back of the couch, he hates looking up at people. "Crew we may be but that doesn't make you immune to basic courtesies. You were a stranger several minutes ago and the past few haven't changed that." he tips his head quizzically. He vents slow and steady in tandem with an odd, repetitive movement of fingers. "The environment and social structure here is... really different from Theophany. I am still adjusting."

Star shrugs, taking his mistake in stride. As usual. "And see, that's why I came over, so we wouldn't be strangers anymore! Now you know who I am, and I get to put an actual mech to the name on a file. Meet and greet, that's how you get to know people." He does, at least, shift away a bit, because apparently being several feet away isn't enough for this guy, before he mirrors the gesture of tilting his helm, though he does it out of curiosity. "Hey, that's okay. We're all still adjusting. It's not a transition that's gonna happen overnight, after all. But...if it's okay, can I ask what Theophany was like?" Look, see, he's asking first. You can chill.

Madrigal's feathers unruffle a bit at the extra bit of space and he visibly relaxes. Starstruck gets a noncommittal hum in response, optics slipping half-shut. The question about Theophany - why did he even mention it, people always ask after he mentions it - turns his expression significantly more downcast, wings folding in and against his back. "You can. I cannot guarantee a good answer." And there's none of the indignation of before, Madrigal just sounds tired and a bit sad.

Oh good, it worked! Starstruck's smile is a bit gentler than his usual excited beaming. Fingers unconsciously tap at his sax, antennae shifting a few degrees. The smile shifts once more toward understanding as he shakes his helm. "That's fine. If you don't wanna talk about it, I won't ask. It's not really my business anyway, right? I was just curious." Because from the mini's body language, it seems this is a hard topic for Madrigal. And while his first impression wasn't great, he's not someone who pushes when it's upsetting or uncomfortable. Gossip he may be, but that doesn't mean he'll hurt someone to get at information, especially considering... "We can talk about something else, noticed my saxophone. Do you like music? Play anything?"

Again a halfhearted nod is Madrigal's response, fingers working through that odd sequenced movement again. He gives one full-body resettling of armor, sitting up straighter and visibly composing himself. The action is completed with his antenna canting forward, hands propping against the couch back either side of his legs. "I'm a bit useless outside of swordplay, I used to dance." He offers, tapping a foot against the couch. "I don't particularly enjoy music, though."

He waits for Madrigal to pull himself together, so to speak. When he speaks again, Starstruck's face lights up at the mention of dancing, and the visible effort on his part is him keeping himself from scootching across the couch to get closer in his excitement. Instead he remains in place, those his antennae jerk back to being pointed straight up, his piercings swinging. "What kind of dance? I know a lot of Earth ones myself, but there are some Cybertronian dances I still remember."

Madrigal presses his hands palms together. "I specialized in lunar styles and intergalactic exotic dance requiring greater flexibility and frame movement than most frametypes are capable of." He tilts his head, antenna twitching backwards. "It's boring."

Aaaand there goes any hope of them finding something in common during the first meeting. Starstruck had opened his mouth to say, wow, that sounds super cool, maybe you could show me some time! But then the last part came. Starstruck closes his mouth. Well....okay then. "Not everyone's into dancing, I get that." His enormous frame moves easily as he shifts to lean forward with his forearms on his own thighs (you'd be surprised, some of those unexpected frame types can be flexible, he's got none of the creaking his bro Breakdown does). "What do you like to do, then? Hobbies and stuff."

"I-" Madrigal pauses, blinks a bit. His hobbies? He's- "I'm rebuilding my crystal collection." He starts, looking down at his hands. "And spend most of my time either meditating, reading, or practicing." Another small fidget, his claws doing a little cascading-tap across his shoulders. "I- Maps? I draw maps but-" Finally, the bird fully relaxes, but it's more due to a sudden, sad realization than anything. "My tools were in New Crystal City."

Starstruck listens, still propping himself up on his own thighs. The last bit has him making a mental note. Mapping tools. Maybe he can look into getting some of those, if Madrigal ends up being an acquaintance or friend, over time. "That all sounds pretty cool. What kind of maps did you draw? I know there's this one guy on board, uh - Orbitall, that's it! He's an Autobot, he likes star maps. I see him all the time when I pass by the observation deck on patrol, he's got this neat little planetarium thing, and I hear he's on that deck a lot drawing star maps. Even if you two don't map the same stuff, maybe he's got one or two tools that overlap?"

"Oh- Mostly of Luna 2 and Cybertron's surface. It's- It's an art, you know? I'm um. Not particularly good with three-dimensional maps but-" He ex-vents, loud enough to be heard and offers a small smile - indicated by his optics, of course - to Starstruck. "Thank you, I'll try to meet him." Madrigal's claws tic over his shoulders again and he leans forward, bowing his head briefly. "I'm sorry for- snapping. It's." He gestures nebulously, shrugging. "A bad day."

"I gotcha." Starstruck grins, shifting a bit again but only because his saxophone has started digging into his leg with how he's positioned. "He's kind of a quiet one, if what I hear is right, so you might have to poke at him a bit." Networking: Starstruck's specialty. "Hey, don't worry about it. We all have 'em. Can't be sunshine and rainbows all of the time. I'm still glad to have met you." Leaning back, Starstruck tippity-taps his fingers against the saxophone again, staring at it a moment before he glances toward Madrigal. "You said you don't like music, and I was hoping to get some practice in, so. You want me to pick a different couch? I don't mind moving."

Madrigal shakes his head, standing and hopping off the couch in a single movement that somehow manages to look fluid, feet hitting the floor with a sharp clack. "Thank you for the courtesy but I should be going." He flicks his wings down, hooking them around his waist. "I'll see you around, Starstruck." With a little wave he's walking out of the lounge.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Saxophone: Good Success. (7 4 4 6 5 7 1 1 7)

"Sure, no problem." Starstruck watches Madrigal get off the couch, of course appreciating the grace with which the mini does so, but without the usual flirtatious admiration he would use. Not the way to approach this one, and Star's only just gotten a reaction approaching positive out of the mech, he doesn't want to ruin it. "Yeah, see ya later!" As Madrigal leaves, Starstruck gives a little sigh of a vent before beginning to play his sax. He's been practicing enough he doesn't need the book, for once, and the music he's playing actually sounds kinda good. Still no expert, but. It's not terrible. Thank Primus he remembered to put a reed in this time.

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