2017-01-07 Digging for Answers

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Digging for Answers
Date 2017/01/07
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Waspinator, Gyro, Conduit
Summary Gyro and Conduit work on Waspinator in different ways.

Red crosses on the door identify at a quick glance the medibay. Inside, the forward medical bay contains a half-dozen slabs lining the sides of the room where the medical staff can take care of patients. There is a central slab as well, but the winches and pulleys, carts of tools, and life support machinery is all designed to be easily reconfigured to support any number of patients at any of the seven beds.

At the back of the room, there is a large work station dominated by a large screen that includes two holoemitters. Two doors at the back of the room lead to cold storage, where patients in need of better care than the medibay can provide -- rare as that is -- can be put into stasis. Offices for the medical officers are on the other side.

Waspinator is wary of the medibay, especially when he has no idea which medic is on duty. Some are nice but others are.... not so nice. He's been yelled at or chastised more than once about his apparently 'self destructive behavior'- though the bug doesn't even genuinely understand what that means. Wazzpinator juzzt doing what Wazzpinator hazz alwayzz done... He wouldn't be visiting the medibay at all except the gash he got on his arm a week ago reopened somehow, probably when he smacked into something running away from someone else. It would be something he could easily just brush off and leave alone but... it won't stop leaking energon and the duct tape isn't helping right now. The bug knows it will stop eventually but if he shows up for his next appointment and the medics see... He's gonna be in even more trouble. So here Waspinator is risking a visit to the scary place, only days after Phantasm dragged him down here for some reason, and bracing for punishment as he peeks in the doorway.

Gyro, hearing the ping that announces a visitor, steps away from his terminal and goes to meet the potential patience. As he peeks out to see a familiar set of faceplates, though, the medic has to resist a sigh. He remembers this guy from when he had to repair his optic lens. From the looks of it he might as well be held together by duct tape. Actually, duct tape might be too luxurious to waste on this mecha.

Tilting his helm to the side, Gyro patches through the medibay's terminals to speak. A monotone voice greets Waspinator. 'What brings you all the way down here?' he asks.

Conduit steps wordlessly around Waspinator as he enters the medibay. He looks his normal self, except for his right hand, which is not so much a hand at the moment as a three-fingered claw. He doesn't appear bothered by it. He moves over to an empty work area, sparing just a glance and a nod for Gyro. They've met. Using his fully-fingered hand, he starts picking through the tools in the small bins atop the workbench.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Low Standards: Success. (2 1 6 1 3 2 2 8)

Waspinator flinches as the monotone that comes from the computers. Oh ... izz creepybot today... He full out jumps when Conduit suddenly appears behind him and moves around, not having heard the mech coming. That doesn't do anything to settle the bug's nerves. Once he settles enough to properly realize what Gyro asked, the bug silently holds up his arm. There is indeed duct tape on it, fashioned as if it were a makeshift band aid, only energon is leaking out from under it and trails down his arm as he raises it to a new level. Uh oh... Watching as the dripping slowly goes down his arm, Waspinator's tongue suddenly flicks out and licks up the trail before any of it can fall to the floor. Wazzpinator doezzn't want to wazzte energon!

Gyro could say something! But why bother? Waspinator's behavior speaks for itself, and Gyro can barely restrain a gurgle of annoyance. He wouldn't have bothered if he wasn't on the job. But working in the medibay does require a minimum effort to be polite (much to his chagrin). Most of the time he fails! Stabbing a digit towards one of the empty stations, Gyro twists around to follow his patient. It's only then that Gyro finally seems to notice Conduit.

As discretely as possible, hoping Waspinator isn't watching, Gyro's good optic narrows behind his visor. Pointing a slim digit at Conduit, he mimes a throwing motion to remind him what happened at the ending of their last visit. He has more ammo where that came from (and he's keeping an optic on you).

Conduit doesn't mind Waspinator's reaction; he gets that a lot and kind of enjoys it. He does notice Gyro's gesture, and returns it by raising up his claw, which has taken the place of the hand that caught the "sample" of infectious material that Gyro "donated" to him the other day by "throwing it at his face". He wiggles two of the fingers, but the middle one just sort of stands up there for some odd reason.

Conduit returns to his search and selects a handful of picks, drivers, and a miniature welder.

Creepybot doesn't look happy with Wazzpinator... Wazzpinator upzzet creepybot already... He doesn't know what the motions the two make at each other is supposed to mean but he pretends he didn't notice and quickly shuffles to where he is supposed to be, hefting himself onto a medical berth with his good arm while he slouches more than usual- submissively. At least Wasp is an obedient patient once you drag him down there.

Gyro grunts at Conduit. What is he even doing here? But that's a question for another day, perhaps, as he's here to do a job. The medic turns his back strut on the other mecha for a while to scrub down and gather the tools he might need for his work. Gyro works quietly and efficiently, completing his preparations in record time. Stabbing a digit at the injury, he leans closer to get a better look. 'How?' the terminal drones.

<FS3> Conduit rolls Repair: Great Success. (7 2 2 8 1 6 7 7 4 6 2)

Conduit gets to work on his claw, deftly wielding the precise tools in and around the joints of his claw. Every so often there's a spark, every so often there's a finger wiggle, and if every so often there's a wince on Conduit's face, it's hard to see. Over time, that impudent digit in the middle of the claw moves more and more freely, and in the end all three of them open and close smoothly. He appraises the tools as he returns them to their bins; he'll look to get a couple of these for his own workshop.

Waspinator looks everywhere but at Gyro, clearly not wanting to tell and giving a blatant lie of, "Wazzpinator... ran into zzomething..." Well... Not entirely a lie, running into something made it worse after he got beat up. He managed to fix his wing at least, that was just a matter of flattening it back out. He watches more energon dribble out and heavily resists the urge to lick his arm again, that would just make Gyro more upset with him. An occasional curious/wary is sent Conduit's way, not sure what the mech is doing.

Gyro begins to pick at the edge of the duct tape, trying to peel it away so he can get a good look at the wound. He watches Waspinator with a wary glance, waiting to see if the process causes undue discomfort. Not that he wouldn't deserve it. Putting duct tape over a wound and expecting that to do any good is beyond ridiculous. 'Into what? A sword?' the terminal drones. Gyro cannot help snarking just a tiny bit.

When Gyro finally peels back the tape, the medic lets out a heavy sigh. He can tell just by looking at it that this is an old wound; he'd give his good optic if it isn't infected. 'Stay,' he orders. He's going to need different tools for this than he thought.

Gyro eases from the station and heads in Conduits direction. With a glare, he shifts past him and tries to grab one of the tools that he was using earlier.

Conduit decides to hold on to one tool, the miniature welder. It's particularly elegant for its kind, and he'd like to try to construct his own from it. Of course it's the one Gyro needs now. "Did you need this? I was hoping to borrow it for a while, it's quite effective." He holds it in his (good) hand, loosely enough that it can be plucked away.

Waspinator shows no discomfort or even any sign of potentially flinching as the duct tape is peeled away, he's made of tougher stuff than most. While others might awkwardly laugh at the joke or just seem uncomfortable, Waspinator's optics start darting guiltily around the room at a more rapid pace. "No, into wall." .....maybe Gyro isn't far off from what caused the initial wound. The wings on his back flick nervously, resulting in a soft buzz through the room.

Gyro senses that he is being mocked. Huffing, the medic reaches out to snag the tool out of the other's grasp with lightning speed. His gaze darts towards Conduit's other hand while he does so, but he cannot find the energy to care what happened to this mecha. He just wants Conduit gone. Is that too much to ask? 'Are you even qualified to handle these tools?' the computer replies smartly. 'But play with welders for all I care.' Maybe that's what happened to the hand.

Twisting around, he begins to make his way back towards Waspinator. A wall? Like he believes that. That would be a very sharp wall. 'Why are you here if you don't want repaired? Answer or get out of the medibay.' He can't help anyone that doesn't want to help themselves, after all.

Waspinator flinches even further in his slouch when Gyro snaps at him. Wazzpinator izz going to be punizzhed! "Wazz- Wazzpinator wazz told by other mediczz to come if Wazzpinator got hurt... Wazzn't going to but won't zztop bleeding... Wazzpinator doezzn't know how to zztop it..." He tenses up, clearly waiting for a smack or punch. Its only proper punishment and while others on the ship don't seem to agree with it Waspinator isn't sure about Gyro... He seems like the kind for physical punishments.

"Usually," Conduit replies drolly as he lets Gyro snag the welder. He's not on duty, after all. "As I said when we spoke last, I have medical experience in the field. Enough to make good use of the tools, at least." He wiggles his claw for emphasis.

Satisfied with his work, Conduit gets up and quietly follows Gyro over to Waspinator. Maybe he can get the tool back once Gyro is done with it, and in the meantime, he can observe the doctor at work. Certainly he won't mind. Waspinator's mini-freakout earns a raised brow ridge, but nothing more; Conduit simply looms.

Gyro pauses at the foot of the berth as Waspinator begins to ramble. That's not what he was asking! The medic cuts him off with a gesture, and then points at the wound again for emphasis. 'How?' the terminal drones again. 'I can't treat something if I don't know the full story.'

Gyro sets the welder down on the tray for the moment. That will come into play later, but for now he needs to get a better look at the gash in question. He leans forwards just in time to see movement out of the corner of his good optic.

Almost disbelieving, Gyro slow-turns to face his unexpected shadow. 'What? You won't find Chimera here, either. Leave.'

Waspinator stops rambling when he realizes what Gyro meant, his bubbling panic slowly subsiding just a little bit. Oh... "Wazzpinator did run into wall... thizz time... Arm wazz healing ok... then ran into wall and made it worzze...." He still is posed to wait for a smack he is sure will come. Only now he's warily looking at Conduit as well, like the mech will join in on hurting him when it inevitably happens.

"I'd like to observe your technique. I haven't served medical duty recently." Conduit pauses. "Don't worry, I can see everything fine from here." He clasps his hands behind his back, such as a dutiful observer does. He notes the gash and doubts that just a wall did it, unless it was a sharp wall. He keeps himself from asking for more clarification, as Gyro can certainly handle it.

Gyro rolls his optic behind his visor. No one said Waspinator is all that smart; maybe he needs to repeat his question, more directly and slowly this time around. 'No,' the computer says, voice working at a sluggish and almost mocking pace. 'What caused the initial injury?' He pauses. Initial may be too complex of a word for Waspinator to understand. '... How did you get the gash in the first place?'

Gyro then makes a more forceful gesture in Conduit's direction, pressing him to get his aft out of the room. 'Patient appointments are confidential. Permission is not give to observe. Go,' the drone repeats.

Direct and slow is usually a pretty good overall strategy with the bug, but Waspinator knows he can't avoid the question anymore. He is now resigned to stare at the floor. When he finally answers the beastformer mumbles it, hoping Gyro won't hear or will pretend not to because of the low volume, "Wazzpinator.. wazz cornered.. and hit..." beaten, hit, same difference- to the bug at least, "Wazzpinator got away but- but cut arm on spike on one of mech'zz armor.."

"Ah, understandable. Of course, if Waspinator were to assent, I believe that I would be clear to remain. Ethically." Conduit looks around Gyro to Waspinator, and determines he should phrase it simply for him. "Is it okay if I stay and watch?" It comes out slower than he intended, but it's likely for the best.

Does it cross Conduit's mind that Gyro's permission would be necessary in any case? Good question.

That is what Gyro is looking for! Waspinator isn't likely to get pity from Gyro, but at least they're heading in the right direction now. See? Was that so hard? All it took to answer his question was a few words, not all this useless run around. Gyro goes silent, nodding an affirmative to Waspinator in response to his answer. Now's about the time he would start scans to check for any hidden issues, but Conduit's continued presence is putting a damper on plans.

'Ignore him,' Gyro demands. 'He's leaving.'

Waspinator looks perplexed at Conduit, then looks at Gyro as his head tilts to the side in confusion, "Bot needzz permizzzzion to zztay?" This is a realization to Waspinator! "Wazzpinator... doezzn't mi-" The bug breaks off mid sentence, antennae twitching nervously when Gyro says he's leaving. Oh.... Doezz Creepbot not want other bot here?

Conduit is concerned about Waspinator, a fellow Decepticon, suffering an attack like this apparently without any repercussions for the assailants. "Yes, of course, it is your right to privacy should you wish it." This new information makes Conduit more reluctant to leave, and he turns to Gyro with concern on his face. "He gave his permission. I'd like to learn more about what happened, if only to discover if there is, perhaps, some anti-Decepticon sentiment flaring up among the crew."

The still-functional side of Gyro's faceplates shift into a frown at this turn of events. And people wonder why he avoids taking shifts in the medibay most of the time! The dead are much easier to deal with. Just because Conduit is forcing his foot in the door doesn't mean that he has to acknowledge him, though. Now that Waspinator has done the one thing that Gyro absolutely does not want, the medic turns on his heel and gets to work.

His only words are 'Sit still,' as he gets to work on the wound. If Waspinator and Conduit want to sit around a campfire and sing songs, they're welcome to it. Gyro will have no part.

Waspinator tilts his head at Conduit, confusion seeming to grow, "What? Wazz deceptionzz who cornered Wazzpinator..." Some of his worst abuse in the past came from his own cremates. He does as Gyro commands, staying perfectly still except for that continuing nervous twitch of his wings. "Wazzpinator not know about anti-decepticon thingzz..."

Conduit takes the subsidence of Gyro's objections as an indication that he can stay after all, but he remains where he stands, in part not to push his luck. "Other Decepticons?" Conduit is about to ask who, but at the last moment, decides on a different tack. "Have you informed Soundwave, or perhaps Knock Out or another ranking Decepticon? It is improper to have such internecine conflict." He stays mum about whether it would be proper against Autobots.

Gyro still has nothing to say, and the medic is doing his best to try and tune out their annoying small talk. Perhaps as retribution for letting Conduit get his pede in the door, though, Gyro does not bother to warn Waspinator about what is coming next. The necessary examinations only take a short time. As he suspected, there appears to be a minor infection. Waspinator is only lucky it isn't worse. But just to be safe Gyro has to flush and disinfect the wound.

With a quick swipe, Gyro starts to clean it out with a sterile cloth. The stuff is known to sting badly, so hopefully Waspinator's tough nature can stick that out as easily as Gyro's first prods.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fortitude: Great Success. (3 2 3 8 2 8 6 6 7 7 3 4 4)

"Why should Wazzpinator do that?" Waspinator's wings twitch a little more but he otherwise forces himself to keep still despite how he wants to squirm uncomfortably. "Everyone hurtzz Wazzpinator, telling will not zztop it. And if Wazzpinator tellzz, they find out. They find out, they find Wazzpinator! Wazzpinator getzz hurt worzze!" He doesn't react to the stinging sterilizer or prods, still focused on Conduit.

<FS3> Conduit rolls Compassion: Success. (5 7 6 4 3)

Conduit 's lips press together. Decepticons can be bullies, no doubt, but they are rarely the bullied. Under normal circumstances these sort of problems would be resolved through official channels, a drinking competition, or a good beating, but that doesn't seem likely with this one. "I understand." He doesn't, really; in Waspinator's place Conduit would serve cold revenge. "I encourage you to resolve the problem as you feel comfortable doing. Know that I will assist you ... if you should wish it."

<FS3> Gyro rolls Medicine: Good Success. (4 1 8 3 1 2 3 2 3 6 4 8)

With the wound cleaned out, Gyro eventually spots the source of the bleeding. A tangled piece of line, one that will likely need replaced, sporta a small tear that self-repair systems haven't managed to repair. For good reason, though. A small sliver of metal has embedded in the soft tube, preventing the injury from healing properly. Gyro snorts. Waspinator would not have had this problem if he had the wound cleaned out in the first place.

Reaching down towards the tray, he retrieves a clamp and slim pair of tweezers. He starts by clamping the flow of energon the line and then starts the process of trying to ease out the offending bit of shrapnel.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (3 8 4 6 3 6 1 7 2 3 2 6 1)

Waspinator still doesn't react as Gyro gets to work, keeping his arm still for the mortician. Bot izz... weird... Waspinator listens to Conduit but clearly isn't understanding what he is implying or knows but doesn't even begin to think he could go about revenge or something. "Rezzolve problem? Why? Wazzpinator hazz alwayzz had mechzz hurting Wazzpinator, izz not new. Wazzpinator hazz learned telling only makezz it worzze and Wazzpinator... hazz zztrong pain tolerance..." That and the universe just doesn't seem to want him to die. Evidently the bug in pain is too funny for the beings that be to let their little comedy act move on.

<FS3> Conduit rolls Philosophy: Good Success. (6 2 6 8 7 6 3)

Conduit is confused momentarily by this Decepticon's attitude. In all his time among them, he does not recall meeting one so ... meek. Intuitively he wishes he'd be stronger, and despite himself his tendency to counsel, as he does his own potential acolytes, asserts itself. "I am sorry to hear that. But I wonder if the pain has made you strong. Stronger than you may realize. You may have earned a respite from your suffering." Exhibit A: the fact that Gyro's work on the wound doesn't appear to bother Waspinator, whereas another mech may faint from it. Speaking of which, Conduit notes Gyro focusing in on the wound and diverts his attention to see how it goes.

Thankfully, Gyro manages to fish the sliver of metal out of the wound without much trouble. He pulls it out just in time to finally notice what the pair is saying. Movements slow, Gyro sets down his tweezers on the tray and slow claps for Conduit's little speech. How touching! (Not). Gyro fakes a gagging motion not soon afterwards when Waspinator's attention is turned away.

'If you're staying, get ready to be bored. I have to replace the line and that'll take a while. I hope you enjoy boredom.'

Waspinator squints at Conduit, "...what izz bot talking about?" He has no idea what Conduit is going on about then he suddenly seems to come to a realization, "..... Ohh, Blackbot izz one of thozze weird preachy botzz." Congrats Conduit, you have an official Wasp nickname. Looking back over to Gyro, Waspinator settles down to watch as the mortician replaces the line in his arm. Should be fun to watch his insides be replaced.

Conduit has been accused of such in the past, most recently with the unpleasant tick episode that loosened intuitions of those infested. His face warms. "Well, em ... Nevertheless, your tolerance for pain is impressive and, um ... yes. I hope you have a speedy recovery." He makes a show of focusing on the sliver Gyro removed. "Ah, quite minuscule. Well done. Thank you for the chance to observe your work. By the way, I am still researching the sample you gave me." He clicks the claw shut a couple of times. "I should find a resolution soon. I will let you know." With curt nods to both, Conduit departs. He'll retrieve that welder another time.

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