2017-01-02 A Disaster

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-01-02 A Disaster
Date 2017/01/02
Location C-E Spacestation
Participants Chromedome, Rewind, Riptide, Whisper
NPCs Clockwise, Lifeline
Plot Functionist Station
Scene GM Soundwave
Summary Some complications with kidnappings.

While some occupents within the secret pseudo-Institute deal with the captors, others will find themselves walking up to similar surroundings. A sterile medbay of sorts, one side with a caged in waiting room, energon bars humming with power, and tables and chairs spotting the room. Whisper is strapped down to a table, Chromedome restrained in a chair, while the others are within the rather 'comfortable' cage.

To those waking or having been awake, there's been no one entering their room. Its quiet, the lights bright, and the tools along shelves rather ominious. But for a while, its been just them, the Lost Lighters... Until a door opens to allow an awkward empurata medic shuffle in. Lifeline's single optic is on a datapad in his claws, like he's trying to ignore the current occupents.

The gleam of yellow that is Whisper's optics behind her visor is a flare of noticeable color that proves her wakefulness, but nothing else is, really. Her frame is frozen in perfect stillness as she assesses her situation. Her jaw is iron hard, her tension winding every coil and wire of her into a flatness of affect that suggests ... nothing so much as a hair trigger.

Chromedome is not sure how he got here. One moment he and Rewind were out on the space station- exploring, shopping, reconnecting after their month long seperation from each other. The next... nothing. A blank. He made a groaning sound as his systems booted up, and his optics turned on. He's... sitting? In a chair? CD tries to get up but found he could not, having immediately felt the restraints on his wrists and legs. Looking up, he finally decides to see where he is at, only for him to immediately shout, "NO!" and struggle to get out.

/Not this again, not this again!/

"Rewind!" He calls out in a panic, searching for his conjunx.

When Rewind wakes, he dims his visor to block out the bright light. As he takes in the room, he recognizes very little. He sees his crewmate nearby and then... hears his conjunx.

"Domey...? Where are we?"

It seems Lifeline can't block out the shouts because he looks up with a flicker of his optic. Oh, they're awake. Great. Setting his datapad down, he speaks to Chromedome first. "You're not going to be able to get out of those," he tries to say as gently as possible. "You're just going to hurt yourself- please, could you stop? You're alright, everything is alright." The reassurances sound hollow despite the attempted warmth they're said with.

Lifeline hesitates a moment before slipping towards Whisper. Oh! She's up too. "Are the lights too bright? Would you like me to dim them?" he asks her as he stops beside her table, claws tapping her restraints as if to make sure they're secure.

Whisper's head shifts very slightly against the slab on which she is restrained. Her gaze steadies upon Lifeline. Her focus is intent, her gaze cold, her features still. She says nothing.

Chromedome startles and looks around for where Rewind's voice is coming from. It hurts to see his conjunx in a cage. But it bothers him to see other mechs from the ship restrained here too. He looks in the... medic's?... direction. "Let us go! We are guests here!" It was fruitless, he knew. But he had to try. He couldn't watch what would happen to Rewind next.

Rewind's spark hurts when he hears Chromedome's tone. And it clenches when he wonders what would happen to them. Why were they brought here? "Domey..." he trails off. There's nothing he can do, though. He's stuck in this cage.

Riptide was excited to see a new place to stop off and visit. New sights, new sounds, etc. The last thing he remembers is having a bit too much engex after a day out, shuffling back towards the shuttle, then nothing. Safe to say he's really confused when his yellow optics flicker back online, dim at first before he starts to get his bearings. "Ugh.. what happened.." He mumbles, slowly picking his helm off the floor before his top half follows, squinting with a hand to his forehelm when looking first at Rewind. "Rewind, what're you doin.. uhh.." Steadily his vision clears enough to see where they are and what's happening and.. crap. "H-Hey! What're you doin' to them!" Clumsily he scrambles to his feet, nearly falling over again as he runs to the bars and grabs them, only to yelp and step back when they burn his hands. "Owow.." He winces, fanning them. "What's the big idea, where the hell are we??"

He's definitly a medic, see that symbol atop his head? Medic symbol. Lifeline stares back at Whisper before wincing under the intensity of her gaze. Primus, why were so many of them terrifying. "G-Guess the lights are okay then..." he murmurs, pulling out a measuring device. It takes him a moment to grip it right before putting it to Whisper's throat, noting width, length, circumference. He jumps a bit as Riptide yelps.

"Don't touch those- you'll get hurt! And y-you don't have to yell. She's doing quite well..." No struggling or shouting, outside of the instense glare, Whisper is a fine patient. "You're in the clinic and I'm, um... I'm sorry but you can't go until you're... Better." His claws snap before he goes about measuring Whisper's hands. "If you'll be patient, Clockwise will be here in just a bit, then it'll be all over soon..." He looks up at everyone sadly... As sadly as a faceless mech can get.

Whisper's stillness holds until the instant that the measuring device ghosts against her frame. Then she begins to thrash. It is a violent, creaking, thrashing push against the restraints that looks initially chaotic, but follows some inner calculus of testing the strength of limb, frame and wing against the tensile strength of the restraining bonds: which will fracture first. She is still silent. The only noise that comes is the wholly involuntary sounds of her systems revving and snarling with the sudden exertion of engine and body.

"BETTER???" Chromedome is getting really upset, really emotional. This is only a side that only Rewind have the privilege to witness. "I know what you are, I know what you /do/. I used to /work/ at the Institute! Better? If you mean by ripping us apart and erasing and rearranging memories, then yeah, I know exactly how you would make it /better/." He's struggling more now, his needles sliding out of his fingers in a reflex of self defense. Or fighting.

"Domey!" Rewind yells. Chromedome is getting worked up and Rewind can't really do much else except try to verbally be there for him. Was that really going to happen? Were their memories going to be changed? "Why are we here!" Rewind demands. "What do you want with us?"

Shit, this is bad, really really bad. And if Chromedome is talking about the Institute then it's SUPER bad. Eyeing Whisper thrashing around, Riptide spares Rewind another glance and frowns, turning back to look at the medic. "L..Look. What's your name? Mine's Riptide, okay? Listen.. A friend of mine.. he's an empurata, too, and I've come to know what he's feelin' even if he can't show it. And you right now, you're lookin' like you don't wanna do this." He tries to look encouraging. "You don't. We're fighters, so if you help us we can gt outta this place easy. I'm sure we can take you with us so you don't have to do this sorta stuff anymore.."

Lifeline steps away from Whisper. "Ah! Please, stop! You'll harm yourself. Please, you'll only make it worse..." He lifts his claws, unsure as to what to do as he looks between Whisper and Chromedome. Now they're both struggling! But his optic settles upon Riptide as he speaks. Get outta here... He shakes his head. "Its more than that... Its complicated... A-And- Calm down, please! Its alright, its going to be alright! It's-!"

"It's going to get very quiet in here if you both don't stop. I'm sure we'd all rather you stay conscious, right?" Clockwise asks as she enters the room, cords sliding in the air behind her. "I won't have patients hurting themselves, so for all our sake's, I suggest you both calm down, Chromedome and Screamshock." She surveys the room, optics skipping over Lifeline's rather meek posture.

A tentacle suddenly strikes through the air, its claws grasping one of Chromedome's servos to hold it still before she practically rushes forward. Needles! "Oh, it is you! Oh, this is wonderful! Its delightful to meet you!" Setting a servo on his shoulder, Clockwise beams at everyone around the room. "And you're all awake- this'll make the evaluation so much easier. Would you like to help, Chromedome?" She looks at him expectantly.

When she has finished testing her strength against each and every one of the restraints holding her down, Whisper goes still again. She opens her mouth, angling her head so that she could get both of her captors in a conic formation and lets out a scream. Except that she doesn't. She lets out a long hiss. Air pushes through her and releases past her teeth in an awful rattling scrape. It's sad, really. Screamshock isn't here.

Chromedome is not reassured by Lifeline's attempt to calm. In fact, it gets him more agitated. He was not going to calm down so someone could poke around in his head. He does, however, stop at what sounds like a whip cracking through the air. He turned his head to see where it came from, and another so called medic came in, another horror in this supposed place of purity. "Rather us stay conscious?" Chromedome made a derisive sound. "Must be hard to keep mnemosurgeons these days, if the best you got does shoddy work."

His smugness lasts all of half a second as a tentacle curls around his hand. He yelps in surprise, then looks up at the mecha in front of him. "Help you? I been trying to escape this part of me for eons. And I will not do surgery on mecha I know and work with." And one of them he is wedded to.

Rewind can't help the swell of pride. Chromedome saying no after over a month of fighting with him about this means there's some progress happening. Rewind can't get a read on Lifeline. It's hard to tell what the motive is of these two. Whatever it is, though, it's definitely not good.

Oh no, don't go backwards. Riptide's shoulders slump seeing Lifeline refuse. "But it's not, it's okay. We can stop whoever's making you do this and you--" His words cut off when another speaks, the mech straightening up to see Clockwise now entering the room. Ohgod, those tentacles.. The aquabot inches back a step, unsure of this new bot, until she starts speaking about evaluations. "..E-Evaluation for what..?" He makes sure to step a little in front of Rewind, that soldier pride willing to take the bullet for someone else.

Clockwise's optics widen a fraction, servos flexxing at the insult to her ability. She vents slowly. "I see... Unfortunate. I was hoping you still did Primus's work. That war has done something to you... No matter, I will bring you back into the light." She smiles once more, beaming in Riptide's direction. "Evaluations to see what needs to be done to make you happy and allow you back into a perfect Cybertronian society!"

A tentacle slides through the bars where Riptide and Rewind are held, wrapping around one of Rewind's arms to tug him forward. "Let's start with you, Chromedome! Tell me, was it this dataslug who led you astray?"

Lifeline scoots back over to Whisper, looking at her with concern, claws hovering above her. That raspy sounds does not sound good. "Are you alright?" he asks quietly. "Do you need me to look at anything for you?" At least he seems genuinely concerned.

Expression blank but for a frisson of pure loathing that ripples across her lips, Whisper stares into Lifeline's face. Her servos twitch, fingers flexing against the surface of the slab. She still does not speak. It does not make her very useful in terms of information gathering; however, for raw defiance, the blaze of her visored eyes is unmatched.

Chromedome's vents stutter as he saw Clockwise's tentacles grasp around Rewind's arm. "That...that's none of your concern. He didn't lead me anywhere. I chose to leave. I chose to get out." And Rewind helped in keeping him grounded, his moral center, his greatest love. But he won't tell Clockwise any of that. "He has nothing to do with me leaving, that's all mine." He tilted his chin up. "I deserve to get credit for independent thinking. You know, that thing you functionalist fans hate above all else."

Oh, no. Rewind is not going to let Chromedome take the fall if he can help it. "If I'm the one who keeps him away from that dangerous profession, then what are you going to do about it? I regret nothing. I'll always be here to keep him safe," he snaps.

"We'd be happy if we were outta here and on our ship!" Riptide grouses, feeling his upper lip twitch at the bad vibes coming off this one. "And look, the war's over, we're all getting along just fine!" He wants to challenge further, but that's when a tentacle slips into the cage, forcing a shiver of panic up his spine as it passes him and grabs onto the cassette. Riptide's never been much of a thinker, for obvious reasons. He prefers to do. So out of instinct he makes a grab for the offending tendril, hoping to get it away from Rewind and sacrifice himself to Clockwork's attentions by sinking his dagger teeth into the limb.

<FS3> Riptide rolls Awesome Teeth: Great Success. (6 7 8 7 3 4 8 5 2)

Clockwise 'hmmms' to herself, looking between the two. "I suppose if you cannot come to some sort of consenus to answer me..." She flexes her servos to let the needles slide out as she walks over and behind Chromedome. "I'll take just a little peak, see what the truth is. Hold still, " she informs her fellow mnemosurgeon. Her second cord forces Chromedome's head forward, needles ghosting the back of the neck before sinking in.

Just moments later, Clockwise's look of concentration twists in agony and she shrieks. Riptide's teeth sink in, causing that tentacle to release rewind and hiss-squeal in pain. The mnemosurgon twists and yanks out of Chromedome's head, a needle snapping off and left behind. Her cord's twin strikes through the bars, wrapping around Riptide's neck and tightening before trying to jerk him away and into the energon bars. "OFF! GET OFF!" The free tentacle snaps and scrapes at the aquabot with it's claws.

Lifeline looks at Whisper with his single optice. Honestly, he should win any staring contest... But he flinches away first, looking away from her shamefully. He lifts hs claws and pat-pats her arm gently. He can't say anything really reassuring, so hopefully this will help. Even just a little. Nothing else he can do. He jumps at the sudden action however, panic wracking his body. Damnit, Rewind.

"Don't be so full of yourself." Chromedome's tone is haughty. "I am rather good at deciding things on my own." He hates to hurt Rewind with that, but if discrediting Rewind keeps him safe, sane, and most importantly- /alive/- he will do it.

His visor brightens as Clockwise decided to approach him, her own needles sliding out. He starts to struggle again, only for his head to be caught by a second tentacle and held completely still. A memory immediately starts to surface... one of Trepan, while training Chromedome, injecting in the back of his neck so he can 'see' what it is like. It is that memory that Clockwork would see initially when she injects into the back of Chromedome's neck. His vents stutter in shock, only to have the vents open up widely to let in a huge rush of air, making a gasping sound.

Riptide's actions though, keeps Clockwise from digging in further and...

He felt it. He felt the needle dig further in and then... the snap of the needle did more than hurt her. He screamed as his processor circuits gave a backfeed that caused him excruciating pain, the backfeed also causing an overload replay of memories he had picked up from other cases over the eons, all of them far too overwhelming. The screams of agony suddenly cut off as Chromedome slumped in his chair, his visor flickering weakly once before going offline.

Whisper does speak now. It's just a single word, and it is little more than a hush.

What she says is: "Cowards."

Rewind panics when he Chromedome screams. He bangs his small hands on the cage, trying to push it open. "Chromedome!" he yells. "What did you do to him! Let me out now!" He keeps banging his hands, the noise getting steadily louder.

<FS3> Riptide rolls Mind+Mind: Failure. (5 1 5 5)

The first thing that hits Riptide's senses is the gush of hot, fresh energon blood flooding his mouth, its distinct tang coating his tongue. He wants to spit it out, his body lurching against the sensation, but his control begins to slip and he can only bite harder on the tentacle. He's ready to rip it off completely, already starting to tear a chunk, but the searing pain that racks his body when he's pulled into the bars makes him relent with a strangled scream.

Desperation fills his face when struggling to get away, the light of his optics flickering as images start flashing through his mind. "Kn.. Knock me out.." He struggles, begs, and tears himself away from Clockwise, stumbling away and holding his helm with bowing posture. "Some.. thing.." A whimper warping into a snarl as he stands there, shaking until he can't fight it anymore, exposed to too much. "R..Rrrunn.." The word is pained, hissing, when looking to the only thing left in the cage. Rewind. Jaws snapping, Riptide makes a leap for him, looking to bite at his arm or whatever limb he can get first.

Clockwise's leans against the side of Chromeone's chair as he cords quickly retreat back to her. Her ventilations are harsh as her body shakes, taking her damaged tentacle in her arms as her remaining needles sink into her fingers. Trembling fingers run over the viscious damage before she looks back up, optics wide. What is that beast doing?! "Stop!" she demands of Riptide. Her other cord slides to intercedes but hesitates as more pain ripples down its bitten brother. Clockwise looks panicked, unsure what to do. Nothing like this has happened before!

Lifeline watches, optic widening a hair... He looks at Whisper a moment before nodding. "I-I know," he tells her before running off.

Rewind whirls around to face Riptide. "Run? Run /where?/ We're STUCK. I'm not... Riptide, you don't have to do this. Just try and calm down..." Rewind is keeping his voice steady in some attempt to soothe his crewmate. "Riptide--!" he yelps when he feels teeth sink into his arm. "Let me out!" he shrieks, thrashing and trying to kick Riptide off of him.

<FS3> Riptide rolls Mind+Mind: Success. (5 6 3 7)

Bite. Rip. Kill. The words swarm around Riptide's trapped mind like some sort of macabre mantra, drowning out his internal screams to stop. The small arm is almost nothing beneath his vice grip, slicing into the metal as he begins to pull, ignoring the tiny feet kicking at him.

But.. there's something. The command to stop, Rewind's screaming.. A thought trickles through the madness. Rung helping him take control. ..It's not much, but it's enough for him to wrestle back more to his side, the mech giving a burbling hiss, energon foaming, before he forcefully pries himself away and falls backwards. "DO SOMETHING!" He roars to anyone that can help, already trying to push himself back up and at Rewind, though his own fist swinging around into his own face deters him briefly.

Someone is doing something. Its just that getting what's needed requires a few precious moments. Lifeline returns, tranqualizer gun in his claws. He fusses with it, struggling to shoot the thing. First shot misses, as does the second. The third, however, sinks into Riptide. Oh thank Primus. He drops the gun, rushing forward to take down the evergon bars and then hurrying into the cage.

Lifeline is an awkward individual, which is not helped by his empurata, but he's far larger than he appears. Usually hunched and meek, he is now standing up fully, arms wrapping around Riptide and transforming around him. His altmode is like a mobile surgery table, the top covered with a strong, tinted glass to keep in the patient while multiple little arms did delicate work and onboard scanners keep a read on vitals. Or, in this case, containing a murderific mech. "Clockwise!" he calls.

This snaps her out of her daze, and Clockwise rushes forward, damaged cord in her arm while she stoops down beside Rewind. Her other tentacle drags the tranq gun towards her. "Quiet now, dataslug. We'll fix you and make sure he never does that again."

Rewind flinches away from Clockwise. "Did you...?" Kill him? Is he dead? He doesn't want to be fixed by /them/. He wants to go back to the ship. With First Aid and Ratchet. "Don't touch me," he yells. "Don't come near me." They did something to Rewind and they did something to Chromedome and he wants out and away!


Riptide freezes up while fighting against himself to get to Rewind, nearly dragging himself across the floor. Tranquilizer rushes through his system through the needle embedded in his side, the world starting to go fuzzy. "No.. no.." He mutters, mouth feeling like it's full of cotton and words slurring as he falls over onto his side. His fingers twitch, a wheeze escaping him while optics begin to dim. "Sor..ry..." Finally the yellow glow fades to nothing and optics close, the aquabot falling unconcious while Lifeline scoops him into his altmode, sealing him in.

Clockwise looks at Rewind and sighs. "Even now you do not understand." Then she shoots the small mech with a tranq to put him to sleep. Primus, what a disaster this was... Proletariat will not be pleased... "Lifeline, we need to fix all of them. Heathen, attacking his own comrade... This is why we have this place, somewhere safe and basking within Primus's light... I'll... I'll message Proletariat as soon as we finish here. What a disaster."

Lifeline vents. Disaster is a good way to describe all of this. "I'm sorry too..." He tells Riptide. "Yes, Clockwise," he says louder. She was right though. Proletariat would be unhappy

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