2017-01-01 Stuck In The Closet With You

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-01-01 Stuck In The Closet With You
Date 2017/01/01
Location Maintenance Closet
Participants Orbitall, Brigade, Inferno
Summary Three big mechs enter a closet, and get a bit stuck.

Brigade has volunteered his time to help clean up the mess he helped create in the hallway. While maintenance has already taken care of most of the rewiring, the tank doesn't mind trying to help scrub skid marks off the floor and things of that nature. It's the least he can do. That's how Brigade finds himself rummaging through the maintenance closet, the door held open precariously with his cane.

These doors are usually locked (as someone has made a habit of stealing the cleanser in this corridor for some reason), but a member of maintenance has been nice enough to unlock it for Brigade while he works. The tank pushes through the bottles and tools trying to find what he needs. "I know you're here somewhere," he mutters.

Inferno may be a Security mech and not part of maintenance, but that doesn't mean he's not going to help when help is needed. The call's came in about some rewiring and cleaning needed in one of the hallways and Inferno is the first to volunteer to lend a hand. When he arrives on the scene everything is....well, a mess. Yeah, a helping hand is definitely needed here. Inferno gives a nod and a smile to everyone he passes, even as he makes his own way to the maintenance closet to grab supplies, and he's not at all put off when he realizes someone's already in there.

"Oh. Brigade." Starstruck isn't the only one who reads security files. 'Ferno props the door open himself so that Brigade doesn't have to keep using that cane. "Ya lookin' for the bleaching solution? I could use some too." He's perfectly friendly as he steps a bit further inside, servo still on the door to keep it open.

There's not much reason for Orbitall to be in this hallway, really. Usually he wouldn't, but a request for Comm maintenance after his shift outside of the ship has him hunting down the transmitters for the PA systems in this section of hallway. Something about reports of the system spitting out feedback and otherwise glitching out at passers by. Pulling away the paneling doesn't help much-- most of the components are covered in dust. Someone clearly didn't seal things up properly last time. Which means cleaning it out.

After a few first, shoddy attempts at cleaning away the dust with his hands, Orbitall is forced to go looking for a better solution. A short walk down the hallway puts him at the doorway of the maintenance closet, where he stops short. "Oh." Who thought this place would be so crowded? He definitely didn't.

"Clean buffing pad, actually. I promised to buff the floors," Brigade answers, continuing to shove things across the shelf haphazardly as he searches. He glances over his shoulder to get a good look at the new arrival, only to spot Inferno and another mecha lining at the door. Brigade grunts. Who knew a maintenance closet could be so popular?

Retrieving the bleach from where he saw it earlier, Brigade tosses it over his shoulder with a flick of his wrist. "Heads up. Also, new guy, what do you want? I might as well grab it for you because it looks like I'm gonna be searching for what I need for a long while."

<FS3> Inferno rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (7 4 6 2 4 2)

"Huh. Gotcha." Inferno is tilting his helm as he watches Brigade search when someone else arrives at the door to the maintenance closet. He glancees back, and up, at the new mech, who is somewhat taller than him. Well, that doesn't happen often. "Orbitall," he says. It's almost a question on his tongue, even if he's fairly certain he's right. "I'm Inferno. Nice to meetcha." This is totally an okay moment for introductions, right? He extends a servo to shake when Brigade throws the cleaner he'd been looking for at him.

Preoccupied with greeting Orbitall, Inferno almost gets hit in the face with the cleaner. Thankfully he reaches up at the last second to catch it. "Ya could give a mech a little more warnin', yanno!" is his response, though he's clearly teasing.

Apparently it's an appropriate time for introductions. Orbitall certainly doesn't say otherwise, though his response to Inferno is limited to a small nod, followed by a slow blink when Inferno snatches up the bottle as it's thrown at him. He stares a little while longer-- apparently near-misses with cleaning products are fascinating, or something-- before he looks toward Brigade.

"Just a rag," he says, pointing toward one of the shelves. It's closer to him than to Brigade, though, and he doesn't wait for Brigade to start responding before he's stepping away from the door, to move around Inferno and grab the supplies he needs.

It turns out that maintenance closets are tight spaces, though, and Orbitall's attempted enterance causes some difficulties. With a grunt, Brigade shuffles to the side in an attempt to make room, likely stumbling into Inferno in the process. "Careful, careful," he grouches. "This space isn't really designed for meet and greets."

Inferno shifts himself as Orbitall moves inside, though he's not having much luck than Brigade in getting out of the way. Three large mechs in such a small space doesn't exactly work out very well. Which becomes extremely apparent as Inferno loses his balance when Brigade stumbles into him. He catches himself on the nearest shelf, but doing so means he's let go of the door.

Which closes.

And sticks.

"Uh," 'Ferno says, immediately moving to jiggle the handle and try to open the door to let them out. It doesn't work. "Looks like we're stuck."

"Ah." Orbitall hesitates at Brigade's grumbling, but at this point he's too far into the room to do much more than keep shuffling past, though this time he makes an effort to tuck his solar panels closer to his frame and maneuver more conscientiously around the other two in the closet. It only works moderately better, but Orbitall is over to the appropriate shelf soon enough, and pulling down one of the rags.

Orbitall is turning back toward around toward the entrance to the closet when Inferno makes his announcement, and he stops where he is. "...Stuck?"

Click. Brigade recognizes the sound of the door locking behind them. There's a reason he took the time to prop it open with his cane, primusdamnit. The drill sergeant clenches his jaw and reaches out to retrieve his cane from where Inferno moved it after taking over door duty. "I take that back! Apparently right now is the perfect time for a meet and greet," he snaps sarcasitcally.

As long as they're stuck, though? "I came in here to find a damn buffing pad and I'm not stopping now." Brigade continues rifling aggressively through the shelves with his free hand for his elusive prize.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Mind+mind: Success. (3 5 8 3)

"Yeah." Inferno has returned to working at the door handle to try and get them out of this small, very claustrophobic closet, even though his efforts continue to prove fruitless. The door just won't budge. "I think it locked on, scrap." He could bust his way through but. He doesn't want to. Why ruin a perfectly good door if he could find another way? Inferno shifts to look closer at the door handle, optics squinted, before he finally glances back at Brigade.

"It's on the left. In the corner, behind that sponge," 'Ferno says, voice distant with his preoccupation of getting this door open. "Right next to the air freshener."

"If it's a meet and greet you're supposed to introduce yourself," Orbitall says, still lingering by his shelves. If he's making a joke, his face isn't showing it. His expression is just as blank as it was when he first stepped into the closet, as he watches Brigade rifle through the shelves. Not like he can see past Brigade to what's on the shelves. At least they aren't stuck in the dark.

"Why is the door locked?" he asks Inferno. Clearly someone hasn't been spending much time in this section of the ship, and doesn't know the current maintenance gossip.

Brigade grunts in answer to Inferno's directions. The tank twists around and tries to grab the buffing pad in his pudgy hands. It takes a little bit more fumbling but he finally manages. "Thanks," he mutters to Inferno before twisting around to glance at Orbitall. Brigade can't really tell if the sarcam is lost on the mecha or he genuinely wants to know. The tank frowns a little. "Brigade, if you're really that interested."

Now having found the supplies he needs, Brigade glances around the maintenance closet and then decides if he's gonna be stuck here he sure as well won't do it standing for so long that his bad leg starts to flare up. With a sigh, the massive tank twists around and plunks down on an unfortunate box. The storage box groans under his weight, and Brigade has to hunch oddly to fit. But, at least, it gives the illusion of a little more space. Lifting his cane onto his lap, the tank moves to slip the buffing cloth over the base.

"I even brought my buffing cane and I won't be able to use it," he mutters to himself.

Inferno gives a small smile at Orbitall's...joke? He's not exactly sure what's going on there, but if it had been a joke it was kinda funny. At least he doesn't laugh aloud, instead continuing to focus on the door currently keeping them locked in. He really doesn't want to break it, maintenance has enough on their hands as it is...

"Huh?" Inferno glances up at Orbitall's question. "Oh. I dunno. They been havin' a lot a problems on this deck, this might just be another of 'em. I'm tryina get it open, though, we should be outta here soon..." He hopes, anyway. Being crowded like this is reminding him of those times when he'd been in a burning building full of smoke.

"You could use it in here," is Orbitall's comment this time around, as he watches Brigade slump his way into a precarious seat. Full of jokes, this one. He still hasn't shifted away from his own corner, not that there's much room for him to move elsewhere. Meanwhile, he'll just be watching Inferno's back as he works on the lock. It should be soon... so surely this can't get too awkward.

That might be a joke, but Brigade pauses and gives a thoughtful look. Finally, the tank shrugs. "Well, I did promise maintenance I'd buff a floor. I didn't tell them which," he remarks. Leaning forwards, the tank presses a button on the cane's handle. The base begins the whirr loudly as it onlines. Soon, the tank is scrubbing at every square inch of ground within reach.

"BEFORE YOU ASK, YES. I DO FEEL BETTER NOW," he shouts over the racket.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (8 6 6 3 5 2 8 2)

Inferno keeps up his efforts on the door handle, trying to carefully unlock it or, if that fails, maybe unscrew it and release the lock that way. It's a good plan, it is, and then Brigade pulls out the buffer, from...his cane? "Whoa, hey! Careful there!" Inferno yelps, jerking one of his pedes up to avoid getting buffed. "There ain't a lotta room in here, mech, ya might wanna keep that ta yerself!" Even as he says it, 'Ferno's dominant servo transforms into his hose. There is no way the three of them are gonna be okay stuck in a small room while Brigade is doing that, and so his instincts are taking over.

The first hit to the door handle gives an audible thwack, the metal of Inferno's hose smacking off the metal of the handle. He gives it a few more good hits, already comming Logistics to let them know he'll fix it later as the handle begins to buckle and bend beneath his onslaught. Glancing back over his shoulder, he yells, "CAN YOU MAYBE NOT DO THAT RIGHT NOW?"

Well that's something. Orbitall winces slightly as the cane starts whirring, filling the entirety of the small space with noise. He doesn't bother trying to raise his voice with the din in the closet, especially when Inferno adds to the racket by beginning to hit the handle to try and make the door open for them again. Hopefully it gives way. He's edging backwards slightly, as if the few millimeters closer to the shelves will spare him from some of the noise, or the threat of the buffer tapping up against his pedes.

Brigade keeps buffing for at least a few seconds after Inferno's shout. Finally, he relents. His digit flicks the switch on the buffer's handle and the whirr dies away. His audials are still ringing a little bit, but Brigade seems a lot less grumpy than a couple of moments ago. Sometimes the smallest of things can help release frustrations. "Worth it," he whispers.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Unarmed: Success. (1 4 5 6 1 5 1 7)

Inferno pauses in how he's trying to break the door handle when Orbitall shifts away and Brigade apparently ignores him. He vents a sigh while the loud noise of the buffer continues, giving Brigade a 'really, are you really doing this right now' look until it's finally over. Well at least he'd stopped adding to the cacophony of noise, Orbitall. But even so, Inferno's a nice dude, and so once Brigade puts the buffer away and says that, he smiles and give a, "Hope so, but I bet they still want ya ta buff some of the other floors too." His own form of a joke. 'Ferno brings his hose up and smashes it down on the door handle one last time, and finally, finally, it gives way, the door swinging open as its handle breaks off and falls to the floor. Inferno's servo transforms back as he gestures at the open door with the other. "I don't know about you fellas, but I'm ready ta get outta here."

It's only when the sound has died away completely that Orbitall brings a hand up to his helm, rubbing at one of his audials. Clearly Brigade isn't the only one with ringing lingering in his head from the noise. He goes stiff for a moment when Inferno smashes the handle of the door again, but as soon as it swings open, that tension drains out of him. "What about the door?"

Brigade slowly pulls himself to his pedes, groaning at the dull ache in his bad leg. He, at least, heard what Inferno had to say and he's eager to get back to work. Especially since he now has another thing to apologize to maintenance for. The tank's optics briefly lock on the destroyed handle. "He asked if we were ready to bail out of this place," he repeats for Inferno.

Brigade gestures at the door with his cane, urging Inferno to open it. "I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a meet and greet out there. Let's bust out." If Inferno doesn't open the door soon, Brigade will shove past and do it for him.

With the handle broken, the door had swung wide enough for a small gap, but at Brigade's prodding Inferno pushes it all the way out. "You two go on ahead," he says, as he makes the way clear for them to leave. "I'm gonna fix what I've just broke." He's not about to run off when he just told Logistics he'd fix this! Besides, apparently another mech is on the way to help him, someone named Sandstorm. Another file he's read, but not a mech he's met. Guess that'll be fixed once the engineer arrives.

"It was nice ta meetcha both," 'Ferno says, smile friendly, as if they hadn't been locked in a closet together for the last twenty minutes. "I'll catcha later." For now he's kneeling and picking up the broken handle. Time to get back to work.

Orbitall isn't one to question others, clearly, because his response to that is a simple nod, as he finally moves forward, once Brigade has made his way out of the room, and steps back into the hallway. The rags are still in his hands, so he starts off back in the direction of the still-broken PA system.

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