2016-30-12 Patients

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2016/12/30
Location C-E Spacestation
Participants Blast Off, Flame, Lieutenant, Lockjaw, Rung, Whirl
NPCs Clockwise, Dot
Plot Functionist Station
Scene GM Soundwave
Summary Drinks, service, and definitely nothing going on

The interior of the station is reminiscent of Upper Iacon of old- chrome and gold plates all shiny and clean- with the minor difference being that everyone one here seems happy. Those with mouths smiles, those with wings hold them perkily, and no one even almost trips over any minibots going about. Even the oddly numerous empurata walking about seem as chipper as can be. The occupents of the C-E Station are peaceful and utterly delighted to have fellow Cybertronians onboard.

But no matter where the Lost Lighters aboard have gone among the shops, they're all bound to end up here in the Fueling Courts- and that's not just because they're blocked from accessing anything beyond the shopping district. The Courts are in a circular dome, surrounded by confectioners and various mini-bars along with tables and seating scattered around and through out. The dome above is made of Translucentican glass- so clear as to almost be invisible- giving quite a view of space and the Lost Light in the distance. But the most magnificent part of Courts is the energon fountain perfectly centered among everything. It shines brighter, three circular object arranged in a pyramid as two rings slowly revolve around them, and many find it difficult to take their optics off the center piece.

For the Lost Lighters having found themselves drawn into the extravagent Fueling Courts, there's little signs telling them to take a seat and wait just a moment to be waited on.

Flame pauses, staring at the energon fountain with a thoughtful look. A little flicker of flame dances out of his mouth. "I question leaving something so flammable out in the open," he mutters to no one in particular. A mysterious grin flashes across his faceplates.

For all that this place might be unnerving Rung with bad vibes, mostly stemming from his experiences with functionists, even he has to be in awe of the Fueling Courts. And besides the incident at the gate, everyone seems happy and everything seems fine so... Rung is sure he likely is just making something out of nothing. So he is going to try and make the best of this. He turns to look at the avian he walked in with, "Goodness Lieutenant, this place is beautiful."

Blast Off finds himself continually impressed by the sights here at C-E Station. The shuttleformer has been leading Whirl by the claw (normally he'd not be quite so touchy-feely, but ever since that weird lady put her tentacles all over Whirl he's been more demonstrative about this being HIS boyfriend). Now they've arrived at the piece de resistance, an amazing dome with a view of the stars and an exquisite fountain. Again taking Whirl by the claw, Blast Off tugs him towards a seat as he sits himself.

"This is amazing. Let's refuel here, I bet they have some fine refreshments. See? I told you it wouldn't be boring!" He points up at the stars, then looks back down at the rotary. As yet another empurata walks by, Blast Off seems to frown just a bit under his faceplate. Leaning a bit closer, he murmurs, "This seems to be a popular place with... well, people like you. Empurata... survivors." He tries not to call them victims in respect to Whirl.

Despite his thinking from earlier, Rung has not dampened any of Lieutenant's mood. Impressive that the avian has had a good mood for so long. It's hard to be upset around such lovely sights though (Rung included). He takes a sweeping look at everything around them, as an audio fin twitches- pleased. "Now I am beginning to feel like I have zoned out again." Someone hit him to make sure he's not reliving his old memories.

The fantastic view of the cosmos is definitely impressive and Whirl finds himself staring up at it as he's led around. It's not the only thing that catches his attention however, the grand fountain and the statue that accompanies it gets a lingering look from the cyclops. Impressive handiwork, he thinks to himself.

"A place like this better have some fine refreshments," he says to Blast Off as he takes his seat next to him at the fueling station. He leans in as the shuttleformer does, head tilting in thought as he considers his words. "Hnn, yeah. Now that you mention it, there are an awful lot of empuratas here. I don't think I've ever not been the only empurata in the room before, even back on Cybertron."

Those with any sort of medical degree- even a doctorate in gruesome mayhem- might recognize the orbs making up the pyramid in the statue. A t-cog, processor, and spark in artisitic rendering with the cog at the top- not that there's some message to that or anything.

Lieutenant and Rung walk by a candy shop of sorts, oil cakes and other available for order products shown off in a clear glass case. And while they pass sweets, a tiny minibot quickly passes in front of Flame and in a right hurry. A rotund little thing, her tiny feet 'click-click' as she rushes to Whirl and Blast Off. Her smile is so wide, it threatens to overtake her face.

"Hi! Welcome to C-E-- It's great to meet you! Er, I mean... I'm Dot, I'll be serving you today. Do you two need a menu? Or perhaps a drink I can start you off with?"

"It IS unusual," Blast Off agrees, before glancing down as Dot appears, his optic ridge lifting a little as he studies the femme. He pulls himself up straight and clasps his hands in front of him on the table, giving her a nod of greeting. "Yes. Both. I was wondering what sort of enerwine you might have? And do you have any house specialties?"

Lieutenant's seismic sense might have picked up on Dot, but honestly he's too distracted by the display of sweets to pay attention. Oh look Rung! They have more! Go sit down, he's going to eye these good for a bit. Maybe figure out what he's going to purchase. Penchant might not appreciate that their hab is going to smell like a sweet factory after this trip. Oh well.

With reluctance, Lieutenant pulls himself away to sit down, near the back. Near the candy.

Rung does take note of the statue, something in the back of his mind pricking a horrible sense that he has seen it before but- and then the candy shop takes his attention. Immediately he looks over at Lieutenant to see his reaction, there is no doubt the mech will be excited. His assumption is correct and he follows Lieutenant in amusement to the table very close to the display, "I suppose we will be ordering dessert then?" There is no way Lieutenant isn't with all that sugar right there.

Lockjaw would never miss a chance to take a look around a strange, new world - it's one of the reasons she came aboard the Lost Light. Okay, so this world is a little less strange than some the LL has visited, but it's strange enough for someone who's never set foot on Cybertron, recently, or in the past. It's a bit empty for her tastes, thought that's not to say that she didn't have a good time exploring. She enters the courts at a leisurley pace, though it speeds up when she spies the other Lost Lighters, changing her direction towards them "Empurata...those are the ones like him?" she nods at Whirl as she approaches "They are not a typcial form for Standartds?"

Whirl is staring at that statue again when Dot suddenly rushes over and introduces herself. That was impressively fast service. "I'll have whatever he's having," he tells her, snaking an arm around Blast Off's waist. "And also a glass of whatever you can get me the fastest." He really, really needs a drink after meeting Clockwise.

Flame continues to watch his surroundings with an almost bored look. Other than the flammable fountain it's all quite... boring. The former medic yawns. "When I was hearing everyone enthuse about this place, I wasn't expecting something so... predictable. All of this? It's been done before," he waves his hand dismissively.

It's a mystery just who the scientist is talking to. Well, that is until his spinal strut wriggles. Or the thing clamped to his back strut where his spinal strut would be. What had looked like an accessory of his armor twitches to move onto his shoulder. Flame reaches out to scritch the centipede drone with a finger. "Don't you agree, you beautiful thing?" he coos.

He's so busy cooing at his weird pet he almost doesn't notice Dot dart into his path. The former medic has to stumble back to catch himself. "Hey, watch it!" he snaps.

Dot nods and produces two menus for Blast Off and Whirl. "Specials are highlighted in yellow- our oil cakes and flash frozen energon are the big sellers this cycle. We also have several bottles, including the very popular Orion Three Orchards." She pauses to press her audio, a small speaker at Lieutenant and Rung's table relaying her voice. "I'll be right with you in just a few kliks!"

The minibot clears her vocalizer, about to speak before stopping to stare at Lockjaw. Whoa... She hadn't spotted this one while spying on the visitors earlier. "I-I- ahem! A drink immediately, coming right up sir!" She takes out a glass, putting the dispenser on her arm to it and filling it with energon. Then she sets it before Whirl with a straw. Then back to staring at Lockjaw, well, trying not to...

Flame gets looks from passerby. One individual even stops midstep to simply gawk. Because it honestly looks like that guy's spin just detached and now he's petting it. What the heck.

Lieutenant looks over the little one claimed Dot. "Thank you." She seems less creepy than Clockwise, at least mannerisms-wise. Hopefully not an empurata fetishist. One is enough to come across for one lifespan. "It does feel odd being waited on after ages of just getting up to get your rations every day." he comments.

Rung gives a small nod of agreement, hands folded in front of him as his gaze keeps drifting off to that statue. Primus... he feels like he should know what that is.. or has.. seen it before... He just can't place it. Lieutenant's comment has his attention drawn back to his friend, "Yes it really does. But I suppose that is the drawback of living on a ship."

Blast Off looks up to see Lockjaw approaching, asking about empuratas. Ouch, touchy subject. He just stares at her a moment, unsure how to explain, glancing to Whirl so that maybe HE will. "Why don't you explain..." As he glances back he happens to hear Flame disparaging the fountain (no taste there!) and... was that a centipede that just came out of his spine??!! The Combaticon blinks, grimaces, and coughs, very deliberately looking away from *that* sight. *cough*

Ok, back to Dot. The shuttleformer's optics light up at the mention of Orion Three Orchards (only the best wine in the galaxy!). He is quick to reply, "Excellent! I shall have some of your finest vintage of Orion Three Orchards, then. The flash frozen enegron sounds interesting." He looks to Whirl. "Were you getting something?" Eating around Whirl is always just a bit awkward somehow, and Blast Off tries not to be insensitive.

People are looking. Flame pauses. Sensing the optics of the gawking mecha behind him, Flame twists around and smirks. Another flicker of flame darts out of his intake as he winks at the startled mecha. "I don't blame you for staring," he remarks.

Then, with a somewhat obnoxious laugh, he twists around and moves to join the rest of the group. As he nears he hears them giving orders to the small bot who nearly smacked into him. The former medic purses his lip components. He worked as a medic long enough not to trust energon he's not seen refined himself.

Oh, so she dispenses the energon from her body like that? Kind of gross when you think about it, so Whirl doesn't. He pinches the straw between his claws and tosses it aside before dumping the entire thing into his intake valve. "I'll have mm.. five more of those," he tells Dot before regarding Lockjaw. Oh right, she's one of those animal people so she wouldn't know, would she? "Standard? Far from it. This is what happened to the most heinous of criminals back on Cybertron. A punishment meant to elicit prejudice and public humiliation."

"Hmmm?" Lockjaw turns to look down at the minibot staring up at her. Well, she supposes she does look rather intimidating, even without her sword. It's nothing new, really. She's used to it, and it does come in handy from time to time "Do not worry, little one, I will not eat you." she chuckles, before looking up as Whirl answers her question.

"Criminals?" her optics narrow in scrutiny as she studies the copter, then looks up again, gazing around the area "Then this place must be a den of crime."

Dot looks away sheepishly, rubbing at her cheeks before focusing back at the other two. She nods as Blast Off orders, taking out a large mug from subspace and filling that herself for Whirl. "I'll be back with the rest of your order in just a moment," she tells them before quickly walking toward the remainder of the group. She sets down menus for Rung, Lieu, and Flame. "Now! What can I get for yoou lot?"

There's a small laugh from behind Lockjaw, a tentacle slideing around her foot to tap the floor and let another seat spring forth. "Crime? Oh, you are mistaken! We are a haven. The reasons behind their disfigurment is unimportant, they work just like the rest of us and celebrate our success." Clockwise trots over to take a seat, seeing how it wasn't taken. She glances up at Lockjaw before her optics focus onto Whirl. "And how has everyone been enjoying their time here? Peaceful, isn't it?"

"Did someone say crim-" Flame begins as he moves towards Lockjaw. That word has his attention right away! It sounds just like his sort of conversation. Of course he doesn't get far. Dot is quick to interject and assure them such a thing doesn't exist here. 'Oh, this place just gets more disappointing by the moment,' Flame thinks.

When Clockwise asks her question, Flame raises his hand from the back of the crowd. "Oh, pick me. Pick me! You want to know how my time here has been? Boring. Have you considered setting the fountain on fire or something? It might add some flare."

Rung offers the minibot a gentle smile in greeting, "I believe I will just order whatever my friend is planning to get." And hopefully that order will not rot his denta from his jaws... though, with Lieutenant in the picture... The therapist spots Clockwise arrive out of the corner of his optic and his smile falters for a second. Oh, its her... of course he will be civil if she comes over (which he is hoping she doesn't) but he still cannot shake the unease that seems to surround her.

Blast Off frowns a bit at Dot's mehtod of dispensing energon and hopes there's no wine in there. Looking back up to Whirl and Lockjaw, his gaze settles on her, expression cool and voice flat. "Do you have a problem with that? Keep in mind, what the government considers a *criminal* and what common sense might consider a criminal are sometimes entirely different things..." He gives Dot another nod as she runs off- and then there's a laugh. The Combaticon tenses immediately, fingers digging more into each other as they remain clasped before him. He frowns under his faceplate, armor starting to bristle ever-so-slightly before he smooths it again- and edges just a little closer to Whirl. "It's been... relatively peaceful, yes..."

"Clockwise is back." Lieutenant informs Rung without looking up to notice her himself. That he pays attention to his seismic sense for, not Dot earlier. Although he does not ignore the tiny femme now. "Just a cube is all, thank you." He lost his appetite when he sensed Clockwise.

As for the comment about disfigurements being unimportant, Lieutenant side-eyes Rung. So far the therapist's uneasiness is beginning to get to him too.

"I will be watching him" Lockjaw answers Blast Off simply, though there is not as much hostility in her voice as there might be if she considered Whirl to be an imediate threat, and she does furrow her brow ridge at the addition of the deffinition of 'criminal'.

She also doesn't look long, turning her head when the tentacle slithers past her, the scrutiny ebbing only slightly as she regards the newcommer "If there is no crime here, then why are they subject to a criminal's punishment?"

Whirl is taking a 'sip' from his mug when Clockwise's voice suddenly hits his audials, causing him to startle and spill some of the energon all over his chest. Oops. "Er.." The arm around Blast Off tightens as the shuttleformer edges closer and he finally works up the nerve to look over at her. "It's been.. peaceful, I guess."

Lockjaw's question brings up a good point and prompts Whirl to ask his own questions. "Is there a reason why there are so many of them here? I mean.." He looks around, spotting a couple with just a quick glance. "There's a lot of them here. Is this some kind of program? Or a halfway house type of deal?"

Dot looks between Rung and Lieutenant before nodding unsurely- why did they suddenly look upset? "I'll be right back," she promises, taking off in her little clipped walk.

Clockwise glances toward Flame, the claws of one cord taking Flame's out-stretched servo and giving him a spin. They're surprising strong, those tentacles, before dipping him back. "We gladly forsake some excitement for security- but that doesn't mean we're boring," she muses with a small laugh, cord receeding to join its brother. Being this close to them, everyone is able to hear them spit quiet hisses at each other. Then her attention is on Whirl again. He's so interesting to look at.

"I never said there was no crime- we've had troubles with bandits and pirates you see- but that's in the past. We all work together for the good of the station." Clockwise smiles brightly at Whirl, reaching out to bap a pedipalp with a finger. "Smart and handsome, you are quite a delight! A program, yes! And I'm glad to hear you're all having a good time. Tell me if that becomes otherwise."

Lieutenant frowns, optics narrow as he's listened into the others' conversation. The avian stands up with a quick, 'excuse me' before approaching Clockwise. "Pardon, but what kind of program? Currently not knowing is making me feel otherwise." And he doesn't quite appreciate not knowing.

In Flame's eagerness, he leans forwards a little too quickly. The drone on his shoulder falls off with a surprised chirp. It lands on the floor a moment later and begins to skitter towards the safety of the nearest leg it sees (which likely isn't flame!) Tiny bugs tend to get squished when on the ground. Not even looking towards the drone, Flame mutters, "Oh, do quiet down. The big mecha are trying to speak."

Rung looks at Lieutenant worriedly as he excuses himself. What is he planning? His attention is taken by how Dot suddenly seems unsure of herself and offers a small smile before she runs away. And then its right back to watching Lieutenant join the group. He is perfectly fine fretting from afar.

Blast Off 's flat expression remains as Lockjaw gives her answer. Of course, both he and Whirl were both considered criminals, though he doesn't mention it of course. He just mulls it over before replying, looking at no one in particular as he does, "You'd do better to watch those that put him there...." Now back to Clockwise, he can't seem to KEEP HER TENTACLES TO HERSELF. The Combaticon's optics flicker with deeper purple as he stiffens and draws even closer to Whirl now, leaning against him and half-standing in his seat to place his masked face up near Whirl's not-face. "Yes, my /boyfriend/ is quite handsome, how kind of you to notice..." His hands remain stiffly clasped together.

  • who can't seem to keep her tentacles

The way Clockwise keeps looking at him does not go unnoticed by Whirl. He's used to being stared at but there's something about the way Clockwise is doing it that makes him a tad nervous. His optic flickers when he's bapped on the pedipalp and he can't help but feel slightly flustured seeing as it's a part of his helm Blast Off is so fond of touching. "H-handsome?" Then Blast Off is practically standing in his seat and making it *very* clear the status of their relationship to Clockwise and everyone around them. "What is this, a competition?" he jokes, trying to cut the tension.

One of the tentacles slowly descend to follow the odd millipede thing, snapping at it on occasion with its claws like a predator content to just tease some prey. Clockwise glances to Flame once more, optic ridge hiked up. "They're a modification. Best one I've ever gotten, isn't that right, Wince?" She lifts a servo, the free cord sliding beneath her fingers as if enjoying a nice pet.

Optics flicker to Blast Off, his Decepticon sigil, and back to Blast Off. "Mmmm, then you are quite the lucky individual, aren't you? And don't you tease me- as if you you're not used to a compliment." Clockwise wags a finger in Whirls directions. She doesn't bother looking at Lieutenant. "Rehabilitation, of course. I'm the Head of Operations and Psychiatrist about this station. I'm afraid further details is guarded by Patient Confidentiality."

See Flame? He's standing as close to Clockwise's personal space as is allowable. But apparently he's not visible enough, because she's still talking to Whirl. Like that is going to stop Flame! It seems like they don't even want the attention anyways so Flame will do everyone a favor. Without asking permission he plunks himself right between Clockwise's and Whirl's line of sight. "Oh, I can only imagine what such a thing could do. I'd love the opportunity to design and install such a modification myself," he mutters, momentarily forgetting his medical liscence had been revoked. He frowns. "Well, I would have at least."

Meanwhile, the drone squeaks in distress as its playful attacker. Reaching the leg, she climbs up and onto Rung's lap as quickly as she can. She doesn't stop there, though! Up, up, up! Soon, the millipede is clinging to Rung's back strut, the place she feels most safe, and peeks twitching antennea over Rung's shoulder, testing to see if the threat is gone.

Lieutenant doesn't like the response as it sounds just too ominous. Rehabilitation for what? Recovering war-vets? Why is she so quick to dismiss the disfigured? Ugh, just so many questions and her only interest is Whirl. It's quite disturbing. He turns a heel and heads back to his seating with Rung, flouncing down into his chair. "Empurata fetishist for fifty shanix." he huffs before glancing at Rung. He doesn't react to the creature on his friend but, "Flame, please take your pet back."

The way Clockwise looks at his Decepticon badge doesn't go unnoticed by Blast Off, whose optics narrow and dim. He remains still for a moment before finally looking up to Whirl. "No, it's not a competition, Whirl, because *we* are together." He unclasps his hands, bringing one to lightly touch that apparently quite popular pedipalp before dropping down and reaching for a claw. He firmly takes his place, sitting at Whirl's side, holding that claw. There's more he could say- like how no, actually, it's NOT very often anyone else notices what a catch Whirl really is... but he remains silent, letting Whirl deal with that. To say it out loud might embarrass Whirl, for all he knows. He's still mulling over what Clockwise said, though. "Are there a lot of.. patients here?"

With Lieutenant already having asked the question on her mind, Lockjaw remains silent for a a time, arms crossed over her chest, watching, and listening to, Clockwise. She sure has quite the interest in their empurata friend, doesn't she? "Rehabilitation from what? In a general sense."

Whirl gets his pedipalp touched again, this time by someone he doesn't mind being touched by. This is much better. He also lets Blast Off take his claw, feeling a bit like some kind of trophy husband. "Not everyone is as fond of empuratas as you are," he tells Clockwise, giving Blast Off's hand a squeeze. "Or him. Still a lot of prejudice out there, a lot of ignorance."

When Flame rudely inserts himself (literally) into the conversation, Whirl can only stare. A part of him hopes he diverts Clockwise's attention, at least for a little bit. It's weird being looked at like that by a stranger. "Patients, eh?"

Rung lets out a small squeak as the creature suddenly crawls up on him, back going bolt straight as the creature settles there. Ok quick vents, calm down, its not doing any harm! He is currently too distracted by the thing clinging to his back to really pay attention to the mentions of psychiatry and 'program'. Very very tentatively Rung reaches around and gives the little creature's head a gentle rub. Maybe that will calm it down? ... and by extension get it to leave? "What was it she was saying? something about a program? Its hard to hear from all the way over here."

Clockwise has no choice but to look at Flame. My, what manners this one has. She smiles at him though. "Yes, and I'm afraid you'll have to keep imagining," she tells him, tentacle retreating from chasing down the drone to join its brother. They both wrap around Flame's arms before lifting him up and moving him over before depositing him. For a mech complaining of boring, he's certainly not said or done enough to garner her attention.

"They've suffered, I help to bring them healing so they can be their right selves again. Unfortunately, there's plenty and it only seems to get larger." Clockwise sighs sadly. "But it is what it is, we can do nothing but continue you, thrive. Which is what we have done here? Isn't it grand?" She looks around rather proudly.

"Whirl asked, Is this some kind of program? Or a halfway house type of deal?" He informs, "I heard her and asked What kind of program? and Clockwise said, Rehabilitation, of course. I'm the Head of Operations and Psychiatrist about this station. I'm afraid further details is guarded by Patient Confidentiality." Lieutenant folds his hand in his lap, attentive like he did for many senators back before the war. Using his memory to recite what they wanted to hear. "Now she says, They've suffered, I help to bring them healing so they can be their right selves again. Unfortunately, there's plenty and it only seems to get larger. But it is what it is, we can do nothing but continue you, thrive. Which is what we have done here? Isn't it grand?" He only huffs at the end of it.

The modification may be interesting, but now that the mecha's tone turns to dismissive Flame is already moving to find something more interesting. He does not get very far before Clockwise's tentacles decide to 'help' him along. The former medic growls low in his vocoder, a much more impressive burst of flame coming out of his intake. The first times were just teases, but that's enough to give a clear warning. Flame yanks his hand out of the tentacle's grip. "Thankfully, I would not need you there to create such a modification," he huffs. Tentacles. Easy. He's done things much more complex.

Turning on his heel, Flame strides towards Rung. "Return," he snaps, holding out his hand for the drone to climb onto. She nuzzles against Rung's digit once before reluctantly obeying. The drone hald climbs onto Flame's hand, settling there with a contented chirp. Now she can sit on both people at once.

Flame sighs. "All the way," he adds."

Blast Off remains seated very close to Whirl. Possesive? NO NOT HIM. But Whirl's HIS boyfriend, back off Clockwise. He eyes her cooly as she speaks, something striking him as a little odd... but then again, she's been rubbing him the wrong way for awhile. ever since she got so touchy-feely with Whirl. "I.. suppose so. If they choose to be here, then... they could certainly have chosen worse," he notes, looking at the statue and fountain again. "This place has some beautiful architecture, and....." Then he frowns, glancing about. "Food? ... Where's our waitress? Shouldn't we have some wine by now?"

So far, Lockjaw has been content to peacebly stand where she was, with no intnetion to make trouble for their hosts, but Clockwise's manhandling of Flame, and the mech's growl draws her attention. The massive Eukarian steps forward, a low, warning hiss coming from the depths of her throat. She might not know him, but she knows that he is crew. My cousin and I against a stranger, as they say. Though Flame eventually frees himself, Lockjaw continues to eye the other femme warily, even as she offers her 'answer' to her question.

Rung is now absentmindedly petting the little drone as he stares at Lieutenant. When Flame walks over he gently tips his hand so the drone slides fully onto the mech's arm. He is still looking at Lieutenant, eyebrows knitting together, "She's a psychiatrist? Strange, I've never heard of her before. If she was prewar I likely would known her- it was a rather tight knit community- and even during the war there weren't many of us around..."

"Hrmm.." Whirl doesn't like the sound of 'patients' and 'rehabilitation' but maybe that's really all there is to it. Maybe, for the first time in Lost Light history, this outing isn't going to end in some shady, dangerous shit. "It's a shame places like this didn't exist when I had my surgery," he says, taking a 'sip' from the mug still clenched in his free claws. "My job prospects, my living situation, it all went down the shitter the second I woke up looking like this." Only the Senate would give him a chance, but he keeps that part to himself.

Flame nudges at the drone's helm with a slight scritch as she crawls up the length of his arm and settles on her old perch. The scientist watches the rest of the mecha sit around and talk for a short time, but then decides this whole sitting around thing isn't working for him. Maybe time to go mix things up? The scientist gives his drone a meaningful look and then tries to slip away from the group while everyone is distracted. Making his own entertainment usually isn't too much of a challenge.

Clockwise tips her chin up, systems humming with Blast Off's compliement as her optics slide to see that fiery display. Interesting... She can't dwell too long on that or any further conversation because there's someone calling her name. "Clockwise! Clockwise!" A awkward mech runs to join them, the sign of a medic on his head and colors the typical red and white. And like many others at this station, he's an empurata victim as well.

Clockwise turns to look at medic, his claws snapping nervously as he comes to a stop. "Clockwise, you didn't answer your comm so I-I- the patient is having a fit and-" he falls quiet as she raises a servo for silence.

"I'm afraid you'll all have to excuse me- duty calls. It's been a pleasure speaking with all of you. And excuse Dot, she's the only server. We don't have many energon dispensers around, after all." Clockwise stands, waving to all of them before walking off. Lifeline lingers behind just a moment, single optic paling just a moment before quicklying following his companion. Not a klik later comes little Dot, humming and setting everyone's drinks in front of them.

Flame goes home.

"Ah." Figures. Dot may take awhile. Siiigh. This place may not get that raving 5 star review after all. The shuttleforer taps a finger impatiently on the table, but otherwise keeps most of his focus on Clockwise as she departs. He frowns and turns to Whirl. "That was... odd." Lo and behold, however, Dot appears soon after, and Blast Off takes his drink in hand, still holding Whirl's claw in the other. Well, maybe this place won't get the WORST review, then....

Lockjaw takes her gaze off of Clockwise just long enough to glance at Whirl. This whole empurata business - punishing criminals (?) by straightup altering how they look, effectivley socially banishing thme - it's nto a concept she's encountered before. It is, well, if not intriguing, then atleast it has her curiosity. She might ask about it. Sometime later. Right now, she's a bit moody, and thus on guard. She doesn't take kindly to strangers harassing Crew?

Whirl is glad to see Clockwise go, but her reason for doing so doesn't rest easy with him. Wasn't there an issue with a 'patient' when they first entered? What the hell kind of program is this really? "It was," he says, taking another sip and giving Blast Off's hand another squeeze. "Stick close to me, okay? I'm still unsure about this whole place."

Despite his grumping, Lieutenant looks over to Dot, "Pardon but might I ask you a few questions? If I order some sweets may I take them to go?" After all that he's still wondering if he can take some back to the ship. His habsuite is going to need more shelves by the end of this trip.

Rung is long lost in his own mind now, barely giving Dot a grateful smile as she sets down their cubes. He should know who Clockwise is if she is a psychiatrist from Cybertron, shouldn't he? He is going to be rather quiet the rest of the evening, likely disappearing into his hab to search through old records to try and figure this out.

Blast Off nods to Whirl. Right now, if they weren't in public, he'd be leaning up against the rotary and nestling his head in the crook of Whirl's arm, his own arms wrapped under that ample chest. As it is he stays close, returning the squeeze of that sharp claw. "...I think you might be right. Sounds good to me."

Dot smiles at everyone, beaming and excited to have them all here. She looks at Lieutenant and nods. "Of course you can! I can send in an order and you can pick it up whenever you're ready!"

Lieutenant nods, that's good. He's not done with Dot though, "Very well, but another question: C-E, what does that stand for? And what are those patients we continue to hear about rehabilitating from? And if you know, do you know why Clockwise has a fascination for Whirl, the empuratian?" He needs answers because he will not sleep with all this confusion. Well, he wouldn't sleep regardless, but still.

Dot's audio give a fain't little twitch. Oh wow, that's a lot of questions. "Empurata? Oh, there's plenty of those, I don't see why she'd take an interest... But we're all sorta her patients! We all need a little help sometimes, right?" She looks over her shoulder. "Oh, I gotta get back to work. Sorry- I'm off in a few cycles if you want to talk more!" Talking would be so much fun! She turns to leave and then pauses. "Oh, right! C-E: Cog's Elysium, of course." She waves and then goes off to continue her work- and happy to do so, might she add!

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