2016-12-31 Form Dictates Function

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Form Dictates Function
Date 2016/12/31
Location The C-E Station
Participants Lieutenant, Lockjaw, Rung
NPCs Clockwise, Lifeline
Plot Functionist Station
Scene GM Soundwave
Summary The more pleasant seeming the world, the greater its dark side

Its funny how easily individuals can go missing in such a bustling place. You'd think someone would see, someone would notice... But with the right timing and enough practice, it can be done before one could shutter an optic. Tranqualizing the victims so they can't cry out or struggle is just the smart thing to do.

And as the victims wake up, they'll find themselves in a very different place than they last remember. It looks like a clinic, sterile with medical readouts and tools all around, but with a heavy emphasis on containment. To one side is a waiting room of sorts, energon bars humming with power to keep in any occupents including Lockjaw, while inside are several tables with restraints and just as many chairs that cuff and hold an individual down.

A lone medic walks around, checking the readouts hooked up to Rung restrained on a table. Its the same little empurata mecha from the Fuel Courts- Lifeline is his name for those who bother to remember. He marks on his chart and goes over to Lieutenant, seated in a chair and as subdued as Rung. He adjusts a few settings on the chair so its a bit more upright before going to enter his findings into a console, claws pecking at the buttons. For now, all is quiet.

Rung doesn't know what happened, he can't remember. All that does come to mind is leaving... leaving the fueling court with Lieutenant then it all gets- gets fuzzy. Blinking his optics online ends up being a mistake, the bright lights nearly blinding him. He moves to raise an arm to shield his eyes only to discover that they are restrained, as are his legs. What in Primus name- "Where...?" is all Rung manages to croak out as he tries to decipher what is going on.

Last Lockjaw remembered, she had taken to roaming the station again. It's an odd place indeed, and her suspiscion had not abated much, but it's not every day they stop somewhere, so she figured she might as well look around more, and keep an eye out for any trouble. It seems that trouble was keeping an eye out for her as well. The first sound that leaves her is a growling groan as she slowly becomes aware of the hard floor she's lying on. Then comes the light - bright and sterile - it feels like that's typical of the C-E. Still, it takes her a few moments after her optics flicker on to manage to orientier herself - floor at her back, celling at her face "What...?" did she pass out? She hasn't really had a tendency for that before...did someone hit her? She doesn't feel like she's hurt though.

Bracing herself against the floor, she pushes herself up to a sitting position. No, this does not look like any part of the station she's seen before. Slowly, she begins to look around, her head drawn towards the sound of a familiar voice. "What...?" What's with the bars, and what's up with Rung, and...the feet - she can't see the rest of the mech properly, sitting down as she is "Are you alright?"

An audio fin twitches, as Lieutenant's systems start to come back online. His processor works to figure out what happened, but there is nothing. Last he recalls he was sitting- maybe he passed out at the Fueling courts? But wouldn't Rung have awoken him if so? Whatever the reason, his optics open as he moves to get up.

Lieutenant freezes. His tanks plummet and his spark skips a pulse. This- This isn't the courts, or the shops. It's a medical facility.

Get out, now.

He lurches back in the seat, throwing his head head as he tries in desperation to yank free of the cuffs. His ventilation is shaky as he panics, thrashing in his seat to get out! The avian has so much concern to get away he doesn't realize the others in the room. At least not until the empurata comes into view. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" He is not doing okay.

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Protective: Good Success. (8 5 8 6 1 2 2 6 3 6 5)

Lifeline looks back at the first voice to speak, single optic resting upon Rung. He hurries to the side of the room, adjusting the brightness of the lights to lessen their intensity. "Oh, I am so sorry! The brighter light makes it easier to see and I didn't realize you'd be onlining quite so soon..." Satisfied with the dimmer lights, he patters his way back over to Rung as he wrings his claws nervously. He glances at Lockjaw.

"Its all alright! You're both s-s-safe." The single optic flickers, as if unsure of his own answer, but he's easily distracted by Lieutenant's reaction. "O-Oh my... Sir, please. Please calm down! Thrashing about will only hurt you further! ... Oh dear, oh dear, ohdearohdear..." If a faceless mech could look panicked, Lifeline just about did. He pulls a shot out of subspace, approaching Lieutenant. "H-Hold still now, this will help calm your nerves..."

Rung snaps into focus when he hears Lieutenant struggling. What is happening? Who else is there? Lockjaw is temporarily forgotten as he twists his head around to try and see his other currently panicking friend, "Lieutenant, please, It-" Ok he shouldn't say its alright that could be lying since he doesn't know what they are in, "I'm here, focus on me, not everything else. Focus on my voice." He is using the same tone that has cut through patient's panic attacks before, hoping the avian will be able to focus on his voice and come down from his fear high, "Don't you dare inject him with anything." Rung's voice has a dangerous edge to it as he focuses on Lifeline and the shot in his hands, a probably feeble attempt to help in his trapped position.

The cry of panic from the feet - or the mech attached to them anyways - is enough of an answer for Lockjaw, activating her natural instinct to protect and yanking her into full awareness. The giant femme rolls to her feet, lunging forward at the bars, only to jump back with a hiss when they burn her hands "You dare touch him and I will rip that hand off" she growls nonetheless.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Memory: Good Success. (1 7 3 1 6 4 6 3 7 4 2 2 8 5)

This has to be a mistake! This has to be a memory! It hurts as though it were real. Lifeline's attempt to calm the avian down is fruitless. Lieutenant only struggles, twisting and trying to kick his way out more so. His wings spread out to their full length, flapping trying to find some way to escape the bind he's in.

He hyperventilates, overtime he even glances at the medic, he doesn't even see him as an empurata, he sees the last medic who had him strapped down. Lieutenant only continues to thrash more. "LET ME GO!" He cries out, "YOU DID ENOUGH TO ME!"

Lifeline looks back at Rung in surprise. "What? But this will help him," he explains, taking a step or two away as Lockdown just about charges him. Thank Primus for cages. But none of this stops his claws from shaking. "R-Really! I'm trying help! He needs to calm down! He-" The medic squeaks as something takes the shot out of his hands. A tentacle holds one of Lieutenant's arms still while the other sticks the needle into a line, injecting it into the badgeless Autobot.

"Lifeline, what have I told you about letting the patient hurt themselves?" Clockwise hises as she walks further in, depositing the shot into the bin. She crosses her arms. "And they're no where near ready. Go prep him while I makes sure this one calms down." She strides over closer to Lieutenant while Lifeline ducks his helm and shuffles over to Rung. Smiling pleasantly, she snaps her fingers in front of Lieutenant. "Oh Ten, can you hear me? Are you feeling better now, hmm? It's alright, you're in a safe place"

Lifline, meanwhile, starts messing along the seams of Rung's chassis, muttering 'sorry, sorry' quietly as he does so. Then he stops. "Could you just open up? That would be easier. We need a look at your chamber..."

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (8 7 5 1 8 5 6 3 2 2)

Rung can see he is not getting to Lieutenant, "I apologize if I do not trust the assurances of someone who has kidnapped us." He is really getting tired of being taken hostage at this point. He can't entirely see what is happening but he can hear Clockwise and knows that it is likely too late to help. The therapist readies himself to yell something but the words are caught in his throat when Lifeline wants him to open his chest plates. There is no way that is happening. He doesn't comply and if anything tenses up even more, his mouth a hard line as he glares silently up at the empurata'd medic.

Lifeline's attmepts at resurances do nothing to calm Lockjaw. The Eukarian lets out another, warning, throatal hiss, which gets louder when Clockwise walks in "You need to release us! Now!" she demands, lunging at the bars again. This time, rather than recoiling from the shock, she grabs onto them, only grimacing as she tries to tug them appart in an attempt to get to her shipmates. Het yellow optics flash between the other femme, and the medic, locking on to the later when he moves for Rung, her sharp teeth baring in a snarl "How about I open you up."

The pulsing begins to slow as he slowly calms down. It works, but the fear still does not subside as cleanser wells up in his optics. Lieutenant wants to leave, he wants to go back to his hab and stay in there for the rest of this trip here.

His memory lapse subsides as his attention turns to Clockwise with concern, with fear. Lieutenant's shaking might be steadily going away but he still doesn't feel safe. "I'm not Ten...Please... Please I don't want to be here." his voice wavered, shaking as his wings lower. "What- What do you want? What did we... What did we do? Why are we here?"

Lifeline waits, giving Rung more time to comply... And then he wilts when the creamsicle does no such thing. "Y-Yeah, no one... No one ever does. I'm sorry..." He reaches out once more but stops to look at Lockjaw, lone optic shinning fearfully... But it seems the fear is not enough because he bows his helm to get to work. He's well practiced in forcing a mech to open their chassis, which may be apparent to Rung with how quickly he gets the orange chest plates to open. "Sorry..." he says again.

"Ten was on your ID, dear... Lifeline, make note of that." As the medic goes to do that, Clockwise smiles gently, a cord reaching out to brush the side of Lieutenant's face in what is meant to be a reasuring gesture. "Shh, its alright. You are here so I may bring you to your new life. One free of sadness, from the confines and much of years of war. I will make you a child of Primus once more, and you can join us here in our haven."

Clockwise glances over at Lockjaw and Rung before slowly making her way around Lieutenant, a cord adjusting the chair so he's leaning further back. "Lifeline, we'll start with examining this one." Flexing her servos, needles slide out of fingertips. "Now, Lieutenant, I'm going to briefly look you over. And once we identify the problems, we will correct them and you can find purpose once more. Don't fret, I've got you," she assures her patient gently before sinking the needles into his neck. Lifeline, off to the side, doesn't watch.

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Fortitude: Success. (3 5 1 3 3 3 2 2 3 7)

Rung sees the needles and hears the telltale shink. No no! He he needs to try and distract her! "You're a mnemosurgeon not a psychiatrist. Why- Why lie to us at all? Is it so the mechs here will trust you?" His attention keeps shifting between Lifeline and Clockwise, while it is obvious the medic doesn't want to be doing whatever he is he isn't about to trust what he is doing, "Or perhaps to you there is no difference."

The more Lockjaw is ignored, the angrier she gets "THEY ARE NOT YOUR PATIENTS! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE DOING THIS! RELEASE THEM!" finally, she releases the bars, and steps back, but not in surender. There is a flurry of movement, the characteristic sound of a transformation, and soon the 'waiting room' floor is occupied by one very large, very toothy reptile, lunging right at the bars, maw wide. This time, she does not manage hold on long, backing away again, but her jaws remain wide, giving a good view of all those pointy teeth, her hiss, louder, and more pronounced in this form.

Lieutenant couldn't keep himself together, as he just looks at the needles Clockwise reveals. This is not what he wanted. He remembers speaking to Getaway on this but he promised it he would never allow this happen. "No..." Voice cracks as he pleads.

When the needles are in his first reaction is to try and force her to view some sort of memory than what she might be looking for. Just like he did with Penchant when he would start to look for something he shouldn't. Unfortunately that gets him thinking of Penchant, the times they had practiced his ability to strengthen it. Oh he's thankful the mini isn't here.

It seems dignity is not something Lifeline holds onto tightly, because he jumps and takes several steps back. He glances at Clockwise, who's optics have glazed over as she shuffles through Lieutenant's head. "P-Please, it would be easier if you both stopped fighting it. It's not... It's not so bad..." he murmurs, looking down at the floor.

Lieutenant's attempt to deter the mnemosurgeon end up just distracting himself, leaving Clockwise to pick through what she wants. She doesn't stay connected long, simply viewing an arrangement of things. A frown briefly crosses her lips as a tentacle jacks into a console on the wall, injecting data and necessary information. Not long after, the needles slide back out. "Oh Ten... How my spark aches for you- but not to worry. In Primus, you can be whole once more."

Neeles sliding back into her fingers, Clockwise's clipped steps circle back around to the front of Lieautenant. She pauses just a moment to look at Lockjaw. "Oh, that's what it turns into. Lifeline, send a picture to Proletariat, see if he'd like it... Now, Ten," she glances at Lieu, hands clasped behind her back. "I have one question for you: do you prefer the frame you have now? Truly?" Rung watches fearfully as Lieutenant has his mind rifled through, watching his panic and wishing he could do something to help but restrained like this... he's helpless. He just hopes keeping himself fairly calm will help ease Lieutenant a bit, though that is doubtful.

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Fortitude: Success. (5 1 4 4 4 6 6 3 8 5)

Lockjaw may be able to move, but that isn't helping her any to help her shipmates. The only thing she has going for her is Lifeline's reaction, which she takes note of. For a while longer, she remains as she is, maw open, hissing. Then suddenly, her head swivels to point right at the medic, and she lunges again, closing on the bars between them. Again, the bars burning the more sensitive inside of her mouth forces her to back off quickly, but that also makes it easier for her to talk. Still glaring right at Lifeline, she hisses "Release them, and I might not rip you apart piece by piece later."

His processor turns to what Clockwise is fishing for in his mind. The time Prowl asked him if he would consider becoming an Autobot, and he said yes. That time years prior when he transferred frames to become Lieutenant to hide, but the T-cog given him was faulty. He could never bring himself around to fix it. Then there was the memory when he came online, how his spark struggled to stay alive. How he was so weak because of it.

He remains quiet, his vision blurry from the tears that kept falling. He slumps over, shivering, as he stares at the floor. "..." Lieutenant can't seem to find a way to answer. He wants to go home. "Does it matter what I look like? I just want to be released... Please- please release us. Get us out of here...."

He wants to react, to struggle again to break free. They have to get out of here! Clockwise can't take his head, hands, or memories, and not Lockjaw's t-cog. "Y-You can't! You can't!" Lieutenant shakes his head, although not near as viciously as before. He's beginning to panic, still looking at the ground, mumbling to himself in between choked vents "Tormentor... Tormentor.. Tormentor, please." He doesn't want to undergo a surgery, he can't be here any more. The avian just sits there, shaking again.

Clockwise waves away Lockjaw's threat. "Silly beast, you will and you will be happy to embrace being useful once more. And being used to improve the life of Lieutenant? You should feel honored."

Clockwise steps up to Rung, leaning forward to examine his bared chassis. "I'm healing, Rung. I giving purpose and function back to those who lost it! I'm bringing them back to Primus so things can be as they should be. They'll be happy again- how can wanting their happiness be abhorrent?" There's a shnkt as needles slide out of the fingers on one hand. She looks rather sad as she makes her way around the therapist. "... Recite your oaths and I shall recite you truths. Form dictates function- but what function does a ornament serve? Please tell me, Rung. Assure me that you are something more than that. That it was just a clinical error in labeling."

Meanwhile, Lifeline has gotten the courage to shuffle over to Lieutenant. His emotionless face looks almost concerned. After a moment of hesitation, he reaches out and takes one of Lieutenant's servos with his claws. "It's going to be alright. It isn't bad, you'll be okay..." he quietly says to the Autobot. "Just recharge and it'll be over soon."

"I am a therapist. A real one. And you," Rung is suddenly clicking everything together, that saying.. they can't be anything else, "Are a functionist. The functionists found my mind to be more useful than my alt mode, which is probably a shocking concept you. You and those like you will fall just as they did on Cybertron, I can assure you of that." He doesn't know what she plans to do, but he is not going down without a fight, metaphorical or physical. Unlike Lieutenant Rung knows how to keep himself calm, how to redirect someone probing... after all, he's helped others to create failsafe's in their own mind's before.

Lockjaw gives the bars another good yank before releasing them to turn her head, teeth and all, towards Clockwise "I am Lockjaw, of the Scalewalker tribe, and my purpose is to protect my own, and you are the ones I must protect them from here!" she snarls "And if I cannot do that, I will at least die trying! Release them!" again, she lunges, refusing to give up while she still has the strength to fight.

Lifeline is fortunate the shot still works in Lieutenant's system or he would have tried to yank away. He's terrified, he can't keep calm without being forced to while here. "Is that what you tell everyone that comes through?" he still refuses to look up, he can't give Lifeline his attention least he start to lose himself again. "Is that what you were told?"

Lifeline's head dips down shamefully. "There's nothing else I can tell them." He looks at Lieutenent, claws squeezing his servo. "No, no it wasn't... But for you, it will be okay. Please, rest..." He shrinks back as Lockjaw continues his shouting. Scalewalkers are terrifying, he's decided.

Clockwise looks at Rung sadly, true sadness in her optics. "I'm sorry you think such things..." She reaches out to pat his head. "And I'm sorry that you no longer serve a function." And she means it, so much pity in her voice. "Your mind isn't needed here, Rung. You have no use right now. I'm afraid we'll have to store you. It's okay, don't fret. It'll be like sleeping, and won't that be nice?" She smiles, needles vanishing back into her fingers. Unneeded, seeing how he confirmed everything she wanted with his words.

Stroking Rung's helm to keep him calm, Clockwise looks up. "Lifeline, get a tranqualizer. And then call containment. I'll prep Rung for his cell, they can bring it tomorrow." Lifeline releases Lieutenant, going off and then pausing. "Er- tranqualizers, Clockwise?"

The mnemosurgeon looks to Lockjaw. "The beast needs its first lesson immediately. And as soon as I finish with that, I'll check out other patients while you begin surgery."

"No!" And now Rung actually does begin to struggle, "you can't do this to them!" Or him, but really he considers his own safety secondary. His struggling is in vain, as he is in no way strong enough to break his way out.

Lockjaw's reply is a long, threatening hiss "Now I see more than ever that Onyx Prime was correct in abandoning Cybertron, if it bred scum like you you. I will NOT submit to you, and the more you hurt my crew, the more I will prolong your death. Again, she lashes out at her prison, tearing at the bars with her teeth, and the floor with her claws, ever more determined to free herself and get to the others.

Clockwise looks down as Lifeline goes off to do as he's told. "This is what Primus desires, it is my duty to enforce it. Don't worry, Rung. As soon as there is a place for you, we will bring you back so you may bask within his glory with the rest of us." She pats his head before her fingers trail down to his spark chamber, plucking over the many connections to it. This is not the first time she's done this. "Rest well, Rung. May the Hand Guide your dreams," she tells him before disconnecting several of the connections to his chamber. And as soon as his spark is used to the diconnect from body, they can store it away.

As soon as that's over, Clockwise leaves Rung to stand before Lockjaw again, taking the tranq gun as Lifeline hands it to her. He turns away as she fires upon gator. "Your Prime is nothing before Primuse and the Guiding Hand, beast. the Primes submit to them as you will to us. It is the way things are. And you will find yourself happier for it, I promise you."

This hiss is shorter than the previous cut off as Lockjaw launches herself at the bars with renewed fervor when Clockwise disconects Rung's spark. It's only after several such attempts, when the other femme adresses her, does she back off again, shifting back up to the full height of her root form to stare her down "If that were Primus' will, Onyx Prime could have never left. But he did, and it was for the better, and as Chela swore to protect his followers from your kind, I swear to protect my friends, and I will make you pay for what you've done to them!"

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Body+Body: Great Success. (2 6 7 3 7 6 7 8)

But that will have to wait. Lockjaw would only be too happy to contue trying to tear the place apart, but the trnaquilizer finally catches up with her size. The Eukarian stumbles, grabing at the bars to brace herself as her knees start giving out under her. It doesn't help her for long, just enough to shoot Clockwise one last glare, promising of a slow, and painful death. Then, she slides to the floor again, and she's out.

Clockwise waits for the gator to stop moving before a tentacle turns the bars off. "You're better when you don't talk. I'll take care of that too... Lifeline, keep an eye on Rung's readout. I'll be but a moment and we can check on the other patients." She steps into what was Lockjaw's cell, fingers flexing and needles coming out. So much to do, so much to do in the name of Primus and Functionism.

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