2016-12-29 A Weapon In Peace

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-12-29 A Weapon In Peace
Date 2016/12/29
Location Chimera and Gyro's Habsuite
Participants Chimera, Quicksight
Summary Quicksight returns something, only to receive something better. Philosophy and religion talk follow.

Quicksight is glad to be back on his feet again. For all the good its done him, his stay in the medibay wasn't a particularly interesting one. There are only so many things you can do when you're stretched out on a cot with tubes and wires sticking out of you. He's quite grateful to those friends who visited him during that time, and brought him something to alleviate the boredom.

It's one of those things that he carries under one arm now as he heads towards Chimera's habsuite. The contents of the datapad may have not been as polished as some other books, but he'd be lying if he said he didn't thoroughly enjoy reading it. He had always had a love for stories of the past. Reaching the target door, he stops, hand half raised in mild uncertainty. He's never liked bothering people he has respect for in their own rooms without reason. But returning the pad is a good reason, right? Who knows when he'll get the chance again? It's not like he caries it around everywhere in hopes of catching Chimera. One cycle of air through his ventilation, and he reaches up, to knock.

While not entirely discernible, the quiet sound of someone speaking softly can be heard on the other side of the door, though it abruptly halts when Quicksight knocks. A stretch of silence follows until the door finally slides, allowing light wisps of a gentle smelling incense to flow into the hall. Filling the doorway is Chimera, only today she appears somewhat different with the scattering of organic stone and bone jewelry of charms and beads on her person as well as woven into her mane.

The only truly, stark difference about her is the dull silvery grey coloring her normally darker complexion with accents of black contouring to give the appearance of the cybertronian skull. "Ah, Quicksight." She greets, delight in her features even with death-grey face. "My apologies for the appearance, I was in prayer. Would you like to come in?"

With his nervousness being how it is, Quicksight notices the sound of speaking only a moment before it cuts off - too late to stop knocking, leaving him looking a bit uncomfortable when the door finally opens. He'd hate to be a bother and interrupt something. The sights and smells that greet him, however, pique his interest, and soon, he can't help but stare, his face bright with curiosity.

It takes him a few moments to recollect himself "I, uhm, sure - I - I mean, if I'm not disturbing you! I don't want to interrupt if you were busy! I just came to return this!" he thrusts out the datapad with both hands before him "And - and say thank you."

A deep, smooth chuckle rolls from Chimera's vocalizer at the minicon's wondrous look. "Thank you, my friend." Polite words purr when stooping to retrieve the pad, her other hand waving him in. "You are not disturbing in the least. Come, I have something for you since you are here." Bits of organic material clink and chime faintly against her metal frame as she steps back inside, the door sliding behind once Quicksight is within.

The space is dimmed, the only illumination being the candles scattered around her side of the hab, most of them grouped with a single incense stick on a well set altar. Notable items upon it are a bowl of what appears to be energon, some stones, as well as an aged cybertronian head, near skeletal, with preserved flowers within the optics sockets and open mouth. "Do make yourself comfortable." An offering hand waves to her berth, alien pelts thrown atop it, while she goes about searching through a box.

"While I am not much for war, I still appreciate a well forged weapon." The beast hums and withdraws a small box, or at least small to her, and takes a seat on her berth to hand it to the little mech. "I take it you do as well." Opening the box, she reveals what to her would serve as a simple knife were its handle big enough. However, to him it is nearly a short sword, some runes carved into the solid hilt. "It is too small for me to wield, yet I carried it still because of who created it. Even after all these years the edge has yet to dull."

Friend. Quicksight would have not dared to openly call her that at this point, bearing too much respect for the older femme to just assume their relationship, so hearing her say that is hardly meaningless to him. Gingerly, the minicon follows her into the room, head swiveling left and right as he takes it all in. The head, in particular, earns a prolonged stare. The pelts, too, get a good look. The scout steps over to the offered seat carefully, eyeing the skins with a mix of confusion and caution. He only gets to carefully poking one with a finger when Chimera speaks up again, drawing his attention. He does eventually take a seat, on the very edge of the berth, when she does, so as not to appear rude in denying her invitation, his gaze flickering between her, and the box as he reaches out to accept it. The knife, however, draws his attention wholly. It's only when she finishes talking does he look up again "Who -who made it?"

Gingerly, Chimera reaches in to withdraw the blade, the amber glow of the candles flickering off its polished surface when being handed to him, offered in customary, horizontal fashion. "My dearest Hephaestus.. His skills were only surpassed by that of Solus Prime. Even so, he made marvelous pieces. ..I am sure some still remain buried on the ancient battlefields, but before I left Cybertron as the war reached its end, I made it my mission to collect as many of his creations as I could. Through my travels I have parted with some, but only to those I know will respect them and treat them with as much care as he did."

The beast awaits patiently for him to take the item, not wishing to rush or pressure him, her serene expression only marked by a faint smile. "I have grown quite fond of you since our first meeting, Quicksight. You have so much potential than you may not even know yourself. And so I bequeath this to you as a token of my respect and admiration for you."

If Quicksight had a mouth, it would be hanging open about now, as he stares up at the beastformer in surprise. He is still not used to people thinking highly of him in any form, let alone enough to offer him something of such personal value. His hand shifts, but it doesn't quite make it all the way to the gift "I-Are you sure? I'm not sure I can accept it..."

"I am. And you can." Chimera responds quietly, words airy and affectionate. "I know it is not easy for you, to fathom becoming more than what you were made to be. But even in the brief time I have known you I have seen changes in how you think an act where not long ago would be settled in slaughter." The sword remains, unmoving. "It may be odd to give a sword for non-violence, but I can think of nothing better to put in the hands of someone who is learning that there is a time and a place for such a thing. I should hope you will know when that time is and use it for a reason you know to be right and true deep in your spark."

For a while, Quicksight simply continues to sit there, looking up at Chimera, completely at a loss for words. Then his head lowers, turning back to the sword. That she would have such faith in him...him - a simple MTO, one of hundreds, a weapon. And yet she - along with a number of others, believes in his ability to be more. And now, with this, Quicksight feels more determined than ever to avoid disappointing her. Slowly, his hand moves again, forward, until it rests upon the hilt where it curls around it. A weapon for non-violence. A weapon in peace. "Thank you. For- for trusting me with this. I-I'll do my best to not disappoint you. Promise."

It's strange to feel the minuscule weight of the blade leave her large hands. Parting with something nearly as old as she for so long.. it's as if a small piece of her spark is leaving with it. There is a second where she appears sad to see it go, losing something connected to someone cared deeply for, but she knows it suites Quicksight well and he will treat it kindly. And so her woes wither away to glee, her charm-laden mane fluffing and a chipper flit of hum leaving her. "You will do well. ..On that note, would you care to join in a bit of meditation? If you have nothing else that needs attending to, of course. It is a wonderful way to clear one's mind and relax."

If Quicksight had seen her initial reaction, he might have hesitated, but at that moment, all of his attention is on the sword, gripping it loosely as he studies it, turning it over, and feeling its weight in his own hand. It's a bit heavier and longer than his twin knives, but not so much that it's uncomfortable. Despite his fascination, he's quite cautious with it, his other hand carefully supporting the spine ond the weapon.

Again, it takes Chimera speaking up to draw his attention away "Meditation?" that is most definitely not something he's ever considered before.

"Indeed." The large beastfemme answers simply with a nod and stands, bringing one of the bigger pelts with her. With a flick of the wrist Chimera flares it out to lay neatly before the altar and sits upon the soft, deep indigo fur. "All one must do is find a comfortable spot where they will not be bothered. Some prefer silence, while others enjoy music. Anything you know will help your mind drift."

Her long legs fold in a relaxed, half-lotus position with palms down over her knees. "Sitting, laying, whatever is preferred. Once you are settled, close your optics.." Her own fall closed. "Breathe deep.." An inward vent, followed by a long outward one. "..And simply allow your mind to unclench. Release your thoughts to the void and let your inner self wander.."

    <FS3> Quicksight rolls Stealth: Great Success. (6 1 1 8 2 1 7 6 7 7)

Well, now he definitely can't refuse. He would have to either disturb her, or sneak out behind her back. He has no problem with sneaking, that being a good part of his job, but here, it would feel utterly rude and disrespectful, especially after all her kindness. It's not that he has anything against meditation either, he just doesn't quite understand it. Well, maybe now's a good time as any to try and figure it out huh?

He slides off the berth quietly, his feet hardly making a sound, reluctant to cause any disruption, slowly moving to join Chimera. He remains standing a while longer after she sits down before finally, uncertianly, settling down besides her, legs crossed, resting the sword across his lap. After another, brief glance up at the older femme, he finally offlines his own optics, copying her, and her instructions. Deep breath...and whatever the rest is supposed to mean. Let his mind drift, she said...he'll try that.

This may be a time of peace and quiet, but they are still at the beginning, so Chimera is not against speaking still as she asides to the mech settling in next to her, "There are those who use it for many reasons. It can be a good way to focus one's thoughts, to unwind and process at the end of the day, or even to open yourself to the greater forces of the cosmos. I have even known some to use it as an excuse for a nap." That last bit earns a smirk and a light chuff. "You will find your own preference with it. Or not, as it is not for everyone."

Since Chimera herself is talking, Quicksight figures it might be okay for him to do so too "Focus?" Now there's an idea. Focused thoughts. Okay, maybe he can conceive that, yes. That's not the thing he's most confused about here. "Greater forces...?" It takes some effort for him not to open his optics, even as his head turns up, towards her voice.

"Primus would be an example of a greater force. He and the Hand observing our existence at the fridges. Yet there is much more if you are willing to search for it. Things beyond this word, this dimension. Even things that can never be observed in those realms, such as Fate dutifully plucking and weaving the threads of our lives." Chimera mutters to him, the faint smell of ozone scenting the air as her mane fluffs out even more, a thin crackle of electricity running through it. The magnetism in the air around her shifted, it draws in the lingering incense smoke to lazily swirl around her.

"But reaching for other places and other times is a difficult feat with only your mind. I only knew one of our kind to have achieved grand cosmic and spiritual connection, which was my leader and mentor Onyx Prime. And even then he was aided by the Onyx Triptych, an artifact only he wielded." The thought passing, she exvents slowly, the electricity leaving her and making mane wilt back down as the smoke dissipates.

    <FS3> Quicksight rolls Selfcontrol: Success. (7 5 2)

"We - Decepticons ain't supposed ta be religious." Quicksight points out "It divides loyalties and distracts from the Cause, and makes people think they better than others just for that." He pauses for a moment before adding quickly "N-not saying that it's always bad but, I mean, it ain't something we do!" Maybe this meditation thing is already working, or perhaps it's just Chimera's presence, but somehow, that doesn't come out as loud as it usually would. Oh, it still has the nervous energy, but he manages to avoid disrupting the atmosphere too much. It's certainly an interesting atmosphere indeed. Quicksight actually dares a peek, a small one, onlining one optic for only a split second before it goes dark again. It's all tingly - or, was, anyways, and the smell seems more intense.

"That is quite a strict ruling.. I do not believe in suppressing one's beliefs, whether it be in everything or nothing. We are a species of independent minds and able to make our own decisions, so taking away a portion of that control is something I do not condone." Chimera's words may be disapproving, but they are spoken in a calm, clear manner one would take when having a proper debate. "However, I also do not look well upon those who take said beliefs and use it as a backing for their own selfish causes. Unfortunately there have been some throughout history who have used Mortilus for that exact purpose, leaving a stain on an otherwise peaceful following."

Thin slivers of jade shine through when her optics crack open, taking a moment to adjust before looking down to him. "Religion can be a weapon or a boon, depending on the wielder, but it is not a ruling force. If you are accepting of nothing but yourself, then that is more than acceptable."

'"It's so everyone knows where everyone stands!" Quicksight jumps to the defense of his faction's rules. "'Cause there'd be trouble if someone felt like they had to listen to something other than their superiors! It would cause insubordination, which ain't good in the army, and no one would be sure if they could really rely on one another, 'cause--!" His voice drops here, becoming almost nostalgic "'Cause when you're out fighting, you gotta know that your comrades got your back, and they gotta know that you got theirs, 100%"

"I am not refuting the reasons for said actions, Quicksight. There is logic to it, I acknowledge that, but it is one I myself find disagreeable with my own beliefs." Chimera's gaze rests on him without judgement, allowing him to speak his piece. "I am sorry I cannot see it fully as you do, but there will be many moments where someone will not agree and it must be left at that. ...Do you believe if I do not see that I will not have your own back one hundred percent?"

"Well, you ain't a Decepticon, so it don't apply to you anyways" Quicksight points out, trying to salvage the situation a bit "I - I ain't saying all religion's inherintley bad, but it got no place in an army!" He too, voices no hostility in his words, though he does sound convinced in his own beliefs. Contrary to some beliefs, he is capable of peacefully disagreeing with someone - so long as he likes them. "I don't mind other people being religious, it just ain't a Decepticon thing..." as he trails off, he looks up at Chimera, questioningly, forgetting that he's supposed to keep his optics off. Would she have his back? It's not something he'd ever fully expect of a non-Decepticon, or a civilian. Not that he doesn't think she doesn't care, but, well, he can't quite demand that of neutrals as he would of Decepticons.

Chimera is silent for a stretch, face unchanging, until finally she gives a light smile and muses, "I see you are more open minded than many I have met. You are indeed on the right path." With a shift she leans her large bulk more to his level, meeting him with a toothy smile and a near whispering voice, "And the answer is yes, I would have your back whole-heartedly."

That said, she straightens back up and resumes her posture, optics closing and a smirk lingering on her lips. "Now, let us worry about such things later. For now, we resume tranquility."

Despite all the teeth, Quicksight's optics brighten at that smile. Yes, it feels good to know that, once again, there are people in his life upon whom he can rely on fully, and who can rely on him to the same extent.

As Chimera straightens out, the scout, too, shifts a bit, settling down into a more comfortable pose. Tranquility...he can try that. He is already in a good mood, so perhaps - perhaps it will not be so difficult.

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