2016-12-28 The Legends

From Transformers: Lost and Found

The Legends
Date 2016/12/28
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Wheeljack's Laboratory
Participants Bulkhead, Lieutenant, Renegade, Wheeljack
Summary Renegade gets to meet his idols, and they turn out to be dorks just like he.

"Hey, Bulk, did I leave my spanner over by you?"

It is a normal day in Wheeljack's lab, which is to say a busy one. The workbenches are lined with an array of partially-completed machinery, parts, and half-used material. The air buzzes with the clatter of machinery and chatter, rising over the background hum of the ship's systems. Things are livelier than usual, though, much to Wheeljack's pleasure. With Bulkhead sharing his lab space today, there's plenty of chances for talk to fill the air between the whine of sawblades and the crackling of welders. Things are neater, too, with Bulkhead working alongside him. Mostly, anyway. Before Bulkhead even gets a chance to answer, Wheeljack is leaning into his space to check for the apparently misplaced spanner.

As engaged in searching as Wheeljack is, it will take a moment before the sound of anyone at the doorway catches his attention.

Bulkhead has easily fallen back into the routine of working, not as a soldier, but as an engineer, again. He hadn't thought he'd be able to click himself into that particular role without struggle but he'd been wrong - it was, as Miko used to say, like riding a bike. You never forgot. And Bulk certainly hasn't, now that he's sharing lab space with Wheeljack, now that he's done hiding from his own emotions. At the moment he's quite lost in the project he's working on, a personal one, and it takes him a moment to realize Wheeljack is talking to him - which doesn't matter anyway, because Wheeljack is already invading his personal bubble to look for whatever he's seeking.

Bulkhead laughs, giving Wheeljack a quick and affectionate stroke of his hand down the smaller mech's back. "It's two tables back, on the left corner." Sure the workshop is still kinda messy, but it's gotten better with Bulk's help, and even the tools and materials that haven't found their way to the right drawer or shelf have their locations memorized by Bulkhead. He's got a mental map, you see, because otherwise he wouldn't be able to find anything. And he, too, distracted by Wheeljack's proximity and pointing out where to find the tool Wheeljack seeks, will not be quick on the uptake if someone comes in.

Lieutenant has never seen Renegade so enlightened- possibly ever! The engineer didn't even seem this way when he first found out Colossal was actually a Cybertronian and not just a ship. Who knew his Amica's husband was an admirer of Wheeljack? In all honesty, the avian assumed Renegade and Fantoccini to be living under a rock when it came to knowing soldiers of the war.

Heh, kind of funny since those two did live in an astroid for a time. Lieutenant places a hand over his mouth, as thought he were in deep thought and not hiding a smile at his own joke.

Ahem. "This is his lab." Lieutenant nods, at the door to Renegade and without waiting for the other to gather himself, the avian opens the door. "Wheeljack. Bulkhead- I thought I sensed you in here." Two for the price of one! Nice.

Renegade is just about bouncing on his heels like an excited newspark seeing the world around him for the first time. In a sense, it certainly feels like it to him and reigning himself in becomes progressively more difficult with each step closer to the labs. He may have gone and marked which lab Lieutenant has pointed out on the map was which, but that's beside the point. When they pause outside a door just long enough for Lieutenant to let it slide open, Renegade has to stop himself from shuffling from one pede to the other. He substitutes the urge in just rolling his weight instead. Leaning around Lieutenant to better see inside, he takes in the room and what he's seeing, spark pulsing with barely contained excitement.

"Is it?" Wheeljack is twisting around to peer through the materials scattered across that particular workbench, though he hasn't stepped away from the bench and Bulkhead yet. It's Lieutenant's greeting that actually has him turning toward the door. "Oh, right, the door's open-- oh!" Wheeljack's fins flash a cheerful blue as he actually looks at his visitor. "Hey there, Lieutenant! Changed your paint again?" This is possibly not news, considering how much time Wheeljack has spent working recently, but it's the first he's seen it. With a brief pat to Bulkhead's forearm, Wheeljack steps away from the workbench. "So what brings you by?" he asks, glancing between Lieutenant and the newcomer. Not a crewmember he recognizes... Going to make introductions, Lieutenant? "Anything we can help you with?"

"Yeah, ya put it there like ten minutes ago, Jackie." Bulkhead's smile is all fondness and amusement as he looks away from what he's working on and focuses on Wheeljack instead. Not for the first time, he wonders how Wheeljack kept track of anything when he was working in this lab on his own. The mess Bulk's had to sort through...anyway. He's about to go back to work, but apparently - a visitor? "Hey, Lieutenant!" Bulkhead gives a cheerful wave from where he's standing, a soldering iron clutched in his hand as he does. Lieu's probably here to see Wheeljack, so Bulk will leave them be for now. least he won't approach. He's gonna peer curiously at the mech Lieu's brought with him, though. An unfamiliar face, maybe a new addition to the ship? Bulkhead grins and gives a little wave to them as well.

New paint- oh, yes. "I missed being a part of the green color scheme club." Lieutenant answers with a serious tone, but gets on with it. "Wheeljack, Bulkhead, this is a friend of mine whom had arrived the other day. This is Renegade, an engineer whom has been highly eager-" a pause to look at Renegade to realize his understatement, "-exhilarated to meet some of the other engineers on board." He's not going to completely out the neutral's fanboy-ing. Besides, Bulkhead is here and the badgeless Autobot isn't sure that Renegade would know of him.

He steps into the workshop to keep Renegade from standing behind him. Lieutenant instead moves to meet Bulkhead and in a bit of a quiet voice, he whispers to the mech, "Another thing about seismic senses, I know when you are touching him even when the door is closed." He raises an optic ridge at the ex-wrecker, "So how close are you two now?"

Exhilaration doesn't quite touch on it either, but he WILL get you back for even the small 'out'. Renegade clears his intake, stepping quickly inside and waving as calmly as he can. If he's successful, he has no clue, but he really hopes he is. That would just be fan-fragging-tastic if he embarrasses himself right now. In front of Wheeljack and his companion. Who are both greeting him, fragging WHEELJACK is greeting HIM, Primus, he really IS a mess right now isn't he?!

"Nice to meet you." He soldiers on, stopping what he can consider a polite distance away and trying not to let the stars blind his vision so much. This was a baaaad idea.

Wheeljack laughs, looking over Lieutenant's new colors with a nod. "It was a big change, but this seems like a good fit," he notes. Of course, he's only accented with green himself, and Wheeljack has been settled on a signature color scheme since before the war. He's quickly distracted from that topic by Lieutenant's introduction, though. Renegade may try to keep his distance, and his composure, but Wheeljack is making that difficult. "Nice to meet you too!" he says, his fins lighting up cheerfully as he extends a hand in Renegade's direction. "We could always use more engineers on this ship. Are you joining the science team? Or working with maintenance? The lab space out front is open to anyone who wants to use it, either way." In the midst of his cheerful introduction, of course, Wheeljack completely misses Lieutenant slipping closer to Bulkhead.

Bulkhead is perfectly happy to blend into the background, something he's grown accustomed to throughout the war, but Lieutenant's arrival at his side makes this nigh impossible. Sure, Renegade may be distracted by Wheeljack, but there's no one to save Bulkhead from Lieutenant's questions. Which are not what he expects them to be, if the way his expression stutters is any indication.

"Wh-What?" Bulk laughs weakly, clearly just as terrible at lying as ever. "I don't know - we're just - we're - uh - " Yeah it's becoming quickly obvious that he's not going to be able to back out of this one. And, honestly, he realizes, why should he? Wheeljack said yes to the dating, what reason does he have to hide now? "We're together?" Bulk sets down the soldering iron, powering it off so he doesn't accidentally melt something. "Romantically, I guess. Uh. That's all."

Interest, piqued. Lieutenant, although it's near impossible to tell when he is and isn't, was merely poking at Bulkhead in amusement. He didn't quite expect him to admit that he- repeat- Bulkhead was dating Wheeljack! Well, not like that was far from the norm of assumptions to think they would get around to it. "Congratulations." Is his response as he lays a hand on the bara's arm, giving him a nod. He does mean it.

Renegade stares at the servo for several long moments, probably bordering on awkward, before his processors catch up and he grasps said servo to shake it. "Uh. I don't really know yet..." He's shaking hands with Wheeljack! Wheeljack who's talking to him like its no big deal and is standing in the same space while Lieutenant talks to Bulkhead- wait... "He said Bulkhead, right?"

"You must have just arrived, then?" Wheeljack says, as he returns the handshake firmly. "If you want to work with the science team-- full time or even just on your off hours, a quick talk with Perceptor should handle that, he's in charge of the department." Better him than Wheeljack, but still, Wheeljack's always happy at the prospect of new team members. The core science crew is heavily Autobot, so adding a new processor to the mix has him clearly approving.

"Hm?" Wheeljack looks over his shoulder, toward Bulkhead and Lieutenant. "Yeah, Bulk's been sharing lab space with me," Wheeljack says, misinterpreting the reasons for Renegade's question.

Unaware that he's the subject of another conversation, Bulkhead's attention is completely on Lieutenant. The silver of his cheeks is tinged with pink, and he's wearing a sheepish smile as he ducks his helm. "Thanks..." He's only just getting the feeling that Lieutenant may not have been fishing for that particular information, and here he was, offering it up on a platter...but again, there was nothing to hide anymore. Bulk lifts the servo opposite the one attached to the arm Lieutenant is currently touching so he can rub at the back of his neck cabling. "It's, uh, kinda new. Uh. But, hey, I ain't seen ya around recently, Lieu, how've you been?" Yes let's just move that topic along. No need to ask anything else about Bulkhead and his current dating situation.

Lieutenant retracts his hand from Bulkhead to gesture at Renegade. "Currently taking a friend to see some of those he admires. He was beyond enthusiastic -which is saying something in itself- when he found out about Wheeljack." His hands fold behind his back, fins twitch, "I suppose now you are getting back into the swing of things alongside Wheeljack? I recall Penchant wanting you in logistics but the science-side probably missed you the most."

At that moment, Renegade's voice cuts in, both affronted and disbelieving. "LIEUTENANT! YOU DIDN'T TELL ME I WAS STANDING IN THE ROOM WITH TWO LEGENDS!!!" How dare you sir?! How dare you not prepare him for this?!

Wheeljack, meanwhile, is left staring at Renegade, his fins blinking with pale light in surprise at the sudden shout. He's a bit too surprised at the moment to reclaim his hand from the handshake Renegade still has him held in. "...Are you okay?" Reactions Wheeljack was not expecting: this.

Good good, yes, we're moving on. Bulkhead gives a little chuckle as he says, "Jackie's pretty well known, huh? Can't say I blame yer friend...Renegade, right? Ya can tell him he can work with us whenever he wants, I'm sure Jackie won't mind." He stalls, a bit, at what Lieutenant says next. "Penchant wanted me - he wanted me in logistics?" Apparently this is news to him. "I know he needed some help with the ship's blueprints but I didn't think he wanted me ta transfer....Huh." Bulk has been kind of thinking about transferring to the science department but this, despite Penchant having dragged him off for said blueprints a while ago, is apparently a surprise. At least he's interrupted from his musings by Renegade's shout.

" yer friend okay?" Bulk gives Renegade a worried glance. It hasn't quite clicked that he's one of said 'legends' Renegade is yelling about.

The avian winces at the volume of Renegade's voice. His fins lower back as he squints at the other, "The Medbay is on the other side of this level, I suggest you stop in and get your audios readjusted." He said Bulkhead when the door first opened you loon. Lieutenant only sighs and steps aside from Bulkhead, pausing then thrusting both hands out at the larger mech to showcase him. THERE HE IS! YOU'RE WELCOME, RENEGADE!

Renegade immediately releases Wheeljack's servo when he realizes that, yes, he did just shout that out loud. He scrubs his servo down his face with a mortified groan. "I'm sorry, I'm fine, I just-" Hands come up to gesture at both of them. "I'm standing in the presence of two of the biggest engineering legends I've ever heard about, I swear I'm not normally like... this..." The more he rambles on, the more he realizes he's just embarrassing himself. "Can I get a do over?"

The bemused light of Wheeljack's fins dims down into something more subdued, though it still casts a friendly light across his features. "I'll let you know when we've invented a time machine," he says, chuckling lightly, "but for now we'll take it as a compliment and move on from there. It's nice to meet someone interested in our work." Though Wheeljack turns to give Bulkhead a frankly excited look. See! He told Bulkhead that Engineering was still for him, and if this isn't a confirmation of that, he doesn't know what is.

Bulkhead gives Lieutenant a ???? look at the presentation of...himself? to Renegade. What was going on here. It's that that has him moving closer, enough so that he can hear what Renegade is actually saying to Wheeljack, and he blushes further, especially when Wheeljack gives him that look. No, c'mon, guys, he's not that great, and definitely nowhere near LEGEND status. "Heh, no need ta worry about it, mech." Bulk tries to push past his flustering, and this time he's the one sticking out a servo for Renegade to shake. "I guess ya heard already, but I'm Bulkhead. 'Snice ta meetcha." For the moment Bulk is gonna try his damndest to pretend this is just a normal meeting between strangers.

Well, that's taken care of. Lieutenant lowers his arms to hold them behind his back per-usual. Go mingle now. Enjoy talking to the legendaries. He begins to make his way out, pausing a ways from the entrance to salute to the group. "I shall leave you three to yourselves now. Wheeljack, congratulations, Bulkhead is a good mech." But he likely knows that already. In any case, it's time for him to depart to work.

He's going to get you back for leaving him on his own, Lieutenant. Just you watch. Pasting on a sheepish smile that he feels 100%, Renegade lets his smaller servo be enveloped by Bulkhead's as he shakes his servo as well. "Same. Sorry, I was caught off guard." He was prepared for Wheeljack since Lieutenant mentioned him (kind of). Bulkhead's presence has thrown him for a loop. "Renegade, Engineer of Vigilante. It's a REAL pleasure to meet you both."

"Oh! See you later then, Lieutenant," Wheeljack says. He's halfway through waving him off before he stops, realizing what Lieutenant just said. "Um. Thanks?" This time, when he glances at Bulkhead, it's with confusion. What were the two of them talking about over there? Of course he knows that Bulkhead is a good mech, but Bulkhead will have to tell him exactly why he's receiving congratulations some other time. For now, they still have a guest! "Same!" Wheeljack says, reiterating his earlier greeting, his fins lit up in his own version of a grin. "Sorry, the place isn't exactly in the right shape to offer you a tour."

Bulkhead gives Lieutenant a 'really? REALLY?' glance as the mech takes his leave, this close to facepalming. Thankfully he's distracted by shaking Renegade's servo and greeting the shorter mech. "Yeah, catch ya around, Lieu!" For some revenge of his own; you're not the only one being put on the spot by Lieutenant, Renegade, and you're also not the only one who will get back at the avian for it. He's collected enough at least that Wheeljack's glance receives a shrug. If need be they'll talk about it later...but until then.

"Seconded." Bulkhead's smile is warm and friendly, though the hint of confusion remains. "Heh, yeah, it's a bit of a mess in here, sorry, or else we'd show ya around."

Renegade shrugs, grin becoming slightly less sheepish as he takes his servo back to cross them in front of him. Mostly so he doesn't twiddle them out of nerves. "I'd show you mine, but it's a wreck itself right now." Only if they had wanted to of course. He doesn't exactly work on anything exciting. "So, uh, yeah."

"Oh, so you do have a lab!" Wheeljack looks extremely cheered by that prospect. "Did you bring your own ship?" He's obviously brimming with questions, but he manages to rein himself in somewhat, stepping back to elbow Bulkhead a little bit. "This is decent, it's just not presentation-worthy!" he protests, but his voice is amused despite the statement.

Bulkhead looks just as excited as Wheeljack when Renegade mentions 'showing them his'. He's about to ask when, woof! Wheeljack is elbowing him. It's not painful or sharp at all but it is certainly unexpected, and Bulk has to hide his chuckle behind his hand. "Right, right, 'course it is, what was I thinking," Bulk teases right back, brushing a hand over Wheeljack's arm. He drags himself back to the topic at hand, at least, and tacks on a, "We'd love to see your lab, Renegade. No matter how messy it is." Woops, the 'smart voice' has made a reappearance in the face of someone new.

Renegade's grin is definitely more natural and edging on excitement now. "We did come in our ship, actually. Cobbled it together with some help. Vigi's at least spaceworthy, but wouldn't stand a <i?chance</i> in any kind of fire fight. She's not big, but she's home." Is that a hint of pride in his voice? Why yes. Yes it is. "Though I guess... possibly not anymore."

"The Lost Light is as good a place as any to spend some time," Wheeljack says cheerfully. He finally takes a couple steps back into the workshop, finally going to get the spanner he'd been interrupted from hunting out by Lieutenant and Renegade's arrival. Not that he's biased in his suggestion, or anything! Whether or not he believes in the Lost Light's ultimate mission, he's loved the place enough to spend this long with them. "And if you're not using her all the time, then-- Vigi?-- can get an appropriate rebuild," Wheeljack suggests, as he moves around the workbenches. Then stops. "...Bulkhead, did you put those coils away?"

"She sounds lovely," is Bulkhead's addition to this. "But, yeah, the Lost Light is also a great place to - they're in the right hand cabinets, Jackie." Sorry, Renegade, he's distracted by Wheeljack's question. "Sorry, yeah, you left them on one of the other tables over there, so I put them back." There's a sweep of his arm toward which table he's talking about, before he shifts his attention back to Renegade. "We'd love to see your workshop, though." That's what they'd been talking about, right? "If you want, of course!"

His helm tilts to follow the progression of work as Wheeljack begins to move about his own lab again. It's going to be interesting to see masters at work if they allow him to stay and watch. "I'd have to ask her, but I'm sure she won't mind. Or me. I don't mind showing you my workshop, I mean. It's small, but it gets the job done when I have an order to fill..." He tips back on his heels briefly before settling again. "What are you working on? If I can ask."

"Thanks. I was going to use them for the hydraulics last shift, but since we didn't do that I was thinking about using them for the supports today," Wheeljack says to Bulkhead, as he heads toward the shelving lining the walls of the lab, though he glances up to Renegade at his question, before he starts digging through the collected parts. "Ask her?" he asks, before he's distracted by his own project. "Oh, Bulkhead's got his own project, but I'm working on a thermal alteration beam," Wheeljack explains, gesturing toward one of the more cluttered work benches.

"Hah! Of course, I should've known." Bulkhead gives Renegade a glance and a grin before he's moving further into the lab again, saying over his shoulder, "If she's alright with it, then we'd be happy to see!" He doesn't seem even slightly curious as to why Renegade's...ship? shuttle? whatever would have a pronoun and possibly sentience associated with it. He's probably seen weirder things, after the Wreckers. He's hoping Wheeljack will take the question about projects but, Pit, he's innocently redirecting attention onto Bulk. "It's just the beginnings of a transportation module," he says modestly, hoping Renegade will be more interested in what Wheeljack is doing. "Nothing too big."

Interest lights up his optics and he moves closer without crowding to get a better look. "Allow me to explain. Vigilante is the name of the ship and her onboard navigational AI unit. I made a small portable drone for her that allows me and my partner to have access to her when we're not on the ship... I was dabbling in personality programming at the time so I kind of added that to the rest of the programming. She's quite capable of making her own informed decisions." Definitely pride there. "So naturally I ask her before bringing strangers aboard. It's only polite... Though I'll have to ask Fantoccini too. It's half his space afterall."

Wheeljack lights up, literally, with his own interest at that. "That's a new one! I'm not much for designing AI myself, but that sounds fascinating. I've done frame modifications and transfers before, but that's a far sight from personality design. I'd be happy to get a chance to see your ship and your workshop both! With her and anyone else's permission, of course." In fact, if it wasn't for that whole permission thing, Wheeljack looks interested enough to head down toward the docking bay right now. The parts he was looking for seem to have been forgotten, in his interest.

Oh good the attention is off hi--wait a minute. What did Renegade just say? Bulkhead is abandoning his own project, coming to Wheeljack's side as he listens to the rest of Renegade's explanation, his own faceplates lighting up, though not as literally as Wheeljack. "That's amazing!" He may or may not be rocking back and forth on the balls of his own pedes. "Yeah, what Jackie said, if she's okay with it we'd love to see your workshop and Vigilante!" He towers over both Wheeljack and Renegade but Bulkhead is still the picture of a kid in a candy shop, servos fisted, expression completely won over by pure eagerness. He may be a ~legend~ but more than that he's 900000% nerd and as of recently he's not ashamed to show it.

Renegade is both thrilled and slightly mortified to suddenly have the attention completely on him and his own projects. "Er, well, she's nothing completely complicated really. Just incredibly basic, but we've done some upgrading as far as the adaptability is going. She shows far more than apathy for everything now. It's kind of fun to watch how the programming DOES adapt." He scratches the back of his helm with a clearing of his intakes. "Her brother is a bit more complex. I had more experience when I made him."

Mentioning a brother is hardly going to make Wheeljack any less excited, but in turning to Renegade to ask more questions, Wheeljack rattles the contents of the shelf he's standing by, which is more than enough to remind him that he had intended to go back to working on his current project. He finally takes the parts he needs, then returns to the workbench, and takes up his spanner. "Well, why don't you grab a seat?" There's one somewhere around the lab somewhere, right? "You can tell us more about them. And if you have any questions about what we're working on, you can go ahead and ask."

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