2016-12-28 Let Me Tell You About My Friend

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Let Me Tell You About My Friend
Date 2016/12/28
Location Lost Light: Recreation - Visages
Participants Lieutenant, Mirage, Skystalker
Summary Drinks and chatter, and a lot of talk about the new arrivals.

Mirage is preparing to close for the night, but there is still a few minutes before Visages officially turns away patrons. Still, most mecha have already wandered off for the night to find more lively atmospheres or activities. Mirage is taking the opportunity to test new drinks behind the counter. His tumbler twists and flies through the air with surprising ease. Running the place has honed his drinking skills considerably.

Spotting movement out of the corner of his optic, he reaches out to pluck the tumbler from the air without looking up. "Welcome to Visages. Is there something I can get for you?"

"Not this evening," Lieutenant answers as he makes his way down the stairwell, keeping his optics on the barkeep. His path is a clear one, making his way towards Mirage without the slightest of deviation until he pauses at the counter. "I merely wanted to thank you for allowing me to rent Visages the other day. My company truly loved it and shall likely frequent your establishment in the future." Paying to borrow the place for the night was worth it to see Fantoccini marvel it.

Mirage suddenly straightens up at Lieutenant's familiar voice. He sets the tumbler aside delicately, turning curious golden optics towards Torque's amica endura. It feels like it's been some time since they last spoke alone, the last moment having been the one where Lieutenant waved a gun in his faceplates. Oddly enough, he thinks they finally came to an understanding after that encounter. "Oh, that? It was no trouble at all. I'm glad to have you in my establishment at any time, Lieutenant," he assures him with a purr. Mirage leans forwards on the counter. "I hope your... what was it again? went well." He is totally fishing for gossip considering he'd been unable to staff the lounge that night himself.

Lieutenant will never forget pulling his weapon out on Mirage (or Soundwave, but he feels less guilty about that one). While he refuses ever to be unarmed, he's trying to be even more responsible with his weapons. "Thank you, it certainly is a privilege to be here when I can be." He's not one to sit, as he knows the place should be closing soon, so best not to linger. Still Mirage's question has the avian raising an optic ridge. "I never did say," because he likes being unnecessarily vague at times. "but it was more of a reunion I suppose, with my Amica Endura - another one that I have known most of my lifespan. Torque would be my second."

Gossip achieved! "Oh, I wasn't aware," Mirage says, his mouth briefly shaping into a little o of surprise. The scout quirks an optic ridge in curiosity. The bartender's optics dance across the near-empty bar, and once he verifies that most of his customers have left he ducks beneath the bar and retrieves a fluted glass. He begins to pour himself a drink from the tumbler, but his gaze remains on Lieutenant.

"Did they just come aboard? Congratulations. It's always nice to be close to family. But a first amica? I bet there's quite the story behind that."

Might as well tell Mirage because word will get around eventually. Lieutenant only gives a nod in response to the questions. No, you're not getting to hear the story of how he met Fantoccini.


The avian gives in and sits down once the lounge seems to have mostly cleared out. "I might as well drink prior to the tale, but I shall keep it brief." Lieutenant pulls out his datapad, thicker than most but with the lighting in the place one could see it has the capability to transform, judging by the seam on it. "I am not familiar with drinks so I shall trust your judgement."

It requires drinks? This can only be the best sort of story. Mirage's smile widens and he sets his own glass aside, ducking down to grab another from underneath the table. "Anything for Torque's amica. This one is on the house. I'm testing a new mix," he explains, pouring the rest of the contents into the glass before presenting it to his surprise guest.

Mirage reclaims his own drink and then steps out from behind the bar. He finds the barstool next to Lieutenant with surprising speed. "Let me know what you think of it. I'm thinking of adding it to the menu."

Skystalker only means to duck in and out as he descends the stairs into Visages; he is carrying something in his hand and manages to make it partway towards the decorative ficus in the lounge before he notes its sparseness, and only after he pushes a chalky piece of plant food into the pot for Beachcomber to find does he seem to take in that fact, and those still lingering. Lieutenant, of course, gets a look that's mixed between something shy and a little bit of hesitance, and then comes the brief smile and a wave of his fingers.

Mirage, who is all settled in for gossip, is suddenly out of his seat in a swirl of movement. Patrons are patrons! His business comes before even a good bit of talk. "Skystalker! Is there something I can get for you?" he asks. As he comes closer he spots that Skystalker is near "Fantasia" and a curious glint comes into his optics.

"Oh, are you here for the plant? Is Beachcomber having you help with it?" he asks. That's probably a good thing considering Mirage still struggles with it.

While he would normally insist he pay for something given for free, he did just take a dive paying to rent the place. Free is more than welcomed at this moment. "Thank you." He takes the glass to drink before pausing as he senses Skystalker. The avian turns to look a him to give him a raise of his optic ridge. "This is not my habsuite, Skystalker." As opposed to the dead serious tone he had last time they spoke, there is a hint of amusement this time. Guilt has been pushed aside since last time so things are looking at bit better. Lieutenant takes a sip of the drink and- hng, he really does have a low tolerance to high grade.

"Well-- A little." Skystalker answers Mirage with a crook of a smile and a sheepish look at being caught tending to the plant companion of the lounge. "I wanted to leave him something to find." That definitely sounds like a thing to do to surprise Beachcomber.

As for Lieutenant, any more that Skystalker has to say to Mirage is cut short when Sky closes his mouth in a stifled pursing of lips. "No, I suppose it isn't." Still, the starfighter links his hands behind the crook of his back under wingtips and strolls forward towards the bar. "I hope I didn't interrupt? And if I might get a drink that would be nice too." He asides to Mirage, though he hates to get him up to work again. "Surprise me?"

<FS3> Mirage rolls Invisibility: Good Success. (5 5 1 2 5 7 4 6 6 1 6 8 1 4)

"Not interrupting anything at all. Actually, it sounds like you two had something to talk about," Mirage remarks, trying to stop a curious grin from flashing across his faceplates. The scout's frame begins to fuzz and fade out of existence as he onlines his cloaking. "Don't let me get in the way. Actually pretend I'm not here. I'll get to work on that drink right away." Mirage moves back behind the bar, the only hint of his movement a slight stirring of the air and shifting items behind the bar. It may be near closing but he's willing to stay open a little late to see where this goes. It sounds even more fascinating than Lieutenant's interrupted story.

Lieutenant takes a few more sips of the drink, fins twitch a bit indecisively. He's not sure what to make of the drink other than it tastes fine. If Mirage really wants an opinion of it, Blast Off would be his mech. However, he feels obligated to, it's the least he could do. "Perhaps give it a limited time feature on the menu and see what your regulars think of it." He offers, as this is the fourth time he's ever gone drinking. He's green when it comes to this.

As for Skystalker, attempted humor fails the avian. Hence why he should stick to not trying, still it is nice to see the spacer under better circumstances. Not awkward for once. He does a once over the neutral for a moment, wondering if he should introduce him to Fantoccini. They might get along quite well, but-- oh, he's staring. "Apologies." he says quickly, turning his attention to his drink once more before throwing it back. Ugh, no. Wrong move.

Skystalker isn't sure if it's something to talk about-- but he is so used to ignoring other people's desires for gossip about him that he gives Mirage's eagerness just a passing consideration. He perches on the stool Mirage hadn't been occupying, a subconscious gesture of not wanting to take over the space.

Despite the humor hitting just halfway, Skystalker gives Lieutenant a smile as he sits, a laugh puffing from his frame when the apology comes. It's hard not to see someone staring at you, and considering the last conversation they had, Skystalker is ready to have some levity. His response is a dare, almost. "For what?" Amber optics catch the toss of the drink, looking after the empty glass once it's gone and giving a short tease for it. "Was it good? you barely tasted it."

Mirage, now behind the counter, works quietly and efficiently. He retrieves his drink from the counter and sets it away from the patrons. That done, he begins to mix a drink for Skystalker. Unlike his usual antics, he doesn't toss the tumbler about in an effort to attract attention. "That's an idea. Mecha always appreciate a special," he remarks, just as he gives the tumbler a good twist and shake. Within a minute or two Skystalker will find a glass floating in front of his faceplates. "A surprise, as requested. I do so hope you enjoy."

"Hard to tell if it was," Lieutenant honestly replies as his fins lowering back sheepishly. "It has only been my fourth time-" *hic* "-pardon, drinking, so I know not what qualifies as a" *hic* "_good_ drink." That was a rather strong one like the ones from Blaster's stash. His fins twitch as he tries to stifle another hiccup.

Lieutenant takes his datapad, turns it on, and in a few clicks, there is an image of Fantoccini on the screen. An old one of him lounging in his chaise near a large glass window that showed old Iacon in the background. A stunning view, but the main focus was on the multiarmed mech, holding two glasses in hand, simply resting there. He likely knew the picture was taken as Lieutenant swears he's never taken an image so flawless. Then again his amica is nothing but perfect. "This is Fantoccini." he clarifies, showing both Skystalker and Mirage.

Skystalker truly does forget that Mirage is there for a moment, a testament to the other mech's ability to stay unnoticed; when the glass comes to his gaze and hovers in front of his face, he laughs again, a sweet little sound, before taking it up in his hand. "Thank you very much."

"Only your fourth time?" Skystalker can't manage to hide a note of surprise. Hm. The hiccups have a concerned look, but once Lieutenant decides to distract from it, it works. When he shows the picture, Skystalker glances up between the other two before his gaze settles and he smirks playfully upon closely examining the picture. Clearly the subject is someone who loves his photo taken. "Fantoccini?" Skystalker tests the name softly. "A friend of yours, I take it?"

Mirage senses he's not going to get anything more out of Skystalker and Lieutenant about what happened. Reluctantly, the scout fades back into view. That doesn't mean he's going to miss his chance to hear about Lieutenant's first amica. The scout arches a brow as Lieutenant holds out the picture, and Mirage leans closer to get a better look. "He has quite a spark to him, doesn't he? I can tell that just be looking at the photo," he compliments.

"Also, I'm honored you decided to give the lounge a chance then. Really, though, if you had told me that I would have mixed you up something more special. I'll have to make it up to you next time."

Yes, skip over the fact he's a lightweight and admire his dear Fantoccini. "Amica," he affirms to Skystalker, taking his datapad back to put it away in his subspace. *Hic* "He does," *hic* "Mirage." Drinking everything at once was terrible idea. "An affectionate mech, dramatic, and such a" *hic* "flirt. I have missed him dearly." Even if they have had a bit of a rough 'breakfast' together yesterday. It could have been worse though. "He might" *hic* "like both of you. You two seem like you would both click" *hichic* "with him for different reasons."

Looks like someone interesting, that's for sure. Skystalker relaxes into his stool and brings the drink to his lips, considering the taste and its heat as it goes down in a sip. Oh, that's nice and warm, isn't it? He makes a sound of contentment, looking to Mirage and giving him a smiling nod of satisfaction.

"Amica? Your first then?" Skystalker sounds curious. "And he's here?" There comes a flicker of a grin, and he lifts a hand to Lieutenant's back when he starts to hiccup too much towards the end. Careful? "If you took him as an Amica, I trust that he's worth meeting."

Mirage pauses, optics narrowing with a brief flicker of suspicion. Does that mean he's affectionate, dramatic, or a flirt? But the scout doesn't put too much stock in the words. It seems like Lieutenant may be more than a little tipsy. Besides, Skystalker said something much more interesting. "Oh, you already knew he had a first?" Mirage inquires.

The scout gives a thoughtful hum. That's interesting. Just how behind the news is he? Clearly much too far. "I do look forwards to having him visit us here again. Preferably when I'm on shift this time."

Lieutenant's longer wings twitch at the touch but he doesn't push away. Not yet, anyway. While he's certain he's never informed Skystalker he had Torque as amica, therefore letting him know he had a first, he assumes Torque told him at some point. That or Sky just assumes he has more. Who really quite knows. "Believe me, he" *hichic* "shall." A soft sigh escapes him, "I did not realize" *hic hic* "how much of a difference he can make" *hic* "simply being back in my life. I truly wish for" -almost- "everyone to meet him~"

"I only inferred it, knowing about the other..." Skystalker angles a hand slightly in a vague gesture of connection. He looks back to Lieutenant when he sighs, and confident that he's not going to hiccup his way off of the barstool, lifts his hand to let it linger nearby, just in case. "That's great, Lieutenant. It makes me glad." Skystalker takes another sip of his drink, hiding a small smile in it. "I'll keep an optic out for him-- he seems quite hard to miss, hm?"

"I'm very happy for you, Lieutenant," Mirage says, offering up a genuine enough smile. What the mecha just said is incredibly cute. Still, what he is getting out of Lieutenant he could easily learn through his own ferreting. And there is still work to be done about the bar! Instead of hovering longer, Mirage ducks beneath the bar and locates some of his cleaning supplies.

"If you two don't mind, though, I think I'm going to clean up a little before closing. I'll be right over there if you need me," he adds, gesturing across the room. Mirage gathers his supplies in his arms, snagging his drink as he goes. He pauses as he passes by Skystalker.

"Do keep an optic on him. I think he may require an escort back to his hab suite," he whispers and glides away.

Lieutenant nods in agreement, Fantoccini is indeed hard to miss. "Hand-le him with care when you do see him." *hic* "And, do try to avoid hand puns," *hic* "he will poke you if you say any to him." He pulls out a cube from his subspace to down easily to soothe the hiccups. They were getting very annoying.

As Mirage gathers some cleaning supplies and pauses to whisper to him, Skystalker gives a listen. The other mech receives another smile and nod before he roams away again.

Lieutenant, meanwhile, mentions hand puns-- and makes one-- and gets a fresh laugh. "I will do my best to refrain from any puns. I'm dreadfully ticklish, so I try not to get poked too much." Sky rolls his shoulder in a small shrug. "Has he been on board long?"

"So I have noticed." Skystalker gets an innocent poke to his side, as Lieutenant pretty well aware of that quirk. It's honestly something he thinks is adorable about the other, particularly when he laughs. He has such a lovely laugh. He glances to makes sure Mirage is a bit away before admitting, "Same. Most of the reason I try to avoid being touched. But as for Fantoccini, he has only been here two days now. He will be staying with us so you will cross paths with him at some point."

Skystalker wriggles on his seat a little, grinning and scooting away from the poke. Hey now! That Lieutenant is the same isn't too shocking. "Two days? Hopefully we don't all scare him off. Not that he seems easy to spook." As they talk, Skystalker periodically sips at his drink, and it progressively disappears. It's pretty good for a surprise cocktail. "Is there anything he's interested in here on the ship? I know there's you-- but-- does he have other interests?"

"Pssh, please, I am not his interest, only his Amica." He rests his cheek in his hand, and with his free hand begins to list off some one his Amica's interests. "Drinking, number one obviously to him. Gossip, paint jobs, his husband Renegade," Officially dubbed 'dork' in Lieutenant's mind thanks to today's events. "and his...mmm, I do not like the term 'drone' but his AI small...ones? They treat them like competent offsprings, but Fantoccini has two AI drones- one is the download from their ship's AI, Vigilante, the other is Bellissimo whom has sass bigger than he is." And he doesn't like Lieutenant, probably at all. Can't quite blame him though.

Gossip, paint jobs-- heh. Skystalker is already wondering some things about this. The latter part is far more interesting to him. "AIs? In drone frames, you mean? And they treat them like adopted little ones? Oh my goodness, that's so sweet." He's definitely touched by it, remembering the protoform nursery back on Verander. "They sound ...cute."

Well Vigilante is cute. Looking over Skystalker again, Bellissimo probably won't chew him out for his color scheme. "Fantoccini adores them dearly, as they mean worlds to him." He doesn't seem like it but his voice carries a lighter tone to it, happy for his Amica. "He does dress them up too, has little recharging berths that look more like cradles. Honestly I think he would have many more if not for his husband drawing the line at two."

"I've spent so much time around organics that I'm used to their children, too, even if they can be gross as can be." Skystalker murmurs, optics wandering and chin resting on the heel of his hand. "So I've seen how much they can love them too... and we don't have families like they do, but because we can pick ours maybe that means even more. They sound like a very sweet bunch. I hope they can settle in nicely here."

We can pick ours maybe that means even more. ...One drinks was not enough, but Lieutenant isn't going to go behind the bar to take another. He picks up the cube he took out a few moments ago and sips it. Part of his family is here now but his past issues with Disaster- and especially now that Fantoccini is completely aware- makes the word 'family' hurt. "They might, if we do not have an incident as the Lost Light has a habit of getting into." he answers curtly before taking another sip. "I hope they stay though."

Surely someone gave them some warning. Especially if they sign onto the actual mission the ship is on. There are a lot of folks on the ship, so hopefully. "Yes. Yes." Skystalker smiles fondly as he finishes up his own drink, setting down the empty glass and giving Lieutenant a new smile. "Can't wait to meet them then."

Lieutenant has made sure he gave Renegade a reason to stay. The mission he can't sell them on because he, himself, doesn't believe in it but they might buy into it. Who truly knows?

The avian stands up from his seat, putting away his empty cube, "Charming to see you in better circumstances, Skystalker, but like every good flame, I must go out now." A salute to the neutral before he steps away in a totally straight line! Not as straight, as he starts veering left but he'll get to the exit. Just you see!

Skystalker chuckles at what Lieutenant uses as an exit line, but he isn't likely to be left behind so quickly. "Lieutentant..." He mutters, before rising from his own seat and leaving Mirage a nice tip before sweeping quietly after the taller mech. "I'm walking you home. You can't escape that easily. I want to at least make sure you get there-- and I promise I won't come inside just yet."

Lieutenant snorts, but mildly amused when Skystalker follows saying he'll walk him back to the hab. "If I felt like it I could out run you, then that would be escaping." Fortunately he hates running and only does it is absolutely necessary. Such as when he has to scale something. "I shall come again, Mirage." He says as he waves good-bye him. "But I do not mind you coming into the hab for a bit if you do not. I cleaned it the other day so it should still be presentable."

"We'd see about that. Despite these boots I'm quicker than I seem." Skystalker teases, knowing that he told Mirage he would look after Lieutenant. "Maybe I will." He hums, giving a wave to Mirage cleaning up the lounge before he moves to follow Lieutenant up the stairwell.

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