2016-12-28 A Rotary's Retribution

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-12-28 A Rotary's Retribution
Date 2016/12/28
Location Habsuites - Blast Off and Whirl
Participants Vortex, Whirl
Summary Good talk.

It's been a long day for Whirl, especially since most of it was spent on-duty. As soon as it was over, he went straight for his habsuite hoping to get in a little snuggling with Blast Off before recharging. No better way to end a day, right? He gets to his door and taps in the code, hoping the shuttleformer's face will be greeting him inside. "You home, shuttlemuffin?" he calls out just as he steps inside.

Blast Off's face is not there and neither is the rest of him. Instead, its Vortex's rotary array as he's sprawled out across the berths. The gentle movements of his rotors and quiet ventilations give away that he's recharging, head buries and face unseen. His servo twitches, claws clinking against the berth's surface, while his rotors' movement pick up. Its like watching a dog run in its sleep, its so easy to see what he might be dreaming about if one spoke rotor.

The sleeping form of Vortex sprawled across his and Blast Off's berth was definitely not the sight Whirl expected to see but that's what it is. No matter how many times the door code changes, Vortex always manages to find a way inside. "Hrn.." The door closes behind him as he walks the rest of the way in and he approaches the slumbering rotary, quiet and careful not to wake him. Aw, how cute he's dreaming about.. huh, that's not as cute. He bends down and leans in close, putting his pedipalps right next to Vortex's audials and then..

"CAN I HELP YOU?" he shouts as loudly as possible.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (7 6 2 8 8 1 1 2)

Vortex's dreams are tailor made for Vortex and Vortex alone. Admittedly, the likes of the DJD or Overlord might enjoy them if not find them a little dull. But for the little rotary, they're perfect. He's happily slumbering away, content to be quiet and peaceful... until Whirl shrieks into his ear.

Vortex jerks up, grabbing Whirl's pedipalp and slamming his head down to the berth while twisting it around, drawing his Getaway knife to hold to that long Whirlybird neck of him. Engine revving and growling, armor bristling and flared, his visor onlines dimmly, sleepily. "Nnngh..." He yawns, rotors stretching, before focusing on Whirl. "Oh." He takes the knife away, slumping forward tiredly. "Is you. What a- yaaaaaaawn- coincidence meetin' you 'ere..." he mumbles, slidding the knife back into its sheath.

Whirl has barely any time to yelp when he's slammed into the berth and feeling the cold touch of a blade against his neck. He really should've seen this coming considering, well, everything. He keeps still, waiting for Vortex to put the knife away before shoving him violently against the berth.

"Are you fucking kidding!? You break into my room again and draw a knife on me for waking you up? You're not even supposed to be in here! Why the fuck are you in here!?"

Vortex doesn't fight the shove, falling back onto his hub with his visor at half mast. Its okay, yelling always runs its course if you don't feed the flames. "You startled me. S'okay, I pulled a knife on Skystalker once to. Someone put a bell on that guy, amirite?" He puffs a small laugh, looking at Whirl. "Blast Off's room too, he doesn't mind. 'M here to talk." He spits out another yawn.

"I startled you? You're not supposed to be in here, you dingus!" Whirl shouts, shoving Vortex harder against the berth. "And I'm pretty damn sure Blast Off would mind if he knew you were making a habit of breaking in and drawing knives on me!" He gives Vortex an icey glare before relasing him and rising back to his full height. "Whatever, fine. Talk and then get the hell out."

"Huh... Now that you mention it, he wasn't so pleased the last time... But I can't stop natural reactions. Did you see my self control though? Did even hurt you." Vortex doesn't get up but lays there, looking up at Whirl... Well, trying to. He's got that chest... "Alright. It was shitty what I tried to do during the tick incident. Wouldn't of done it if there were no ticks but there were and it happened and I'm sorry."

"Didn't even- do you even remember what happened!?" Whirl definitely left that interaction worse off than when he started and he has entirely Vortex to blame for it. He continues glaring at him, getting angrier the more he thinks about Vortex just laying there enjoying his berth. Is this how Riptide felt when they roomed together? "Okay. Yeah. Great. Is that it? Are you done?"

"Well, yeah. Just happened. Come on, I'm not that strong..." Vortex stretches his rotors some more, watching Whirl closely. Hmmm... He tilts his head. "No... Don't you have anything to say about it?"

"What am I supposed to say about it? You want me to tell you that you saying sorry makes up for the fact that you tried to take away the closest thing to hands I'll ever have after someone else already took those?" Whirl's claws clench but he forces himself to relax them lest he get worked up to the point of harming Vortex. "That it's okay that you got your little boyfriend involved in it? Or that you tried to convince me to take his wings to impress your Commander?"

Vortex continues to just watch, not trying to agitate Whirl in the least. He could have picked a better subject matter in that case. "It's not okay, I don't care about you sayin' its okay because it wasn't okay at all. And I ain't going to justify what I said or did- I'm a terrible person tryin' to better and those damn ticks..." He scowls at the ceiling before schooling his expression. It just messed him up. "Thought I was getting better but maybe I'm just foolin' myself and I ain't. Bluh, doesn't matter- what matters is that I want you to know what I did was wrong and I... never meant to do anything like that. And I didn't 'involve' Raid but he's already come by, not touchin' that."

Vortex shifts to rest his servos under his helm, staring up at Whirl. He taps one pede against the air, unable to keep still for very long. "... Why do you keep insisting on things like that. 'Closest thing hands' and stuff like it. Functionists are gone, Whirl. You don't have to stay like this if you don't want to. So why don't you? Honestly. Its not irreversible, no one is stopping you."

Whirl really wants to stay mad at Vortex as it's so much easier to hate him than it is to like him, but it's hard when he's right there, admitting to being a terrible person despite his efforts. Whirl knows that struggle, he knows it very well. "Alright, alright.. it's.. it's not that big a deal, okay? It wasn't anything I couldn't handle so.." He shrugs. "It's not okay but it's okay. Okay?"

The rest of what Vortex says has him bristling and he walks away to sit at his work bench. "I don't expect you to understand. I don't expect anyone who hasn't had the procedure to understand. You can't just put someone else's hands and face on me and expect me to be fixed. It doesn't work that way."

"I guess I can get that. Wanting your face and not just some face. I got to customize my face so maybe I don't understand... But if you have pictures or something- it can be made. Fresh face and hands. But I guess you gotta really want it- and picky. You're allowed to be picky." Vortex's rotors rustl against the berth, leaving litte scores and marks. Blast Off will know he was here.

"And its not okay. We shouldn't blow past this. We can't ignore it. We can't forget it, not like last time." A beat, filled with Vortex looking at his own squirming foot. "I figured out what you did. More or less. What we forget. I figured it out."

Whirl looks away from Vortex and locks his optic on a random watch part sitting on his desk. "Me too," he says after a long silence. "I don't know why I did it, but I know that I did." What's the point of being needled if people are just going to keep reminding you of what you tried to forget? Seems like it was a big waste of time. "And I know that it hurt you. A lot."

Whirl slowly turns his head to look over at Vortex. "I'm sorry. In retrospect, maybe you should have taken my claws.."

Vortex 'hmmms' as he digests that Whirl already knows what he did. Blast Off must have told him. And no matter what Whirl might think, or anyone, being needled was worth it. Because knowing what happened to him- sorta- isn't the same as remembering the experience. "Yeah. I imagine it did more than hurt. Air Raid said I was almost unresponsive. Its hazy, he's probably right..."

Vortex finally sits up, crossing his legs and bracing his hands on his knees. He meets Whirl's look. "No, I shouldn't of- don't say that... I've figured it out for a while. I considered revenge but figured that enough was done, wasn't going to solve anything. But then those ticks... I just needed the flimsiest, stupidest reason to think it should happened and I went to do it. Revenge, I mean..." He flashes a rather dry smile at Whirl with his rotors. "Hard to stop screwin' up after a lifetime of it, right?"

Seeing the rage in Blast Off's optics when he threw down the locker at his feet told Whirl everything about how bad it was for Vortex. He'd never seen such anger on the shuttleformer's face before, or heard it so strongly in his voice.

Whirl vents a sigh and rises out of his seat, only to walk over to the berth and sit there instead, next to Vortex. "You couldn't help it. I know what those ticks are like, I've had them before. Makes you do things you try so hard not to do."

"Yeah. They sucked. This sucks." Vortex shakes his helms and draws up his knees. "Let's just agree to be shits to each other but not be shitty to each other... ... ... Think we can even manage that?" He looks at Whirl. From this angle, some bits of white and red paint can be seen on his helm.

"I don't know," Whirl says honestly. He then lifts an arm and brings it around Vortex's shoulders to draw him in close. It's a half-hug! Don't tell anyone. "I think we can try, though. I mean, you're gonna be my brother-in-law one day. I don't want you to hate me or vice-versa, you know? You piss me off sometimes but I still want you around."

Vortex shifts to lean against Whirl some. Being tactile always improves his mood. "Yeagh, that's such a weird Terran term... But we can try. S'all we can do." He stays like that, drawn up in Whirl's (gigantic) arm. Then he looks up. "Why'd you give Air Raid such a hard time?"

"I was angry." That's really the only reason, isn't it? It's not like Whirl has anything against Air Raid, at least nothing more against him than he does any other person on the ship. "I was angry and I wanted to hurt him where weapons couldn't. Is he ok?"

Vortex nods a little. He gets that. Sometimes, weapons don't hurt as much as words can. He vents. "No... I don't know. Maybe. He wasn't though. I found him outside on the hull, staring at the thrusters. Says he wasn't thinking of jumping but I don't know. He was angry at me, with me. Frustrated. It was a rough conversation to be had... He doesn't want me to have anything to do with you- he remembers what you did. He's convinced you're just going to hurt me and him."

A year ago, hearing that he upset someone so much that they were moping dangerously close to the ship's thrusters, would have delighted Whirl. A lot has changed since then, and hearing how his cruel words have affected Air Raid causes the sinking feeling of guilt to stir in Whirl's gut. "I'm not surprised. I don't think he and I have ever had an interaction that didn't end in a fight or something close to it." He looks at the far wall, one that sports a rather large, rather fancy starchart. "How serious are you and Air Raid?"

"Maybe try changing that. I'm making an effort with you for my reasons. Find your reasons with him or something. Because then you're gonna start pissin' me off." Vortex huffs a bit, rotors twitching as he shifts. Primus, if that isn't a loaded question. "Er, yeah... Raid's told me he's loved me. Twice if you include the ticks. Thrice if you include an implication. I told him 'that's great.'" He stares ahead. "... I think I panicked."

"Tch!" Whirl tightens the grip of his arm around Vortex, giving him a squeeze. "Fine. I guess I can try to have a civil conversation with him for once in my life. Just for you, Tex." When the rotary speaks of his current relationship status, he can't help but laugh quietly to himself. "You sound like Blast Off."

"Eh... Try not to force it. He is not a fan of you and he's convinced you hate him and me more than anything else. I'm not jokin', he gets a lil melodramatic... He bonds over combat- fighting next to someone. Try a sim, 'save' his aft, let him save yours. How he stopped hating my Con badge at first..." Vortex stops to make a face. "Aw, eww! Don't say that! Blast Off and I are Combaticons but that's as much as the similarities run."

Save his aft of course means that Whirl needs to put Air Raid in a life-threatening situation without him knowing and then swoop in at the last second to rescue him and be seen as the hero. Good thinking, Vortex! "I'm serious!" he laughs. "I tell him I love him all the time but he gets this 'robodeer-in-healights' look. Never says it back."

Vortex totally meant battle in a simulation in the practice with Air Raid. But what he doesn't know means Whirl does something stupid. Congrats on a hairbrained scheme, Whirl! "And I'm serious! We aren't- Blast Off is a social inept! I flourish, I know how to react to anything and everything! To elicit whatever response I want. It's what I do. I don't- I'm not a a robodeer in anything! Not some aloof shuttle or whatever."

"Oohhhh," Whirl says, almost knowingly like he's in on some secret. "I see. So, you don't feel the same way Air Raid does towards you. That's it, isn't it?" He shakes his head. "What's your secret, Vortex? How do you make these guys fall so hard for you?"

Vortex turns his helm to shoot Whirl a look. "It's not... It's not that." He grumbles to himself. "I care for Air Raid, I do. I don't want him hurt or anything... But maybe I don't. So what if I don't love him back?!" He flings up his arms. "He barely knows me! We've known each other- really known- not even a year. A year, Whirl. We've been fighting for four million of those! I've massacred just about as many and he's tried saving and fightin' maybe that much too. And how am I supposed to say words like that? I've seen what words like that do to mechs... What if I don't want that for us, whats so wrong with just bein' together."

Vortex picks at his own claws and fingers and vents. "They don't fall for me, Whirl. They fall for what they think I am to them and to, I don't know, maybe taming me? Fixing me? Reforming a Decepticon, its a hot new thing."

"Hey, relax. You don't have to explain anything to me. I get where you're coming from, I really do." Casual relations weren't the norm for Whirl like.. ever, but he gets the appeal. "There's nothing wrong with being with someone and not having it be a big fuckin' deal, but if one person is for it and the other person wants to be more serious, then you're going to have a problem." He shrugs. "I'm no love guru. I'm no Breakdown, but I don't want to see you getting hurt. That's all."

He slides off the berth as Vortex continues, moving to the wine rack and plucking the half-finished bottle he started when Air Raid gave him that terrible apology. When he returns to the berth, it's with the opened bottle and two glasses. "Here, drink a little and relax a bit. You'll feel better."

Vortex mutters to himself some more. "Won't be me who ends up hurt though, will it? I don't want to hurt to hurt him." But he doesn't feel the same way. Or, at least, he's pretty sure of it. But he cares, he wants to be with Air Raid, why's the rest matter. "Yeah, I'll take a drink... Should've seen his face though. He tried not to show it but I saw it. Uuuuugh, you Autobots make things haaaaard."

"Making things difficult for Decepticons is kinda what we do best," Whirl jokes, pouring Vortex a glass and handing it over. He does the same for himself and sets the bottle aside before making himself more comfortable on the berth. He's just straight up lounging now. "I don't know what to tell you, Tex. Just do what you think is right, I guess."

"Smartass..." Vortex hisses, taking his drink and swirling it. He stops, watching it run down the sides. Then he takes a sip. "Excellent advice to give a torturer. 'Do what you think is right.' Yeah, well, I peeled open a lot of your buds. I don't think I should give myself advice, strangely enough I always seem to try and take it." Another sip. "Enought of that. How're you and Blasty?"

Whirl swirls his drink to watch the legs of the wine run down the interior curve of the glass before unceremoniously dumping it into the intake valve that is his mouth equivalent. "We're good. Took him to some fancypants gala at Visages not too long ago, I think he enjoyed himself." More wine swirling. "He keeps talking about trying to get me into your family but I think he's getting close to just giving up."

"Well, you're wrong." Vortex leans back, looking at Whirl. "Blast Off is damned stubborn. And he's Ons's favorite- which is both a good and bad thing for you. See, Ons doesn't see you as someone Blast Off loves. He sees you as a wedge. A wedge splicing off his favorite." He keeps saying 'favorite' to show off how non-jealous he is. "And Ons is possessive. So he's really not gonna like ya. But he's going to trust Blast Off more because he's the favorite. Blasty wouldn't give up on us, he's not going to give up on you. If you weren't so rigidly Autobot, you'd help your case." He sips his glass some more. "Brawl gonna hate you for a while. Just hide your badge around him, let him warm up. Give Swin some money. Bam, you're in with most of us. And a body can't ignore the limbs, ya know?" What a weird metaphor, why'd he use it?

"You make it sound so easy." Well, maybe when it comes to Swindle it is. The others though? Eh.. "You think Brawl is going to forget I'm an Autobot just because I took my badge off?" Whirl doesn't know Brawl so he doesn't know how likely this is. "You really think if I can get everyone on board with me, Onslaught will give in?"

"I forget that you Autobots don't have Brawl jokes... Just trust me. Stay away fromt he subject, compliment his art. Get him to tell ya how great a warrior he is." Vortex smirks at Whirl. "Trust me, yeah? Onsy is stubborn but he knows a losing strategy when he sees one. Speaking of, don't mention Starscream." He grimaces and scowls before finishing his drink, setting the glass down. He leaps to his feet. "Sensitive subject is all I'll tell ya... Well, I think I'll go finish my nap with Fifi. Thanks for the drink."

"Fuck Starscream," is all Whirl has to say about that. He rises to his feet when Vortex leaps to his, walking him to the door like a good host. Seems he learned a few things from Blast Off. "Yeah, no problem, Tex." He opens the door but before the Combaticon has a chance to leave, Whirl makes sure to tell him: "I don't mind you dropping in, by the way. Just.. if you're going to take a nap in here, do it on the left side of the berth. That's where Blast Off recharges."

Vortex barks a laugh, following Whirl to the door. "Don't forget- be nicer to Raid and make friends with Swin and Brawl... Or at least accept... Okay, not hate ya."

Vortex steps outside the door, glancing back in. A big shit-eating grin covers his face before his facemask falls into place. "Sleep on the RIGHT SIDE all the time? You drive a hard bargain but you got it, Whirl!" With a cackle, the smaller rotary takes off for his room, rotors waggling behind him.

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