2016-12-27 Waterspots

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2016/12/27
Location Lost Light - Habsuites
Participants Fantoccini, Cosmos
Summary His paint job is ruined now, apparently.

A bit of redecorating is in order, though perhaps not feasible to the extent the red mech would prefer. The habs are ... cozy in size though bland and empty as far as anything else is concerned. Only one window? Doesn't this ship have corners? Surely there's a corner suite somewhere on this ship with two windows. Hmph. How and why Ten chooses to live like this he'll never quite understand, especially since the mech doesn't utilize the potential for socializing! Why, there's one now. Fantoccini lifts a hand to wave to the mech in the hall, several of his arms laden with personal belongings to haul from one ship to another - just the essentials of course. Honestly. He absolutely needs this many blankets and boxes of polish and paint in the suite. There's simply no other place to keep it. "Hello neighbor~" Fanto leans against the wall by their habsuite door to give the mech an appraising look, visor raking over the rounded edges and hidden face. "Live around here or just visiting?"

Cosmos is heading back to his hab after a long shift, rubbing at his visor tiredly with the back of his hand when Fantoccini speaks- causing the mech to jump slightly. Oh Primus I didn't even see him! How tired am I? The UFO is quick to recover and look over to the mech addressing him. He's... never seen this mech before and as a result unsurely shifts his weight from one foot to the other. He's only a few doors down from his hab, after all. "Who, me?" Cosmos, Like a dummy. , points at himself in confusion, "I.... just live a little ways down the hall- are you new to the ship?" He... wonders if he should offer to help the mech carry some things, his many many arms look pretty full.

Oh he's cute~ A little jumpy perhaps but endearingly naive-seeming. Does Ten know this one, he wonders. The mech was wasting his potential on such a ship as this by hiding himself away behind that stoic front of his. Fanto straightens a little, setting his burdens down by the door - he has more to fetch, anyway, he'll just have Renny pull it in when he leaves for the next armful. "We just arrived yesterday, actually," he grins towards Cosmos, reaching out a hand with elbows straight and fingers pointed down. Yes you may greet him, darling. "My name is Fantoccini - and may I ask who our new neighbor is~?"

Cosmos reaches out and gently shakes the red mech's hand, "Well I hope you like the ship so far, it can be a bit chaotic at times but... well I would assume it's better than Cybertron most days." It definitely beats having to stay in orbit around the planet and watch the chaos of Starscream ruling... even if it is still really lonely and stressful here. He.. shouldn't tell Fantoccini that, "It's nice to meet you though, I'm Cosmos." He releases the mech's hand and backs up a step, giving some room to his new neighbor.. Also potentially trying to edge off back to his own room without being entirely rude.

<FS3> Fantoccini rolls Sprinklers: Success. (1 8 1)

"It's been very welcoming so far, you seem to be a delightful little lot of mecha," Fantoccini hums, idly taking a step forward when Cosmos retreats. They're having such a lovely conversation, he can't fathom the idea that the other mecha might be trying to actively escape him. "You would assume correctly: my Conjunx and I were a bit restless on Cybertron with all the political turmoil and discourse going on right now. It's a bit of an ugly sight. And my Renny has that incurable wander lust - you know how it is with some mecha: once they touch space you can't get them planetside again for more than a week and then they're dashing off without you into the great unknown all over again." Not that he's bitter...

Fanto's advancement on Cosmos is cut a little short on account of the overhead sprinklers deciding now, right now, is the BEST time to turn themselves on and rain down a space-chilled liquid onto the pair. Fantoccini squeals in surprise at the assault, arms raised in a vain attempt to shield himself as he ducks and scurries to collect his belongings. "What in the stars?!"

While Fantoccini jolts from the liquid, Cosmos just looks up in the ceiling in confusion before simply stating, "I wonder if someone set fire to their hab again..." And then he takes notice of Fantoccini's apparent distress. Oh- Is he ok? Slag he isn't one of those mechs who can't touch water or something is he? Wanting to help, Cosmos trots down to his room and quickly punches in the password before disappearing through the doorway. A few seconds later he comes jogging back out with a large tarp neatly folded in his arms. He got wise enough to have something warm and waterproof around after the first two times this happened.

Cosmos flicks the tarp open before holding it above Fantoccini, trying to block most of the water from hitting him, "Here, I would feel bad if your things got wet!" Especially if I could do something about it...

Oh? Oh! Oh- Fanto ducks to hide under the tarp, cinching it close under his chin like a frail old bot hiding from the cold. "Oh gracious, thank you." 'Again'? What was this again nonsense? Perhaps this was yet another of those glitchy systems Tailgate was selling to his Conjunx last night? Certainly Renegade could hammer out what was causing a sprinkler malfunction, Fanto was sure of it.

Hiding down in the tarp with his only slightly damp blankets and boxes of polish and paint, Fantoccini let out a devastated, spark heavy moan. "Oh my finish! And I just had it redone for the party last night! Now I'll be covered in waterspots like some... spotted... creature!" Or like Ten. He won't say that though. Lieutenant's freckles are precious and he won't have word getting back to him that his Amica wouldn't similarly wear them. "Wasted, wasted! I'll have to have it completely redone all over again, stripped to the metal."

Cosmos ...doesn't get why the mech seems to be having an existential crisis. Waterspots? "I... Well, there's a body shop in the lower levels? And I dont- I dont think you would have to redo it, I'm sure you'll look fine." Obviously Cosmos isn't a fashion forward mech, just look at his disaster of a paintjob..... I just said something horrible didn't I?

"Hngh I do my own body work, really," he hedges. Down there is the other Amica and he's not quite ready to put himself at the mercy of someone he has rather blatantly and repeatedly accusing of stealing his Amica in order to do him some sort of harm. And kick his feet in petty jealousy like a fussy child but that's beside the point. Fantoccini turns his attention upward briefly, but soon has to scrub water spots out of his visor. "I suppose I can have Renny touch it up for me - does this happen often?"

Cosmos doesn't answer for a second, his silence speaking volumes. "Well... No not the sprinklers." usually it's a ton of other just as chaotic things happening. "But I'm usually on shift.... All day... sometimes all night." Because I never get a break. "Would.. Would you like some help moving your things since- well the sprinklers?" He would really rather sleep but the liquid raining down on them obviously doesn't bother the spacer, at least not nearly as much as Fantoccini.

Ahaha let a stranger into his ship to rummage and fiddle with his belongings and then into his just-assigned habsuite? Mmmmmno. No no no, not until he knows a little more about these people that Lieutenant has taken up with will they set foot in his precious Vigilante. "It's kind of you," Fanto smiles, reaching to pat the mech lightly on the head. Aren't you sweet. "But I think I've kept you quite long enough haven't I. I think my Conjunx and Amica will be more than enough to get us settled in here once the sprinklers stop - though, if I may borrow this a while longer?" He rustles the tarp slightly. "Just in case it decides it doesn't like me again?"

Cosmos head actually bobs down slightly in response to the pat, causing Cosmos to make a small embarrassed noise. AHHH it happened again! Why does my transformation have to make my head sink down into my chest!? It has resulted in embarrassing or annoying situations in the past... Ok no don't bring attention to it- just- just keep moving on! "Well alright then, I don't mind if you hold onto it uh... my hab is three doors down, you can return it whenever you want and if i'm not home you can just.... Leave it outside the door or something I- I guess."

.......Huh. Well. That's a curious little quirk. Fantoccini chuckles softly, tempted to chase after his retreating helm but draws himself back - these are Lieutenant's new mecha, he should not tease them too much just yet. Yet. Oh but there will be time later to tease the cute round mech before him. "You're a doll, Cosmos," he lilts approvingly, trailing a fingertip down his chest before falling away to curl around his belongings. "Forgive me for keeping you so long. I do hope you have a restful evening."

Cosmos gapes behind his mask for several seconds as Fantoccini trails that finger down his chest, both from utter confusion and quickly growing discomfort/embarrassment. I- what? What is he doing? he doesn't entirely know how to take that, no one having done or said that to him before. "its... uh- it was no problem. Happy to help. I- Hope you get all your things put away unharmed." Is he making fun of me or just being nice? ... Ok now run run run- wait no don't look like you're running just, just turn around and walk back to your hab like a normal fragging mech! Cosmos manages something of a normal retreat back to his hab, giving a small wave to fantoccini before probably ducking through his own doorframe a bit too quickly.

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