2016-12-26 Welcoming Committee

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Welcoming Committee
Date 2016/12/26
Location Lost Light: Recreation - Visages
Participants Lieutenant, Tailgate, Torque, Disaster, Fantoccini, Renegade
Summary Drinks, catching up, making merry, and friends. The elements of every good party.

A grand staircase serves as the entrance to the lounge. Upon descending, the first thing that draws the optics is the neon sign that hangs on the wall to the right. It announces "Visages," with quotation marks, in elegant, blue script. The lighting is dim, accentuated by soft lanterns placed on the tables, in order to foster an intimate setting.

The lounge itself is small, only large enough to hold several dozen patrons at any one time. The counter in the far, right corner does play host to a handful of stools; however, the majority of sitting space has been given over to chairs placed around low-slung coffee tables. They are placed at irregular intervals. This allows mecha to choose whether they would prefer to sit near others to socialize or in a more private alcove. Most mecha speak in hushed tones, leaning towards each other in order to be better heard and understood.

The centerpiece of the room is a stage along the left wall. A mic always stands at the ready for both scheduled and impromptu performances, along with a line of instruments displayed on stands. Paintings, rather than pictures, of past performances line the wall behind the stage. For days the lounge has been rented out for private gatherings, everything can be cleared away so that the stage can also serve the double purpose of a dance floor. A monitor by the foot of the stairs announces the bar's constantly fluctuating business hours, along with upcoming activity days and private parties.

A lone ficus tree stands stands to the left of the grand staircase. A brass plaque on the pot announces the plant's name as "Fantasia" (also in quotation marks for mysterious reasons).

Lieutenant had given over Renegade a map of the ship, once his hands were free, then departed from the shuttle bay to get Visages ready. Thank Mirage that the place could be rented out, even if it wasn't cheap. Yes, he might need to do some investing into the market again but right now that doesn't matter.

Makeup washed away to show freckles, check. Quality high grade and nothing less for his Amica and husband, check. Sweets he had worked on making (that accidentally blew up on him while baking) and set out in trays, check. Invitations sent out a couple days in advance, check. That plant...oh he'll leave it. It's not his to move anyway, besides it is an interesting touch to the place. Now all Lieutenant as to do is stand at attention awaiting the arrivals of the rest.

"Should we have left Vigi in the room?" Fantoccini frets to his Conjunx, a hand on his cheek in thought while they walk. The drones were best kept out from underfoot of drinking mecha on such a large, large ship, but he couldn't help worrying. They were their creations, after all: Renegade's AI programming and Fantoccini's craftsmanship. "She'll call us if anything happens, won't she? You installed a comm link with enough range to reach us in the bar from Ten's room, didn't you, dear?" Fret fret fret. Alone on their tiny ship for so long with only stop-overs at refueling stations to break up the monotony, there hadn't been occasion to leave the little helpers behind like this before. "And if Vigi is compromised in some way, Bellissi can contact us, can't he? You did install their Galactic Positioning System upgrades didn't you?"

Of course, once they enter Visages all the fretting mecha can see is that grand staircase. Such a classy establishment he hasn't seen in centuries, they'd never had the resources for something so grand in the neutral colonies, and he's going to enjoy every moment of it. One hand barely touching the banister, he makes his descent carefully but with no shortage of flair. "Oh I should have worn a cape with a train if I'd only known this would be here," he murmurs to Renegade. "Daaaarliiiing we're heeeeere~~!"

Getting such a formal, thought out invitation to a private gathering is a new thing for Tailgate; while definitely a well-rounded mech, he's both flattered and curious when he recieves the message, and wondering why he might have gotten it the entire way down to Visages. To his credit, he's not a savage-- the minibot has brought a small bottle of a peppery hot engex that he bought a few of back on the pirate colony of Verander.

Tailgate, of course, keeps tabs on those that come aboard the ship, and guessing the friends Lieutenant mentioned is short work. If they know him, they must be decent folks, right? He hears someone before he spots them, head popping up from reading the label on the engex towards the sound of someone calling out; Tailgate's visor brightens as he nears the staircase, the optics behind them a curious baby blue when he starts to tiptoe down. Maybe he wants to give whoever it is time to finish their entrance. Those are important. Ask anyone! "Yes, yes and yes. They'll be fine. I downloaded that map to both of their hard drives if they need to come find us. Their comms'll reach just fine." Renegade has long learned that answering instead of getting snarky lets the worrying run its course that much faster. Not that he isn't fighting the urge to be snarky regardless, but he reaches out and squeezes one of his Conjunx's servos. "If you worry too much, your paint is going to peel."

He's worried himself, of course. For all the same reasons as Fantoccini, but he's always had an easier time letting go of it. At the moment, however, he's more concerned with eyeing the downright elaborate staircase and almost immediately feeling out of place. He doesn't even bother with the bannister, fingers tightening briefly on Fantoccini's servo before letting go to rub the back of his helm.

"I didn't think you HAD anymore capes." He mutters, though mostly to himself."

Torque can drink, this is a known fact, so she knows engex like the back of her hand. No surprise she knows to mix them, too, which is why she's behind the bar tonight in Mirage's stead. She keeps herself busy by setting up her station, dutifully wiping down a shaker.

Sounds at the entrance give her pause, however, and she looks up to see none other than Fantoccini and Renegade descending the staircase. The former she recognizes easily, and wow is he tall, but the latter.. Never saw him before. Still, they get a warm welcome all the same, the femme setting the rag down and spinning the shaker in her palm. "Well well, I finally get to meet yah in the metal. Welcome! Hope the trip over wasn't too bad. And sit, sit. Can I mix yah up anything?"

Lieutenant is all too pleased to see his Amica, even though he saw him not that long ago. He simply just cannot get over the fact that he's here! No more running away, he promises himself as he steps forward to greet both again. "Pleased to see neither of you got lost." The avian reaches out a hand to take Fantoccini's when he reaches the bottom of the staircase, then possibly pulling him back into another embrace. He's just missed him so much.

The hug will not last long as he gestures towards the minibot silently following behind. "Fantoccini, Renegade, I would like to introduce you both to Tailgate." Lieutenant nods at the blue minibot, "Our esteemed Head of Security. I invited him to meet you both."

Hearing the femme's voice draws Fanto's attention to the bar as he descends. Oh. It's her. The other Amica. Such conflicted feelings and none of them in the right place to be sorted through right now, so he simply smiles his polite society smile for her - a smidgen more teeth than necessary, a little bit fixed, a hand on his cheek and the other flapping at her from afar. "Oh helloooo Torque, it's so good to finally meet the bot that so stole my Amica's spark. It's so good of you to take care of him in my stead, darling."

Fantoccini gleefully hurries the last few steps to be pulled into Lieu's arms, one dainty foot lifting from the floor as his engine hums in satisfaction with the contact. When the bot is mentioned to be the head of security, Fantoccini turns expecting someone larger than himself - so his surprise is palpable when he sees no one there and has to look down instead.

Any simmering snark or fretting that'd been lingering vanished as soon as he saw that wide, baby-blue visor, Fantoccini's hands on his cheeks and mouth falling open. "Oh my stars you are precious! Oh- Oh where are my manners-" He turns his attention to the group with a flair of his arms (to keep them from grabbing Tailgate off the floor to cuddle). "It's so lovely to finally meet you all! I am, as you may have heard, Fantoccini of Iacon and this-" A hand snags Renegade and hauls him closer. "Is my Conjunx Endura, the love of my life, my dearest Renegade." You can tell he's his because of the rather possessive smooch he plants on top of the shorter mech's helm.

Tailgate is glad that he's following the guests of honor, possibly only because it gives him a good view of Lieutenant being warm and welcoming once he gets to the bottom of the stairwell. It's rare enough, in a lot of ways, but he's glad to see it, however brief. He's kind of sad he's there to distract Lieutenant a moment later.

As he's introduced, Tailgate puts his feet closer together and cradles the bottle under one arm so that he can lift his free hand in greeting, visor bright and manner buoyant. "Hello! I'd heard we'd gotten some guests!" The surprise he gets out of the tall, teetering Fantoccini isn't totally new, and he keeps his head tipped back to beam up at him, and then to Renegade, who seems much more subdued and perhaps Tailgate's speed. He doesn't even seem to mind the 'precious' either. He is kinda precious. "It's great to meet you both!" Tailgate steps lightly across to where Torque is manning the bar, showing off his bottle to Lieutenant before he sets it atop the counter. "I brought some Smelting Pot I bought on Verander... It's pretty intense, I hope that's okay!"

Renegade waves briefly at the greeting, relaxing incremently. Well, there didn't seem to be any kind of social protocol going on here that he doesn't know how to handle. That's a relief. Then Lieutenant introduces the Head of Security and he turns, nearly jumping off the last set of steps in surprise. Primus on a pogo stick, he hadn't even heard the little guy approach! He was... going to have to be more aware of his surroundings. The time spent on the ship must have dulled his senses a bit. Any greeting of his own is cut off with a small squawk of only slight protest at the sudden grab-and-haul, but he settles quickly enough with a sheepish grin and wave. "Heya."

Torque's antennas give a little twitch at Fanto's rather plastic smile and the odd joke, a slight pause given before she resumes her pleasant manner. "Ah, well, y'know someone had to." To Renegade, who looks more her speed, she offers a kind smirk and a nod. "Good to meetcha, Renegade. Sure you heard, but I'm Torque. You want a drink?"

Then Tailgate comes over with that interesting bottle of his, prompting her to perk and lean over the counter. "Speakin' of drinks.. If that's some Verander grog, then I'm itchin' to try some." That's when a memory hits her and she straightens up, smile widening. "Oh! Almost forgot. Lieu probably already told you, but this is Visages, owned and operated by Mirage. Fanciest lounge on the ship if the rowdier Swerve's isn't your speed. I've got a feeling you'll really like it here, Fantoccini."

The librarian release Fantoccini from his hold to make his way over to the bar counter. "Thank you for your gracious gift, Tailgate." He gives a slight nod as he makes his way to the end of the counter to lean forward on it. "To clarify, Mirage is an Autobot scout and spy...and currently dating my Amica." Yes, he's just putting you out there Torque. She's dating the mech who made this place, that means she has good taste in mecha - barring himself, of course.

Lieutenant gestures for the couple to come and take a seat at the bar. "I had invited two others, but I am not sure it the will make it." He can't sense them coming so it's likely neither will show.

Dating his Amica? But Fanto is married who- Ooooohhhhhh. The other one. Well then! Hearing that, much - not all, but a subtly visible amount - of the tension leaves Fantoccini's three sets of shoulders. So Torque is taken and not simply trying to snatch his Lieulieu away from him in a more finalized way, good to know good to know. More relaxed now, he gives his Conjunx a gentle squeeze and releases him, sliding onto the stool at the bar's counter.

Fingers lacing together under his chin, he examines Torque more closely now - but with far less scrutiny. "Thank you for the warm welcome, Torque. You are a pretty little thing aren't you~" he purrs teasingly to Torque before his attention slides over to Tailgate and a fingertip sets itself on the bottle's label. "Tell us a little about this? I've never been to Verander before."

Tailgate looks up when Torque leans in towards him, his glance to her coming with a small laugh. He perks up a little more when she lets them know the name of the bar and that there are two. A lot of people really love that part, right? "We're a busy bunch on this ship sometimes." Tailgate offers that much when Lieutenant mentions some absentees, and he is courteous enough to wait for the guests to sit before he finds a seat for himself. Watching them interact is quite interesting already, and when Fantoccini angles his way, he straightens out to look at the new duo.

"It's a Cybertronian colony we stopped at recently. Lots of spacefaring, some awful pirates, nice trading port, sparks still forging there! The people there were really fun, even if we ran into trouble. This is called Smelting Pot--" Tailgate tap-taps the top of the bottle. "Sweet going in and really hot once it settles. I like spicy things. Great icebreaker though!" As they can now see, when he gets chatting, he can definitely get into it. Social butterfly!

Renegade follows Fantoccini and company, a grin twitching at his lips as he, also, slides onto a stool beside Fantoccini. He nudges him with his shoulder. "What he said. Nice to meet ya." He leans in closer to Torque, keeping his voice light and winking. "Don't let him get to you. He'll warm up." Eventually. Though the declaration of her supposed beau seems to have melted a good portion of Fantoccini's initial chilly mannerisms. He leans back, considering the large room. "So. What do you serve in a place like this?"

Torque opens her mouth to speak further, but ends up paling a little when Lieutenant outs her and the owner's relationship. Not that it's a bad thing, just something she didn't expect to be announced all of a sudden. "A-Ah.. Eheh.." Pale turns to pink upon her cheeks, rubbing the back of her neck as a flustered smile lights her face. "Er, yeah, we've been on for a little while now. And no, I don't get free drinks. ..After a heck of a lot of insisting."

She chuckles, feeling a bit more relaxed now, especially at Fanto's flirtacious little comment. "Oh, well I ah.." More neck rubbing, which is abated when Fanto turns to Tailgate, allowing her attention to shift to the leaning Renegade. "Right.." She nods, gathering herself back up and clearing her vocals, a hand sweeping to the stocked shelving behind her. "Everything and anything, long as it's high quality. Visages serves only the finest."

Sudden as it may have been, Lieutenant doesn't quite regret it. Almost like that time Penchant blabbed to Torque that the avian doesn't sleep. He was bitter about that for a while. He rests his folded arms on the counter, keeping his optics on her for a bit before shifting over to Renegade and Fantoccini. It's unbelievable they're both here. After so long, after so many years of silence, no thanks to him, it felt almost like back on Colossal. Such wonderful times back then.

"Spicy can be nice," Fantoccini agrees with Tailgate, watching the little mech chatter on. Oh he's so cute. He reminds him so much of another little mecha... "Something spicy with a sweet for garnish and a little tanginess to take the edge off the heat. Those are quite lovely. I bet you're a little spicy under all that sweetness yourself," he coos, smiling down at the itty bitty security mech.

A hand sneaks its way over towards Lieutenant, searching for the Avian's fingers - a couple of misses are bound to happen, with his visor on the minibot.

Overhearing the comment Fantoccini directs at Tailgate, Renegade has to hide the growing guffaw in a snort of amusement. As far as pick up lines go, that's not one of your best, love. He's going to tease you later. He keeps his attention firmly fixed on Torque, the only giveaway of his continuing amusement the grin that's spread further on his face. Renegade props an elbow on the counter, chin in his hand and looks over the shelves with a low whistle. "Stuff looks pricey."

Tailgate flusters a little too easily, especially with someone new; he nods along to Fantoccini up until he realizes he is getting cooed at, and then his hand is on the top of his helm and he's set to laughing. The blue of his visor narrows a little with it. "Kind of! The job sort of requires it too, I suppose." Scrappy little minibots, right? Of course that's what he meant. Absolutely.

Luckily, Renegade's comment on the pricey looking bottles earns a well-needed distraction. "Swerve's is more the place where you can get a mug the size of your head." Tailgate puts up his hands for scale to compare a dinobot size drink to himself. It's not an exaggeration! "Or drink 'til you get up on the table and set off a sound bomb." That tale sounds too specific to be made up on the fly. "Swerve is a great mech to hang around too, hope you can meet him. Have you two gotten a grand tour yet?"

"Lucky for you the tab's been paid upfront tonight." Torque muses and sets out a shotglass in front of each of the mechs on the other side of the bartop, pouring out some triple distilled highgrade for them. She herself doesn't have any for now, seeing as she's the one serving. "Heh, honestly I love both bars equally. They've got their own unique charms." As for a tour, she brightens and nods. "It's a lot to take in, but we'd love to take you around. You should come around and the visit the body shop sometime, too."

Fantoccini search elicits an unexpected giggle from the avian which is quickly stifled. Probably went unheard with Tailgate's chatter, hopefully. Lieutenant rather quickly takes his multi-limbed Amica's hand and hold it. Partly keeping it captured, and because he doesn't mind holding his hand. It's been ages since he held his hand, and the comforting feeling never seems to change. Much like Fantoccini. Besides, it's only Tailgate and Torque here.

"They have not had a tour yet." Lieutenant frowns more pronouncedly, "I was thinking of asking Penchant if he wanted to but, he seems to be busy." He can't help but be a little disappointed but the mini is a workaholic. The avian can't blame him for it.

"We only arrived about an hour ago," Fantoccini chuckles, a foot reaching to nudge Renegade's ankle. Stop laughing at him, you. "Just enough time to powder our noses and put the children to bed before being lured away with the promise of getting overcharged. My lovely little Lieulieu has quite the cyber-siren's song - he knows me far too well." Well perhaps that's not entirely true, considering the time spent apart but. Well. Now wasn't the time to get into that. Now is the time to drink and make merry. One is rather the byproduct of the other, really.

Well this looked interesting. The shot is scooped up with one of his smallest hands since the others are laced under his chin and holding Lieu, savoring the scent and inspecting the texture of it swirling inside the little glass. The color, the clarity, the weight of it is all inspected before it's tossed back to be savored. "Mmm lovely." He sets the glass down again, finger tracing the rim of it pensively. "I'm willing to trust your judgment and expertise, Torque - surprise me with your recommendation, hmm?"

Lieulieu is quite a nickname. Tailgate seems quite taken with how the guests are interacting, and the pet name and handholding is no different. When Torque pours one out for him, the minibot watches raptly. "I've never had Mirage's good stuff before." Despite his boyish charm, a little of his age shows when his intake port does as he moves to try some of what Torque's given him. Wow, Renegade is right!

"This is a big place and you don't need to see every little thing, but we'd love to take you to the good spots. Lieutenant looks after the Library a lot, and he does a great job." Tailgate does like showing people around. "And Swerve's!" He snickers up at Renegade. "Oh, well, it's exactly what it sounds like! Thankfully it's not the reason he banned weapons. That wasn't me."

Lieutenant fins twitch as his attention is attracted to the entrance of Visages. Someone notable out in the hall, has caught his attention even with the doors closed and no one yet in sight. He tugs his hand away from Fantoccini's, "Pardon me for a few moments...minutes perhaps." He doesn't wait for what anyone says, simply exits the place as swiftly as possible. It's poor hosting on his part and he knows it, but perhaps Fantoccini and Renegade might forgive him later for it.

Torque gains a more wondering look when Fanto asks for her to surprise him. Hand on her chin, she rubs over it while studying the multi-armed mech, taking stock of his appearance and mannerisms. "Mh.. Alright, lemme see what I can whip up." She may not be a master mixologist, but she remembers how things taste and what will blend well.

She starts with the glass, setting out one that's tall and curvacious. In goes a scoop of chilled cubes before pouring in an orange colored engex most of the way along with a finger of Tailgate's Smelting Pot. The finishing touch is a red syrup that sinks and settles on the bottom while one of Lieu's energon treats garnishes the lip of the glass. Tiny umbrella for emphasis and straw for flair.

"Voila~." Torque beams and sets it before Fanto, who will find the drink to be initially sweet before settling into a bit of smokey heat thanks to the Smelting Pot. "Sweet, fiery, and colorful."

If Fantoccini hadn't been turning his head he might not have seen the rather old-fashioned intake port, but catching glimpse of it in his peripheral draws his attention back to the minibot. "OOoooh my, what an unusual design choice." A hand slips under Tailgate's chin once he's drank, tilting his head up to better inspect the mask and intake. Lieu's departure is met with a gentle squeeze before his fingers are released, but otherwise Fantoccini's attention remains on the little security director. Ten will come back. He's certain of it. Or else he'll have to hunt him down through the ship and make a scene and neither of them want that now do they.

"Such an homage to vintage construction is quite daring in this day and age," Fantoccini continues, leaning in a little closer to inspect it along with the rest of Tailgate's face with a smile. So tiny. So cute!

Torque's presentation of his drink distracts him away from the mini, but a finger still tickles under Tailgate's chin before Fantoccini lets him go to focus on her creation. "Oh my~" he coos at her as he lifts the glass to inspect it. "Aren't you a bit of a sweet talker~?" He sips a little off the top to taste, finding it curious enough to take a few big swigs from the glass. Sweet, smokey, a definite kick. Fantoccini sighs in satisfaction of the burn and the warmth in his tanks. "Mmmm delightful~ Thank you, darling~"

Swerve's was definitely going to be on his list when he felt more comfortable with the whole arrangement. It was easier to walk into a place and have a good time when he wasn't going to possibly be seeing the same mechs and femmes day in and day out, but that could change. He remembers the colony and Colossal fondly after all. He tips his helm to let the mech know he was listening before reaching over and swatting Fantoccini's hands gently. "Don't overwhelm him yet, babe."

Fantoccini could be intense after all.

That done, he snags the drink to taste it, vents wheezing just a bit at the initial sweetness of it. Not much of one for sweets, was Renegade. Still. "Can't sweet talk if it's true." He winks at Torque. "Mind giving me a try?"

Though Lieutenant taking a moment for his own is odd for a host, Tailgate doesn't divert his attention until it is diverted for him by Fantoccini's hand. Eep! His visor widens a little bit in response. Unusual? Homage to Vintage? That's good right?

"It's-- oh, okay, you're getting closer--" Tailgate can't help but laugh when the tall mech leans in to look at him, the lights of his optics creasing behind the pane of blue. "It's not really a design choice, I was always this way. I'm older than I look." The tickle to his chin before Fanto moves back has him laughing again, and he seems a little awkward when he glances to Renegade on the way back to looking at his drink and the one Torque has made.

There is no subtle entrance when the doors open momentarily after Lieutenant's exit. Small, red pick-up truck, and a bundle of enthusiasm comes bound in down the stairwell, only to transform to jump up towards Renegade to embrace him. Fantoccini might have been first but Renegade hugs are not a frequent occurrence. "Renny! Fanto! I missed you guys!" Disaster exclaims, hugging the smaller of the two neutrals.

Did you just swat his hand? Excuse you, what- and now you're stealing his drink. Renegade you're like a disobedient cat getting into everything and hitting people. He's going to get a cat - just you watch - he's going to get a cat and name it Renegade Jr. Because it acts just like you. Huff.

The half-finished drink is nearly dropped hearing that familiar voice, and the glass hastily set aside to twist around and stand from the bar stool. Could it be-? Is that-??

"DEEDEE!" Fantoccini squeals, snatching up the red minibot into his arms and spinning around with him clutched close against his chest. "Deedee my little ray of sunshine! Where have you been?! Why does everyone in this family run off without TELLING me?! Oh I'm so glad you're alright-!"

Torque's antennas give a faint flutter at the approval, her smile wide and warm. "Glad you like it! Guess all these years of drinking paid off, eh?" She chuckles, especially as poor Tailgate gets hounded by Fanto. "You want one of your own too, 'Gate? I think I've got somethin' good in mind." As for Renegade, she rests her elbows on the counter and leans in briefly, meeting him with a playful, strutinizing look, her lips quirked. "Hm hmm... Got it." An affirmative nod and she gets to work.

Torque begins by fiddling with something under the counter, setting up an unseen thing before moving to pluck some items up. First is a glass akin to a coffee mug, though set on a base. Reaching under the counter, she produces a small metal carafe and pours in a steaming, dark brown liquid. Next she pours in a finger or so of an amber engex, lightening the drink by just a hair. On the top is a simple dollop of some white, whipped substance, which quickly melts into a defined layer at the top of the glass. "There we go. Warm and soothing with some sweetness to smooth out the bitter." Torque straightens up when a flash of red is all of a sudden darting into the bar, blinking in surprise when watching Disaster leap at the new arrivals. She doesn't seem to have met this mech either, so she can't help raising a brow while smirking. "Friend of yours?"

Tailgate nods once to Torque, brightening. "Sure!" She can do it, no doubt. He is watching her work when someone calls to their guests, and Tailgate turns his look over to find another recent pick-up. No pun intended. Fantoccini clearly is happy to see the little guy, even as he's bandied about as minis tend to be. "What? You know each other too? Small world!" It's good though, because at least in this case they found each other in a safe place.

Disaster squeaks at being lifted and spun around, squealing gayly, before holding tightly onto his friend. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you! I didn't mean to, I just saw an opening and took it! I thought I could transmit a message to you guys from the shuttle but it wouldn't work and I- I'm sorry, but I'm glad you're both back again! Are you guys visiting? Staying? Please say you're staying!" The little prattler could have gone on before his attention is distracted by drinks. His optic and smile widen, showing off his tooth gap as he looks at Torque. "May I please get a drink to? I normally go to Swerve's but they don't have cute barkeeps like you." Not a flirt, just a genuine compliment.

Fantoccini's joy is somewhat tempered by Torque's apparent... unawareness. He looks to Torque, then to Disaster, and back to the femme behind the bar. His expression darkens, his arms tighten around the mini, defensive and possessive of his little one even as he leans in closer. "You honestly don't know who this is?"

Torque titters softly at the compliment. "Aren't you sweet. Sure thing, you're next in line after Tailgate." A smaller glass is set up now, Torque combining a white, creamy looking liquid with a few dashes of a dark brown engex, making it slightly offwhite. "Well, if he knows you he must know Lieu. Though he never told me about a DeeDee? Just others mechs on his ship like Disaster, Launcher, Mixer, etc." She nods while creating liquor magic, using the same whipped substance used in Renegade's drink and topping it on Tailgates, though on his it stays nice and fluffy. "Here you are, chief. Creamy and buttery with some bite on the back." With his delivered, she eyes over Disaster briefly before working on his.

Tailgate is caught between events on either side of him, so he turns on his stool to shoot a smiling gaze over to Disaster, perhaps catching on to the 'Dee' part. Fanto did already do the same nickname path with Lieutenant, after all. He won't ruin the surprise, though, don't worry. The drink that Torque puts out earns an awed sound. "This means you think I'm a sweetheart, right, Torque?" He almost insists, but it's clear he's teasing. "Thanks a bunch. You're magic."

Disaster blinks, "Why should she know me? We've never met before, Fanto-- oh..." Lieutenant knows her and has told them about him and the crew. Hopefully left out the last decade but honestly, who knows with him? He shakes his head, he is not letting anything dour his mood! "DeeDee is just a fun nickname that Fantoccini gave me. Disaster's my real name! What's your's?"

"Oh. So he has told you about Colossal's crew." That's a relief, at least. "Still strange that he hadn't mentioned to you, as his Amica, that his old crew was on board..." Someone's getting their ears yanked, but not as forcefully as originally planned. Fanto settles himself back down onto his seat with Disaster in his lap, four arms curled around the little red bot while he peppers kisses and nuzzles over the top of his helm. "Disaster is our little ray of sunshine~ Just look at those chubby cheeks and that cute little nose~" Pinch pinch squeeze squeeze smoosh boop. "And yes, darling: we plan to stay a while. I'm very tired of my family running off without me, so you have to stay put too, alright?"

"Sweet as can be and tough as nails." Torque warms to Tailgate with a light chuck to his chin when leaning over the counter. "S'why you're the head of security, after all. Someone's gotta keep all those muscleheads in line. Heh, one of these days I should offer to teach your mechs some grapple techniques. They didn't call me Titanium Torque in the ring for nothin', y'know." She gives a showy little flex of an arm.

But the bravado gives way when Disaster introduces himself proper. Oh, wow, that's embarrassing. "Oh! Sorry, I didn't know." Antennas droop a hair and she smiles apologetically, rubbing the side of her neck. "Either you're just as fresh or I'm losin' my touch with meeting folks. Nice to meet you, Disaster, I'm Torque. Ah, and your drink, just a sec."

That said she whips up his personal drink, which is surprisingly simple. Tumbler glass, red engex, and just a splash of something from a flask she pulls out of a hip compartment. "A lingering sweetness on the back of spice and a bit of nightmare fuel."

"We've had some pointer lessons going around but it'd be nice for more, absolutely." Tailgate answers Torque in an affirmative. "Muscleheads or not, someone's got to do it. Thinking about some team exercises... hmm." Tailgate sips at his drink, mulling deeply over how sweet it is. Can you have a sweet tooth without dentae? He watches Fantoccini out of the corner of his optic, hardly able to stifle a pleased look about the mini-reunion. It's nice to see. "If you like what you see and plan to stay, you two, it wouldn't take long to set you up in personnel, find you a place to fit in. Disaster, you're a scout on the Navigation roster, right?"

"Well to be fair, Fanto, I didn't know 'Tenant was on board either until yesterday." Big ship full of people makes it hard to run into the same person one practically grew up with. Especially when that person isn't very sociable to begin with. "Titanium Torque, that's a pretty cool name!" He reaches out for the glass but pauses, "Amica? But Fantoccini is 'Tenant's Amica... I'm confused."

When confused, drink. He picks up the glass and downs it in one go, grinning when it's finished. "That was great! Thank you~!" Disaster sets the glass down and nods at Tailgate. "Yep! Well also some combat but it's where I'm need more. Sometime I'm needed to punch, other times, search. Whomever asks nicely really."

"Mmm. Mecha can have more than one Amica Endura, Disaster." Something Fantoccini was still working through himself. This jealousy didn't suit him at all. Renny was right: his paint would start peeling if he kept fretting. A distraction was in order, and Tailgate was offering suggestions about rosters and whatnot, so he turned his attention to the white minibot. His arms stayed curled around the little red mech, keeping him in his lap, safe and secure and where he knows where the little fragger is. "Well, I'm a mechanic these days, but I do have a bit of a knack for the more pleasant aesthetic side of things. Renegade is an Engineer, he works with Artificial Intelligence in our clientele's ships and sometimes builds his own."

"It's always nice to have more folks on the Science and Engineering deck. If you prefer the hands-on thing, there's Maintenance. There's usually something for everyone, and like Disaster said, there's also the ones that go where they're needed." Tailgate seems amicable enough in discussing actual points of joining the ship, and he makes sure to add some important parts. "You'll also need to come on board with our mission in mind-- but that's mostly understanding why we're out here and agreeing to operate under a code of conduct. Terms of service, ha." The minibot laughs a little before sipping more at his drink.

So Lieutenant can have two Amica. Why does he need two? Disaster frowns at that, but shrugs. It's really too complex for him. What's not complex is the mission. "Their mission is to find these ancient knights of Cybertron!!" Disaster proclaims with glee, "And we all get swords and become knights ourselves! I think anyway, but they're supposed to bring peace to our race so that's good enough for me!"

Lieutenant returns, silently. He's in no rush to rejoin the group but he can't stay out of the room forever. He's reserved now, as he normally is with everyone else, and wanders behind the counter with Torque to get his own drink quietly.

Renegade, who has been drinking in a slightly stunned, slightly confused, but mostly amused silence. He watches and listens, drink nearly done when Tailgate finishes his last sentence and then he makes a face. Ugh. Rules. Missions... a thought hits him and he eyes the minibot warily. "You're not expecting us to fight, are you? I don't... do the shooty shooty thing."

"Well, I suppose I don't mind the quest but you'll have to forgive me if the majority of my purpose here is ... well, him." Fantoccini's head tilts towards the returning Lieutenant, visor light narrowing a little at his behavior. What was going on? Why had he dashed off when Disaster had come by? He chuckles quietly at Disaster's explanation of the quest, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. Silly little thing. "I think I'm fine with not being a knight or having a sword, Deedee. You can have mine."

"Not everyone here fights. Our Combat division is a seperate thing." Tailgate begins, putting a knuckle to his chin in thought. He wants to put these two mechs at ease, but at the same time he needs to be honest here. Stuff gets dangerous. "We have peaceful folks on board, though. But it's not uncommon to need to know how to defend yourself if you volunteer for field missions and the like." The minibot gives a certain nod as he finishes that, visor bright at Fantoccini and Disaster. But it's cute! Disaster really has some good friends in them, huh?

Lieutenant glance up from reading the label on one bottle to look at Tailgate. Hello, he's been in cahoots with Fantoccini for a while and may have given him the coordinates to be here right now, while telling him nothing about the Knights. Satisfied with the bottle he has though, he takes a glass and pours some. "We have gotten into a few messes but in all honesty it seems to keep the collateral damage on the ship to a minimum when it happens out elsewhere." he comments dryly.

Disaster, meanwhile, is keeping his optic on Fantoccini as distraction. "Two swords! Oh that would be so cool! I'd be like Bladerunner! Ohmy gosh- WHAT IF HE WAS A KNIGHT??"

Lieutenant only snorts, and mutters, "Probably Velocitronian."

An optic ridge rises, optics darting between Lieutenant and Disaster with a soft frown. Renegade turns back to Tailgate, filing it away for the moment. "I can help out with anything you need as far as Engineering will go, but I'm hardly perfect. Mostly self taught, no formal training. There are gaps here and there, but I'm a damn good coder if I say so myself... But yeah, I don't really fight when I don't have to so if that can be avoided that's great." He's not really buying the whole 'Knights who can bring peace to the planet' thing, but he's seen enough crazy to not completely dismiss it either.

"Oh Renny's a wonderful coder," Fantoccini supplies helpfully, tucking Disaster close against his chestplates and rubbing soothingly along his back. Shh shh you excitable child. Settle down. "We'll have to introduce you to our drones - Renny programmed them both. Clever little things. Vigi is actually the mobile unit to our ship's on-board navigational AI and she is... just like her father."

"We've got some great bots on the Science deck that prefer to hole up in their labs most of the time, you'd probably get on great." Tailgate prefers not to namedrop, but he has a few in mind that might impress Renegade if he'd know of them. The minibot looks between one conjunx to the other, feet bobbing from his stool. "We have problems on the ship now and again, but maybe Lieutenant can explain better later. The last was a problem with parasites, but we pulled out okay." Tailgate rubs at his helm and looks over to Lieu briefly, then back to the new faces. "We've actually had some problems with our drones, come to think of it. They're kind've kooky sometimes."

Empty glass pushed to the side, Renegade's interest piques and his helm tilts. He'd love to get drunk, but somehow he feels now's not really the time for it. "Kooky? Kooky how?"

Ugh, parasites. Lieutenant frowns at the mention of them as he grabs another bottle to pour a separate drink to give to Disaster. The minibot, relaxing under Fantoccini's touch, blinks at it and shakes his head.

"Wheeljack is another friend of mine, an engineer as well." Lieutenant offers, taking away the drink to slide it to the side for now as his attention turns to Renegade, "Perhaps you two might talk and get some work going on the ship. He might have schematics for it as well."

"I wouldn't start encouraging a bunch of newcomers to partake in a systems' overhaul of a perfectly functional Autobot ship, Ten," Fantoccini hedges, rubbing along Disaster's back. "We're here for you, after all - we don't know anyone here but you and Disaster, it would look terribly ... questionable, wouldn't it?"

Autobot ship. Surrounded by soldiers. They're just a couple of NAILs, Lieu, they know they're not liked, don't get his husband in someone's blaster sights.

"Following people out of combat practice and scorching up the halls, getting stuck in the elevators, I think one of them tore up some floor paneling instead of putting down new seams. Not shutting down properly, a lot of the time. I know Vortex kept one of the strays that was malfunctioning. He named it." Tailgate rubs at his forehead and lets out a tired laugh. "But, yeah, one step at a time. You can meet the crew and get used to the ship before you decide anything big! It would be great to have you both on board, though, I'm sure!" Renegade's attention and interest is most definitely caught now and he even scoots his stool further back to better look and talk to the minibot. "That really does sound like some kind of coding glitch... Might be something overheating and interrupting connections...hmmm..." He mutters softly, lists of multiple reasons going through his processors.

Lieutenant gives a nod. Fantoccini does have a valid point, which reminds him to inform the two about everyone on the ship. At least those he knows about. Another reason Penchant would have been helpful, he knows most- if not all the neutrals on board. Thank Primus Tailgate at least showed up. He's certainly doing a better job at being convincing than the avian would have been.

Disaster curls up in Fanto's lap, beginning to doze in his spot.

Fantoccini sighs quietly, turning a harried, but fondly amused look towards Lieutenant. Aha. He sees. Renny would have likely grown bored and fussy with the ship and its questionable quest, while Fanto fretted about keeping his family together. He sees your scheme, Ten. He sees. You clever little thing. "Well. This has been a lovely party and I have enjoyed meeting you all very much - I do hope we get to spend time together again soon. I think, however, it's just about time to retire. We should check in on Vigi and Belli and perhaps head back to the ship to rest until we've had a room assigned to us."

He stands, hefting the sleepy red mini in his arms to cuddle. "Deedee, sweetspark, do you want to come home with Renny and me for tonight?"

"Same here! I'm glad that Lieutenant invited me along." Tailgate also may be a little tickled at being called Precious and getting cooed over-- so of course he's excited. "You're more than welcome to amenities here if you need any while you settle in, and if you need anything I can give you my com number, and if you see any mechs with security badges they ought to be able to give you a hand..." Tailgate pauses. "Not that you need... more... hands." Hah.

Welp, now you've done it Tailgate. You made a hand pun. Renegade is no longer responsible for what happens to you now. He's not fending off his Conjunx for you anymore.

Disaster nods groggily, clinging closer to Fantoccini. Lieutenant watches momentarily, before covering his mouth to stifle a genuine laugh at the accidental pun. Oh dear, Tailgate, you adorable little minibot. The avian actually has to turn around with his back towards the rest, trying very hard not to laugh aloud.

Fantoccini pauses, slooooowly turning his helm towards Tailgate. Shifting Disaster to the higher set of arms, he strides over to the white minibot and stoops down. "Was that a pun?" He leans in just a little bit, the lower set of hands freed from their burden to prod and tickle the little mech's sides. "Was that a pun at my expense, sir?"

Tailgate can't actually sweat, but he does freeze a little when Fanto sweeps in near to him. "I didn't mean-- Nnn-no? Ah!" Despite being the Little Boss, Tailgate can still fall victim to a tickle now and then, and he gets out a barky little laugh between pokes and the insistent question. "No! Haha- I'm sorry!-- eek--!"

Renegade grins, processors still running a mile a minute with the little bit of information Tailgate has fed him. He leans against the counter, propping his elbow on it again and hand on his cheek to watch with a snicker. Definitely not saving you. You'll learn to avoid the hand puns. You're just lucky Fantoccini has taken a shine to you.

Disaster is impervious to everything- save a good stiff drink- when he's tired. Therefore the entire confrontation between Fantoccini and Tailgate go unrealized by him.

Lieutenant takes another minute to compose himself before turning back towards his Amica. "Silly Amica." He says, more to himself as he folds his arms across his chest.

Chuckling, Fantoccini relents his attack and stands - he can't help finishing with a soft ruffling of Tailgate's helm, though. "You're simply darling, did you know? Adorable~ And I suppose I am quite the handymech, aren't I?" Tucking his sleepy bundle close against his chest, Fantoccini leans across the bar to give Lieutenant's cheek a kiss. "Come see us at the ship in the morning, yes? We'll have breakfast together - the four of us." And if you don't come to breakfast he will hunt you down and drag you through the halls by the wings to said breakfast meeting with the four of us. That last part remains unspoken, but since Fanto crossed the galaxy to find his missing Amica, it should go without saying. No more running away, face your Amica like the soldier you claim to be, Lieu.

Curling an arm around Renny, he gives Torque a nod and starts trudging them both up the stairs. "Thank you all for the wonderful party, this was such a warm welcome. I do hope you all have a pleasant recharge."

Renegade leans into his Conjunx, hopping off the stool to stand straight and curl an arm around Fantocini's waist. His grin is back, playing at the corners of his lips and he waves over his shoulder at the mechs and femme they'd met and reaquainted with. It's been short, but not as unpleasant as either of them might have feared upon docking. He runs through the conversations, grin widening before his face slackens and his helm whips around to stair over his shoulder in sudden realization. They're up the stairs completely before Renegade's slightly muffled, but suddenly excited voice drifts down loud and clear,

"Wait! WAIT- Did he say Wheeljack?!"

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