2016-11-30 Communication is Key

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Communication is Key
Date 2016/11/30
Location Lost Light - Command: Blaster's Office
Participants Blaster, Cosmos, Lieutenant, Orbitall, Steeljaw
Plot Losing Inhibition
Summary Communications has a meeting about communication

It is usually not Blaster's thing to call meetings. Anyone who actually knows him knows how much he hates all that formal stuff. Meetings were boring, stuffy, and just downright /dull/.

So then, why is one who hates meetings calling for one?

For a start- he hadn't had a chance to get reorganized since Soundwave left as co-Communication Officer to become part of command. The second is that he realized, or rather, he was given a rather organized datapad from Cosmos and brought to his attention, that there are a lot more mecha in comms now. Mechs he have never met before. That wouldn't do. As of now, he was rather late to his own party, so to speak, as he saw a small gathering waiting for him. "Sorry bout that." He says, giving a smile to the mechs in the room. "Are we all here or are there more?" The group seems as small as ever, despite the new faces.

Orbitall has made a place for himself at the back of the room. Mostly, it's out of convenience. His size makes him a poor choice to sit in the front, where his height and solar panels would take up far too much space. It suits him, too, to stand at the back and watch and listen quietly, while Blaster takes the main stage, so to speak. In the meantime, he glances around the room as Blaster asks his question, then nods. It seems like a good portion of them are here, enough that they can fill in the others later.

Cosmos looks up as Blaster comes, a small sigh escaping him, "Yes Sir, I think everyone else is being afflicted by the personality ticks at the moment." Or they just didn't bother to come and left the rest of us to suffer. He feels like a human child called to the principal's office but there aren't exactly many of them there. Cosmos is currently standing off to the side where he won't block anyone's view.

Lieutenant rests his wingless back against the wall, near the door of the room. He'd be somewhere between Orbitall and Cosmos, joining the not-very-social squad, but.. no he's just going to stand over here. His hands are clasped behind his back, and stands to attention when he senses Blaster coming. He nods in agreement with Cosmos. It's actually a bit disappointing there aren't as many present as there should be. Oh well.

"... Right. Personality ticks." Blaster plain forgot about that. Or rather, didn't notice too much on his end of things. Probably because he was shut in and drinking alone. He shouldn't be doing that. He should be drinking with /others/, instead!

But he frowns at the practical silence from the mechs in the room. "Oh come on, I know this tick stuff can be hard to deal with, but we can't be the most silent division when our job is talking." He gave a smile at the end of his sentence as he moves up to his desk. "If we haven't met, I'm Blaster, and welcome to Comms. I know there have been more of you coming in since Soundwave left, so I think getting things organized and breaking down our work into smaller divisions, so not all of us are going to scramble to do the same thing and we all know what we need to do." He looks over at Cosmos. "Hey, Cos- you have the list for me? I don't think we are all here and I want to make sure everyone has something."

Ticks hold to no schedule. It's just as well that some of them are too boring to get infected-- that is to say, have not been exposed. Orbitall is certainly not one of those, if his usual calm, quiet demeanor is any indication. He'd be just fine with listening quietly and nodding along to Blaster's instructions during the whole meeting, but Blaster apparently wants more out of them, and that makes it basically necessary. "...How would smaller divisions work?" he asks eventually, his low rumbling voice drifting through the quiet of the room.

Cosmos steps forward, pulling a datapad from his subspace to have it almost instantly in their division head's hand when he asks. He's been going through this glorified secretary trend for awhile. "I took count of everyone that was here for you since you came late. We are missing a good number of other mechs but there are enough here that we can get word out of anything we decide." Once the object is safely in the officer's hand, Cosmos steps back to his former position but remains ready. He is pretty sure handing over a datapad isn't the only thing Blaster is going to ask of him.

Steeljaw listens to things from where he settled, back along the wall, stretched out, watching.

Talking isn't really the most difficult part of Lieutenant now with the ticks. He simply does not have much to add expect being there. He's only a librarian after all. Unless Blaster wants to know the books that have been donated and stolen from there in the last few months, the avian keeps quiet. He absentmindedly, crosses his arms over his chest to rub them. It's cold. Blaster takes the datapad and looks it over. "So, Cosmos and Orbitall. I think if you don't mind, I would like to keep you guys as our satellites, catching and unscrambling far reaching messages and codes if you can. Also, Cosmos? You've been doing real well at keeping me organized, so I'd like you to keep helping with administrative work." He looks further down the list. "Steelie, I know you are rather good at spying, but that is not exactly something I think we need. If anyone has objections to that otherwise, let me know. Lieu... you been spending a lot of time in the library, are you bored with anything?" It could be that Lieu really likes the library, still, Blaster wants to know.

That assignment... is exactly what Orbitall would have expected to receive, honestly. It seems that several million years of experience as a satellite will always override the new skills he's been learning for serving the Comms division on the bridge or in maintenance of their equipment. If Cosmos will be splitting his duties between administrative help and satellite duty the way Blaster is asking, the job will probably fall to Orbitall more often than not. Maybe it's not such a bad thing. He'll get more chances to actually go outside of the ship, this way. "Yes sir," is Orbitall's quiet reaction to that. As far as he's concerned, there's not much else to say. He is a satellite, after all.

Cosmos' shoulders sag just slightly. He still has to spend time out in space, potentially alone? Wait... how is he supposed to do messages, codes, satellite reconnaissance, and keep Blaster organized all at potentially the same time? He wants to tell Blaster there is no way he will be able to keep up with all of that, especially since he is already being told to do things that take him way over his shift and assigned hours but.... He just nods and accepts what he's been given. "I- Right... Yes, Sir." Come on Cosmos... I can't even fragging say 'that might be a little too much for me to handle'.

Bored? Bored? "Not in the least, sir." he passionately replies, shaking his head. Lieutenant loves the library, it's his favorite place on this ship. "If I may speak, sir, while I do enjoy my time in the library... I have a lot of free time on my hands." Outside of his shifts on the bridge, most of his 'shifts' in the library are voluntary. He'll be there all day just simply out of his own time. "Sir, I try not to voice these things, but I feel like I am useless in this division. I sit on the bridge for a couple cycles, then organize books in the library for the rest of my time... I was diplomat for the Autobots" Prowl "for ages, and the second-in-command for a unit afterwards. On this ship, I have yet to be put to use and it- I apologize for going off but, I feel useless here." In general, it's not just in Communications.

Lucky for Orbitall, Cosmos, and Lieu, Blaster is good at deciphering other things. Lack of expression, body language, how things are said. Those tell him a lot more than what is actually being said. So, he watches them all for a moment, in thought. He probably needs to get Orbitall one on one to ask him about what other things he would like to do. But as for Lieu and Cosmos... "I was about to just stick you on coding and decoding messages, but... if you want... I could use help with administration." He watches Cosmos for a bit. "I'm not the best at organizing, and you are. I can split administration duties between you two. If there are objections to this idea, let me know."

Cosmos looks at Lieutenant out of the corner of his visor as he says his piece. Now... Now I kind of feel bad for covering for him that one time...Does he really feel like that? Cosmos really doubts Blaster's suggestion will really change anything for him- it's not just blaster who has him do stuff- but Cosmos has no problem sharing administrative duties, especially if sharing my duties makes Lieutenant feel better. "I am alright with that, I can teach you the system I came up with Lieutenant." Its freakishly easy to understand. A newbuild who can barely read would be able to do it, Cosmos specifically came up with an organizing system anyone can use (mainly in case Blaster ever decided to pick up organizing things more himself).

The avian hadn't realized his audio fins had lowered until they twitch up slightly. In all honesty, he was expecting to be yelled at or brushed off. "Thank you, sir. I will do whatever you need me to do, sir." Beat. "Except anything in space." He's no space craft, and even if he was, he's kind of lacking the wings for it. Really needs to suck it up and talk to Torque about it, soon.

Blaster shakes his head. "Look. You guys are my team, and it is my job that not only do you guys feel useful, but you are also not overworked as well. This solution benefits us all then, especially me." A playful wink at them, then he looks at the list again. "... Moonracer is in Comms? Huh. I thought she might be combat or something." He looks up at both of them. "So, Lieu, you do coding and decoding. Cosmos, you do long distance comms. Between the both of you, I would like some help in dividing up the team so we all have certain jobs to do besides monitoring. Lieu, I would also like you to organize all incoming messages by date on the system. And since you have been working in the library long enough, any other organizing ideas you can implement here."

Cosmos gives a nod, taking note that neither of them have expanded on the idea of Lieu taking over some administrative duties. I'll chalk that one up to, 'just do long distance and keep being my full time secretary, Cosmos.'.. At least I got a little bit less work to do. "Yes she's in comms." Have.. Have I ever even seen her on the bridge before? Then again Cosmos is running around the ship on goose chases half the time, so he really can't say anything. "I could probably think up a suggestion or two, Sir."

"I would need to precisely go over what would need to be organized, sir, but Cosmos has said he has a system and a few ideas already." Best it be someone who seems to already be familiar with what they're doing anyway. In any case, Lieutenant is thankful he's at least got more work to handle now. Coding and decoding is right up his alley. At least he'll have something to decode now rather than his habsuite door.

Blaster smiles at both. "Excellent, share your ideas with me Cosmos. And Lieu- I know you like volunteering at the library, and you can still do so on your own time. But you will have a good bit of full time work here from here on out. No one is going to be useless in my division."

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