2016-11-22 No Wrenches Thrown

From Transformers: Lost and Found

No Wrenches Thrown
Date 2016/11/22
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Ratchet, Cosmos
Summary Cosmos finally drags himself down to see Ratchet.

Cosmos has been delaying the inevitable for days now, hoping his hands would sort themselves out. A small Jolt of pain when he tried to rewire a database put an end to that. The UFO really doesn't want to face Ratchet, having only been out of yhe medbay for a week or two, but forces himself back with metaphorical tail tucked between his legs. As soon as he steps inside he stands there awkwardly as he waits to be noticed.

Ratchet moves back and forth in the medbay, doing the lowly job of taking inventory that should be done by one of the minor staff, not the Co-CMO. However, Ratchet is one of those medics that wants to see things for himself at times. He may not do it every time but today he wanted to see what supplies were left, what condition parts were in and generally make sure the accounts were accurate. It's a slow time, having been in open space now for a time and injuries that were acquired at the last stop have all been seen to. The most recent excitement had been Cosmos and his rebuild. That had taxed their supplies some but not entirely.

Most of the other staff were busy with either scrubbing down the med bays or spending some time off.

There Ratchet is, moving around the other side of the medibay. He looks busy maybe I can come back- No! Cosmos grow a spinal strut you need to get your hands fixed... do it fast, like ripping off a bandaid. Cosmos isn't sure what a bandaid and getting something over with have to do with each other but it's a phrase he picked up on Earth. Letting air cycle through his vents, the spacer calls attention to himself, "Um.. Ratchet, do... do you have time right now?"

Bending over some to look on a lower shelf, he was counting servo gears when he hears his name called. He doesn't look up, registering who the voice belongs to. "Yes Cosmos. I'll be with you in a moment." He finishes his count and makes a note on the data pad. Without looking up after he straightens, he asks, "How's the rebuild working for you? Any issues?

Cosmos shuffles his feet as Ratchet responds without looking, "It's working fine. No real issues besides some soreness in my joints but I had that after my first frame transfer too." swallowing on air nervously, Cosmos says, "I.. actually do have an issue but... it's not- it's not because of the frame transfer. I ended up... frying my hands in an electrical shock. They are ok but have been still hurting a bit..."

Ratchet stopped what he was entering and looked up at Cosmos when he mentioned having fried his hands. "You what?!" he exclaimed, quickly setting the data pad aside and stalking over. "Why the frack would you go and do a thing like that?!" He might look scary but when he takes Cosmos' hands, one would think he might snatch at them but instead his touch and grip are delicate and careful. Cosmos isn't known for doing stupid stuff repeatedly. His rough handling is usually saved for those too stupid to not repeat the feat.

Cosmos flinches at the gentle touch nonetheless, fearing the lecture he is likely to get. "I didn't mean to... I thought the relays to the sensor I was fixing had been shut off. They seemed to be when I pulled it out at least..." He can't bring himself to look at the medic. I probably let him down, I told him I knew the cautions I was supposed to take but I got hurt anyways! "They seemed to be ok for the last week or so but started hurting a little again."

Ratchet gives a gusty ex-vent. "Primus Cosmos. You know better. You should have come to me right away. If you get hurt due to a honest mistake, I might not verbally strip your paint of. However," he looks up at Cosmos, "Waiting a week to come to me is ridiculous. Dammit Cosmos, we just got you back together. A shock like that could have effected other parts of your rebuild."

"I... I'm sorry Ratchet, I just didn't think it was worth bothering you over." Nearly sinking in on himself, Cosmos weakly jokes, "I can tell you my thrusters work, at least?" AHHH now he's gonna ask how I know that and find out I fell and smacked my head too! He still refuses to look directly at the medic.

Giving Cosmos another hard glare, he finally gives a sigh and his expression softens. "Cosmos, I know I can be cranky and a aft at times but I'm only that way with mechs, like Sideswipe or Wheeljack, who repeatedly get themselves hurt and sometimes doing the stupidest things. If you ever get hurt, whether its from messing around and being stupid, like Sideswipe or honestly get hurt doing something like work, I want you to come to me right away. I might growl and grumble, but I will never truly make you feel as though you are wasting my time. You aren't. I'm here to make sure the crew stay healthy and in one piece. I usually yell and carry on due to stupidity on a mech's part, in hopes that they'll think twice before screwing around again doing something...well, stupid. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But for legitimate accidents and injuries, I'm not going to get up in your thrusters about it. Understand?" He looks to see if what he's said to Cosmos makes sense to the mech.

Cosmos finally slowly looks towards the medic, still unsure but reassured a bit by the medic's words. I... Alright Cosmos, time to stop being afraid of Ratchet!.... for now. "I'm... I'm sorry Ratchet. I'll come to you immediately in the future. And... for the record this was work related... One of navigation's sensors was messing with the comms so they sent me down to help fix it."

Ratchet gave Cosmos a steady look as he listened. "All right. I'll take a look at things and make sure I can fix anything I see off. Any other injuries I should know about?" he asks, raising an optic ridge in question.

Cosmos starts avoiding looking at Ratchet again guiltily but forces himself yo look at Ratchet straight. The mech just got over giving him that little speech he's not going to go back to avoiding him, "I .... may have hit.. my head too... I- I was hovering while fixing the sensor then the shock happened, I dropped then hit my head but managed to reactivate my thrusters in time to catch myself..."

Reaching up with his free hand, he rubs at his optics, "Cosmos," he says in a way that seems exasperated. "Really?" He grumbles under his venting. "Maybe it was the hit to your head that caused you to think you could avoid coming to me." With that, he lets go of the servo and motions to the medbay berth. "Lay down. I'll run a full diagnostic scan on you and give you a thorough checkup. Primus only knows what's gone on inside of you with that rebuild due to the shock and the tumble."

Without another word, Cosmos does as he's told. Shuffling over to the berth, the UFO drops himself down onto the table and lies down properly for the medic. "I... I'm sorry Ratchet..." This is what I had wanted to avoid, upsetting him like this... I only made it worse though...

Moving over to stand next to the medberth, Ratchet looks down at him for a moment, contemplating. "You're forgiven. This time. Just remember, something like this happens again and you don't come to me or come to me a week later, then I have every right to be really grouchy." He gives Cosmos a small conspiratorial smile. "Now, lets see what you did to yourself."

Cosmos relaxes just a little bit at the smile, giving a small unseen one in return. "Well... if I do it again you have full permission to throw something at me." He definitely will try not to get hurt anymore but one can't know for sure on this ship.

His scans luckily don’t show any real lasting damage, just minor injury to his hands and maybe a small superficial bump to the helm only.

It takes awhile but Ratchet is thorough in his work. He makes some minor adjustments to the hands, replaces several small gears that stopped functioning due to the circuits almost melting them. He uses this time to make sure the modifications that had been made are working well and does a few small adjustments on those areas as well. Finally, he moves a step back. "All right. You should be good to go for awhile. But I want to see you back here in one week to get a final checkup on everything. It takes time to adjust to new frames as you know. I just don't need you doing damage to yourself if something settles and you don't get it adjusted right."

Cosmos nods at Ratchet's order to return in a week. He expected that much. Alright Ratchet, I will. I know how disastrous it can be to harm a frame before it's adjusted," This isn't his first rodeo, "I'll be careful. Maybe I can see if Blaster can send someone else on his usual errands." Why did I even say that? I know for a fact I will say that now but never actually getting around to say it... or get ignored... that's likely too.

Ratchet grunts, and inhales slowly. Finally he exhales and motions for Cosmos to get up. "All right. Make sure you take a little time to relax too." He shifts a little, not sure what else to say. He watches Cosmos for a moment before giving a small smile. "And don't let Blaster order you around too much." Thinking for a moment, he mmmms, "You might ask to work with Steeljaw. He's having a harder time than normal fitting into this crew. He works for Communications so maybe you two can hook up to work together. He's good at the smaller pieces and tight places."

Cosmos gives a nod to Ratchet as he says his piece. Cosmos certainly can't guarantee he won't let himself be pushed around but he will keep Steeljaw in mind. "Thank you, Ratchet. For everything. I'll see you next week." Cosmos gives one last hidden smile before quickly walking out of the medibay, heading back to work.

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