2016-11-16 Starting Line

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Starting Line
Date 2016/11/16
Location Gh'iss Gn'aal/Skids habsuite
Participants Skids, Wildfire
Summary A call gets through to Skids from someone called Wildfire. Short version... there's a race that needs attending.

"Oh boy." Skids says to himself. He's not used to this. Not the games themselves. With a standard controller or his gaming gear he's the original video game warrior either way. This tourney's been a bit different though. As it's for charity. Which has meant lots of talk on vid forums, interviews, and other face time stuff. He wasn't ready for that.

People are calling him a rising star, in fact they were really keen on his gaming gear too. Skids knows he's got what it takes to do well in games but people asking him what he thinks about this that and the other... and treating it as so important is... different somehow. There were even... compliments

Which left Skids stunned. He's got what it takes but the idea that... like... yeah. One theory he's yet to accept. He takes a break from the vid-calling and just sits with the console on his lap. Enjoying the blissfull silence, vid-com software open and running... and blissfully silent.

Time passes. Skids probably has plenty of time to think and reflect, to let down his mental guard and let his mind wander along whatever path it chooses. At the edge of full relaxation, a static crackle passes through the air, out from the speakers. It whispers, barely audible:

                       ( ... is anyone out there ... ? )

High pitched feedback peaks and troughs into hissing and popping. A video screen is buffering, a vaguely humanoid figure outlined in ghosting lines and static snow.

                       ( ... can anyone hear me ... ? )

Skids head snaps forward suddenly. He's got so used to the silence since he sated his involuntary learing processes with gaming. So, these days, He's more used to seeing, and hearing, what's there. And something's there. Just. On the edge of perception. The curiosity isn't some side effect of superlearning. That's all him.

Skids calls his console to comandeer more communications clout as he tries to boost the signal reaching his console. He's got this. "I can read you. Barely. Attempting to compensate. Hi, I'm Skids, ships theoretician, Lost Light. Can you hear me? Who are you?" Skids is intrigued.

The signal starts to come in clearer, but not entirely so. The image presented looks Cybertronian: a female form in red, gray, black and glowing orange gold. She's looking up into a fish eye lens at a keyboard, apparently in some kind of communications room. ( "Lost Light? Oh thank gods, it's a ship! Look, I don't have a lot of time to get this message out, but I'm trapped on the Gh'iss Gn'aal, it's a Ickorian pirate vessel." The female holds up her wrists, which are manacled together. "They've got a t-cog nullification device on me too. I can't transform." )

Skids leaves some reaction for later. As, well, that's a lot to take in as the transmission comes through. Prioritising Skids says, smiling brightly, "It's going to be just fine. I got this." He's already punching in the request for a course change to respond to the distress call, "Are you the only one imprisoned on board, or do you know where you're headed?" Skids pauses briefly, then says, "Sorry, just the more you can tell me the more I can help. Even your name'd make all the difference." He's still smiling, confident and calm, hopefully it'll be reassuring. unidle

( "Wildfire of Delta, planet Velocitron," she explains. As she talks, her paint shimmers from joints outwards, turning an uneasy, crackling chartreuse green, rippling with undercurrents of worried pale yellow. "They're taking me to the next Redline, it's being held on the smallest planetoid in the Naos star system this year." ) She suddenly looks off to the side, nervous, before looking back at the screen.

"Wildfire. It's okay. We're going to come get you." Or the Lost light's going to explode more than usual. "Redline? What's that?" Skids could take an educated guess but now's not the time to screw up. "Listen to me. It's all going to be fine. We've got a lot of people on board the ship and a quantum drive that might even give you a run for your money. I'm getting you out of there. So it's all going to be okay. Take it you're using the comm without asking either?" Skids stays cool and relaxed. He'll save venting his frustrations for later. Like when they catch up with that other ship.

( "Yeah, you could say that." She laughs briefly. It's nervous, but there's rebellious, unbroken spirit hidden in it. Her optics go wider. "Wait, you don't know what the Redline is? You guys must be from WAY out in the stellar sticks, because the Redline's one of the biggest events in this quadrant. Long story short, it's a race where the only rule is to win and stay alive, preferably at the same time." )

Skids smiles a little brighter. It's a great start. "Don't worry about it, There's enough comms experts here that they'll never know you called. Just make sure, if someone's coming, to get out of there and don't let them catch you here." He then chuckles a little "Although I doubt that's gonna be a problem." Skids nearly mentions it could be just him 'cause amnesia... but why leave a bad impression, "So that's their play then, right? Use you in their races? I mean you're Velocitronian, doesn't take a superlearner to work that out. Yeah, that's one party I'll happily crash."

( She turns serious, darker red all over. "Don't bring your whole ship there unless the Lost Light is a battle cruiser, because this ship is armed to the teeth. Don't put everyone there in danger because of me just -" She fidgets, frustrated, and idly picks at her manacles. "- just help me find some way to escape after the end of the race, because that's when they'll come to grab me or lock me in stasis." Something in the manacles sparks with a loud ZZZAPP! and Wildfire flinches, flickering alarmed yellow all over in a wave. She winces, but continues. "You got it in one though, I'm fast, I race, I win. I've done this more than I care to think about." )

"Understood. So, spring you at the end of the race. Oh I can do that." Skids puts the console down on his recharge bed and takes a sizable step back so more than a profile shot's visible. Then he deploys his weapon systems so they're clearly on display. "Ex Special Operations." Again Skids skips that's something he's only heard from Getaway and and not something he remembers first hand. He then finches a little at the spark of the manacles. "Easy there. I can't raise hell and rescue if you short yourself out before we can even get there." Skids changes tack to try and help keep his new conversational companion calm, "I've been asking you everything there. Anything you want to ask me? Or anyone you need me to contact?"

( Wildfire doesn't say she appreciates it but her color says it plainly in a calmer red. "No," she says firmly. "I have no family, no friends, no nothing. I'm pretty much on my own, but I'm willing to barter for my freedom. If there's something your crew wants, or you want, that I can provide? You get me out of here, it's done." She doesn't react to the display of weapons other than a slight raise in the corners of her mouth - a little smirk of acknowledgement. Weapons will help. Skills are better. )

"Yes. One thing. Get out of there safely and the Lost Light'll call it all square." Skids says, there. Negociations negociated. "Me? I'll happily settle for the same. Nothing should come from obligation. Let's just get you outta there." Skids grins, he doesn't realise it, but this was the kind of thing he used to do. Do the supposedly impossible. Save the day. Screwing up and losing his memory... well. We all make mistakes.

( "Sounds good to--" She immediately stops, head snapping to the side, and the transmission abruptly ends. Looks like time was up. )

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