2016-11-13 Shock to the Sensor

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Shock to the Sensor
Date 2016/11/13
Location Lost Light: Docks and Storage -- Shuttle Bay
Participants Blast Off, Conduit, Blackstorm, Skids, Cosmos
Summary Didn't they teach you not to stick your fingers in electical sockets?

Maintenance work is something that is never truly done, as Blast Off could tell you today as he steps inside the Shuttle Bay. One of the many sensors he's put up to help with the ship's navigation has been emitting an erratic static noise, much to the misery of all inside that particular shuttle bay. It happens to be the bay that houses Blast Off's own shuttle, Venturer (yes, the shuttle has a shuttle), and he's eager to see how it's doing. With everything else going on in his life, he hasn't had much opportunity to spend time with her. It. Whatever. There's a slight spring to his step, perhaps the result of dancing the night previously, but it dampens upon the BRRR-BEEP-CHHHHHK static coming from the sensor nearby.

The shuttleformer places hands over his audials, winces slightly as he feels the signal almost permeate through him, and then heads towards the device to see what he can do, a toolkit maglocked to his hip. He then stops and looks up- and sighs. << This is Navigation, investigating Sensor Node B-12-35. I may need a little backup here, this sensor is malfunctioning and *someone* parked their shuttle right in front of the smelting thing. Definite violation of Parking Code 256-A. Now I can't get to it easily and it's being *obnoxious*. >>

Dispatch must have known Conduit was already in the area, working on his own ship, when they forwarded Blast Off's request. The engineer isn't on duty, but doesn't mind popping over to help. He's already had a (quite welcome, in fact) distraction with an unexpected visitor, so what's another?

Conduit arrives, his own standard tools magclamped to his thighs and forearms. He pauses to take in the situation. "Irritating."

Cosmos rushes into the shuttle bay nearly right after Blast Off and soon is wincing for much the same reason. Unlike Blast Off, Cosmos has actually been sent down for that very disruption. It is interfering with the signals going through communications. So of course Cosmos was told- in the middle of his break- to go down and investigate. Of course they would call you during your break. Of course you would think to say no. Of course you would think no but say yes! Great, Cosmos, Great. Now you are going to be stuck without having any energon the rest of your long long shift. Inner berating dialog aside, Cosmos is quick to start tracking down the signal... and be forwarded the request from Blast Off as well.

The UFO's shoulder sag as he sees the mech across the shuttle bay. Great. This is going to be a lovely day. "H-hey! Blast Off. I was sent down to see what's going on with that static. You know what it is?" He tries to give as friendly a smile beneath his mask- and in his voice- as possible but... well the other spacers kind of intimidate him... not to mention two of them have probably shot at him at least once before.

Blast Off isn't a huge mech, but he's still a bit boxy and is NOT going to fit into that space to get to the sensor. The shuttle glances over as Conduit approaches, greeting him with a huff. "Indeed. THAT is why there are rules, so that people don't do stupid things that inconvenience those of us who are working..." So says the Combaticon rebel.

It takes a moment, but Blast off finally realizes there's some other noise, too. The shuttleformer glances around, sees nothing, back to looking up at where the sensor is, then wait, no- back to the side- Ah! It's that Autobot. He used to see him orbitting Earth from time to time... "...Cosmos, correct? Hmm." He just looks at him a moment, then gazes back up to the sensor. "Well, it's malfunctioned, obviously, but I'm not small enough to fit into that space and get into it." Another slow glances over to Cosmos. "Though...hmm." His optic ridges furrow down and he studies the mech.

Conduit fails to see how rules would help stop a malfunctioning sensor, but says nothing. He notices the Autobot approach and looks at him. Nope, he's never seen this one before. Looking up at the nook where the sensor blares, he considers his options. "I could attempt to cut power to it. That may be simpler than attempting to reach it." He moves over to a local information terminal to access the power schematics for the area.

Cosmos looks up at where the sensor supposedly is, if he has figured this out correctly. "Yeah, Its Cosmos.." Maybe they can call the owner of the ship to move it. That might take a lot of time though and they- Why is Blast Off staring? Is.. is there something on his face? Cosmos looks around nervously. Ok, he can.. Blast Off can stop staring any time now.. Anny time... uhhh.. "Is... is something wrong?"

Blackstorm is slower to respond to the intrusive comm for assistance, rolling over in his berth and trying to return to recharge. Still, it quickly becomes evident that he is not going to be able to fall back asleep. With a groan, the minibot stretches and pulls himself onto one of the myraid shelves installed in the Raven Wing. Leaping from shelf to shelf, he is able to navigate the shuttle with surprising speed and ease. A moment later the minibot pokes his helm out into the shuttle bay proper to see what's going on.

The group of gathering navigation mecha may see a flash of movement at the entrance ramp to the badly parked shuttle. Guess who it belongs to? This dork. Yawning, Blackstorm asks, "Huh, what's goin' on?"

Skids was slower still in responding to the comm. Never mind why! Make like Skids amnesia and forget about it! Striding into the shuttle bay, and wondering if he'll ever get away from here as, recently, it's drawn him back like it were magnetised... Skids enters the Shuttle bay, adjests for the light levels and waves vaguely at the other Nav Officers to indicate greetings and other social niceities. "Here for the assist." Skids explains, "What's it this time? Sillystring over the optical? Someone using it as a way to steal local TV again?" Skids notes that the sensors are more trouble than they're worth. If he didn't have to keep them functioning as part of his duties he'd probably be doing the same thing but, as he's not, he can't.

Blast Off looks back up. "That could work temporarily, but I still need to get in there and get the sensor so that it can be repaired. But stopping that infernal racket might be a plus, regardless." He balls one hand into a fist and gently knocks the side of his helmet with it, as if trying to reset his audials. Then he glances down to Cosmos, still apparently frowning. Maybe. He wears a faceplate so it's hard to tell. "...Weren't you... bigger? Not that I saw you close up much out there but..." He tilts his head a bit. Cosmos made a much bigger target during the war. "I'd have sworn you were bigger." Gotta take care of the important things first. Sorry, Cosmos.

Then the shuttle's doors open and- Blackstorm pops out. Blast Off immediately straightens up, vents hissing a loud gust of air that keeps going and going.... "YOU! You. You are going. Right now." The Combaticon points to Blackstorm's ship. "THIS is going. Somewhere else, it's blocking our ability to get work done." He takes a step forward, purple rocket foot clanging against the floor of the shuttle bay. "Do you realize you are in violation of Parking Code 256-A?" As Skids join in, Blast Off glances back to him. "People having no respect for other people's jobs, is what's going on."

Conduit keys up some schematics and studies them. Who built this ship. Nothing is the way Cybertronians would lay it out. The energon conduits are arranged in a complex manner, seemingly for redundancy and reliability. "It'll be a moment before I determine how best to proceed," he calls out.

Cosmos realizes what Blast Off is staring about and is quick to explain, "Oh.. yeah I was but I got in a crash and had to have my frame changed since the damage was too severe to-" Cosmos is cut off mid sentence by Blackstorm's appearance and the following outburst by Blast Off. Ok, alright, this is fine. He will just... stand here.

Blast Off's chastising is like a cold shower, more than enough to shake off the last dregs of sleepiness from Blackstorm's mind. His first lucid thought? "Whoa," he mutters, leaning farther out of the entrance hatch and pushing up his visor to get a better look at the crowd outside of his door. Score. He dreams about waking up to two attractive shuttles all the time, but it never actually happens in reality. The more Blast Off talks, the goofier Blackstorm's grin gets.

"No, no. I think I parked in exactly the right spot," he mutters to himself. Twisting his frame around, he begins to climb the sides of his shuttle to get a better look at the mecha addressing him and his current situation. Once he makes his way to the top, scanning the rest of the shuttle bay, he lets out a low whistle. Wow, he hasn't done that bad of a job parking in years. What happened last night? Must be a story. "Hey, hey. Don't burst a breaker there, mecha. I hear you. I'll park somewhere else," he assures him.

Twisting around, he lands on the floor and strides towards Cosmos and Blast Off. He stops at their pedes and sits on the ground, staring up at the pair. There's that goofy grin again. "Okay, done." And this parking space has an amazing view.

Skids finds out how he can best contribute. Damage control. Considering the hour, being interrupted, and having to deal with sensor array... again! Suits him fine. He'll be diplomatic. If only he could remember how... Hauling himself up to his full height Skids stands between Blackstorm and Blast Off in a single step. Skids is still looking rough around the edges. Peeled paint and surface scratches all betray the fully functioning systems that lie beneath.

The rev of motors and sub-servo assemblies don't try to hide anything. Also handily saves Skids the effort of grumbling. He towers over the crouched comic and says, "This? Don't know. Don't care. Start making this job any longer than it has to be, start wasting my time... and I'll repay the favor. Tenfold. Try me." Skids may be grumpy. In case it's unclear.

<FS3> Conduit rolls Repair: Success. (2 1 6 8 4 6 2 1 4 1)

"Alright." Blast Off gives Conduit a nod, "Inform me when you find something. In the meantime..." He looks at Cosmos with a blink. "Ah. I... see. You can still fly through space, though, correct?" That's what's really important, after all. Then he points up towards the space. "But maybe this works out anyway... think you could fit in there and get the sensor once the energy is shut off?"

"I would hope so," He responds to Blackstorm's offer to park elsewhere. As he tries to control this situation and move forward, he starts noticing Blackstorm's goofy smile. The shuttle keeps at his work, looking back to Conduit while also realizing there's a chance Blackstorm also violated Code 45-B, too. Then wait... back to Blackstorm. Blast Off gazes down at him, violet optics flickering once. "Excuse me, that's NOT moving your ship." Those often-furrowed optic ridges do their thing. Then he stands there. They look at each other. A wing elevon twitches. What the frag kind of weird look is this guy giving him? He finally asked with a huff, ".../What/?"

Meanwhile, Skids appears to have gotten off the wrong side of the berth this morning, and the shuttleformer glances to him next. "Well at least someone understands." He gestures towards the Autobot.

Doing his best to ignore the ongoing conversation, Conduit returns from the console and pops open a panel on a nearby column. He uses a couple of his tools to twist this and slide that. He induces a final click and steps back, and the irritating noise from the sensor ... softens to a slightly less irritating one, but continues. Oh, right, redundancy. "Stand by." He returns to the console. <FS3> Cosmos rolls Noticed: Success. (7 6)

Cosmos is incredibly confused as Blackstorm says he will move the shuttle.. Then doesn't. Oh. A comedian type. This is going to be a long repair job, isn't it? And.. why is he staring up at them like that? An unsure look is sent towards Blast Off before he speaks up, "Uh... that... isn't really what we meant." At this rate hes going to use up his entire break and have to stay on the bridge late to get his quota of work in! "We need you to move your ship so we can repair a damaged sensor." He clarifies. "We-" Cosmos is cut off, again, as Blast Off speaks, "I.. I guess I could try to squeeze my way back there but wouldn't it just make more sense to have him move his ship?" Likely the others stopped listening after he gave the confirmation that he could, but hopefully they will listen... and not make him squeeze past the ship.

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Climbing: Good Success. (4 7 3 1 7 5 5 6)

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Magnetism: Success. (5 2 2 8 2 4)

The cheerful mecha's smile falters. Reaching up, the minibot clicks his visor back over his optics and shrugs. Apparently he's performing for a tough crowd here, even if they're awful pretty. No reason to let it dampen his spirits, though! "Better idea," Blackstorm chirps. "I mean I'll move my ship, but if you guys are looking for speedy..."

He pops back up to his pedes and claps his hands together with excitement. Armor begins to shift as the minibot reverts to alt mode. Moving the shuttle into a proper docking bay will take minutes on a good day, but this he can do immediately. Hitting the motor, the minibot zips away with a deafening squeal of tires. He twists underneath his shuttle, briefly disappearing. At first it looks like he's running away until... Yep, there he is. A small streak of black is speeding up the wall towards the area the others were gesturing. Forget shoving Cosmos in small spaces. Blackstorm is made for this job.

Once he hits the approximate area, the minibot reverts to root mode and plants his feet on the wall. "SO, WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?!" he calls down. And then he pauses. "Damn, I forgot to bring tools, didn't I?"

Skids has a new theory. This isn't his problem. As, although he's in Navigation, he knows someone who outranks him. So he asks, "Blast Off? That work for you..." As Skids doesn't bother with the or. If needs be he'll move it. And it'll stay moved. "... Or shall I move it?" Skids doesn't quite indicate how but the rev of his subsystems, tools of an old forgotten trade, leaves little to the imagination.

"Understood," Blast Off replies to Conduit, and then waves a distracted hand at Cosmos. "Yes, probably, but get ready to climb up there anyway..." He's half-listening, how's that. But Blackstorm is the one who remains focused on. The shuttle still finds the minobot's demeanor a bit.. odd... what *was* that look he was giving him? Was he going to make fun of him or something? He doesn't really get a chance to try and find out, though, as Blackstorm transforms and heads under his shuttle. "...Where are you doing? What was that all abou- ...oh." He catches sight of the minibot again, heading UP the wall. Uh. Blast Off's head jerks back slightly in surprise as he stares up. "Uhh..."

Then an exasperated look, arms sagging on either side. There's a soft sigh. He gives Skids one of his long-sffering yet somewhat distant looks. "Well I think if Cosmos just goes up there... Here." He takes the toolkit off his hip and holds it out. "SOMEONE needs to get that up there. I don't care if it's by minibot or moving the insentient shuttle, I just want to do my job and give THIS sentient shuttle time to relax this evening!"

<FS3> Conduit rolls Repair: Good Success. (3 1 3 7 1 5 4 2 8 6)

The noise is starting to get to Conduit. So is the sensor. He punches up (nearly literally) a few final schematics, then gets himself over to another panel, passing by the crowd. "Excuse me." Panel open, flip, twist, crank, shove. The sensor's squealing kicks up, and then slowly dies out in a long, forlorn sigh. After a cycling of vents, Conduit replaces the panel cover, and walks back to the congregated helpers. "Power is off, so the sensor should be safe to extract." He gazes up at the nook, peering at Blackstorm, wondering if he's qualified for it.

Cosmos can sympathize with Blast Off, as he wants much of the same thing. Letting out a huff of his own, the UFO gingerly takes the toolkit from his fellow spacer and squeezes his way back there. Its not as bad once he is past and is quick to activate the thrusters in his feet to join Blackstorm further up on the wall. "Ok, so what am I looking for back here?" He doesn't actually know what the sensors look like either but it likely won't take him long to fix it once he finds it. Once I get this done, I can head back and finish my work then go back to my habsuite and sleep... then repeat this whole thing tomorrow. Ok his thoughts took something of a dark turn, he shouldn't focus on that.

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (3 7 1 4 7 8 6 3)

Blackstorm's whooping laughter echoes through the shuttle bay, much too loud for someone so tiny, upon hearing Blast Off's comment. "Relaxing would you agree with you, mecha! You'd look good with a smile, I think!" he hollers down. Before he has the chance to say anything else, though, Cosmos has onlined his rocket boosters and is puttering towards where he is magnetized to the wall.

Oh. He thought he parked in a good place down on the floor? He is absolutely wrong. A flier in the air is so much better than one on the ground. Laughing nervously, the minibot faceplates flush a little at the sight. He's distracted enough by it all that he looses his grip for a moment. The minibot has to flail to remagnetize his pede to the wall. "Well, let me just move out of your way, sir," he says, bowing his head and trying to suppress another nervous giggle as he scoots out of Cosmos's workspace.

Skids doesn't say anything else. In fact his internal subsystems have calmed down too. So, doubly silent the superlearner strides over to the wall opposite, leans against it, looking up to check he's directly below a vent and... considers taking advantage of the moment he's free for the moment in to try something new. Not just now. It can wait. He can wait. Instead he subspaces a datapad, connects it to his comm, and reconnects his long distance video call. "Hey. Sorry 'bout that. Yeah, might have to cut out again if I'm needed. So, you were saying..."

Blast Off is pretty chuffed with Conduit so far. The Combaticon gives the mech a nod, "Excellent work." He gives a little sigh of relief as the noise finally dissipates, rubbing the side of his helmet. "Much better already." He hands the toolkit to Cosmos and watches as he scoots up there. "There's a small sensor there, blue/gray in color, with a hatch on the right-hand side, see it? It detaches from the base if you can lift that up and unfasten it." He stands there, hands going to hips, one rocket foot slightly in front of the other. Then... Huh?

Blast Off's head jerks back again, what's visible of his face scrunching up in response to Blackstorm's comment. "...I...I beg your pardon?! What did you just say?" The shuttleformer's armor plates start bristling as he looks around at Conduit and Skids like... what. WHAT WAS THAT. Is he making fun of me??? "I am plenty relaxed!!!" Arms flail, ceramic heat shields on his arms glinting in the shuttle bay lights. HUFF. He stops, venting slow and calming himself, before continuing. Ahem. "I'll be even more rleaxed once this is done. Go ahead. Try to detach it." He gives another look to Skids, "And get ready to move that ship yourself if this doesn't work."

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Repair: Success. (3 5 7 4 1 4 4 2 6)

Conduit nods to Blast Off, as one professional to another. He stands, watching the spectacle up above, hands clasped behind his back, listening to the charming conversation while also considering the schematics he'd just seen. There were only two lines running to the sensor. Yes, of course. At Blast Off's suggestion to Skids, he takes a few steps back from the offending spacecraft.

Cosmos doesn't know why Blackstorm's magnets suddenly seemed to give out but in that moment he looks he is about to fall cosmos, visor widening in worry, has already adjusted his trajectory to catch the smaller mech should he fall. "Are you alright?" Why did his magneclamps give out?? He is about to ask when Blast Off- interrupting him AGAIN- starts his little tantrum of trying to prove how relaxed he is... Yeah, sure you are Blasty. Sure you are. Rolling his... well rolling his visor as best he can as if he has optics, Cosmos turns back to the task at hand.... I am really glad Blast Off can't see me right now. Blue gray.. There! "Alright, I found it." He quickly goes to work, narrowing his visor in concentration.

Sometime a mecha has to know when to call it quits. Seeing Blast Off fuming down below, Blackstorm holds up one hand in a sign of surrender. "Right! Never calmer!" he agrees. And he had been trying to be nice! Ah well, you win some and you lose some.

Besides, there is something that distracts Blackstorm very quickly. Cosmos, concern evident in his voice, asks the minibot is alright. The hand that is trying to wave Blast Off down suddenly leaps to Blackstorm's intake. He bites down on his knuckle to hold back another giggle. "Never better," he squeaks.

Skids has brightened over the course of his call. Laughing, joking and grinning are all supporting evidence to this current theory. However the vent prevents the precise details of who he's talking to or, indeed, what they're talking about. Whatever it is it seems to be helping. A thumb-up's fired instantly Blast Off's way on orders to be ready. He's paying attention. Just he's paying attention to his caller more. In fact... is that... no. Couldn't be. Never mind.

Yes! Right! calm. he's very calm! Blast Off vents deeply again to show just how calm he is. So calm. And collected. And full o' srs business. "Alright, then detach it."

Conduit is almost completely certain that there were only two power feeds for the sensor. Why would there be more. It would be ridiculous. He glances back at the console, then up to the sensor, then the panels, then the sensor again. Without a word, he returns to the console. Just to make sure, of course.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Repair: Great Success. (6 2 8 8 3 3 7 5 7)

Cosmos does as he's told, detaching the object from the wall. Instead of lowering and handing it to Blast Off he decides just to repair the annoying thing himself. Leaning back so he is half balanced against the shuttle, deactivating one thruster so he can cross one leg over the other in a makeshift workbench, he pulls the backing off the thing. It looks like a circuit.. Ok yeah, I can do this. Simple enough. "Give me a minute, I think I see the problem." Quickly realizing he needs to do several things at once, which he can't do from his current position, Cosmos goes to work without really thinking about it. Pulling off his faceplate he grips one tool between his teeth so he can hold the sensor in one hand and switch out tools fairly quickly with the other. After switching the tools between his teeth and hands for a minute or so he finishes repairing the thing. "I fished i-" Oh wait he still has the one in his mouth, holdon- "I mean, I fixed it. It should work now. Is it safe to reconnect it to the power source?" Oh wait.. These are Blast Off's tools.. Uh.. Quickly pulling a cloth from his subspace, Cosmos quickly cleans the tools off with embarrassment. Lets... Lets not tell Blast Off about this, ok Blackstorm?

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Climbing: Good Success. (7 1 1 5 4 4 6 8)

The minibot can only stand in place, squeaking into his fist, for so long. He does have a reputation to maintain after all. Besides, beyond that first question it quickly becomes apparent that Cosmos does not have much attention to spare for him. As much as he likes this view, Blackstorm finally drags himself away and begins to scale back towards the ground. With the sensor in the process of being repaired it is the ideal time to prepare his shuttle to be properly docked!

For all of his playful dodging, he does give a slag about his shuttle and he would rather see it in a proper location. He hits the floor at about the same time that Cosmos calls out that the sensor should be functioning again. Blackstorm gives a long, low whistle from the ground. "Look who has deft hands!" he shouts up. He also throws in a round of applause for good measure.

"... no. You have a good night." Skids concludes to his caller. He's not blushing either. That's a temperature regulation glitch. Skids looks back up at the vent. Primarily to avoid catching any gazes but also to cool him down. As temp problems. Went over this already.

Blast Off squints up at Cosmos and Blackstorm, was IS Cosmos doing up there anyway? The Combaticon sways back and forth a bit trying to see, but then Blackstorm rushes down to praise and applause. That earns another confused blink. "Alright, then..." He's surprised, somehow, that Cosmos had the skill to get that done... but then again, he IS a space alt, so of course he does! "Very good. Conduit?" He glances to the other mech, "Safe to reattach?" The Combticon pulls out his own scanner, as well. "Looks fine to me, from what I can tell." Maybe Skids won't have to move the ship after all.

Conduit nods to himself as he looks over the schematics again. Two power feeds, as he thought. He returns to see that Cosmos has already removed the sensor, and even repaired it. "Apparently."

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Reaction+Reaction: Failure. (1 6 5 6)

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Transportation: Great Success. (1 6 8 7 5 3 6 8 7 6 6 3 2 6)

Cosmos gives a nod and goes to reattach the object. As he is hooking up the wires obviously the ship can't just leave well enough alone. Before the UFO knows what is happening, there is an explosion of sparks and electricity as one of the power feeds suddenly comes back online. Yelping loudly as the electricity licks at his hands painfully, Cosmos' thrusters automatically deactivate from the shock. He drops like a stone in the oil reservoir. A bit stunned it's the a smack of the wall against his helm that pulls him out of it. Giving another yelp, this time of fear, Cosmos kicks his thrusters into overdrive. They definitely do the job, pulling him to a near perfect stop only feet above the floor. If there is one thing you have to give him, Cosmos is designed to stop and maneuver near instantaneously- In space or air.

The cry that tears up out of Blackstorm's vocoder is nearly as startled and horror stricken as Cosmos's. When he sees the flier beginning to fall, his brain module leaps to the worst possible conclusion in milliseconds. Images of the ship crashing into his own (all too possible at this close proximity) dance through. His hands leap up to cover his gaping intake. No, he cannot stand to see Ravenwing in agony again. He's already reconstructed her twice, and would she survive a third...

His worries evaporate, however, when Cosmos stops himself above the ground (and not his shuttle. Small blessings). Blackstorm is speechless for a fleeting moment, and then he bursts into relieved laughter. "THAT! WAS! AWESOME!" he shouts. "Nice moves!" Saved by the quick-thinking orb.

Skids looks out of his his peripheral vision. Cool, all's fixed. Time to... oh wait! He's... okay. Again. Cool. So all is fixed and no one's dead AND Skids can make use of the distraction to transform and roll out away from any further interruptions. Awesome. So Skids falls down into his alt mode, handily hiding his flushed face, puts it in gear and starts to drive... wherever he can get to before anyone notices.

Blast Off stands and watches this circus unfold and.... doesn't really do a lot, actually. Everyone seems to be taken pretty well care of, though when Cosmos begins falling towards the insentient shuttle the sentient one does take a step forward, as if preparing for action should he be needed. He has none of Blackstorm's attachment to his ship, but 1) Cosmos is a fellow space alt, thus deserving of help, right? and 2) Blast off hates to see damage even to nonsentient shuttles. It's a shuttle thing. Once everything is taken care of, Blast off finds himself glancing across the shuttle bay, where he can catch a glimpse of his own shuttle, Venturer. He'll see her soon! But for now... he takes another step closer to where Cosmos hovers and pokes at him. "Is everything all right?" He glances over to where Skids is driving. "That goes for both of you, I suppose." Then he looks at Blackstorm and frowns under his faceplate a little. "Maybe all of you..."

Conduit is surprised to see sparks leap from the sensor receptacle. Was there some sort of re-routing happening? How important is this sensor to be rigged like that? He watches Cosmos sail downward and braces for his impact, which never comes. He's relieved not only because of the lack of injury but also because he won't have to file a report about it. "Apologies. This ship's systems are misleading in their complexity."

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Sass: Good Success. (1 1 8 5 7 8 3 2 2)

Cosmos lets himself drop the last foot or so to the floor as he looks down at his still smoking hands. He just got out of the medibay a little while ago.... When Blast Off asks him his first instinct is to say he's alright.. Even though he's not... but Blackstorm's exuberance at his fall is what crushes down that instinct. Giving them all the driest look he can manage, Cosmos holds up his smoking hands. "Yeah. I'm just peachy. I'm sure Ratchet has been wondering what I've been up to the past two days. Whats a brand new frame without breaking it in a little?" His tone makes it clear he is not happy nor is he smiling under the mask. There's a lot of things 'misleading' and 'complex' about this fragging ship. Cosmos' thoughts are almost as grumpy as Skids was.

As much as Blackstorm loves people, he can notice the subtle shift in the air. While they'd hardly been tolerating him before, in his current state the minibot is a little more vulnerable to such barbs from others. It doesn't stop him from offering up a hesitant smile when Blast Off and Cosmos throw him a weird look, but he does stumble back a step.

Clank. His back strut backs up right against his shuttle, and that proves to be the very thing he needs to ground him. The minibot tilts his helm a little, as if glancing across the shuttle bay, but at the same time he allows his cheek plate to fleetingly nuzzle against the Raven Wing's side. Thusly reassured, he begins to scramble away at record speed. "Well, Ratchet could use some company! But I guess I better get to parking this thing, right?" he rushes out. And there he go, ducking for the shuttle's entrance hatch.

Blast Off wants to roll his optics and aside to Conduit, *Well this is what we get on an Autobot ship...* (because a Decepticon ship would obviously be better)... but he refrains from doing so. "Not surprising," is what he *does* say. Then turns out Skids isn't the only grumpy one around here. Blast Off stares down at the Autobot UFO kind of like he IS one. "Well.." The shuttle takes a step back and brushes off a heat shield. "Okay then." His optics furrow down yet again. "Your whole body is new?," he blurts out without thinking.

Blackstorm throws him a smile, but the aloof, rather antisocial shuttle just stares. Not angry, not happy, just aloof. He never quite knows how to respond to smiles, it's not like he had many people smiling at him all those long years in space. The nuzzle against his ship is noted, however, the shuttleformer's head tilting again just a cant to the left. Violet optics lift up to take the ship in, perhaps for the first time really giving it a look. "It is a... nice ship. It..." Suddenly he jerks to a halt again, optics flickering as Blackstorm rushes off. "Uh. Yes." He brushes the heat shields on his arms, once, twice, there done.

It seems Conduit's work is done, such as it was. At least Blast Off seems all right with it. "I'll run some diagnostics to ensure the sensor is operating properly again. Let me know if you need anything else. ... Sorry. Cosmos." It feels odd apologizing to an Autobot, but well, it could have sort of maybe been Conduit's fault. He'll figure this puzzle out. He returns to the console and hunkers down to decipher the strange energon transmission infrastructure.

Cosmos immediately feels bad for snapping at them, its not their fault its the ships shoddy wiring. "I...I'm sorry I just- wha? Oh yeah.. I got into a crash, real bad, and since I'd changed frames before they decided to just shift my frame back to a similar size as my original one. Always been a spacer though..." I tried to tell you I had a frame change earlier... Cosmos doesn't say his thoughts aloud, just shakes his hands to dispel some of the smoke. He opens his mouth to speak again when noise suddenly blares between them,


Cosmos lets out yet another pained yelp and is quick to raise his hand to an audial, turning down the volume rapidly on his comms. Even nearly muted the remnants of sound can still be heard by others, "Y-yes Siren I'm here... I know... Yeah I'm going to head back- I- Ok ok I'm on my way... You... don't think Blaster would let me have a bit more time for my break, do you? I never had the chance to drink my ener- I know but you guys asked me to do it during my- You're right... Ok I'm coming right now." The comm call is obviously ended as Cosmos' shoulders sag. "I.. have to get back up to the bridge. I'm sorry I snapped at you both and hope I fixed the sensor ok." He gives a small wave before very obviously rushing out of the shuttle bay to get back to his station before his apparently given time limit is up.

Blast Off stares at Cosmos, wondering just how much he had replaced. The Combaticon's original body was destroyed and placed in a whiteout cell before being placed in this new body of his. It's... kind of a touchy subject, since there was little choice given to him. His hands flex at the thought, taking comfort in the sensation to settle the nerves that suddenly flared up within. Just ventilation, cycle some air... slowly... there we go. Nice and aloof. Okay.

Okay. Blast Off gives a little nod Cosmos' way as the fellow spacer departs. Odd fellow. But a space alt, so obviously not TOO bad. He used to be one of the few things that broke up the lonely monotony up in space orbit sometimes. Blast off may have even pretended like he didn't see Cosmos on occasion just so he could continue to have a little company up there. BUT ANYWAY. Ahem. Blast Off wipes his hands together, takes his toolkit back, and nods his head again. "Very well." Turning, he heads to spend a little time with his OWN shuttle, Venturer. Time for some shuttling, and even if she's not sentient, she's welcome company. There's a quick glance back to Blackstorm's ship, then a shrug and he makes his way across the bay to his own ship.

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