2016-11-12 A Garden Party

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-11-12 A Garden Party
Date 2016/11/12
Location Lost Light: Docks and Storage -- Shuttle Bay
Participants Brainstorm, Blackstorm, Botanica, Astrotrain, Skids
Summary Someone is throwing a surprise garden party in the shuttle bay. The guest of honor is a bot that goes by the designation Botanica.

It's not often the Lost Light picks up on a distress signal from a Cybertronian vessel. It's even rarer that the distress signal is being sent from a frequency that was last used before a majority of the crew were even "born".

The vessel isn't so much a full ship as it is a half-derelict short-range shuttle. It's showing damage from having been attacked; char-marks, clipped fins, missing panels. It's barely operable. The most simplistic form of the First Face is emblazoned on its side.

Brought in to the shuttle bay for examination and potential disembarking of a crew, it rests on the floor. Gravity has come back online, the bay doors are closed, and the atmosphere is stabilized.

A chunk of its right wing panelling gives way, falling to the floor noisily.

The question of why in the world is someone using that frequency now is a question that concerns Brainstorm...well, to be perfectly honest, only moderatley. It's not really his business why people are using outdated communication methods. That's not to say he isn't even a little bit curious, which is part of what's brought him to take a peek, but normally, that wouldn't be enough to yank him away from his projects. Really, he just happened to be passing by on his way to grab some suplies from storage, and thus was in the area when they pulled the shuttle in. Since he's already here, why not?

Not that it's much to look at. The engineer steps in just in time to watch the wing fall off, making him wince a bit "Ouch. Looks like it's been through a lot."

Whenever a new shuttle is docked in the shuttle bay, Blackstorm shows up like clockwork. He's not here for the mystery of what's inside, not at all. The pilot is usually the first one called out to carry a crew to explore a derelict or a distress signal, and so he's seen way too many this past year, but he can't help eyeing up a shuttle if given half a chance. The minibot flinches at the loud clang as the scrap of metal falls to the shuttle bay floor.

Finally noticing Brainstorm's approach, Blackstorm gives a thoughtful hum. "Yep, she ain't pretty," he agrees, optics squinting as he eyes up the shuttle. "Don't tell her I said that, though. She's got solid bones. I think if you give me a couple months with her I could work her into something fit."

He sounds wistful as he says it. No one is going to give him the chance to reconstruct the shuttle most like. "Uh, Brainstorm, right? You're not a regular around here. What's brought you all the way down to the shuttle bay?"

There's a steady thumping at the shuttle bay door. The door rattles, trying to open, but only manages to do so by a handbreadth. The mechanisms grind and skreel, before shorting out entirely with a hail of white sparks.

"Couple months?" Brainstorm raises a brow ridge in amusment "I refurbished an entire Earth shuttle, and I'll remind youy, humans don't really have space travel, to be Cybertronian compatable in way less than that! This one just needs a couple new parts." The rattling of the door draws his attention back to the shuttle "Or a bit more. I think whoever's in there might need a hand." he glances around, before making for a pile of crates, and the abandoned crowbar ontop of them. Crude, but, for lack of any better tools on ahnd, effective "I was just in the area when I heard about this"

It's a good thing that Blackstorm is not easily offended. The minibot gives a bark of laughter when Brainstorm mentions his own escapades. "I'm one mecha, ain't no genius, and can't do heavy lifting. Oh yeah, and I'm self taught," Blackstorm explains with a shrug. He's just proud that he can refurbish a shuttle at all at this point. (And if you ask him, he does a damn good job of it. With flare and style, which might be something that Brainstorm cannot claim).

When the door suddenly rattles, though, Blackstorm jumps back with a startled look. The minibot finds himself ducking behind a storage crate before he knows what's happening. "Primus! Didn't they do a life scan before bringing that blasted thing aboard?" he asks. When Brainstorm heads for the crowbar, though, Blackstorm gives a chirp of alarm. "What are you doing? Don't you watch horror movies! It's always after they open the door of an old shuttle that they release some kind of monster that eats everyone!"

As if on cue, something small darts out of the gap. Sailing along on four wings, it looks to be some kind of birdlike drone; the coloration is an odd tan and green in mottled rings all over its surface. Green glowing lines trace the outer edges of its body. It hovers with a soft high pitch whirr, circling over the two Cybertronians and the ship lazily.

Brainstorm looks just about ready to answer, but the sudden apperance of the drone cuts him off before he can even start. He jumps back, clutching his briefcase to his chest protectivley. He calms down rather quickly when the drone proves to not be an imediate threat. It is, however, a bit more interesting. The engineer peers up, studying the thing "You look a little small to cause all that noise" he observes, before turning back to the shuttle (though keeping one optic on the drone, just in case) "Anyone still in there?"

When the drone flies out of the shuttle, Blackstorm does not even give it a good glance before he shakes his helm vigorously. "Nu-uh! I ain't having none of this," Blackstorm says. "If anyone is dying in a horror movie, it ain't gonna be me first."

Apparently opening derelict, rattling shuttles with no idea of what is inside is too tense for the minibot. Blackstorm flares his armor a little and reverts to alt mode, speeding across the shuttle bay towards the Raven Wing. He'll duck in there and watch from a safe distance.

Skids has been wandering. It's amazing really how even high level tournaments can have so many scheduling problems. So, instead of feeding his thinking processes he got off of the games and onto his feet. As he wandered aimlessly he felt himself decompress. Relax.

He still looks a mess though. Although fully functioning his paint is scuffed and, in places, a little dented here and there. Turns out scorch marks are harder to clean off his casing than he first realised.

After wandering for a while a message that something's happening in the shuttle bay Skids strolls in as, hey, it's something to do... right? "Hi, anyone there?" he asks as his optics adjust to the different lighting of the bay.

Speaking of noise, there's a fair bit of it as Astrotrain rolls into the shuttlebay, using his train mode to haul up some cargo and maintenance supplies from storage. It dies down quickly to the hissing of brakes as the engine rolls to a stop and the Triplechanger's distinct voice eminates from the vehicle as he spots Blackstorm bolting for his ship like he saw a ghost. "What the slag flew up his intakes?"

The four winged drone slides through the air, circling over Skids, camera eye watching, before floating over to Astrotrain, hovering in front of him. Apparently satisfied with the reconnaisance, it barrel-rolls away from both, flying to the damaged shuttlecraft.

"Salutations! I am trapped within thees shuttle. I am seeing Cybertronians, yes?" It sounds like a female voice, and it has a mild but noticeable accent. "Though, I am not recognizeeng some of your badges. What ees the date?"

Brainstorm watches as Blackstorm flees from the room. And here he thought he was danger averse. As Skids and Astrotrain take the mini's place, he nods at the shuttle "We're just trying to figure out what's in there" Now then, where was he?

Again though, his efforts are interupted by whatever, or whoever, is inside the shuttle "Well, one of us could be a bunch of Ammonites, but I think we got them all last time" he responds jokingly "It's about 2 years past the war, but I'm guessing that doesn't mean much to you if you don't even recognise our badges. Unless you feel like waiting until I gather the tools to undo your door, we can just force it" he glances back at Astrotrain. Now that you're here, you can weild the crowbar, big guy "Though actually, I think I have a laser cutter in here, though it might take longer. I left the big one in my lab."

Something whizzes past him then Astrotrain then questions are being asked. Cool. It's going to be one of these days. Skids doesn't immediately respond to the question as his new found sense of humor would be tempted to say something like... today? Instead he focuses on his current theory entitled... what? They can't all be good ones! He calls over to the shuttle the voice, and its owner are trapped in. "Hey there. I'm Skids, ships theoretician, who are you? Also, how'd you get stuck in there?" He's not getting eaten by something today. Not. Happening. So, for now, his voice is friendly but he's ready to change that at a moments notice.

Astrotrain unhooks the cargo trailer and rises up into his equally bulky robot mode. Gives the trailer a push with his foot to roll it out of the way, then turns back to the others. Smacks a fist into the opposite palm. "It already looks like a wreck, want me to punch a hole open?" Just goes to show you don't need to be a genius to be thinking the same thing as the resident Ship Genius.

"Wait, wait, let me secure my cargo first!" She sounds like this is Very Important (tm). The drone circles above the shuttle again as some audible rattling around and movement is heard.

The noise quickly settles, and the female inside speaks again. "I am fine with the door being removed quickly and roughly, now. I will answer your questions as soon as I can step outside. It is very good to see Cybertronian faces after so long!"

Or that works too. Brainstorm steps to the side, out of Astrotrain's way. All yours, big guy! Better to have him infront anyways, just in case. They'll have to continue the conversation later though, after the incomming noise dies down.

Blackstorm reaches his shuttle in record time, literally racing up the entrance ramp and into its interior. Transforming back into root mode, the minibot sprawls out on the floor to recover from the sudden burst of speed. He has enough energy, though, to drag himself over to the entrance and peek out to see what's happening. Well, no one is screaming in agony yet so that's a good sign.

He's too far away to hear any conversation that's going on. All he can really do is interject, screaming at the top of his vocoder, "SOMEONE LET ME KNOW WHEN IT'S SAFE TO COME OUT, ALRIGHT?! IF YOU DON'T ALL DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS." He throws in a thumbs up just for good measure.

Yeah. It's really one of those days. Skids leans against a wall, still not far into the shuttle bay and doesn't make like he's about to move just yet. Not. Getting. Eaten. It's bad enough that it happens without exception whenever he goes on an away mission so he'll be scrapped before he gets chewed, melted, shot, stabbed, electrocuted or otherwise assaulted on board too! He does lean, loose and relaxed, ready to deploy his on board weapons if it looks like this isn't a rescue... more an impromptu meal. Starter, main, dessert or side... he's not on the menu. Not. Getting. Eaten. Again!

"You probably don't want to stand too close," Astrotrain replies both to the mechs outside and the mysterious voice within as he trots over to where the hatch is. Supposedly. How do you tell with this ship? Eh, he doesn't really care. He just digs his digits into either side and gives it a good old fashion heave and ho.

The door sections are easily wrenched free with the hideous sound of bending and rending metal, and lo and behold, the shuttle is at last, open.

Two long cable-like tentacles slither out from the darkness inside, grabbing on to either side of the new free opening. UH OH BLACKSTORM, HERE COMES THE FACE HUGGERS--!!

Or not. Immediately following the tentacles comes the long, willowy form of another Cybertronian. She steps out on long legs, wobbling for a moment, with overly long arms and thick, wing-segment forearms briefly shielding her face from the lights inside. Adjusting her optics, she straightens herself up; the drone overing over her darts down, flips over and locks itself into a bay on her chest. She's the same mottled green and brown as it is, as if her surface were lined with chloraphyllic scales. The badge on her torso, for anyone knowledgeable, dates back to the era of Nova Prime.

"Ohhhh, I have been on that shuttle for so long!" She places her hands together and bows her head slightly. "Salutations. I am Captain Botanica of the exploration ship Efferfoliax." Brainstorm backs away a bit further, both before, and after Astrotrain smashes the door in. But again, it's a flase alarm and soon, he is peeking around the tripplechanger "Brainstorm, weapons engineer, and the ship's genius of the Lost Light!" he introduces himself, puffing out his chest "If I might ask, where, and when are you from?"

There it is. Blackstorm ducks back inside at the horrible sound of rending metal, wondering which of those poor suckers got turned into scrap metal. Even though he has a big mouth, the minibot immediately clamps down on his own glossa. The last thing he wants to do is call the monster into his shuttle. Maybe he'll even get out of here alive! Blackstorm backs himself into a corner and waits for more screams and rending metal.

Skids shows off the finest traditions of the diplomatic corps... Well. Probably not as he doesn't remember it and the only source he's heard it from was filled with lies... but, in any case Skids leans against the wall still, waves and, after a two step wave, continuing a friendly tone says, "Hey." He's still not entirely convinced of anything yet. He's not got a firm idea yet but he does have several theories. Yes... they're all better than 'what?'. He lets events play out a little further before committing to another question.

Not quite as fun as the old war days of ripping armor plates off an Autobot, but considering the present company Astrotrain keeps that thought to himself as he takes a few steps back and discards the rent ship door off to the side. Then turns back to the ship to see who was actually in it, raising an optic ridge a bit as the tendrils reach out the doorway first. Fortunately it's an actual mech afterwards.

"Name's Astrotrain. And yer welcome." Replies the Triplechanger as he dusts off his hands.

Botanica chuckles a little and nods. "You are right, I should have thanked you. So! Thank you, Astrotrain." She places her hands together in front of her. "You mentioned something about 'two years past the war' - was there a war? I was not aware. My last orders were to map out thees quadrant of the galaxy and transmit the stellar charts we made back to Cybertron for use in defense planning by the Primal Vanguard." She smiles sweetly. "Is Nova Prime still well? How is Cybertron?"

She doesn't have a clue.

"Oh wow, are you behind!" Brainstorm exclaims. "Nah, he vanished. And then he came back and we had to kill him. Between that, we've been through three other primes, one 4 million year war, and a bunch of other things. Cybertron is a mess. I think they're still using the charred remaints of one of my workplaces as a temporary ops base." you've got catching up to do! Oh, by the way "Blackstorm! It's okay to come out! Only thing scary here is how far behind the times she is!"

The moments tick by, and no horrendous sounds follow. Blackstorm's optic ridges furrow with conternation and, gathering his courage, finally dares another glance out into the shuttle bay. It's hard to make things out from this distance, but after squinting for a time he makes out an unfamiliar blob of color. It doesn't seem to be attacking people either! If Blackstorm does not do well in the face of battles, he finds it impossible to resist a new face!

Sliding out of the Raven Wing, the minibot cautiously makes his way forwards in an attempt to identify the blob, urged on by Brainstorm's familiar voice calling out to tell him everything is okay. The closer he gets, the more confident he becomes that there's no real danger. "Okay, so we're not in a horror movie?" he asks when he gets close enough. And then he stops dead in his tracks when he spots Botanica, giving a low whistle. "Though, can I ask, who is tall, bark, and handsome?"

He pauses for dramatic impact before falling into a fit of giggles. "You don't have to answer that. Think I heard your designation. It was just too good of an opportunity to pass up." Ah. Right. The past. Skids only knows marginally more about that than the newcomer. In fact, these days, he's grown used to not having his memories of it. He would even go further to say he prefers life without them and it. So, sensing a spot where he's not needed by anyone for anything, Skids unleans, says "Nice meeting you. Sorry, gotta go." and starts striding towards the door. Wandering awaits.

Astrotrain lets out a long whistle. "Yeah toots, you're... a bit behind on the times. Gonna need to get one of the crotchety old historians to fill you in. A LOT has changed from what ya remember I'll bet." Followed by slapping a palm to his faceplate at Blackstorm. That was horrible, even by Astrotrain's standards for bad jokes, and he makes a lot of them.

"You *keelled* the Prime?" Botanica stammers, accent popping up in a more pronounced way under stress. "How is that - Cybertron is a - a -!!" All of this is just a bit more than her systems can handle, especially after all she's been through. She loses her balance, optics losing their lighting as she simply faints dead away, crumpling to the ground.

"Hey, that's a good one!" Brainstorm flashes a cheerful look at Blackstorm, only to have his attention drawn back to Botanica as she colapses. Oh dear. Taking a step closer, he peers down at her "I guess I shouldn't tell her that I discected the body, huh?"

Astrotrain isn't the only one baffled. Blackstorm slowly turns in the shuttle's direction, giving a snort of laughter. "Did you seriously just say toots?" he asks. He sounds awestruck as he asks it. "Who actually says that? I mean, I've heard it in writing before, but no one actually says it out loud. You're one of a kind."

And then, as if in perfect timing, the stranger crumples to the ground. Blackstorm pauses. Like in all tense situations, his first reaction is to crack a joke. "See? I'm not the only one who can't believe it. You shocked her into swooning.... Is she alright?"

"Don't overwhelm her with everything at on--" Too late. Astrotrain lets out an exasperated sigh as Botanica passes out. "Good job, brainiac, you blue-screened her." Welp, he is the transporter her. With a snort he hunches down to pick the femme up. "I'll take her down to medical. If she's really that old and been stuck for that long, the docs are probably gonna want to look her over anyways."

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