2016-11-11 Lion In The Workplace

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-11-11 Lion In The Workplace
Date 2016/11/11
Location Lost Light - Command: Soundwave's Office
Participants Soundwave, Steeljaw
Summary Steeljaw stops by Soundwave's for some help. He gets loads of suggestions.

Steeljaw found himself wandering the halls aimlessly trying to decide if he should go to medical to get the frayed wire to one of his array harnesses fixed there as well as get help tightening down some of his joints...or if he should see if Soundwave was busy. He gave a snort. Soundwave always seemed busy. He sat outside the mech's office for a time, looking up at it, remembering the last time Soundwave had helped him, but had 'recommended' he get fixed in the med-bay. He might have gone to Blaster but he hadn't seen him around in awhile and figured he would only get in the way. Finally, he made up his mind and pinged the door to see if Soundwave was in.

Soundwave was in, it seemed he was rarely 'out' anymore. The door opens before Steeljaw at practically the same time the ping was sent out, revealing the scant office. A smaller desk- Minimus's- is currently empty while Soundwave's is taken up but the blue commander himself. His shoulder canon, a little potted plant, what appears to be tiny sculptures made of scrap, and a hand made doll made in his image decorate his desk neatly. The only sense of personalization in the room. Soundwave looks at Steeljaw in acknowledgment and then continues with his work. There's a chance he's used to working with cats and knows they'll tell him what he wants eventually of their own accord.

Steeljaw moves into the office and his olfactory sensors pick up hints as to who has been in the room recently. He prowls forward, appraising the items on his desk as he makes his way to a chair where he can be a bit more visible. He leaps into it and gives a little hiss as the frayed wire comes in contact with his plating. But he doesn't say anything about it as he faces Soundwave.

"So, any chance you have work for me?" he asks politely.

Soundwave continues to work, moving data here, storing it there... He doesn't look away from the screens as Steeljaw wanders in. He'll probably pick up the scents of his cassettes and Minimus- possibly even a stale smell of Magnus-y hedgehog. But otherwise, there is not much in the office out of place. Not even the smells.

"Negative," Soundwave responds, voice monotonous as usual. "If Steeljaw desiring an assigned task, visiting division head suggested."

Steeljaw huffs softly, and flops down to sprawl in the chair. "He's never around. There's only so many mundane things I can do before I go crazy."

Soundwave doesn't look necessarily sympathetic over Steeljaw's prospect of not having any 'special' work to do. "Further suggestion: Find non-work stimulation."

Steeljaw glowers softly down at the chair seat. "Yeah, right. So what you're telling me to do is to get a hobby, hmm?" he says, rather than ask. "Come on, you've got to have something I can do...."

"Affirmative." Having a hobby can stave off boredom, as he has found. Soundwave pauses just a moment, going over his databanks and... "Negative. All minor tasks delegated to Cassettes in addition to their division duties."

Steeljaw rumbles low in his chestplates and with a sigh he gets back up and hisses again as the frayed wire rubs just right, enough to cause a spark. With a skillfull leap he jumps over to Soundwave's desk. "Then could you please fix this?" he asks quietly.

Soundwave looks flatly at Steeljaw as his desk is lept upon. Ravage has more tact... Well, unless he's in a deep cat mood or really needs Soundwave's attention. But the look softens slightly. He heard the spark. Soundwave vents and pauses his work. "Soundwave, not a medic."

Steeljaw sits on the edge of the desk and at least doesn't sprawl across the open space, at least not yet anyway. "I don't like the medics working on me. They don't really understand the calibrations and intricicies of us animformers."

Don't knock his desk ornament off, he'll be very grumpy if you do. Soundwave's vents hiss a sigh. "Ravage goes to the medics when in need of repairs. They are capable, Steeljaw. You should not avoid the medibay."

Steeljaw huffs a sigh, "I'm not Ravage," and stands up, turning so he can jump back down to the floor. He delicately moves past the items on the desk and looks over his shoulder, "Of all the mech's, I thought you'd understand." What in the world did he mean by that? But he's already lept down to the chair and then down to the floor.

Soundwave watches the golden lion leap to the floor- a literal opposite to the stealthy and dark panther. He wasn't Ravage. Ravage would have been far blunter with Soundwave. The Decepticon's vents hiss. He really did have something of a softspark for aniforms. "Steeljaw, return."

Steeljaw turns his head to look over his shoulder. He seems to be appraising Soundwave, looking for something perhaps. Finally with a sigh, he makes his way around the side of the desk and looks up at the mech. His ears swivel forward then back again and seems to be waiting for permission this time to be allowed on the desk.

Soundwave stares down at the feline, his face and emotions unreadable, before he ticks his helm to the side. Onto the desk with you. "Where is the problem."

Steeljaw nods and gathers his feet up under him and springs to the top of the desk. He shifts his body and then lowers his neck so that his nose is almost touching the surface under him. "It's one of the wires leading to one of the harnesses, the one that includes the sensors hidden under my mane."

<FS3> Soundwave rolls Medicine: Good Success. (7 5 3 1 6 8 3)

Soundwave isn't one to waste words where they are not needed. He takes out the few spare tools he carries in subspace- there for minor repairs on small systems no less- and carefully places a broad servo in the top of the lion head. Then, carefully, he begins to wark with his other hand. The wire is loose and needs to be gently tucked into place or else the electrical synapses will eventually frey the delicate array beneath his mane. "Steeljaw, should have gone to medibay as soon as wire was jostled," he admonishes.

Steeljaw huffs a soft sigh, doing his best to hold still. "Lots of things I should have done. Doesn't mean I have to or want to. Besides I just get the feeling I'm in everyone's way around here. Like the preverbial fifth wheel."

"Steeljaw's altmode: memory stick, not wheel." With flat delivery and monotone voice, it sounds like he's pointing out a fact and not attempting humor. Soundwave's hand presses further against the feline's head, the pressure meant to comfort. He doesn't speak again until he pulls away, the wire now snuggly back in place. "The medics knowledgeable, even about aniforms. I am no substitute, Steeljaw. Your health, important. You should go see them."

Steeljaw doesn't lift his head once Soundwave pulls away. "Yeah, you said that last time." He's quiet for a moment, "Maybe it would have been better if I'd stayed stuck as a memory stick. Feel like I've been just taking up space since that one mech found me. Blaster's too busy and there's only a few I know here who see me as more than a disposable drone."

Soundwave observes the lion a moment, visor flashing in intense displeasure at the 'disposable drone' comment. "Steeljaw, lonely." He can practically taste it, like bitter coolant on his tongue. "Plenty see Steeljaw as Steeljaw. Suggestions: greater attempts at socializing; see Rung or Watts."

Steeljaw shifts himself, lifting his head but doesn't look at Soundwave, "Newsflash, Steeljaw's lonely. Every time I try to socialize, I get stepped on in some way or sat on. I never made anyone fear me enough like Ravage to get the grudging respect others seem to have for him, enough to watch out for him." He huffs and shifts, checking to make sure that the wire has been truly secured and out of the way of further damage. "What's Rung going to tell me anyway that I don't already know." With that he gives his body a shake to settle his platting back into place. "Thanks for fixing that," he offers and then jumps down off the desk again.

Beneath his visor, Soundwave's brows pull together in both anger and concern. Were mech stepping and sitting upon Steeljaw? The thought almost has his engine rumbling a growl. Sitting up straight, he begins to start up his work again. "Steeljaw... If they do not respect you, than they are no better than chewtoys." In otherwords, show that the kitty has claws. And teeth "Or you may contact me or my Cassettes. But I do recommend one of the ship's therapists. They... Do help."

Steeljaw blinks a little in surprise and looks up at Soundwave. He seems hesitant to say anything for a moment. "I uh...yeah, thanks," he says, his voice somewhat subdued. "I uh, better let you get back to your work." With that he pads towards the door.

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