2016-11-09 In The Detail

From Transformers: Lost and Found

In The Detail
Date 2016/11/09
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Oil Baths
Participants Folly, Gearshift, Kickback, Skids
Summary ...kit? Kick, what's in that bag? Oh, bath stuff happens too.

There's something to be said for a bit of quiet relaxation. The oil baths are warm and pleasing, even to some of the odder members of the crew. A midrange hum keeps repeating itself throughout the bath. "mmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh...." and so on. Folly has almost fully submerged herself in her vat, a grease mask on her face and smoked lenses over her own irregularly sized optics. Parts of her outer frame are actually sitting nearby, her kibble at least, some of those various pieces of her frame that only seems to work in her alt-mode. Her mouthplate hangs open just a bit as she does her best to relax."mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm." She vocalizes again, as if either in a trance or harmonizing with something.

Wow. That... was intense. In. Ten. Se. He was a super clutch carry throughout there. Totally position played a quad running munchkin till the timer burned him bad, hyper kdr. motm... And he really rocked it despite the visionary having a poor mobility for engaging/retreating. In short... he rocked that round... pretty much solo too after the sneaky cheap tricks the others were pulling.

Rounding into the Baths he sees Gearshift with a friendly wave and waves to the figure already soaking away in one of the tubs. Seeing an empty one in the far corner Skids celebrates the win a little by hooking his way over to the vacant far tub and slowly lowering himself into the warm and soothing oil. "Oh. Yes. That is just perfect." He says without noticing. It's warmbut not overmuch, and soothing all his systems. Again, without realising, he makes a satisfied unintelligible utterance. It's clear though. Skids likes the Oil baths.


Nobody'd ever seen Folly move so fast on this ship, except for that time she fell down the elevator shaft. She goes from quiet, peaceful relaxing, to sudden terror as the baths go from quiet to mildly crowded, (a fate worse than death). She suddenly grasps at the kibble part of her dress that was lain aside and holds it before her, as if she didn't want to have anyone see her in her chassis.

Grease dripping down her face from the mask she had put on, and the smoked lenses still in place, she STARES at Gearshift for several moments, then awkwardly starts to speak when Skids joins the fray.

She just freezes there as Skids enters, goes to an oil bath, gets in, and enjoys himself,, as if Skids has vision based movement and couldn't detect her otherwise.

Kickback comes into the oil baths. After a long shift of cleaning everything else, the walking scrub brush needs his own decontamination. As the door opens and then closes behind him, he's given pause by the fact that others are already occuping the station; he usually prefers to spend his down time far away from everyone else. It's just safer that way.

The presence of Gearshift gives him an even larger pause, mainly because he catches himself staring. He clears his vents quickly and attempts to be as nonchalaunt as possible, whistling to himself as he goes for one of the detailing kits, pretending no one else is there (or saw that).

Gearshift blinks her optics at Folly, and as she grabs her kibble, Gearshift asks "Did you not know this is a public bath, Folly?" Her tone isn't rude or aggresive, simply curious. She glances at Skids, who has situated himself in one of the other baths. "Should I move to another tub?" The femme asks, moving to stand, ready to concede to the request, if need be.

It's Kickback's arrival that catches her attention, gaze drawn to him by the noise of him clearly his vents. She can't help smiling a little and waving, even if he doesn't notice.

Skids looks up when he hears someone talking, what he assumes, is to him. "Hmm?" he starts, as really, the baths are too relaxing. However he's not goting to be rude by asking for anyone to repeat anything. So he guesses. Seeing one person looking like they're about to move and one not even in one of the baths Skids says, flicking his gaze between Gearshift and Kickback, covering the bases with his question. "Sorry. Did you say you needed this one? Sure, cool, Hang on, I'll get out and let you have that one."

Lifting himself out of the tub he was occupying Skids gusesses, it's a little bigger, maybe differentails in the temp settings. Who knows? Still, he's happy to help as he goes over to a different empty tub and waving vaguely to the one he's just vacated as he gets in to the soaking sequel. Maybe the temperature's different but it's still bliss.

Folly stares at Gearshift for a few moments, still in shock, but then it turns out that she's staring past Gearshift, as Kickback, eater of dogs, continues his own entrance. Her eyes do not leave him, completely missing Gearshift's question. Her fingers actually creak as she holds her dress kibble before her, even as Kickback is very cool, nonchalant, and subdued. She actually starts to tremble, her smoked lenses start to slide loose as she continues her stare. Her exhaust is just about vapor-locked (hyperventilating), he's RIGHT THERE. The mech she saw EAT an organic and cause it to explode from within. He's RIGHT THERE!

Somewhere in the back of her processor, there's a perfectly ordinary conversation going on, but she can't even hear it. That mech...that ate right......there.

In her oil bath, a rather large bubble starts to form.

It grows a bit bigger, and a little bigger still, and then.


She bolts out of the tub like her head is on fire, and starts to run as fast as she can, trailing oil and grease as she flees the area, not even putting on the rest of her frame, so great her terror.

Kickback watches Folly dart away so fast she leaves her robo-skivvies behind.


Picking up the detailing caddy, he sighs. "Looks like I make an impression. Not a good one." He walks over to where Folly left behind her accoutrements, and sitting at the edge of the tub, he sinks his lower legs into it. Putting the caddy next to him, he picks up Folly's accoutrements, and begins cleaning and polishing them.

Gearshift sits back into the tub, moving closer to Kickback, though Skids doesn't go unnoticed "You could always come closer Skids!" She calls, off-handedly. "In time you'll be able to explain, as best you can." She watches him clean the kibble. "I'm sure Folly will appreciate that greately."

Skids looks up as he's called again. He needs to speak to Brainstorm sometime. Get a pager installed. He moves again, although, this time, he's distracted from the warmth by the dejected looking Kickback. He knows that look. He's used it too often himself. Switching to a friendly smile he waves to Kickback and says, "Hey there. What you doing? At least come in. The oil's great."

"I'm... not used to being in here with other people," Kickback explains to Skids and Gearshift. "I'm still adjusting to being around anyone else at all - especially Autobots. No offense, Skids." He finishes polishing one piece and picks up another.

Gearshift smiles up at Kickback gently, suddenly feeling a little special, plating flaring slightly. "This is a good place to start, since no one wants to fight here." She could be wrong, there could be plenty of mechs that could throw down in here, but not Gearshift, certainly not Skids.

"Nice try." Skids says, "But you're speaking to someone who's been down that road and out the other side. Something cut you to the quick. People don't get it. It's your fault. Everyone shouldn't look at you like some nice normal person. They should see the cause of untold carnage. One of the fallen who's fell as far can be." Skids pauses for effect then says, "For the record, I was talking about me. But tell me if it didn't resonate any."

"Hi, I'm Skids, an amnesiac who who doesn't remember two damns about the war but, from what I've heard, it's not worth giving another about" He offers an open hand to shake, "So, don't think of me as an Autobot, as I sure as hell don't, but a friend should you ever be wanting for one."

"I was an intelligence agent. Spy if you wanna call it something simple." Kickback keeps cleaning, finishing his work. "But yeah... that about sums it up Skids. Folly didn't run from me for no reason. I damn near went after Gearshift too. Not proud of it. Decepticon science altered me. That's why I've been hiding away since the launch."

Gearshift nods, as if to corroborate his story. "There have been good moments though, yes?" She asks, "Something made you decide to go to the observation deck the day we met, right?"

"To hear it told... so was I" Skids adds, "I was in the diplomatic corps, apparently it was a cover for covert ops. I was selected for my outlier abilities, and my hidden weapon systems, then... my memories were messed with. That's why I came aboard as I didn't know anything else. Still don't. Saint or sinner... I could be easily either. Point is washing some random someone's unmentionables who'll never take them back from you on won't change things."

Skids pause to let that sink in, "Strike out in a new direction. You can't just draw a line under it, I wish I could say you could, but you can put some distance between it and you." Skids, hand still offered, continues, "You won't believe me just now, hell, when you try it'll feel just the same for a time, but it does change... for the better. Then you can really put the past in the past. Just, if nothing else think about it. You're smart, smarter than me, it'll sink in."

"I came up to think, because at the time I wanted to mentally torture someone until they had a complete psychological breakdown and became a catatonic, zero-point wreck - and I knew that wasn't the right thing to do," Kickback confesses to Gearshift. "You coming up there? ... Well, that just gave me more reason not to do something I'd regret."

To Skids, he asides, "I don't know what to start out with. All of my skills revolve around manipulation, blackmail, psychological warfare... the only thing I could bring to this ship that wasn't a violation of intergalactic law was housekeeping."

"Skids might be someone to talk to, besides Rung." Gearshift suggests, moving closer to Kickback, sitting near one of his legs.

Skids laughs happily then says, "I kinda thought this whole ship was a series of violations of intergalactic law!" Then he laughs again. After he calms a little more he says, "I don't have all the answers. But, at least, learn from my mistakes. I looked for too many new directions. I failed. 'cause I used the wrong criteria. Do that which makes you happy. Nothing else matters." Skids still has hi hand outstreched as he has faith. He believes that Kickback's going problems. but, like Skids, he does want to solve them. So he'll put down the panel scrap... even if he doesn't shake Skids hand.

Kickback sets down the kibble and takes Skid's hand, giving it a brief shake. "I appreciate your advice. I'll try to take it." Letting go, he finally relaxes enough to put the rest of himself into the oil, near Gearshift. "Thank you for being who you are," he says. "It's been a light after a long spell in darkness."

Gearshift flushes and smiles shyly "I'm sure you say that to all the femmes you meet on the observation deck" She teases, leaning on Kickback a little.

It's at that moment that she gets a ping from the library that a text she'd been waiting for is available, and internally curses herself. "I have to go pick something up from the library, you should come find me later" Gearshift whispers to kickback, "When you're done here." She adds.

Standing slowly, she waves a goodbye to Skids and casts one last look over her shoulder at the Locust, seemingly batting her optics at him.

He's not going to say it. He might think it... but that's okay. Someone's keen on someone and you don't need to be a superlearner to see that! Also, the someone that just missed the big signal should be a-hightailing it to the library! Sharpish! Instead Skids smiles, shakes and says, "If I get any more relaxed I'll offline. I'm heading back to my hab. Look at the road in front of you and do what makes you happy. You ever need to talk, look me up." Okay. So he said. Sue him. Skids gets out of the tub and makes for the door.

Kickback is alone in the tub in short order, with Gearshift and Skids now gone. Friends. Someone who gives a Rattrap's aft. Maybe this wasn't going to be a long boring voyage after all.

He looks at the detail kit. "I guess you have to wait for now, but don't worry. She'll be back." He sinks into the oil in full to finish maintenancce, and daydream.

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