2016-11-08 Ready, Set, Draw!

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-11-08 Ready, Set, Draw!
Date 2016/11/08
Location Lost Light - Habsuites - Common Lounge
Participants Skids, Inferno
Summary Skids teaches Inferno about video games, old West style

This spacious, rectangular room serves as the hub for four habsuite hallways that branch off from it on either side. Tinted blue with warm lighting, it's quiet and cozy during most shifts and invariably bustling with activity in the off hours. When the large videopane isn't buzzing with movies, it's being used for what must be aggressive gaming, evinced by the various controller-shaped dents in the wall nearby. A veritable tangle of game consoles flank the shelving unit, some Terran, some Cybertronian, some truly alien - all modded for mechs.

L-shaped couches circle a simple table in a pisces layout. Off to the side are a few more tables and chairs beside an energon dispenser and an over-priced vending machine.

Spending a little time on campaigns is cool and all but, sometimes you need a bit of multiplayer. So Skids sends a message to Inferno as he said he was down for doing something sometime gaming wise. Meantime there's a box Skids brought from his hab just filled with carts, discs, peripherals and more gear besides. Nothing wrong with a bit of variety.

Inferno's been kind of in a daze, ever since that day in Red Alert's habsuite. It's the good kind of daze, processor in the clouds as he goes about his normal duties, a half-realized smile on his face wherever he goes. He'd forgotten, throughout all of this, about wanting to learn gamer stuf from Skids, and so when the message comes it wakes him somewhat from his lovesick stupor. Oh yeah! He heads to the common lounge to meet Skids, and when he shows up his grin is the usual.

"Heya, Skids." Inferno settles next to the mech, looking down at the box and chuckling. "Didn't think this video game stuff needed so, whatcha got fer me? What kind a game we playin'?"

"Hey there..." Skids says, pausing the game and turning as he arrives. Once Inferno's settled in he looks over to the box, back to Inferno, then he explains as realisation dawns. "Yeah, you can just use a basic controller for most things but, sometimes, it's just too slow, or there's not enough bindings or, in the case of Wildside... it takes a full set of gear to work it. Also, data drives full of games. Have a look, see if there's anything you fancy."

Inferno tries to follow what Skids is saying, he really, really does. But, like the last time Skids talked video games at him, it all kind of flies over his helm, and the smile he gives is one of those polite yet clearly confused curving of lips. He...has no idea what any of that meant. "Uh, sure, I'll give 'em a once over, see if anythin' jumps out at me." He bends, beginning to paw gently through the box and its contents. All of this is foreign to him, and he's not sure how delicate it is, so he's careful as he searches before he comes upon some of the data drives. There are so many different titles, hinting at so many different types of games, it makes him feel even more out of his element. Finally he picks one with a game titled something that either came from or was inspired by Earth's American West.

About cowboys. Because of course.

"How's this?" 'Ferno asks as he holds it up. Is it even two-player? He doesn't know. It was the first thing to catch his attention.

Skids checks out the title selected and nods, a grin forming on his face. "Okay, cool. In fact, try going for a real experience. Hang on." Skids then goes through the contents pulls out some headsets, light guns, and two sensor laden body harnesses. "Saddle up. Take a gun or two, suit up and put on the headset. I made them myself. The gear retranslates the input to reflect your movements in the game. More than that though. It puts the actual strength you got into a blow, your actual speed if you break into a run. Really real. Instead of pushing buttons... You can really quickdraw. Give it a shot."

Inferno's optics cycled as Skids produced the headsets, guns and harnesses, before saying he'd...designed it all himself? "That's real neat," Inferno offers, carefully taking the equipment and beginning to put it on. "Though I don't think this is the place ta be runnin' around and punchin' at stuff." He suits up anyway, hoping he's positioned everything correctly on his frame, and once it's all in place he looks to Skids. "Now what do I do?" Maybe they should've taken this to the practice rooms, if the game he chose was going to end up being that active. Except the practice rooms don't have gaming consoles...well, he'll just wait to see what Skids says.

Skids suits up and says, "It's cool. Once I start the game you'll see and be able to move about, just act natural, but there's stuff built in so, even though you're moving, you'll not run off somewhere or knock anything over." Skids skips the science. As there's games that need a playing! "Loading in three... two... one."

Then there's an old western town. Skids at one end of the only main street, Inferno at the other. Both are holding a pair of old fashioned six-shooters. Skids calls over to Inferno, "Oh, two things. You want to bring up the game menu, change settings, stuff like that, snap your fingers." Skids clicks then clicks again to demonstrate. "You need to exit the game at any point... just clap. It's in versus mode just now so, soon as you shout Draw! we can both fire. Fastest gun wins. Good luck." a tumbleweed rolls past the two gunslingers as... what kinda western would it be without one?!

"Uh, right, sure thing." Yeah 'Ferno still doesn't get it, but it's worth a shot to try anyway! He waits as Skids counts down and then - whoa. Inferno looks around the town, and somehow feels right at home. He likes this game already and they haven't even started playing yet. "Snap my fingers an' that changes settings, got it." Is he supposed to be doing that? He'll worry about it after the first round. He's kind of excited to try this. He squares off against Skids, at the other end of the street, adopting the stereotypical cowboy dueling pose in this virtual environment. You can tell what his favorite type of Earth movie was.

"Right. Shout draw, and we fire." Inferno waits a beat, letting the silence stretch for just a klik, before he gives a sharp, "Draw!"

And out come the guns.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Skids=reaction+reaction Vs Inferno=reaction+reaction < Skids: Failure (2 2 4 2 2 4) Inferno: Good Success (8 6 2 1 7 5) < Net Result: Inferno wins - Solid Victory

Waiting for the call, Skids tries to remember about this game... and remembers something... a little too late. He hears Inferno shouting, and firing, and Skids draws but puts too much into lifting the gun, expecting the weight of his weapons systems deployed, so he never even gets to pull the trigger by the time the shots fired his way hit home. Knocked on to his back by the force of the impact, Skids just laughs as the animation of red liquid oozes from the hit markers.

Once the round's announced a win for 'Ferno by a disembodied voice Skids feels the death animation end and he can stand up again. "Nice shot!" He calls happily, "Just let me get ready and we can go for round two!" Skids snaps his fingers and changes characters so, now, he's holding a old style shotgun. "My turn to call this time. Ready?" Skids pauses, gun slung at his side, and waits. Then, suddenly he calls, "Draw!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Skids=firearms Vs Inferno=firearms+2 < Skids: Good Success (6 6 3 8 4 4 6 7 7 2) Inferno: Great Success (5 6 2 2 8 6 8 5 7 7 4) < Net Result: Inferno wins - Marginal Victory

Years of practice have Inferno lifting his gun quickly and surely, (virtual) arm steady as he fires. When he wins the round, he's surprised, and laughs out loud. "Didn't expect ta beat ya," he says good-naturedly. Following Skids' lead, he snaps his fingers and manages to figure out how to scroll through the character selection without having to ask. Hm, that one looks interesting...Before, his character had used the stereotypical revolvers of the time period. The one he chooses now is equipped with flintlock pistols, the design longer, the grip angled more.

"Ready!" Inferno affirms, cocking both guns as he does. When Skids gives the word -

BAM. The flintlock pistols leave a cloud of smoke in their wake, the noise startling enough that Inferno almost drops them. Again, it's the experience of millenia that has his hold firm, his aim remaining true. He's a lot better at this than he thought he'd be.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Skids=firearms Vs Inferno=firearms < Skids: Great Success (5 7 6 7 7 5 3 8 1 3) Inferno: Success (1 1 4 5 4 5 8 6 4) < Net Result: Skids wins - Solid Victory

After firing Skids feels another hit and another trip to the floor. By the time he gets back up he's grinning happily. It's clear that he's having fun, and a lot of it. He mimes taking his hat off and calls in reply "Don't be so modest! A quick draw and sure shot you are most certainly sir!"

Before the next round Skids feels the weight again of the shotgun, testing it a few times, tossing it from hand to hand. More confident this time he holds it loosely and calls "Draw!" Dropping to one knee as he fires. Still a big, easy to hit, target but it might help with the recoil.

The announcer confirms Skids has, indeed, won that round but lost the match. Two to one. Skids then walks over to Inferno and asks, "You okay there? It's a bit odd the first time you get a jolt."

Skids isn't the only one having fun. When the pistols fire and his shots strike true, Inferno laughs again. He should've gotten into video games ages ago! "I do my best!" he gives back, winking an optic, tilting the stetson his character wears at a jaunty angle. It's about as much of a brag as you'll get out of this mech. The next round begins, and Inferno prepares himself. When Skids yells out he -

Maybe flintlock pistols weren't the best choice for two rounds in a row, as his thumbs fumble just enough on cocking them to slow his reaction time. Inferno raises them and fires, but he's too late. Skids has already hit him. This time Inferno's the one on the floor, having lost the last round, though he'd apparently won the whole shebang anyway. He grins as he easily picks himself up, pushing the headset up onto his forehelm so he could look at Skids, the actual Skids. "Yeah, I'm peachy! Yer real good at buildin' this tech, yanno? I liked it." He doesn't seem at all perturbed by having been virtually shot.

Skids exits the game and takes his helm off, "I had to build it. Truth is, on the longer sessions... I kept breaking the normal controllers. Forgot my own strength. So, most of it was making something strong enough to keep up with me. The other stuff to make it fully immersive kinda just happened by accident really."

Un-clipping the harness and taking the sensor suit off Skids adds, "You can hang onto that one. Or if you, like, need another just tell me. They work with just about any game without any tweaking."

Placing his harness back in the box Skids notices a little light on his forearm display. "Oh, what? Usual cheapshot..." He says to himself then turns to Inferno, "Sorry, tourney, they've been changing the time of the next match to try and get an easy pass to the next round. Gotta run... but thanks again for the game!" Skids scoops up the stuff in the box and makes off to get the to the next round.

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