2016-11-03 Insecurity and Doubts

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Insecurity and Doubts
Date 2016/11/03
Location Sunstreaker and Sideswipe's Habsuite
Participants Blaster, Sideswipe
Summary -and Sideswipe putting them to rest.

Blaster is all laid out on Sideswipe's side of the bed, looking cozy and comfortable. Thank the various gods that Sunstreaker was not there, cause there might have been a lot of questions and maybe some fists being thrown at Blaster being there. As it is, he almost got the wrong berth. But upon second thoughts, he remembered that Sides's side would be the messy one and flopped on that one instead. It might not have been the best idea to give Blaster the code to your room, Sideswipe.

Sideswipe nearly has a spark attack as he enters his room, registering someone on his berth. It takes a long moment for his instincts to calm, and for him to remember that he gave Blaster the code to his room, and he does recognize the shape and color. "DJ B, wow, hi. What's up?"

Blaster is almost asleep when he hears someone's voice. "Hum... uh..." Was the brilliant reply as he drifts off again. The room was nice and dark and the right temperature for sleeping.

Sideswipe is just going to sigh, and sit on his berth. And pokes at Blaster until he scoots over enough for him to lay down. "Had fun, did you?"

Blaster wiggles off to the side at the pokes, more ticklish when drunk than not. He mumbles something a little incoherent, then pulls Sides down to cuddle. "Wanted to drink with you." He tells him, snuggling into the lambo's chestplate.

And that would be Sideswipe switching to rubbing circles on Blaster's back, after he's pulled down to cuddle. "Yeah, I wanted to go too. I got busy, sorry about that. Want me to make it up to you?"

"I just want to spend time with you. I feel like it has been forever since I seen you last." Blaster looks so sad right now. And kind of cute. He managed to pull off a doe eyed look, watching Sideswipe right then. "... Isn't this sad? I never thought I'd feel so... clingy." He says suddenly, as if hit by a personal epiphany.

"Nah...I feel the same. I really wanted to spend time with you today, but I couldn't even get off ship." Sideswipe sighs, tugging Blaster a bit closer as he does. "I'd really like to make it up to you." Don't worry, he's not going anywhere now.

"There's a carnival going on. Maybe we can go to that?" Blaster loves loud and crazy carnivals.

"Sounds fun. We can go tomorrow, okay?" They have time for this. And a carnival sounds like fun. Sideswipe's down for this.

Blaster snuggles into Sideswipe more. "I love you, we need to spend more time together. Cause... that is what committed couples do right? I'm not losing you, right?" Now Blaster looks a little panicked, cause he really wanted to make this relationship go right. For once, he was not interested in having a short time fling. He clings to Sides more. "I'm sorry if I was not giving you enough attention..."

Sideswipe lets out a soft 'oof' as he's clung to harder, but chuckles afterwards, "I'm not lost when I'm with you." cue wiggling until he can tuck Blaster's helm under his chin, humming in content. "You're not going to lose me that easily, DJ B. Not be a long shot."

Blaster laughs a little. "And here I thought I was the romantic one." Still, he gets very comfortable on Sides, using him as a pillow, partially. "I still worry though. That... maybe... you can do better than me. You know?"

"I'm full of surprises." Sideswipe gives Blaster a cheeky grin, as he lets Blaster get comfortable, "Even if I could, I don't wanna. I want you." and back to rubbing circles on Blaster's back.

"Even when I am an overcharged and clingy mess?" Blaster asked, although he didn't have to. He knew Sideswipe meant everything he said, but his own niggling self doubts tell him that there is still a time, and place, and day... where Sideswipe would find himself wanting to be in the arms of another.

"Even then. Even now. I'm staying." And Sideswipe is going to do what he could to put those worries to rest. He means every word he said; he wanted Blaster above anyone else.

If Blaster could melt into Sideswipe right now, he would. As it is, he presses in closer, letting his insecurities and worries go so he can enjoy being with Sides at the moment.

That was a good sign. Sideswipe is not going to disturb the peace, and simply lay there with Blaster in his arms.

"... does Sunny know about us?" Blaster suddenly asks, breaking the silence and peace.

"...I...don't think so. He hasn't been in the room...or around me for that matter." Sideswipe hasn't seen his brother for more than a few moments for the entire trip.

"Oh..." Blaster says, looking... possibly a little dejected.

"B? You okay?" Sideswipe asks, because that did not sound good.

Blaster shakes his head. "Nothing really. I had a silly thought that you might be ashamed of me..."

"Nope. Sunny hasn't stayed long enough to even say 'hi' to." Sideswipe responds, sighing as he looks over at the empty berth. He'd hoped to actually talk to his brother...but that is clearly not happening.

"Okay. I thought maybe you were too ashamed of me to talk to your brother..." Blaster says quietly.

"Not a chance. Scared to, maybe. I have a feeling he's gonna deck me. Not looking forwards to that." Sideswipe chuckles.

"Is it because I am not a great choice?" Blaster asks.

"Nah. Because I didn't tell him when it happened. Even if he wasn't around to tell." Sideswipe is quick to put that doubt to rest.

"I love you." Blaster says again. "You are the greatest good I ever got in my life."

"I love you, too. I..." and it is now that Sideswipe lost his words, so he settled for tightening his hold on the other mech.

Blaster kisses Sides passionately and tenderly before snuggling again, peace blanketed over the both of them once more.

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