2016-10-31 You Said Duty

From Transformers: Lost and Found

You Said Duty
Date 2016/10/31
Location Lost Light: Docks and Storage -- Shuttle Bay
Participants Blackstorm, Sterling
Summary Somewhere in the universe Starstruck is giggling like a child.

While it is not technically Blackstorm's job to run the shuttle bay, upon occasion he is more than willing to grab a shift there if one of the workers needs time off. That's how the minibot finds himself behind the control panel for the shuttle bay's various docks and sectors. The panel blinks with life, but for all that it's something of a droll job. Without any ships flying out today there's not a lot to organize. He would much rather be out among the repair crew instead of sitting idle...

It shows. As the time passes, Blackstorm does increasingly ludicrous things to entertain himself. One moment he is balancing on the back of the chair. The next he is sprawled across the floor doing a dramatic rendition of... What is that? Whatever it is is, it must be a horrible movie. He only collects himself when he spots movement across the shuttle bay.

Desperate for entertainment, he reaches out with a hand. "Come here! Help me! I'm dying," he calls out. The falling giggle warns he is not. "Of boredom!"

Sterling jolts to attention as a voice comes across the shuttle bay, calling for help.. Only to degrade into giggles and that explanation. Still wary, Sterling approaches him. What if he IS hurt and just hiding it? How would she even begin to help him? As she approaches Sterling suddenly gets a flash of recognition on her seeable features. Thats... oh no, she can't remember his name. Oh she doesn't want to be rude, did he ever even tell her? Would it be awkward to say she forgot? Maybe she can- Oh no. She's standing right in front of him now.

Blackstorm expects the approaching mecha to be one of the shuttle bay workers. They're long used to Blackstorm and know not to take his antics seriously, but the closer they come it clicks that they are not. Trying to put himself in a slightly more dignified position, Blackstorm sits up from his slumped posture and leans forwards with bright, curious optics. He cannot stop his glossa from wagging, though. "Ohhey, look! It's the craz-" No, don't say 'crazy ex.' Don't say it.

"The crazy, awesome gun from that rescue mission. " Smooth. Hide his slip by making an equally bad slip, commenting on a stranger's alt mode.

Sterling frowns and tilts her head as he seems to cut off halfway through his sentence. What had he been about to say? She clearly is not convinced by his attempt at a save but lets it go. "Y-your that mech who helped to save me aren't you?" Well.. the one who was with the ones who saved her. He kinda tried to flirt with her captor. "Nah, I was just the ride," Blackstorm chirps. Sadly not the ride for the slug, not after stealing his slag, but that is a grouse for another time. He got free stuff, though! Yeah, free stuff! "The credit for saving you goes to the other mecha. I just know how to fly a shuttle. Makes me useful."

Blackstorm leans over the control panel and offers up his tiny hand to shake. A cocky grin flashes across his faceplates. "Let's just start from step one, yeah? Blackstorm of the Tetrahexian Temptest."

Sterling gently leans forward to take his hand and give it a gentle shake. O-ok good, apparently he had never told her his name. Ok this means she wasn't being dumb and stupid and- "I'm Sterling of Kaon..." Releasing his hand she.. Well she looks incredibly awkward, as if unsure what to do next, "Well.. thank you anways- for what you did do!" Habitually she lights up a cygar, quickly breathing in the smoke.

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Climbing: Good Success. (7 7 1 6 3 8 1 3)

Is that what Blackstorm thinks it is? The minibot clambers on top of the control panel, optics bright with curiosity. He recently ran out of cygs and he smells an opportunity! Feigning curiosity, he points to the cyg in her hand. "You a smoker, too?" he asks. "Mind if I take a look? I want to see what you smoke. That looks like the good slag. Also, pleasure to meet you, Sterling."

He holds out a hand, optics bright with curiosity. How can you deny this face?

Sterling takes a step back as he climbs the console, panicked confusion flashing across her features. W-what is he doing? Did she do something wrong did he- Oh... her cygar.. Does he.. Does he want one? "Um.. yes?" Leaning slightly away, she offers her cygar out to him, entirely unsure of what is going on or what he really wants. If he wanted one he would have just asked.. right?

Aw yes. Free shit! (Thank you, Starstruck, for teaching Blackstorm that word). The minibot rolls it around in the palm of his hand with a curious gaze. It's a cyg just like any other, for sure. Who cares if someone has already gotten a puff or two out of it? "I think I recognize the brand, but I'd have to..." Before he even finishes, he lifts it to his lip components and takes a drag. "Nah! I was wrong. That's not it." And then he freezes, feigning horror at what he did. "Oops, that was yours, wasn't it? Uh, do you want it back? I'm so sorry." Apparently, no, he will not just ask if he wants one. He'll come up with an elaborate excuse to steal it instead.

<FS3> Sterling rolls Mind+mind: Failure. (3 5 2 1)

Sterling is quick to raise her hands in a placating gesture, "n-no it's ok! I have- I have plenty more! You can keep that one if you want... im.. Im sorry its not the brand you like..." She bites her lip, clearly worried she has insulted or let him down with her apparently horrible choice in cygar brands. Is.. is her brand bad? Does no one else around here smoke them? No one has allergies against this brand do they!? Its pretty obvious from the outside she's worrying over trivial things now.

Victory. Blackstorm's faceplates twitch into the shadow of a self-satisfied smirk. "You're too kind. Sorry about that whole mix up, Sterling," he assures her, pausing to take a deep drag on his free cyg. Free shit always tastes the best. That done, though, the minibot forgets his plays long enough to tilt his helm to the side in the curiousity. He's beginning to rethink that crazy ex theory.

Just talking to this mecha for a few minutes, he can already smell pushover all over her. An odd contrast to the anger she first showed, but interesting enough. The cyg in his digits wriggles as he thinks. "Like it just fine, just not the kind I'm used to is all."

Sterling relaxes a bit when he says that the cyg is ok, "O-oh... its... its ok. Im.. glad you like it...then..." Alright, ok, good so hes not allergic to it or anything. She would have felt horrible if that had been the case! Already her fingers are twitching nervously, now without something to distract herself with. Without her cyg, she quickly crosses her arms, one raising to start tugging at a decoration dangling from her vents. Everything about her body language screams uncertain and uncomfortable. It makes it worse that he was the one flirting with her captor. And she is fading back into awkward silence again.

It does not take long to smell the uncertainty in the air. Perhaps shy, too, along with being a pushover? Either way, Blackstorm is not the kind to abide silence when he has company around. Or when he is alone. Or at any time, really. "Something got your glossa?" he jokes, curious to dig into that mind of hers. This one is just turning out to be a little puzzle. It's not all that often people are so ill at ease around him.

"I don't have something stuck in my grille, do I? I thought I took an oil bath after my drive." Psych, he's a two wheeler. He doesn't have a grille. That is meant as a joke. "Or are you just so overcome by me? Don't worry. Happens a lot. I don't blame you. I'm a lot to take in."

Sterling looks about to respond until he brings up the idea of being 'overcome' by him. Mouth opening then closing, she seems a little more confused than nervous.. Though the unease is certainly still there. "I... w-what?" What does he mean by that? Is she acting weird? Is there something she's supposed to do?

That did not work either. It has been a long time since Blackstorm felt truly awkward, but Sterling has managed it. The minibot's suave demeanor cracks for a moment and he has to struggle to find his glossa. In the end he decides there really is one course to be taken with this mecha: get straight to the point. Maybe that'll breach the gap? The minibot chuckles and shrugs his shoulder armor. "I'm just joking, mecha. Just mean to say you seem uptight," he explains.

Sterling looks alarmed as he calls her out. It isn't that she's upright it's just... "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset you! I just don't know what to say and will probably end up insulting you and just- I'm sorry." She tugs a little harder at her ornament, "It's just everything is so weird here, everyone seems to get along then they don't, and every time i tell them something about myself they seem to get surprised or upset and I don't know what to say to not make them upset and- um.. Maybe i should go."

Blackstorm looks like he got slammed by a truck, and in a way he had. A metaphorical truck made of emotions and serious issues. The things that he is least capable of handling in ever. With a sheepish grin, cyg still clenched in his dentals, the minibot holds out his hands in order to stem the tide of words. Too many words, running together until they became a meaningless meddle. "Hey, hey, hey. Calm down, you're fine," he assures her. "Sounds to me like you just need a drink."

That's a helpful suggestion, right? Maybe? Is this how you handle this sort of thing? Drugs and drinks work for him at least. Sterling can feel herself getting worked up and is quick to snap her mouth shut, even going as far as to bite her lip. A drink.. Does sound good but.. But its way too early to be going drinking! She lets out a soft vent before running a hand over her face, even removing her glasses to rub at her single optic, "No i... im sorry... I just... dont know how to talk to people..." and is not getting any better at it apparently, "At least not on my own."

If Blackstorm could hear thoughts, he would have laughed at that. It is never too early for drinks! It's probably a good thing he cannot. "No need to apologize," the minibot says with a little too much haste. No, seriously. He rather preferred that she didn't. It is easier to forget when they don't linger on the topic. Blackstorm waves his hand to brush the subject aside.

"Don't worry about it too much. Spend enough time around here and you'll loosen up. Then you'll find your tongue flying without thinking," he adds. "There are a lot of things that can loosen a tongue." Mostly drinks. And drugs. But some other things, too! Sterling replaces her glasses, looking back down at him through the lenses. She doesn't say anything, knowing she will just end up apologizing again. But the way she goes back to tugging on her ornament makes it clear what she would say if she were to speak. It also displays her clear doubt in his assurance she will get better at it. She really misses her cygar right now...

... Even more rare, Blackstorm wants to escape a conversation. Although that does happen when he is being threatened, it is a rarity that is spurred by the feeling that he has nothing left to say. The minibot rolls the cyg in his digits and then offers up a nervous chuckle. "Well, it looks like you were headed somewhere when I flagged you down. Don't let me keep you? There's uh, a lot of shuttle stuff to do in here?" he explains, gesturing towards the expanse of the room.

"And I guess I'm duty anyways. Technically. Boring duty, but still duty."

"uh.. Y-yeah.. I'll... see you around, i guess?" Sterling doesn't waste time hanging around, quickly turning and hurrying out of the shuttle bay, entirely skipping what she had come there to do. She just wants to escape embarrassing herself or Blackstorm any further! Once free of his sight the gunformer puts her head into her hands, letting out a groan of misery. She did it again! She made someone else upset!!

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