2016-10-30 Bring Your Hedgehog To Work Day

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-10-30 Bring Your Hedgehog To Work Day
Date 2016/10/30
Location Lost Light - Command: Soundwave's Office
Participants Soundwave, Ultra Magnus
Plot Animorphing
Summary Magnus hedgehog stops by the office to report to Soundwave. More minihedge is worth a backlog.

While some might think that animalizing some crewmates makes the Lost Light a zoo, its no more a circus than usual to Soundwave. If anything, having the mechanimals scurrying around is rather delightful. It's a shame he has his duties to attend to. Many things on his plate, as the saying goes... At least he thinks that's how it goes... It's human, give him a break.

With three vidscreens currently on display and a datapad in one servo, Soundwave is deep in his work. But he doesn't miss the little pitter patter of tiny peets- feets, he means feet. A pause to admire that little sound before signalling his door open. His greeting a silent nod. As always, he brings his work to a stopping point before looking up, remaining silent until that time. Vidscreens down, he peers at his visitor as stiff as ever. "Greetings," he intones.

It has taken him some time and effort to get here, and even now, it takes him some more effort to withstand Soundwave's glance as more scrutiny, even though he strongly suspects that Soundwave will do nothing to damage his dignity more than it already is. The tiny hedgehog form with its bristling spikes sits there on the floor of the office with his sniffing nose lifted, and inside its processor, Ultra Magnus muses on just how tall his usual desk is from down here. After a long pause, he finally says, "... greetings, sir."

Soundwave stares at Ultra Magnus, contemplating picking through his thoughts or not. He settles on letting the former officer keep his 'privacy.' He leans back in his chair, optics dropping the the datapad in hand. "I have placed some work needing your review on your desk. I will supply transport to the desktop when you require it." Business, business. Soothing business that never stops.

"Sir," Ultra Magnus begins uncomfortably from the floor. He lifts his head, and then finally inches forward across the floor. Inch, inch. His frame never really makes it to fast, moving forward at a pace that gets maybe as fast as a scuttle before he finally stops. He's only about a foot away from Soundwave's chair at this point. It took him awhile to get here. "I came to report myself unfit for duty. Technically I believe I have accrued centuries' worth of unused leave at this point--"

Soundwave moves his chair when Magnus speaks again, moving it back to look down properly at the hedgehog. "Your... Assessment is wrong," He speaks contrite and matter-of-fact. "But if you wish to take a leave, you must fill out the proper paperwork." His helm moves just a fraction of an inch to the left before he speaks again out of honest curiosity. "Do you truly want to take leave?"

Ultra Magnus resists a growing urge to find something to gnaw or claw. He draws in on himself, hunkering low to the floor in the roundish shape of a ball. "I must respectfully disagree. I am in no condition to accomplish anything. Sir."

Soundwave leans forward, resting his arms on his knees as he stares down at the hedgehog. Its a soft staring though. "Neither statement an answer to my question." And he respectfully disagrees back, its just implied. "And Ultra Magnus, still capable."

Ultra Magnus makes a low noise, ground in the depths of his frame. It is a sound far more appropriate to his usual size, a deep rumble in the thrum of those Magnusian tones. He lowers his gaze, frown deeply grooved into his hedgehog features, and spends a long moment staring at Soundwave's feet. "I do not even have thumbs," he protests. "In any event, no, I am not particularly interested in taking leave. The last time I took leave it was because I was under direct orders to go on vacation."

"Thumbs, hardly a testament of being capable." Soundwave's most capable cassettes don't have thumbs. Rumble, Frenzy, and Enemy certainly... Try their best with the thumbs they got. He looks upon the dour hedgehog, contemplating several courses of action they could go down as his systems hum. "Would you like to assist me in my personal project? Thumbs are not a requirement." Look, wild Soundwave joke. Try and catch it, Magnus.

Ultra Magnus can't really argue that thumbs make you competent, though as he snorts, the edge of his gloom does not entirely recede. He lets a sigh escape him, trickling out past the metal teeth in his little muzzle, and then tilts his head back as he looks up at him, gaze narrowing as he studies the planes of Soundwave's mask. "Personal project?" he asks.

Soundwave nods, face inscrutible. "Affirmative." He reaches out, setting a hand on the floor with his palm up. He gestures invitingly to the hedgehog but lets him do the approaching. Magnus may be small(and adorable) but he is his own mech, he can choose if he wants to be picked up and elevated or not.

Ultra Magnus eyes Soundwave's hand with deep suspicion. Why do all of the command level officers on this ship want to pick him up and carry him around? He inches towards it warily. He sniffs at the edge of Soundwave's fingers. He hesitates.

"If you wish to assist, you will need to be able to see the vidscreens. And you will not be able to do so from the ground." Honestly, its just a lift. He's not cuddling or grinning ridiculously. Unlike some in Command.

Ultra Magnus rumbles in a low grumbly sound and then inches his careful way onto Soundwave's hand. He sits there in his roundish loaf configuration and frowns without saying anything, because there is just something inherently ridiculous about this.

With Magnus snug in hand, Soundwave sits up, moving his desk forward. "I was one stuck in my alt mode. I was traded and sold and handled by humans until I was able to return to my true form once more," he tells blandly, as if trying to say he understands Magnus's situation. Atleast Magnus is mobile.

Soundwave brings up the vidscreens before lowering his hand and... No, hmmm... Setting Magnus on the table would make him crane his neck. That won't do. There's click as Soundwave's tapedeck opens to the full, revealing the intricate and delicate machinations withint. There's no Cassettes napping, so it provides a full view. Near the very back, some spark casing can be seeing. It's been tampered with, making the badge he now wears on his chassis. Deck door perfectly flat and warm, he sets his hand on the plane to allow Magnus to get off. There, a better view of the screens.

Ultra Magnus hesitates for a long moment before he steps, very gingerly, off of Soundwave's hand and onto the flat surface. Despite the pleasant heat beneath his claws, he still tick-ticks in a hesitant and uncomfortable way as he circles on the plane, trying to figure out where to perch. He sits there, finally, looking to the screens. He says quietly, "That sounds like a much more serious complaint than this absurd situation."

"There was a brief moment of time I thought I would reach the end of my reserves and perish as nothing more than a plaything for humans." It was not a happy time. "The fear and all it wrought was for nothing." Obviously. He adjusts his vocalizer, gesturing to the vidscreens. They looks like body design plans. "I have been in construction of designing an updated frame with a more... mobile alt mode. I have allowed varying degrees of design with alt. Do you believe a grounder alt or aerial to be the most appropriate in relation to the Lost Light and its probable future needs?"

Magnus stares for a long moment, his thoughts dwelling on his own three forms -- all ground bound -- and their differences and similarities. He shakes his head, slowly, drawing his little feet together before him as he watches the images on the screens. He says, "Soundwave, that is a very personal decision. Your frame design is ... yours."

The light in Soundwave's visor flickers and he looks down at Magnus. "I believe Rodimus said as much to the same effect... But I disagree. My frame has been best suited to be repurposed to better pursue and obtain victory and accomplish our goals." The deck Magnus is standing on was augmented there by Ratbat when he was a treaded individual. "I would like your input nonetheless."

The light in Soundwave's visor flickers and he looks down at Magnus. "I believe Rodimus said as much to the same effect... But I disagree. My frame has been best suited to be repurposed to better pursue and obtain victory and accomplish our goals." The deck Magnus is standing on was augmented there by Ratbat when he was a treaded individual. "I would like your input nonetheless."

"Any frame can be effective, with the possible exception of the one I currently occupy." Magnus's voice is particularly dry. He hunches again, almost perfectly round as he stares back toward the designs. "Frames are not merely vessels in which you reside." He sighs just a little, and then shakes his head again, putting his nose down toward the flat plane on which he sits and putting his paws up over his head. Like he's trying to hide his head. "You do not really need me to do the cost benefit analysis for you. You are perfectly competent to do the data analysis yourself. What input do you seek?"

Soundwave glances down at the hedgehog. "I disagree." Sure, Magnus is not capable of what he's normally capable of but that doesn't make him ineffective in this form. His systems hum, the inner machinations of his chassis shifting. Magnus speaking of vessels is rather humorous if you ask him. "Cost benefit analysis, not my goal. With salvaged supplies from the derelict, I can obtain any of these shapes." He pauses, contemplating that question.

What input was he seaking? More like who's, really... "It is a habit I've grown comfortable with. I want to be whatever will help the Lost Light and Decepticons the most." It's not really an answer. More like Soundwave nudging the hedgehog into giving him some form of answer or input.

Magnus is resistant to this, in ways it would be hard for him to describe if called on it. On some level, he thinks of shape as inextricably linked with identity: with the identity he chose for himself as Ultra Magnus, with the identity he cast aside as Minimus Ambus only to one day begin to reclaim it, with private, tentative hope. Now, buried in this tiny form, he feels the insult almost to his sense of self, and stares at Soundwave's options before him with a deep frown and almost a lack of comprehension.

Finally, he says, "Practically speaking, Soundwave, I don't know. If it were me, I would choose the ground based frame because it most resembles my own ... area of familiarity."

Soundwave nods. "You believe familiarity of frame to be important." And it probably is. Something more to consider. He wounders if Megatron would make a similar summation. Hmmm... "Input noted and filed. Thank you, Ultra Magnus... Would you like helping me with further projects?"

The hedgehog looks skeptical. It's a pretty good expression for a hedgehog to have. There's something about the slant of his optics that makes it right at home above the small muzzle. Magnus says, "I do not really see that I have been of much help, but-- what else do you need? I do prefer to be useful," he admits, quietly.

Soundwave has more than enough tasks to help keep Magnus busy and feel useful. Despite his status and surplus of duties, he has an extradinary amount of rather mundane fatherly tasks and plans to make regarding his cassettes. Managing a brood so large takes effort, you know. "I will require your assisstance in picking out a story for Overkill and Slugfest tonight." They like story time. "I have compiled a short list to choose from."

Ultra Magnus looks a little blank. "A story?" he asks. "As in ... fiction?" He says the word like it comes from some foreign language with which he is not entirely familiar.

"Fiction, not requirement. Overkill, enjoys being lulled to sleep. Reading allows for repetitive sound patterns that help to ease one to recharge when read correctly." Like, you know, when read with a monotone voice. "It just needs to fit a certain pentameter. Not every fiction fits the requirment," Soundwave further explains.

"Ah, rhythm and meter." Magnus now finds himself in much more familiar territory. He nods gravely, hedgehog frame settling in its round on the flat plane on which he perches. "Very well. I will review your materials if you like." He's spent a lot of time studying meter, trying to fit words together in an appropriate order to match the structural rules of his poetry.

Soundwave moves the frame designs aside and pulls up a nice list of possible suggestions. It's clearly been alphabetized and indexed by genre. "You may dismiss our add titles if you so choose. Let me know as you review. When you are finished, we can refuel and resume tasks afterwards." If the hedgehog is willing. Soundwave doesn't seem to mind the little spikey noode resting on his open chassis door, though.

Ultra Magnus sits quietly, reading. There is something deeply incongruous about this. A few times, he begins to murmur a passage out loud as he tests the meter in his mouth. The low, fluid resonance of his voice is much different from Soundwave's monotone. He's read aloud before, in certain recreational contexts, but.

As Magnus works, Soundwave pulls up a seperate vidscreen so he may do his work as well. Its seems Magnus is either in better spirits or rightly distracted. His systems keep a steady hum.

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