2016-10-27 The Coming Onslaught

From Transformers: Lost and Found

The Coming Onslaught
Date 2016/10/27
Location Habsuites - Blast Off and Whirl
Participants Blast Off, Onslaught, Whirl
Plot Animorphing
Summary Onslaught decides to check in on one of his Combaticons -with an announcement to make. It's totally NOT at the worst possible time, of course.

It has been a VERY long time since Onslaught checked up on his Combaticons. From his last conversation with Blast Off, he, along with Vortex and Swindle, decided to go on that foolhardy trip on that Autobot ship.

Meanwhile, Onslaught has been looking elsewhere, looking for something better than playing nice with a bunch of bots. Curiousity got the best of him tonight, and he dialed in Blast Off's comm link. "<< Blast Off, this is Onslaught. Report.>>" He was still flying his small shuttle, but he can drive and talk at the same time.

Blast Off is taking it easy in his habsuite. It's been a long, weird week and he's not really keen on being seen right now. Given that due to an accident he is currently an owl. The shuttleformer has been releived of most of his work as the medics and scientists try to get him back to normal, so for right now he's just back home. Home. It IS home, too. He and Whirl and back together, it seems, and for the first time in awhile, despite everything, Boffwl is starting to think that maybe things will be Ok. Maybe this all won't be so bad. Maybe.... wait. What's that ping?

It takes Boffwl a moment to realize what and WHO is calling him. The owl was resting on his wine rack, now (more or less) fixed. Key word *was*. When he realizes Onslaught is suddenly calling him (here, now? WHY??!!) the bird promptly falls off his perch, thudding to the floor in a flutter of wings and poofiness. "Oh my Primus. Oh my Primus. It's HIM." The Combati-owl freezes, save for some heavy panting as he seeks to calm his panic. Wait... wait, he can respond. Just act calm, act natural. Don't put on any visuals. *ahem*

The voice that responds is definitely from Blast Off, though there is an odd tone to it, like his vocoder has been ...updated. Altered. Just something a little off. ...Cuter??? << O-Onslaught! I mean Commander! It's been a long time! >> says Mr. State-the-obvious, Boffwl smacks a wing to his face in chagrin. << Uh... Yes Sir. Vortex, Swindle, and I are on working on schedule, still part of the crew. Doing... well. H-How about you? >> Ugh. Lame. He flattens his wing into his face again.

Hm. There was something definitely off about Blast Off's voice. Like someone mini is trying to mimic his voice. Onslaught glares at the currently darkened screen in momentary silence, as he thinks this through a little bit more. Blast Off's admiration for his commander had always been obvious, and it is very Blast Off to put on his best subordinate tone. That doesn't rule out that someone else might be in the room.

"<< You managed to keep Vortex on schedule. That's a feat in itself.>>" Another pause, this time for effect. "<< Have you kept in contact with Brawl?>>" He knew where Brawl has been- left on a solo mission, Primus he hopes that it all goes well, but his more... skillful mechs have been holed up on that ship.

That earns a soft chuckle from the (former?)shuttleformer. Some things stay the same, don't they? Like problem teammates. << Yes, Vortex is...well, Vortex, but he's.... >> Boffwl pauses as he thinks back to the whole recent incident with Whirl and the Box and Chromedome and the memory wipe and... Primus. It's... it's something Onslaught will have to learn about but... uhh... maybe not *right* now? << ...He's had some ups and downs but I think he's pulling through them now. He's... adapting to our current situation better than before. >> That's a diplomatic way of putting it. Yeah.

As for the rest, Boffwl finds himself shaking his head softly as he flutters back up to the wine rack perch. << No, not recently. Last I knew Brawl was with you. We haven't heard from him for awhile. Is he doing alright? >> He knows Vortex misses him. It's possible that it's been long enough that even Blast Off is starting to miss him, too.

Before he goes any further...

"<<Blast Off, you sound... off. Did you do something different to your vocalizer?>>" Onslaught straight up asked, the impersonator would hang up and run off, if it was Blast Off... well, this should be interesting.

Blast Off 's radio falls silent. Boffwl stands frozen on his wine rack. Frrrrag. FRAG. Onslaught knows... he always knows, dammit. Seriously, it's always really hard to keep anything from him. Doesn't mean the other Combaticons don't try to- at least sometimes. Usually Blast Off is eager to tell Onslaught everything but... but... this? He looks down at his little barn owl body. Um.

"<< No... no, I am... well... uh. >>" Frag. "<< We've been through a lot lately, and I encountered a few... um, unexpected surprises, but... it's fine. Everything will be back to normal soon! >>" Inside, he's already cringing.

"<<Are you /really/ Blast Off? Because I don't take well to others talking on my Combaticon's comm lines. Especially private and personal communicators.>>" Onslaught didn't mince words. Looking at his blank screen again, he turns it on, and unless Blast Off, or the fake Blast Off, turned off the screen, it would turn on, on the other end as well.

Oh nooo. Oh no. Boffwl gets the ping, indicating the visual feed, and his spark sinks. "<< No, it IS me, Sir, I just....! >>" Oh well /shoot/. He blinks into the camera as he spots a red light go on where his wrist, now part of his wing, would be. He lifts it and peers sheepishly- or rather OWLishly- into the lens of the radio communication device. "<<...I had a... a... little accident...>>"

Onslaught is most definately masked, but the surprise and disapproval can most certainly be easy to see. "<<What in the pit happened to you?>>" That explains why Blast Off's voice was off, he was some kind of... strange flying fauna. What were they call- oh yes. Owls. Owls from that dirtball planet he was once stuck on. "<< Do I need to kill someone? Or torment someone? So you can be changed back.>>"

The owl glances nervously off to the side, embarrassed. " <<N-No, no need, it was an accident. We were visiting a space station and there was an accident in the laboratory while we were touring it and...>> " He does brighten just a bit and looks back at the camera, "<< Though I believe I am *this close* to getting a particle cannon from those same aliens just before this happened.... in fact I bet they might even /give/ it to me now, to make up for this... >>" He blinks, and refocuses. "<< Brainstorm, one of this ship's scientists, is working with them right now to correct this mishap and change us back to normal. They expect it will not take too long. >>" He leaves out the part where Brainstorm is currently a crow.

"<<Humph.>>" Is what Ons says at first, to this whole revelation. Then, after a moment. "<< I knew those Autobots are crazy. Heh... I heard rumors that this ship you are on is cursed.>>" Still, it is Blast Off, strange looking mechafauna he is right now.

"I left Brawl behind with a mission. I know, it doesn't seem like a smart move. But I have my reasons. Either way, I got my better mechs on an Autobot controlled ship, playing... nice.>>" Onslaught smirk can he heard in his tone. "<< Anything of interest to report, Blast Off? >>"

Whirl has just finished up his shift and is on his way home for what is sure to be a relaxing evening. Things are really looking up lately now that he and Blast Off are giving their relationship another chance. For the first time in a while, he's looking forward to opening the door to their habsuite.

"Hey, shuttlemuffin," Whirl greets enthusiastically the second he spots Blast Off. "I picked up some energon goodies for you. I made sure they were small enough for you to swallow whole on account of your owl-ness."

"<<What? /Shuttlemuffin/??>>" Onslaught's tone was incredilous. "<< Blast Off, what /is this/ ??>>" This wasn't part of ANY plan. And... that's WHIRL. An AUTOBOT.

Blast Off can't entirely argue with that. Boffwl siighs a little, looking thoughtful (owls can actually look pretty thoughtful, after all). "<< I... can understand why those rumors exist. But no, it's not cursed. It's just been.... eventful. >>" Again with the attempt at tact. "<< I understand. I'm sure whatever you sent Brawl on suits him well. I'm sure he can... uh.... >>" The owl slow blinks, "<< ...well hopefully remember to feed himself in the morning. >>" He fluffs his feathers, settling in to his perch again. The settling stops at those last two sentences. "<< Uh.... yes, we're ...adapting. Autobots, they're odd but... mostly I'm keeping them at wing's length- >>"

And then /Whirl/. The owl stops and gawks- and then suddenly the audial and video feed cuts off. In a panic. Again in a panic, ralizing he can't really *do* this, he turns it back on, nearly falling off his perch in a flutter and fluster of wings and feathers as he tries, fails, and tries again to regain composure. "Whirl!!" Oh Primus help him. "<< Roommate! OH LOOK MY ROOMMATE HAS RETURNED. NO, No there's nothing really to report Onslaught all is quite well. Yes, quite well and uneventful and *ha ha*.... these Autobots are odd, like I was saying...>>"

Whirl is confused by Blast Off's ridiculous reaction. "Woah! What was that all about?" He steps further into the room, door closing behind him. "Roommate? What? Are you talking to someone in here?" It takes a moment for it to click but the second Blast Off drops Onslaught's name, Whirl gets what's going on here.

Whirl says, "Uh.. I mean, what's up shuttle..butt." That's not much better. "Just kidding about getting you energon treats, they're actually all for me.""

There was a very quiet fury building on Onslaught's end.

"<< Blast Off. >>" He intoned, "<< You know better than to keep secrets from me. Talk.>>"

Boffwl glances at Whirl, trying not to look as desperate as he feels, and thank Primus the cyclops gets the hint and at least stops calling him *SHUTTLEMUFFIN*. Whew. Ok, Ok... maybe he'll get through this, maybe... oh frag. The one-time shuttleformer sort of hunches in a bit, wincing, at Onslaught's tone. It's the *I'm getting ticked off now* tone. The owl's claws flex and pinch once.

He glances to Whirl again, then back to the communication device. "<< ...I... uh... >>" Another look, anything to delay, "<< Well ...alright. Whirl is my roommate. He's... he's actually not that bad once you get to know him! He's ...uh... well you might even *like* him if you did, Commander! >>" Though at the same moment he silently begs Primus to please, please never let Onslaught and Whirl meet. "<< We're all... adapting. Learning to work together. But it's making us stronger! It has been... odd at times, but I think we're... coming together in a lot of ways. >>"

Whirl takes the hint and keeps his non-existant mouth shut. He walks over to his side of the room, trying not to make any noise. Just a roomie, that's all!

"<<What's this slag about coming together and being stronger?>>" No Blast Off, this is NOT what Onslaught wanted to hear from you. "<< You sound like... like an /Autobot/.>>"

After he says that, every part of Onslaught goes slack, as it all clicked together. Blast Off's attempt to deflect, Whirl playing along...

"<< Are you an Autobot now as well? Did the bot roommate convert you too or did he just manage to fool you into believing slag like... true love?>>" Yeah, shuttlemuffin didn't sound like an insult.

Oh slag. Everything stops then. This is NOT what Blast Off wanted to hear, either. This is everything he's feared come to fruition. The owl remains stiff, frozen, torn. His heart-shaped owl face stays where it is but his eyes shift to look at Whirl off to the side, then stare down at his own feet. Mustering the courage to speak again, he intakes a deep vent of air and faces the camera, standing at attention as much as owlishly possible. "<< No, Sir. I am a Combaticon, I will *always* be a Combaticon first. >>" He doesn't say anything about his thoughts on true love because he can't think of anything to say right now that won't dig his grave deeper.

"<< I'm actually /offended/, Blast Off. And it is not the lying bit, at least, lying to me.>>" Onslaught said each word as if it was a war hammer slamming down, not brutal, but more like a warning. " << Here I thought you would be an upstanding example, to Vortex. To Swindle. Even to Brawl. Especially to Brawl. Did you let this worm get to you? >>" A much deeper tone now. "<< You better not be spilling OUR secrets to outsiders. >>"

Ouch. Every word is making Boffwl cringe. Blast off admires Onslaught. He has followed him willingly, eagerly, for millions of years. Blast Off, he who has always made a show of being aloof and superior, has always been unabashedly an Onslaught fan, readily speaking of his brilliance to anyone who will listen. So each word stings- in particular Onslaught's disappointment, his *offense*. The owl stands, taking it all in, face pinching, wincing at the words.

Boffwl's head starts to hang in shame. "<< I... I'm sorry, Onslaught. C-Commander! I... It's just been a long trip and I... I... >>" Then there's that *last* part. Blast Off swings his head up to protest, confident that he would never do such a thing (of course not!), "<< No, I would /never/! I...">> Then his beak freezes in mid-sentence. Well... he would never except for that one secret. You know, kind of the BIGGEST ONE, the Combaticon's achille's heel... heh, oh yeah, he did tell Whirl THAT, which led to this whole mind-wiping mess to begin with. The owl cringes down again. "<< I wouldn't... mean to... >>"

Whirl clears his vocalizer from his side of the room. "Uh.. should I leave? I think I should leave."

Onslaught glares steadly at the Boffwl, his silence weighing heavily on both his Combaticon and that filthy Autobot. "<< We'll talk more later. In private. And AFTER I arrive on this ship. I thought I could leave all of you alone. But now I am sure Vortex and Swindle are getting in their own messes.>>" He shakes his head, this is not how he imagined announcing his arrival to Blast Off, but you sometimes have to go with what you got. It serves as a decent... warning to the ex-Wrecker as well.

The owl's already large eyes grow even wider. He glances at Whirl, but can't bring himself to respond, for the bombshell Onslaught just dropped on him takes up all possible mental space now. "<< You're..... Coming.... Here?!? >>" Boffwl nearly loses his grip on his perch and has to flap his wings to regain it, sending the camera into a tizzy for a moment before he draws it up again. "<< NOW??! >>" Of course now. He nearly falls off again. Wait, breathe. Air cycle in, air cycle out. The owl tries to calm himself down and unruffle his feathers. Be a Combaticon. Combatiowl. Whatever. Gulp. "<< ...Understood, Sir. >>"

"What!?" Even Whirl is shocked by this turn of events. Did he hear that right? Is Onslaught, his boyfriend's Commander who most definitely would not approve of their relationship, is coming here? To the ship? "Fuck! He's gonna kill me!"

"<<Not NOW, but SOON. Tell Tex and Swindle as well. Unless you want me to surprise them as much as I surprised you.>>" Onslaught sounded smug again, obviously liking that he freaked Blast Off out. "<< Maybe by then, you'd straighten out. Over and out.>>" And the comm clicked off.

Blast Off just stares into the camera, nearly dumbfounded. He finally manages one word. "<< ....Understood. >> Don't worry, he'll be calling Swindle and Vortex immediately, warning them- er, giving them the /good news/. Hopefully Vortex will answer his comms. Primus save them all. The comm clicks off, and the bird slumps down in his perch right thereafter, shaken. His blank stare stretches out into space until he finally remembers Whirl just spoke.

Dazed, the owl turns to him. There's a pause, and then he point-blank agrees, voice flat. "Yes." His wings droop down hopelessly, expression still stunned. "Most likely right after he finishes /me/ off." He has no idea how he's going to explain... well, pretty much everything.

"Aw geez.. And we just got back together." Is this what they call irony? "Okay, okay, it'll be fine. I'll go to the armoury and suit up. I can take him on, right?"

The staring goes up a notch. Boffwl turns and gives Whirl one heck of an incredulous look, and he's already given Whirl many of them over the time they've known each other. "WHAT??" The owl's wings flick up, feathers fluffing in alarm. "WHAT?? WHIRL! NO! No! You can't *take on Onslaught*!! Are you out of your *mind*??"

"Well I'm not just gonna stand here and wait for him to kill us!" Whirl shouts, pacing around the room. "I mean, maybe he wont actually kill you but he'll definitely kill me! I'm sure Brainstorm can whip something up for me... How long do you think it will take for Onslaught to get here?"

"I...uh... I don't know..." Blast Off admits, feathers ruffled as he grips the wine rack perch tightly. His wings jerk up in a shrug, then hang down as he emphasizes a point. "But you can't *fight* him. No Whirl, we.. we..." The owl starts to look around, hopping on one foot to the other nervously. "We need to remain calm. I'm SURE this will all get sorted out. I just need to convince Onslaught that you're not so bad! That's all!" Like that won't be incredibly, almost impossibly difficult. I mean, heck, most of his fellow /Autobots/ can't stand Whirl, he's just THAT likeable, surely getting Onslaught to like him too will be a piece of petro-cake! Yeah!

Ha ha ha.... Oh primus they're all doomed.

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