2016-10-24 Dog and Crow Show

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Dog and Crow Show
Date 2016/10/24
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Brainstorm, Rung
Plot Animorphing
Summary Rung gives Brainstorm a han- er... paw.

Having been given quarters on PR-138 has saved Brainstorm a bit of time and hassle, eliminating the need to constantly go between the ship and the station. It didn't eliminate it entirely, however. The Elemens' tools aren't too shabby, but he'd still prefer to bring in some of his own equipment, from his own workshop.

And therein lies the problem. Brainstorm always makes sure to lock the door and arm the security measures when he leaves. Unlocking it requires a passcode. Normally, this isn't a problem. It's not like he would forget the combination to his own workspace. No, the problem is that the keypad is suddenly way above his head. Thankfully, the transformation has left him with the ability to fly. What it didn't leave him with is the knowledge of how to fly in place. This results in a somewhat comical scene involving him trying to hit the keys with the talons of one foot, the other trying to brace against the wall, and his wings flapping desperately in an attempt to keep him aloft. He's developing a new respect for Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, and the rest of the bird-cassetes. How they get anything done like that is a wonder.

Rung is running around the halls, loneliness driving him to seek out company. Being a dog is horrible so far, it's embarrassing when the animalistic instincts rise up and already his work is beginning to pile up. The worst part is that he is not entirely certain how much of the rising loneliness is real or brought on by his dog side's unwillingness to be alone. It is unsettling. Without the distraction of work, Rung has taken to wandering about to try and ease his rising misery. As he passes a doorway he pauses. Is.. is that Brainstorm, now in crow form? What is he doing? Trotting over, Rung calls out, "Brainstorm, that is you correct? What are you trying to do?"

The sound of Rung's voice startles the crow, causing his talons to slide over the pannel. The display falshes an angry red and buzzes - wrong code. Not that Brainstorm can do much about that at the moment. Managing to regain contgrol ver himself, and his wings, he flutters down to the ground. That's...Rung, isn't it? Yes, Bulkhead was bigger "I'm opening the door, can't you tell?" he answers, annoyedsarcasm seeping into his voice.

Rung stops in front of Brainstorm, looking from the smaller bird to the door panel. A sympathetic look comes to his features, he has already bore witness to the panels problem himself. Without saying another word, Rung moves over to the wall beneathe the panel and rears back onto his hind legs before bracing his front paws against the wall. He can just reach the panel with his nose but looks back to Brainstorm expectantly. Obviously he just turned himself into a living perch for the bird bot.

Brainstorm cocks his head to the side as Rung begins to move before he realises what he's doing. Oh, that works! "Just don't expect me to give you my passcode" he jokes, fluttering up onto the dog's head "I know half your job is keeping secrets, but I can't just go around giving it out." thankfully, he won't have to. With the new booster, the engineer can now reach the damned panel enough to peck at it. The screen flashes green, and the door slides open.

"Thanks!" Brainstorm jumps off and up, flapping through the door, only to come right back as a new thought hits him "Hey, while you're here, you mind helping me with something else?"

Rung chuckles gently at the crow, keeping his head steady, "I wouldn't dream to ask you to give it to me." Rung wilts a little internally as Brainstorm flaps through the newly opened door. Back to wandering... Pushing off the wall Rung is halfway turned around when Brainstorm calls back to him. Ears perking, Rung quickly looks back, "Of course I would be willing to assist you," It takes an incredible amount of willpower to keep that tail from wagging, "How can I help?" Bird friend wants Rung's company!- No, Brainstorm requested Rung's help.

To be honest, Brainstorm himself is quite happy for the company as well, though normally, he's quite fine spending hours alone. At least, company around which he doesn't get the feeling that it will eat him if he doesn't drive it out of its own lab. Sure, Rung might be a dog, but atleast he's a friendly dog.

"See, I need to get a few things back to the station lab. Just a couple tools and a few other things." this time, he lands right on Rung's back. "Thing is, I don't think I can carry it all at once like this" he flares his wings, as if to demonstrate "So i'd be stuck going back and forth, and leaving my lab unlocked and unattended all that time if I did. Care to give me a hand -- or a mouth I guess, with moving some of this stuff?"

Rung steadies his movements as Brainstorm lands on his back, trying to be a steadier perch. "Of course I would be willing to help!" He makes his way over to Brainstorm's station, stopping just below it so the bird can hop up to the table if he wishes, "Perhaps you could put your tools into something I can carry so we only have to take a trip or two." Rung obediently sits on the floor, waiting for the engineer to tell him what he should be doing. What a good dog, he should be given all the attention.

Riding in on Rung's back, Brainstorm takes a moment to marvel at how big everything seems now that he's so small. Once at the workstation, he hops up on it. Well, hello there, cyberwraith! Now they're at eyelevel with each other! Do cyberwraiths even have eyes? Well, who cares. He's got other things to take care of "Hmmm, okay, see that toolbox over there, next to the holoprojector?" yes, the one with the gun sticking out of it "We can use that. Just dump whatever's in it out. I'll clean it up later."

Rung swivels to look at the toolbox before bounding over, quickly shoving it over with his nose. All the things inside go clashing to the floor but Rung ignores that to grab the handle in his mouth. Lifting head high, the cocker spaniel walks back over to gently place the toolbox at the foot of the table. Ready when Brainstorm is!

While Rung is off fetching the box and making a mess out of its contents, Brianstorm hops across the table, picking out tools from among those scattered on it and gathering them into a pile. He's still getting used to this whole beak thing, and carrying things with his mouth. Now he's going to have to get it all in the box...hmmm. A nudge, and the whole pile comes tumbing down. Some of it even makes it into the box, but the rest end up spilling onto the floor. The crow flutters down to the floor. Let's try this moving while flying thing again! But first, he turns to Rung again "There should be this yellow box thing with lots of lights on it over on that table over there. Could you get it? And try not to put any holes in it."

Rung fumbles back as everything comes tumbling down. Narrowly getting things rained down on him, he perks once again as he is asked to fetch something. No! Wait, fetch was the wrong wo- FETCH! Rung can get it! Once again the therapist takes off with that excited gait, raising up on his hind legs to see what is one the table. Yellow box.... Yellow box... There! Using a combination of paws, tongue, and teeth, Rung manages to gently pick the object up and brings it back, carefully placing it in the corner of the toolbox. He even makes it fit flush to the edges with his nose.

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Reaction+Body: Success. (1 2 8 5)

While Rung is off fetching, Brainstorm sets to hiding the spilled tools. Wait, no, storing not hiding. Why does it feel like hiding, and why does it feel so satisfactory? He should cover this all up when he gets everything in.

No, no, no, back to work. Gettitng the last piece of spillage into the box, he jumps off its edge, and up into the air again. Let's see, where did he leave that resonance scanner! Ah! There it is! Being small enough to fly around indoors has its conveniences. Dropping down on to the hourglass-shaped devices, he grasps at it, and takes off again. He's got this! He's got this! He just has to get it to the box without dropping it.

It's a rather loose hold, and the tool dangles and wobbles as he pulls it off the table, dislodging yet another tool. Or maybe it's a weapon of some sort, who knows. What it definitely is, is round, and thus quite prone to rolling off the table, and across the floor.

<FS3> Rung rolls Mind+Reaction: Success. (4 1 7 3 2 2)

Rung watches Brainstorm retrieve his tools then- Ball!? The dog's eyes lock onto the rolling object, head following it as it goes across the floor. Ball? Play!? Play ball- NO! Primus, Rung keep control of yourself! It is likely a very delicate piece of machinery prone to causing others damage. Having to practically wrench his head away, he instead watches Brainstorm's shakey progress with the device. Standing up, Rung tracks the bird's progress so he can run to help if needed.

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (4 4 8 2)

Brainstorm's a bit too preocupied with getting his gadget back to the box to pay much attention to the ball. It's incredibly tempting to stop flapping and just turn on his engines, which would be rather disastrous as he doesn't have any engines right now, and these wings are not built well to glide. He's not exactly used to having anything dangle below him while flying either, nor dropping it. Drop it he does though, in part, involuntarily as it's already slipping through his talons. Thankfully, it does make it into the box, though just barely, clanking off the edge before sliding down onto the other tools. Brainstorm himself lands on the handle, to rest, and marvel at his own aim "I feel like a bomber!"

Rung sits down beside the box, tail scraping against the floor as it wags. "It was a rather impressive drop!" He looks down in the box as Brainstorm lands on the handle, gauging how heavy it likely will be now, "So what would you like me to do now?"

"Hmmm" From his perch, Brainstorm looks down into the box. All he has to do is cover this up, and it'll all be hidden nice and -- focus! Okay, looks like there's only a little room left here. He flies up again, slapping over the room until he spots what he needs "I'm gonna need your help for this. I can get this down from the shelf, but it's a bit heavy for me to carry far, so I'm going to need you to do that." with that he flits over to the shelf in question, upon which lies a rod shaped device, complete with all the mandatory flashy lights and buttons.

Rung hops up and follows Brainstorm across the lab, staring up at him as he goes to the shelf in question. "Alright, I can do that."

"Watch out bellow" Brainstorm warns as he nudges the tool with his beak. One nudge two, and the rod goes rolling onto the floor. If Rung heeds his warning, and it doesn't fall right ontop of him, it will continue on rolling until something stops it. Go fetch, doggy!

<FS3> Rung rolls Reaction+Reaction: Failure. (6 6 5 1)

Rung, for all his rearing himself up to catch the rod, misses mid air. His jaws snap down on air as it falls past and clatters to the floor. Letting out a frustrated noise he immediately goes chasing after it. Clawed feet skittering on the floor, he slides to a stop as he grabs the rod and turns to look up at Brainstorm. He got it! Did he do good? Tail furiously wagging from how good he did, Rung goes back to the toolbox and drops it on top of the little pile.

Brainstorm can't help but chuckle, which comes out sounding a bit like a caw as he watches Rung, and that tail "Sorry, I'm all out of energon treats. I'm sure the locals would be happy to share though." He flutters back down to join the therapist at the toolbox "Seriously, it's like Velocitron all over again. For me anyways." the Velocitronians may have looked down on immobile altmodes, but they sure seemed fascinated by his wings.

Rung takes initiative and grips the handle of the toolbox between his teeth, hefting both it and Brainstorm up as a result. It also serves as a distraction from the wave of embarrassment that courses through the therapist. Why does he keep giving in to those animal instincts!? Nevertheless his tail is still wagging, no treats? That's ok! Pets will do fine! Everything about his body language from, obviously, tail to ears practically screams 'pay attention to me!'.

To make the load a little lighter, Brainstorm hops off of the toolbox, and flits up onto Rung's back again. Don't worry about him, he's got this hanging on thing down, mostly. He'll just need to hop off for a moment to lock the door again once they're out, but that will be easier. It's just one button - no passcode for locking the room "It's the same lab where all this happened." he directs.

Making a noise to let the engineer know he's been heard, Rung starts trotting off at a brisk pace. A cocker spaniel carrying a toolbox with a crow on his back. Quite the sight for any passersby.

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