2016-10-23 Gun and Sword

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Gun and Sword
Date 2016/10/23
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Sideswipe, Blaster, Sterling
Summary Sideswipe tries to help Sterling de-stress, emphasis on tries.

Sterling has found her way to the practice rooms and is currently harshly beating a punching bag with some knuckledusters she found in the room. She really isn't sure if she is even allowed to be in there so late- or using the equipment- but her cygars haven't been doing the trick to help her de-stress. Everything is just so overwhelming and weird and- Her fist makes contact with the punching bag again. This is familiar, this is something she knows. The gunformer used to spar with one of her first wielders and then Screwloose in her spare time. Both said if she ever got caught without a wielder she would need to know how to defend herself more properly. So now, she can throw a mean punch if she puts some effort into it. So she will beat this thing to a nonexistent death as smoke trails in jagged patterns from her constantly moving vents.

Sideswipe may have the same idea, as he wanders into the training rooms. With the normal insanity of the ship, he's wondering what lapse of judgement let him join the ship. Well, aside from the political bedlam that had become the planet, but that isn't the point. Granted, this time he is also not in the rooms for himself. Yes, he needs to de-stress, but he is also looking to help Blaster learn a bit more.

"Still with me, DJ B? Training rooms should Huh." the sound and sight of someone hammering away on one of the punching bags is not expected. "Guess not." he pauses, before calling out "Hello there!" in a loud voice, and waving.

Sideswipe chose a rather poor time to train up Blaster.

While the mech might have agreed, he was obviously still overcharged from the pub crawl outing he went too earlier. He moaned lowly, moving sluggishly, and tried his best to keep up with Sideswipe. It was moments like this that he realized that Sideswipe is absolutely boundless energy...

Still moving at an almost crawl, he stopped when he bumped right into Sides, the force of it nearly toppling him over on Sideswipe. He misses the comment about the 'guess not' and the hammering of the punching bags. "Ow... why did you stop?" Blaster whines, holding his head a bit.

Sterling jumps when a loud voice calls to her from behind. Letting out a surprised squeak, her arm jerks at the last second and she entirely misses the punching bag causing her to trip forward from the momentum. She manages to catch herself and whirls around to see the mechs who just entered. Her optic widens beneath her glasses as she begins to worry. Oh no is she really not supposed to be here? Do they have the room or something? "U-um I'm sorry do you have the room? I can leave!" She'll just leave. She hurries to return the knuckledusters to where she found them, smoke still trailing behind her.

"What? Nah, we don't have it. You were here first. It's fine!" Sideswipe rushes to ease her worry, both servos raised in what he hopes is a placating manner. "Seriously. Stay. We're just here to train a bit."

And no, Blaster, Sideswipe managed to not stumble after having you plow into his back. He does reach back to pat his overcharged boyfriend on the arm. "Company, B. You still up for training?" He's beginning to wonder if it is a good idea.

"No." Was Blaster's simple answer as he sat up. "I don't think I can handle it tonight."

Sterling pauses as Sideswipe tells her its ok to stay. But, they want to use the room. And she was only hitting the punching bag anyways, "I.. I dont want to get in your way." She looks between Sideswipe and Blaster as the latter says he isnt up for training... they are still blocking the door.

"How much did you drink, exactly?" because Blaster looked very out of it. "...doorways aren't the best sitting area, though." he tries, as he moves to help the larger mech back up. Still, the comment of being in the way is waved off with a laugh. "You won't be. Looks like DJ B here is a bit too out of it." looks like training is off for the time being, "But, hey, I didn't catch your name. I'm Sideswipe."

"It was a crawl." Blaster replies, letting Sides lift him up and maybe drag him off to the side. "I had a little too much fun." He gives a grin at Sides. "You should join us next time." He then finally notices Sterling. "You too! I always love a good drinking group, it makes things interesting." He waves at her then. "I'm Blaster, Communications Chief, I'm sorry you had to meet me like this."

Sterling shifts nervously as she becomes the center of attention again. This is awkward, that mech (who is apparently a higher command than her) is clearly drunk. "...Sterling of Kaon. Nice to meet you." She bites down on the end of her cygar as she waits to see what will happen.. Maybe she should help? She can't tell if Blaster is really going to be alright or not. "...Is.. there any way I can help?" She doesn't know how she can actually help, she only has the base first aid knowledge.

Blaster waves her off. "Nothing that processing and sleeping it off can do. I-" A pause, memories of Mirage's rather scathing and judgemental look for not acting in accordance with being an officer immediately brought him emotionally crashing down. He pinches the bridge of his nose before speaking. "- anyway. I'll just hang around here and watch, I am sure Sides is probably going to train." His tone is friendly and inviting, a smile on his lips again.

"Nah. Sunshine'd murder me if I came back as overcharged as you." even if Sideswipe really hasn't spoken with said brother just yet...Still, he does manage to haul Blaster to the side, before huffing out a slight laugh. "He'll be fine. Seriously."

"And yes, I do plan on training." he confirms, before looking back to Sterling. "Hey, you wanna go a round?"

Sterling is still watching nervously when Sideswipe gets her to focus again. A round? Does he want her to go drinking wit- OH wait, he means sparring! "Um.. I don't know.. Are we allowed?" She doesn't know if there are supposed to be rules for this kind of thing or not.

Blaster gives a reassuring smile. "That is what the practice room is for. So people can go one on one or up against a group or several rounds with different people..." Or using the room as an excuse to get into a physical altercation without consequences... "It's up to you, but Sides can play nice if you request it from him. Isn't that right, sweetlips?" He addresses Sides now, a flirty wink his way.

Wanna see the normally smooth mech trip over his words and peds? Then watch closely, as Blaster's flirting makes Sideswipe cough and shuffle a bit in embarrassment. "Y-yeah. Uh...oh, yeah, what he said. The rooms are used for that. So?"

Sterling blatantly stares at the two of them from behind her glasses. Those two are clearly in a relationship... This just got more awkward. But the temptation of a real fight? Even if just a spar it's tempting. She hasn't used her skills in six hundred years. And maybe.. It'll be like it was back with Screwloose. "What.. kind of spar?" Does he want to use paint guns or something? Weapons like staves? Fists?

"We have all kinds. There is hand to hand, weapons like swords and those... um... sticks." Blaster couldn't remember the names of those if his life depended on it right now. "Shooting practice is a thing but I don't think I can handle people shooting at each other so don't do that." He winks, he's joking. A bit. There is no such thing as a shooting spar. Unless you are Whirl.

"I'm down for any of them right now. But...hmn. training weapons. Staffs?" Sideswipe is quite sure a 'shooting' spar is a Bad Idea. He wants to say 'swords' but he figures he has been without his for long enough to have forgotten how to properly use one. And testing that out in a spar is not a good idea.

Sterling looks back at the equipment in thought.. Before picking her knuckledusters back up. "I believe those are staffs." She puts them on slowly, giving him the chance to call her out on her choice of weapon or not. "I'm ... most practiced with these unless you have a problem with them." She will probably have to soften her blows so she doesn't end up harming him. "You can choose whatever weapon you wish."

Blaster stares at those knuckledusters. "oooh. That might be real painful." He looks at Sides, that's up to his mech there though. He's just watching.

Well. Looks like he was going to see if he has gotten too out of practice with a sword. He grabs one of the practice ones, and gives it a few test swings. "Hey, frontliner here. Been hit with worse." he chirps, before settling into a ready stance.

Sterling gets in her own stance, one giving her better mobility. She is going to have to get inside of his range. She puts out and spaces her cygar before they begin.

Blaster mumbles "That's so hot." At seeing Sides swing the practice sword around.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=Melee Weapons Vs Sideswipe=Melee Weapons < Sterling: Success (3 7 6 4 4 1 3 4) Sideswipe: Failure (3 2 4 3 5 2) < Net Result: Sterling wins - Marginal Victory

Sterling, as soon as the silent confirmation passes between the two of them, rushes forward with more speed than most would probably expect of her. She ducks low to avoid his sword before aiming a punch to his jaw in an uppercut like motion. She also pulls back just enough to inflict pain but no real damage. The gunformer could probably crack his jaw if she tried with the knuckledusters.

And apparently he has. Sideswipe swings at the charging mech, and misses, taken off guard by her speed. And allowing her the opening she needs to swing her fist into his jaw, sending him stumbling back a pace or two in surprise.

Blaster flinches at the hit. He can still hear it. "You okay, handsome?" He asks Sides, a little worried.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=Melee Weapons Vs Sideswipe=Melee Weapons < Sterling: Good Success (1 8 7 5 5 4 3 7) Sideswipe: Success (7 5 3 6 4 3) < Net Result: Sterling wins - Solid Victory

Sterling doesn't give him time to recover, instead pushing the advantage of his stumbling. One only gets the advantage of surprise once which means if she lets him recover her chances of winning decrease drastically. She aims for another punch, this time to his gut, and doesn't hold back as much since the spot is unlikely to be as fragile as his head.

Sideswipe only skids back further, heels raised to keep his balance, after the strong swing into his abdomen. "I'm good! Don't worry!" he calls back over to Blaster, as he straightens himself out. And no, he isn't playing tough, he's shrugged off worse injuries.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=Melee Weapons Vs Sideswipe=Melee Weapons < Sterling: Success (5 5 3 3 2 2 7 4) Sideswipe: Success (4 1 1 2 8 3) < Net Result: DRAW

Once recovered, Sideswipe swings up, knowing that an upswing doesn't have as much power behind it, but he's in no position for any other type of strike.

Sterling is quick to react when Sideswipe attempts to slash his sword at her, bringing her fists down and using the thick metal surrounding her fists to block the weapon.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=Melee Weapons Vs Sideswipe=Melee Weapons < Sterling: Good Success (2 2 7 5 8 3 1 5) Sideswipe: Good Success (2 2 8 2 2 7) < Net Result: DRAW

Sideswipe twists his sword, dislodging it from Sterling's block, before swinging at her once again, trying to catch her across the chest this time.

Sterling knows she won't be able to block Sideswipe's next swing. Instead the femme leans back, swaying out of the way of the weapon and stepping back a few paces.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=Melee Weapons Vs Sideswipe=Melee Weapons < Sterling: Great Success (3 5 8 7 7 8 6 4) Sideswipe: Good Success (2 1 7 3 7 1) < Net Result: Sterling wins - Solid Victory

Sterling uses the movement of Sideswipe's last attempt to hit her to get back under his guard. Spotting the mech overextending his reach, she slips beneath his guard again to this time bring her elbow down on the back of his knee. Time to try and bring him down to her level.

Okay, ow. Sideswipe felt that one. Still, he twists around to face her, before she can swing at his other knee. He's grinning all the same though.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=Melee Weapons Vs Sideswipe=Melee Weapons < Sterling: Good Success (7 3 1 1 1 7 8 3) Sideswipe: Success (5 7 5 5 1 6) < Net Result: Sterling wins - Solid Victory

Sterling sees him twist around to face her, his head now within her reach. Perfect. In a fluid movement she grabs his head in her hands, almost gently, before savagely bringing it down into a violent clash with her armored knee. On some level she feels bad about potentially wiping that smile off his face, but she was taught to fight to survive. Losing can mean death (in more than one way), and it most certainly isn't fun unless you are winning.

Sideswipe yelps, jerking back in surprise, after his helm is smacked into her knee. He didn't expect that type of move, and give her a dumbfounded look as he recovers from the last move.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=Melee Weapons Vs Sideswipe=Melee Weapons < Sterling: Good Success (3 8 4 8 5 5 4 2) Sideswipe: Good Success (8 8 7 3 3 4) < Net Result: Sideswipe wins - Marginal Victory

That last hit had hurt more than a simple dent or scratch from a spar. Sideswipe isn't sure if she had meant to truly injure him, but he is done taking chances. Sword still gripped tight, he lunges forwards, and tackles Sterling to the ground. "Sterling! What was with that last move?"

Sterling lets out a oof as the larger mech tackles her to the ground. Instinctively she reels her fist back to connect it to his face- only to freeze when he yells at her. What's wrong? She thought the spar was going well! Quickly stopping any struggle she put up she lays on the floor, optic wide under her lenses in confusion. "W-what do you mean?"

"Spar. We're not aiming to injure the other mecha. That felt like you were trying to cave my face in." Sideswipe huffs, before moving back to let her up, offering her his servo once he is back on his peds. "I mean, yeah, I can see getting carried away, but ow."

Sterling pushes herself into a sitting position as Sideswipe releases her. The femme looks confused for a moment before her face shifts into horror and her hands fly up to clasp the bottom of her face. Oh Primus most mechs don't spar like she used to with Screwloose. They had always fought nearly full out to keep themselves improving, since they were in danger of both the autobots and decepticons. "Oh- Oh Primus I'm so sorry!" Shes messed up any chance she had of becoming friends with him! "I.. I didn't mean to- That's just how Screwloose and I always- I'm sorry!"

"No lasting damage done. I was just a bit surprised to be introduced to your knee like that." he chuckles, shaking his helm. "Next time I ask you for a spar, I'll know what to kinda expect." he honestly is more surprised than injured. Yes, it hurt, but he did suffer worse injuries before. "You can stop apologizing, I forgive you."

Sterling doesn't relax any even as Sideswipe says he forgives her. She still attacked him with way more force than was necessary! Is everything she thinks she knows wrong!? "I-I'm still sorry... " After a minute she yanks the knuckledusters off her fists and drops them on the floor next to her, pulling her knees towards her chest only to stop like her legs are now contaminated with bad mojo.

"Hey. Hey, no, no c''s okay." And Sideswipe is going to drop down beside her, before patting her shoulder. "Seriously. More surprised than injured."

Sterling just keeps staring at the floor in front of her as Sideswipe sits down next to her. "I shouldn't spar with anyone else. I'll probably end up hurting them too." She will end up hurting them if sparring on the ship is like Sideswipe describes. Why does she have to mess everything up!?

" can. Just warn them that you tend to go for broke. I'd tell you to spar with Whirl, but he'd straight up murder you on accident." Sideswipe is trying to improve her mood here. He's not sure if it's working.

Sterling finally looks over at him, she can tell he is trying to help but once she is in a funk it can be hard to make her feel better- especially with how stressed and lost she's been feeling. She pulls her cygar out of her subspace and takes several long drags from it. Default way to help calm her nerves: become a smoke stack puffing on cygars. "Maybe... " Looking for a way to distract from her, Sterling glances back at Blaster, ".... I think he passed out..."

Sideswipe only sighs, before putting an arm around her. "I'm sure of it. Oh, and if you don't mind, I want a rematch once I figure out how to use a sword again." the comment about Blaster makes him pause, and look over to the other red mech. "Huh. So he did." he pushes himself up and trots over to Blaster, to sling the larger mech's arm over his shoulder and haul him up. "Got to get him somewhere he can recover from his 'adventure' today. But I'm serious. Rematch." even if it does come with the danger of having his nose broken.

Sterling stiffens when Sideswipe's arm goes around her but quickly settles back down into just lost awkwardness. What is she supposed to do, what is she supposed to say in this situation? When he mentions a rematch, she looks up at him as if she can't comprehend why he would want to fight her again. She went too hard for him! In the end, she just watches him lift up blaster and responds with a simple, "... ok then." as she puffs away at her cyg.

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