2016-10-19 You Tried

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-10-19 You Tried
Date 2016/10/19
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical
Participants Tourniquet, Sandstorm
Summary Tourniquet comes upon Sandstorm doing something fairly stupid.

To one side, medical: often one of the quieter areas of the ship, Ratchet runs it with an iron, if somewhat rusted, hand. When a crisis breaks out, it transforms from silence to a hub of activity, carefully overseen and controlled.

To the other side, science: things explode with distressing regularity behind those triply-reinforced walls. Warning signs are posted prominently, and triply so around Brainstorm's Workshop.

Sandstorm, as one of the ship's engineers (and not the type that would want their own fancy lab even if it was available for him to have one) has been called out for a job. The phones have been ringing off the hook, as it were, about some commotion on the science and medical deck. And he was the one who was dragged out of his maintenance concerning the engines to deal with it. Supposedly there is a malfunction in one of the tubes that surround Brainstorm's lab, the tubes that worm their way throughout the entire ship. A several-times-over repeated diagnostic scan had revealed it, and it was important that said malfunction be taken care of.

What Sandstorm failed to convey to his superiors was that there was literally no way to get at that area without actually accessing it from within Brainstorm's lab itself.

And so, here he is. Pinging the door panel over and over and receiving no response, because apparently, for once, Brainstorm isn't actually there. The job needs to be done, though, and after a quick glance around, Sandstorm gets to work at - trying to break in. This won't look good if anyone happens to pass by.

Tourniquet has been feeling a little... Glum lately. She avoided her and Buzzkill's last study session and feels really, really bad about it. But Lockjaw wasn't joking! She'd hurt Buzzkill and Tourni didn't want that to happen. And now their medical shifts don't overlap for another few dies... She hisses sadly, slithering to the medibay in full sake mode, not noticing the orange mech down the other hall, being suspicious. She's too busy sulking.

There is a reason that, in the past shady business Sandstorm had gotten into, he wasn't the one breaking in to places. That reason being that he'd never been much of a lockpicker. Usually he knew better than to fuck with Brainstorm's lab, of all mechs, but he was frustrated and he wanted to get this all over with so - yeah he was worse than usual.

Sandstorm doesn't get very far into his attempt before the shock comes, and he yelps, frame thrown back a foot or two as he lands on his aft from the strength of it. "Primus-fragging son of a glitch--" is clearly heard through the halls.

Tourniquet comes to a stop when she hears that yelp, twisting around with a flick of her tongue. She can taste the smell of ozone and see Sandstorm down the other hall. Is he..? Could he be..? Hurt? She has to help! Doubling back and sliding over her own body, she hurries to the orange Autobot and its moments before the serpent is hovering over Sandstorm. "Are you alright? What happened? Are you hurt?"

Once he stops swearing, Sandstorm is massaging the servo that received the shock, frowning. Frag. Of course Brainstorm would have something like that on his door. How is Sandstorm going to get in to fill this work request now - he looks up when he hears a voice, and. What. Is that.

"I'm fine." Sandstorm stares at Tourniquet a klik longer before the corner of his lips curve up in a smirk and he huffs out, "You're a weird-looking thing, aren't ya?" And here he'd almost forgotten about the beastformers on the ship. Probably because he avoided them.

Tourniquet is used to any staring by now but it still... Isn't the nicest thing. And that wasn't very nice either. Her hood shifts back and down. "I, um..." She hesitates and then the serpent's head transforms into her torso. Now she's just a robo-naga, much more normal! And... Not weird... looking... "H-Hold on, I have a scanner, just to make sure." Her body shifts until she finds the right compartment along her trunk, popping it open to pull out a little scanner. She fumbles with it, swiping at it several times before catching it. She glances at Sandstorm. Ahem... "H-Hold still..."

Extremely weird looking. What was it with this ship and picking up any remotely-Cybertronian mech they came across? Sandstorm is already getting up when she mentions the scanner, and he huffs again, taking a few steps back once he's on his pedes. "I already told you I'm fine." His servos are up, palms out, in a you can leave me alone it's whatever gesture. Yet...his arms drop, and Sandstorm doesn't retreat any further. This way he'll have an excuse for not getting the job done, right?

"Alright, go ahead. I'll stay still."

The scanner is nothing in-depth, just quick and preliminary. A hand-held as Tourniquet slowly but surely accumulates tools as she learns to use them. She bites down on one end of her tongue, concentrating on the readout. "Mmmmm- ah!" She looks back at Sandstorm brightly, smiling. "It looks like you have some damage to that hand there and along your arm. If you come back to medibay, I can help fix it!"

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Skepticism: Failure. (5 2 3 3 2 3 2)

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Adventurous: Great Success. (7 8 2 8 1 3 5 2 7 3)

Sandstorm watches the scanner being used, looking bored. Sure, his servo hurts and his arm is kind of numb where he'd been shocked, but it's not a big deal. He's had worse. And her diagnosis is met with the same expression. What's weird isn't that he's prepared to leave despite any injury, it's that he hasn't questioned to himself whether or not she really was a medic. Or perhaps that was the point - wouldn't it be interesting, to let some snake bot work on him? There's a glance back toward Brainstorm's lab and an irritated flicker over his face at the fact that he's clearly not going to be filling that 'very important work order' any time soon before he turns his attention back to Tourniquet.

"Why go all the way to the medibay?" Sandstorm asks. "If you've got the tools, why not just take care of it right here? The shock wasn't that bad, it can't be hard." If this mech had one of those little voices in the back of his head it'd be saying what the fuck are you thinking.

Tourniquet's optics shutter in surprise at his suggestion. He's... He's alright with that? With letter her work on him? She glances back towards medibay and then to Sandstorm again. Okay... Okay! Yeah! She tucks the scanner away, body moving to Swerve around and swipe up behind Sandstorm, making him sit on a coil. "Alright! Let's see, um... Going to need the multi-tool... Can you hold out your hurt hand, please?"

Well that's....interesting. Sandstorm settles onto said coil. Apparently his initial reaction of 'damn that's fugly' has been overrun with his natural curiosity and interest in the unknown. Maybe he'll stop avoiding beastformers from now on....anyway.

"Sure." Sandstorm holds out the arm that had been shocked. The digits twitch minutely in unpredictable pulses, the aftershocks of that electrical surge through his systems plain to see.

<FS3> Tourniquet rolls Medicine: Success. (2 5 4 5 8)

Tourniquet shifts a bit, taking the servo in her's and looking it over. Right, firs thing she want's to do is... Remove the plating! She's got this, that's something she can do! He fingers get to work as she glances up as Sandstorm. Its a good thing she's no mind-reader. Although, she'd have no idea what a 'fugly' is. "Soo... What were you doing?"

Sandstorm watches Tourniquet work. He's no medic, so he doesn't know if she's actually doing the right thing. But that just adds to the fun. If it hurts he won't show it, blue optics fixing on the Eukarian instead. "My job," he answers. Funny, that she didn't seem more interested in the fact that he was trying to break into a purposefully locked lab. "There's a malfunction in access tube 6-S34. I needed to get in there--" and here he gives a jerk of his helm, "--to fix it."

<FS3> Tourniquet rolls Medicine: Failure. (3 3 2 4 4)

Tourniquet glances at the door. Hmmm... "That's, uh... That's Braincloud's lab! You should wait until he answers the door next time." She chuckles, looking back at her work. She's doing good. Look, the outer is off so she can see and access the mechanisms inside. Now, she just needs to turn off his pain receptors for this next part. Which iiiiis... This wire! She snips it and watches the servo go limp. She stares, smile still on her face. That's... supposed to... not happen... This is fine! She can fix that!! No problem! She gets back to work trying to repair his servo. "So, what's your name? I'm Tourniquet!" NOTHING WRONG. S'ALL GOOD.

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Fixing: Good Success. (3 7 4 7 2 6 5 2 7 3 4)

Okay we take that back. While he's no medic and he's not really sure how to BE a medic, Sandstorm certainly understands that the way his servo suddenly loses all feeling and goes slack is not the way things should be going. As an engineer, he understands mechanical systems, and he's got a very base knowledge of Cybertronian mechanical systems. Which is why he takes out one of his own tools from a compartment on his hip and gets to work fixing what she's messed up. He's prone to purposefully getting himself hurt for reasons we won't mention here, but he does need his hands to do his job.

"Sandstorm," he says as he works to reconnect the wire. It's nowhere near what a medic is capable of, but it'll do, and he starts to get feeling back in his servo immediately after the ends are spliced together again. "That's my name. The mech whose lab that belongs to is Brainstorm. And as much as I'd love to wait for him to get his sorry aft down here so he could let me into his lab, apparently the higher ups decided this job needed to be done today."

Her optics widen as Sandstorm starts working on himself. Tourniquet is fairly sure she's the medic! Sorta the medic. Medicintraining,shhh. "Well, um- can I have your hand back to finish fixing it?- can't you just comm him?"

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Skepticism: Good Success. (8 4 3 2 6 7 3)

"Didn't get an answer." Aka, tried once, no response, decided on this course of action instead. Sandstorm's optics move back to Tourniquet, and after a moment's consideration, he puts his tool away, holding his servo out for her to continue. His gaze turns somewhat distant as he works through the files in his processor that contain his memories of the ship's blueprints, wondering if there might just be another way to that tube without going through Brainstorm's lab. Maybe he can find a different plan of action, if he really pours over them. Scrutinizing Tourniquet, he adds, finally, "You're in training, aren't you?"

Tourniquet smiles gratefully as she gets the servo back, working on it to repair the damage with what tools she has. You can do this Tourni! Just concentrate! "Wh-What?" She looks up at Sandstorm with wide optics. "Oh, what... what gave it away?"

<FS3> Tourniquet rolls Medicine: Good Success. (5 8 1 7 1)

Sandstorm, on his part, doesn't fidget or try to pull away as she works, even as restless as he is with trying to figure out this maintenance issue. Sometimes he can be nicer than he initially acts. Which is why, at her question, he says, "Just a guess." Instead of pointing out how she'd already fucked up the repair job. She seems to be doing better now, despite the distraction. With his other servo, he gaves a vague, waving gesture that takes in Tourniquet's frame. "So what's up with...this whole thing."

"Heh, good guess..." But Tourniquet really seems to be doing well on his servo. And she can't get everything in the hall so this'll do. Finishing off some repairs, she starts closing up his hand. She does paus to look around before giving Sandstorm a quizzical look. "This is the science hall?" Did she miss something?

Her work will do. Maybe Sandstorm kind of welcomes the stiffness that will come, the bruise-like ache. The servo'll work just fine for repairing that access tube, so clearly he doesn't need to go to the medibay itself. He's come up with a plan for the problem he needs to fix - he'll just break into the room closest to Brainstorm's lab, and make his way from there - and is itching to go. His rotors spin, the arms holding them shifting a few degrees in gesture of that restlessness, but he doesn't get up off of Tourniquet's coil just yet.

"This frame." Sandstorm gestures with the uninjured servo again. "I kind of heard about Eukaris, but why would you pick forms like this?" It's not even an insulting question, or. It's not an intentionally insulting question.

"My frame?" The armor plates along her body all ripple, causing Sandstorm to rock in his seat. Up and then down, like riding a wave. "I didn't pick it! Great Chela blessed me with this form like every Eukarian." She looks down at herself, servos running over the fangs at her torso. "Is there something wrong with it?"

The up-and-down motion of his frame actually gets a chuckle out of Sandstorm, possibly the first purely positive noise he'd made since joining the ship. "It's weird," he says, truthfully. "Really weird. Taking on an alt mode based off an organic? It makes no sense." Looks like he doesn't pull his punches, except. His tone is light. A servo even pats the coil he's settled on. "But it's not bad."

But he really ought to pull his punches sometimes, or at least around this snake. Tourniquet's self-esteem is based purely on what others think. Her shoulders droop, servos kneading each other. How is being weird not bad? Does everyone think that? All the standards... "O-okay..." The coil Sandstorm is sittin on lifts and slides him to his feet. "If your hand doesn't feel better later, you can come to the medibay." Maybe one of the not weird medics can help. "My shift started, I should go. Um... Good luck with... Breaking in." Or something.

Somewhere, my other alts are upset that Sandstorm is making Tourniquet feel this way. Sandstorm will never be one of them. He stands, stepping back over the snakey coils. He does understand that he's upset Tourniquet but also ? He was right ? Organic alt modes are weird. Tourniquet herself is alright but the alt mode. "I'll make sure I do." He won't. That's just how he is. "Yeah, thanks. Good luck with your shift." He moves off through the deck, looking for the adjacent room he can break in to and get at the access tube that's home to the malfunctioning systems.

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