2016-10-15 Keep Him In There!

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-10-15 Keep Him In There!
Date 2016/10/15
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - The Brig
Participants Repugnus, Permafrost, Lockjaw, Red Alert, Hound, Inferno
Summary Repugnus is released from the brig. This is probably not a good idea.

No room is so carefully watched, no area so strongly-constructed as the brig. The cells are monitored, capable of holding a dozen prisoners. The forcefields aren't quite rated for a point-one-percenter, but they aren't far from it, either.

The Autobot has been here awhile, evidenced by the claw marks on the wall striking and tallying the days. He doesn't look very concerned about his release, sitting back on his recharge slab with his arms folded behind his back, whistling some deliberately badly made-up tune to amuse himself and annoy the guards. Repugnus stretches out his hideous robot form and yawns--revealing two pairs of sharp fangs. It's time.

There are plenty of... characters on board the Lost Light. Some of them are in command now (Soundwave) or learning to live with a mixed crew (Combaticons, Whirl, the list goes on and on). This particular character in the brig brought Hound down from his office to keep an eye on things, as a ranking Autobot. Also, theoretically, to deliver a warning for good behavior. He's, therefore, the first of the security team into the brig. "All right," he says, hands on his hips, just before they step in. "Let's keep this simple, shall we?"

Inferno is immediately behind Hound. He's scheduled to be on brig duty anyway, regardless of what's going on or who's in there, and therefore he just naturally fell into step behind the commanding officer as he made his way down. He's still kind of roiling from his date-not date-maybe date with Red Alert, but all of those emotions are kept inside. He's got a job to do, and that job is to make sure the release of Repugnus runs smoothly. For now, he says nothing, though his wing-kibble are rigid on either side of his helm, the only indication of how focused he is. When Hound stops, so does he, nearly looming over the mech who's led them all here.

Lockjaw isn't lost, just bored. Not in the mood for the crowds and hubub of the colony stations, or even that of the more public areas of the ship, the Eukarian has taken to wandering the lower decks. She's not really trying to go anywhere in particular, just wandering, thinking, exploring. This area of the ship is still fairly unfamiliar to her, as she's been mostly keeping to parts she has buisiness in, and so far, she's had the fortune of not having any near the brig. That means that most things down here are still new, and worth investigating. Especially since there seem to be people going in there as well, so she might as well go poke her head inside as well, and see what's going on right?

Red Alert hastens to the brig, just one of many security officers gathering for the release of the somewhat infamous Repugnus. Extra security for extra unpleasant guests, aren't you honoured Repugnus? He has his weapon at his side within easy access, but it's not drawn for fear of provoking the prisoner. As Hound is there to lead the situation, Red Alert steps back and lets him, though worry gnaws at his processor. The situation's not made any easier by the presence of Inferno either, with whom things have been complicated lately. So it's a somewhat vulnerable Red Alert who follows the others into the brig, looking for all the world like an easy target.

Despite being smaller than everyone else present Permafrost really stands out at the moment. If only because she lacks all the big blockiness the old school Autobots do, being all sleekly curved and slightly fuzzy in places instead. There's other senior Security officers present, she's mainly here to learn Brig procedure because that's something she never really had to deal with before due to being a solo long-range patrol. She tilts her head a little to one side. "... Somehow I just found someone even uglier than roommate." Though the way she says 'ugly' it's not really sounding like an insult because of her quirky sense of humor.

Repugnus stretches his arms and lands lightly on his pedes in the cramped cell. He approaches the limits of the forcefield, which hums and crackles with his presence. This doesn't bother him in the least. He spots the others and gives a hideous smile, "Awww," he draws out, voice leisurely yet condescending, "Everyone's here t'see ol'Repugnus off. I'm so touched," the insincerity in his rancid voice is thick, and to Permafrost, he just laughs and laughs. Repugnus has not a care in the world.

They've gathered quite the entorage for this, but Repugnus, in his cell, doesn't seem quite worth the trouble at first glance. That off-key tune is enough to be irritating from the start, but Hound valiantly ignores it as he steps aside to let the members of the Security team filter in past him. He spares a stern (for Hound) look for Permafrost-- really, this is not the time!-- before his attention is drawn back to Repugnus in the cell. "We're here to see you out, and deliver a warning about good behavior," he corrects.

Lockjaw is probably not supposed to be here, but she either doesn't realise that, or doesn't care. She doesn't look particularly out of place, big and armed as she is. Maybe that's why no one's chased her out. Or everyone's staring at the release. Either way, she's here, and she's not going anywhere. This is two interesting. She even moves in closer to get a better look "A cloudwalker?" maybe? Kinda? Inferno's stature stiffens when a glance back has him realizing Red Alert is there. No no. He echoes Hound's thought, though for a different reason - this is not the time. This is the time for him to move past Hound, to not bother with the others who've joined them (two Eukarians....must be rubbernecking) as he steps forward to Repugnus' cell.

"Which means ya should try to have some," Inferno adds to Hound's statement, as he powers down the field holding Repugnus inside his cell. Lockjaw is given a mildly interested glance. "Nah. Just a Cybertronian." He could add a few things about just what KIND of Cybertronian Repugnus has been, but he won't. He's not that kind a mech.

Red Alert's attention is fixed on the door, so when a large Eukarian scalewalker appears at his back he's totally unprepared for it. "Hound, sir, I don't think there should be a civilian down here!" he says a little too shrilly as he jumps away, but it's already too late: the forcefield has been lowered.

This can only end well.

Permafrost is assigned to Security, thank you very much!.. But she's here to learn, not act this time. An audial does twitch a little in Lockjaw's direction at her growly remark though. "Looks like could transform into stinkbug or something.... Ooooh, twitchy bot taking the lead. Such brave." She totally mistakes Red Alert's nervous bolt as something else entirely.

"Yeah, yeah. Sir." Repugnus responds boredly. 'Sir' is added as an afterthought, without an ounce of respect. Repugnus makes it sound like an epithet. He leers at the assembled group, smile growing larger and larger as his moment of release draws closer. As /he/ draws closer, "'Be a good Bot' 'Don't eat the crow.' Yada yada," The vile Autobot snickers unnervingly at this. Of course, he hasn't eaten any of the crew, not that some of them haven't deserved it, or even if they hadn't. When Inferno unlocks the cell, Repugnus transforms into his leering gremlin mode and leaves the cell, pincers clicking meerily, "I'm a monster," he says proudly to Lockjaw, "Ask around." At that, he gives hysterical snicker. He advances on the assembled group, gremlin-leer growing wider and wider, larger and larger. His large optics begin to glow malevolently with his freedom.

"Don't worry about me, I can handle myself." Lockjaw chuckles when she's noticed. From the looks of it, maybe it's him who shouldn't be here. Jumpy little fellow. Reminds her of Waspinator. But whatever. Looks like they're letting the just-a-Cybertronian out "Still looks like a cloudwalker with its wings torn off." she observes, crossing her arms idly as she watches Repugnus transform.

"It's fine, Red Alert," Hound says, turning to look at the former security director. Everyone here is in either combat, or security, after all, there's no need to send anyone out when they can handle themselves. And this is something they're going to have to handle.

Then, Repugnus is free. Hound braces his hands at his hips and doesn't budge a step as the Autobot moves closer. "No, you won't," he says sternly. "Because if you misstep, you're off this ship. Is that clear? Security is more than ready to deal with you if there are any problems."

<FS3> Inferno rolls Protective: Good Success. (5 1 8 1 4 6 7 5)

Red Alert's jumpiness already has Inferno moving, whether he meant to or not, to stand in front of the smaller mech once he's let Repugnus go. He might be reaching for his own gun, servo twitching as he uses his bulk to block Red Alert from whatever Repugnus may have in mind. Which seems to be intimidation, at the very least, as the Autobot transforms into -- well Inferno can't really say what the mech's transformed into.

"That's right," Inferno chips in, while his free servo has shifted back toward Red Alert, seeming like he wants to push Red back but not actually following through with the motion. "So ya should stop doin' -- whatever it is yer doin'."

<FS3> Permafrost rolls Dark Humor: Success. (1 2 7 3 5 4 6)

Despite her small size Permafrost is undaunted by Repugnus' leering swagger out of the cell. She's use to dealing with pretty much everyone being bigger (and in some cases uglier) than she is. If anything, she looks almost.. amused by his bizarre demon-bug looking altmode. "Such strange form for a Standard that doesn't have wheels! Might be little hard for him to stop... just being," she quips to the larger mechs.

"HAHAHAHA! I *am* Security. Sir." Repugnus responds, "You still need me," he says, deep and vile satisfaction in his vocorder. When Inferno moves and reaches for what might be his gun, Repugnus acts in startled instinct. He lashes out with a pincer-claw to stop Inferno from shooting him! "Back off, fragger!" he curses Inferno. At the moment, Permafrost's dark humor takes a backseat to his being threatened.

"That's enough from both of you," Hound says immediately, stepping forward. "Inferno, stand back." he says, laying a hand on Inferno's arm. Calm down the protectiveness there, buddy. Then he turns to their recently freed prisoner. "Repugnus, this is exactly the kind of thing that might land you back in the brig in the future, on the security team or not." Now he's crossing his arms. "We've managed just fine with you locked up, and I'm sure Tailgate can do it again."

<FS3> Repugnus rolls Asshole: Great Success. (3 6 2 8 7 5 2 7 7 1)

"I've seen a couple that looked like cloudwalkers or furwalkers" Lockjaw begins, only to be interupted by the sudden increase in hostilities. "Is it some sort of Standard ritual to threaten prisinors uppon release? A test to make sure their habits haven't dulled?" she sounds, and looks, honestly perplexed by this. Unless being ugly is an offense around here (and from what she's seen, it probably isn't), Repugnus didn't do anything.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Heroics: Success. (5 8 6 6 2 5 3 6 3)

Permafrost watchs Hound square his (already square technically) shoulders and stand up to the odd ex-inmate, as well as try to calm his comrades. Then looks to Repugnus for a moment. Then back to the other Autobots. Then cranes her head to the side and up enough to look towards Lockjaw. It's a little odd that she feels a little more comfortable near the Scaley instead right now, but she's not one to be flustered by that, either. "There seems to be tension even between one's own crews here."

The situation has spiraled completely out of control. Red Alert regrets not being in charge, even though he knows there's nothing he can do that Hound can't. He just likes being in control: it allows him to tackle each problem in the correct order. First, get the onlooker out of the brig. Second, make sure Permafrost understands the severity of the situation or tell her to sit this one out. And third, when everything is perfectly secure, only then can they can let the prisoner out. Hound's easy dismissal of his concerns leaves him speechless, unable to respond.

And thus he's completely unprepared for what happens next. He can't stop Inferno, or Repugnus, and he vaguely thinks he might be responsible for what transpires. Hound is there to try and ease the situation, but Red Alert is already panicking. "Inferno! Inferno are you alright?"

Inferno does something very, very stupid.

Things could've worked out, if he hadn't reacted the way he did. Hound's servo on his arm had him relaxing, he knew it wouldn't do any good to do something rash, that would only anatagonize the newly released prisoner, and yet. And yet, when Repugnus lashed out, even if he had every reason to (considering Inferno had just been reaching for a weapon) Inferno moved.

Trying to protect Red Alert, the firetruck had moved into the lashing of Repugnus' claw without thinking. It drags a deep gouge out of his chassis and he goes stumbling back from the blow, a servo lifting to rest over the wound. It looks bad, but it's not actually bad enough to draw energon, and Inferno gives Hound an apologetic look, even as he says, "Yeah, Red, 'm fine." He should have thought before he acted. And now he's the one who'll probably be in trouble, again. His optics turn to Repugnus next. "Sorry." 'Ferno may not like the mech at all, after the way he's acted, but what just transpired was his own fault and he's going to apologize for it.

"Hey!" the gremlin barks at Hound, "He was gonna shoot me!" Repugnus hisses, "I ain't gettin' thrown off for protecting myself!" but he grins, oh he grins indecently at the sight of Inferno's wound. He shakes his head as he moves directly for the door, leaving the injured Infero to be dealt with by those present. He moves toward, through the assembled group, whatever they might do. He continues whistling that gratingly off-key tune as he goes, "Toodles, folks." Inferno's heroics earn him a low grunt of approval from Lockjaw, even if it does sound a bit amused "Standards are a jumpy bunch, aren't they?" first Waspinator, and now those two. It's one thing to be reasonably cautious, but this lot seems to jump at their own shadows.

"You're not fine!" Red Alert protests, and he pulls Inferno's hand out of the way to get a look at the gash. No wait. Inferno actually is fine. Just kidding. "You need to get that patched up at least," he grumbles, but his ruffled plating settles a little as he sees no energon. "And Repugnus didn't even stop to see if you were badly hurt," he adds to himself, but honestly he can't fully blame the mech. He and Inferno did escalate things by being panicky and protective respectively. Red feels a flush of shame at the hand he had in this complete and utter failure. "I'll escort him to the medibay, Hound," he says quietly, head hung low.

Permafrost turns her head to watch Repugnus saunter out. "Huh." Well, at least she didn't seem all that upset or scared of him. Maybe that was a test all along? Or maybe things just turned out where. In the end, it seems to be over. "Guess have to keep an eye on that one." Along with the rest of this madcap crew.

It could have gone worse, Hound supposes. General jumpiness of half the team and the near miss aside, anyway. He nods to Inferno and Red Alert. At least Red Alert seemed chagrined by his reaction. "Stop by to review with Tailgate," he suggests, resting a hand on his hip. "Anyway, thank you all for being here. Now that that's taken care of, we can move on with our day."

The regret is strong in this one as Inferno straightens his frame, his servo remaining where it's settled over the wound. Hound gets a nod on top of said apologetic expression, and Inferno is not looking forward to another one-on-one meeting with Tailgate. He's already disappointed his boss, horribly so, and he hates that he's done it again. "Yes, sir. Of course, sir." His attention returns to Red Alert, the initial cry having, apparently, missed his acknowledgement completely, for the moment.

"I did kinda threaten him," Inferno says, faceplates settling into a smile once his processor catches up with Red Alert's care, with the way his servo has been taken. Red's body language, though, has the smile falling.

"Thanks, Red," 'Ferno says first, and then, when they've left, when they are on their way to the medibay, he adds, "'Snot your fault." A sentiment he will attempt to repeat all the way to the medibay. He was the one to jump into the line of fire, after all.

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