2016-10-07 Elevator Malfeasance

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Elevator Malfeasance
Date 2016/10/07
Location Lost Light: Elevator
Participants Punch, Frisk, Folly, Pipes
NPCs Elevator
Summary Elelator go up. Elelator go down. I push the button.

This is one of several elevators that core the ship, running from top to bottom. The doors are solid with access panels above and below in case of emergencies. Not that there'd be an emergency, right?

Well, could've went worse. There's still paperwork to do but, at least, it's cleared in principal, Punch thinks as he gets into the elevator after it's done the rounds elsewhere. Maybe he can try and ask Arcee to 'help' him do some of it? Self preservation is something Punch is a little in lacking of. Optimism... plenty of that! So, it averages out. Maybe.

He's too wrapped up in his thoughts to notice who's already in the elevator when he steps into it but he does notice the electroshock when he presses the button for the habsuites. Years of experience and training mean he bites down on the expletive before it escapes and, instead, manages to say... "Sorry about that. I think the panel needs some t. maybe some l and c come to think of it."

Frisk is leaning against the side of the elevator when the mech walks in. Ok, starting to get a little crowded in here but- wait... what was that? Frisk looks up as the elevator comes to a stop. "Uh... sorry about what?"

Pipes is on the mini side, so is used to not being noticed in elevators. He gives a wave to Punch as he enters, just in case he might notice. No worries. He peeks around the former spy. "The panel? What's wrong with it?" His gaze drifts to the freshly closed doors. Oh boy.

Looks like a crowded elevator, but there's a good-sized astroglobe off in the corner of the elevator that simply didn't need to be there. Spinning, spinning, adjusting. Little tidbits of lenses, of meters keep flickering about silently, that is until Punch plotzes the elevator. << Oh dear. There it is. We made it mad. I was listening to its complaints and now this...oh dear... >>

Punch shrugs. "I'm a civilian, not a diagnostician, but when I pressed the button it shorted... on... me..." Punch trails off into silence as he sees the not so small fireworks show going on under the panel creep out in a halo of sparks and a symphony of singed circuits crackling in the air. "Hold on tight!" he commands, "It's a cascade failure! the shorts are all over the control panel! We're in for a rough ride before it finally burns out!" hooking his arm in demonstration round the guard rail Punch prepares to understand how a yo-yo feels.

Frisk looks over to Pipes, narrowing his visor in clear confusion before- "Wait what?" Then the mech is bracing himself. WAIT WHAT!? Without wasting a second, Frisk grabs the nearest rail. This is the one day he hasn't done anything yet, why is this happening!?

"Wait, don't these things have failsafes?" Pipes wonders out loud, but looking at Frisk with the same oh-no expression. He then turns to look at Folly, whom he doesn't immediately recognize. "What? I thought I always remembered to thank it after every ride." He grasps the rail himself. Oh, that's what those are for.

The astroglobe shifts and reassembles itself. The mis-sized lenses to the eyes, the concentric rings to her weird 'dress' shape, and other bits of kibble to her backplate. Folly, in her 'patchwork' look, laments, "They're rioting! I didn't know, I really didn't know!" She is not holding on tight to anything, "Everyone, apologize to the circuitry, its the only way to get things working again!" She actually pushes herself forward, with all the sparks flying. A few spray in her direction, "Ouch! Let at least discuss this civilly! What are your demands?"

Punch uses his free hand to bury his face in. One war, two lives, three neutralised assassins and an escape to the furthest corner away from his old lives... and he's right back in the same old situation. Some one/thing trying to kill him.

The first jolt of acceleration felt like a hammerblow to his very core. Then again he channeled the antigrav from his flight systems outward to try and take the edge off the others. Which, if his maths close to right, means he's experiencing a few more Gs than if he hadn't bothered.

Between jolts upward and downward he tries a further explanation to Pipes. He just hopes Pipes hears some of it!

"Keeps... jumping... system to system!"

Oh boy. Any chance he can retire again?

"What do you mean thank it!?" Frisk yells at pipes as he looks between the others before settling on Folly, who the heck is she talking about!? Frisk grips tighter to the railing, actually going so far as to wrap his legs around it as well as they begin to drop and rise. He just wanted to go down a floor! His feathers repeatedly get tossed to and fro as the elevator jolts. "Are you telling me this is normal!?"

Pipes underestimated the severity of the ride they were about to endure, and his grip strength isn't up to the task. After the first couple of jolts he looses hold and starts to careen around the elevator's interior, although mostly up and down. It's bothersome but he's coping for now. "It's just OW Gratitude OW But I don't think it's OW normal!"

Folly sprawls forwards almost immediately, falling face first. Someone, assuredly, steps on her head. Sparks fly, the elevator lurches up, then down jarringly, sending the small Femme into the air, hovering for just a moment. As she does, a circular ring floats up against her, "Oh...i was looking for th.." And then she impacts on the ground again, sending her missing piece off again. " him....alone!" She calls out as she crawl/bounces around, trying to reach Punch's get electrocuted as well probably.

Two unsecured. No sign of the panel running out of switches to short out so, while it's doing that the backups and safety systems are about as sharp as a plastic spork. After it's been microwaved. Arcee's gonna kill him. The lift won't be so merciful. Okay. Nothing he can do to stop it at these speeds. So... damage control.

Punch unhooks his arm, timed as best he can and pounces towards the bouncy-Pipes. Maybe if he can secure him he can move on to the other one all shook up. Or Punch's gyro'll explode. It's a results may vary kinda deal. "PIPES! Think fast!" Punch manages to gry at the critical moment.

<FS3> Frisk rolls Transportation: Great Success. (7 8 6 5 1 3 7 8 3 5 6 3 1 7)

Frisk cringes as Pipes starts crashing up and down. Oh ow, that looks like it hurts. but- "What would you need to thank an elevator!?" Taking pity on the femme, Frisk uses the lesser gravity from a drop down to push off from the wall and snag Folly mid air. Once he has the femme, he hooks a foot on the guardrail and uses the stop of dropping to fully grip the rail. Before they can start dropping again he shoves her hands on the railing as well, "Chela you standards are weird!" With how she had been moving towards the panel before he keeps one hand gripping her arm, afraid she will let go and get banged around again. Please tell him someone saw those sick acrobatics, too.

<FS3> Pipes rolls Reaction+Reaction: Failure. (4 2 1 5)

<FS3> Folly rolls Befuddlement: Good Success. (4 5 1 2 7 7 1 5 4)

"I dunno, maybe OW so it doesn't do this?" Pipes is rapidly approaching the point where he'll be too knocked around to engage in a philosophical discussion about the issue. Thankfully, Punch leaps to his rescue. "Got it!" He gets a boost and a throw, but misjudges which way is up and all that, and slams into the wall near the panel, instead of at the rail. "OW." At the moment, the minibot is stuck on the wall, occupying a Pipes-shaped dent.

Something rattles within Folly as she tries to scramble for the circuit board, with all those rings in her dress, she's almost a slinky, and it shows as she bounces a bit more, before she's plucked aside by Frisk. She turns her gaze towards the con, her weirdly dilated eyes at work. "My standing is weird, yes! Because the sparks are upset! Don't you hear them? They must calm down, before they kill us all!"

<FS3> Punch rolls Firearms: Good Success. (6 4 4 6 4 8 3 3 8)

Paperwork. It all started with paperwork. Pipes sails clear through Punch's arms and ends up... well. Punch doesn't know as he suddenly and immediately has problems of his own. Two of them. The floor and the roof. After learning what the ball in pong went through Punch manages a half turn to he's not smashing his back off of the ceiling and his face off the tiles.

The next upward journey lets him halt some of his momentum by putting his arms up and being rewarded by a sickening crack as one shoulder joint gets crippled by the massive forces. As he drops Punch fires his retros, not to do anything but super heat his feet and the floor both.

Okay, he's fused to the floor, but, at least his not being hit by anything. Action. Meet reaction. Subspacing his photonic cannon from subspace he aims straight at the panel. Although it was Counterpunch's it still does what it was supposed to. Cook circuits from the inside. Rendering them totally inoperable. "I am so not having a good day!" Punch cries as he takes aim and fires at the panel.

Frisk cringes as pipes goes straight into the wall with a sympathetic "Ooooo" then turns to Folly, "Upset!? They're sparks! Chela, Eukaris is behind in tech but even I know that!" His visor widens as Punch melts his own feet to the floor to stop his fall. The guy's got brass bearings thats for sure. As the gun is aimed at the panel Frisk can only hope this hellish situation will be over soon, he's starting to lose his grip.

It's not as bad as it looks, although it does look kind of bad. Pipes pries an arm loose from the wall - fortunately he's facing outwards - and is about to suggest using his corrosive gas to melt the panel away but, wow hey, Punch has a really good idea. Probably better than his own. Corrosive gas in a closed environment generally works out badly for everyone except Pipes, who's shielded for it.

Folly looks to Frisk in dismay. "Yes...but WHY are they sparks? That's the question!" The Eneraetherologist tries to steady herself on the rail as the elevator buckles, and walks in, towards the circuit panel, forelit by the lights. "Everything's alright, we're all going to" And then Punch shoots the panel, raking it with his cannon. Metal and electricity shower and splinter like it was a splash panel, Folly covers her eyes from the display as it happens.

All the chaos of light and sound calms down to silence. The elevator, devoid of electronic interference, relies on the mechanical as a last resort and engages the spring loaded brakes. Still and silent, a second flare from Punch's photonic cannon, this time on the 'trick', and harmless, setting flares lighting two cigs that are loaded in his mouth. Drawing deeply from them, and subspacing the cannon to free his good hand to take the cigs away from his mouth Punch says to the panel, "You either got it or you don't... kiddo. And, kids, you weren't even close."

Emergency chemical luminescence create a dull glow, lighting the room. Looking around and seeing the other Punch says, "Sticking around too Pipes? Welcome to the club! Also, nice catch!" Punch casts his gaze upon Frisk, "way better than I could manage as well! Oh, important thing, all of you. Two things. One. I don't need to go to medical. I am fine. Two. Do. Not. Tell. Arcee."

Frisk lets himself gawk openly at Punch. That right there, that, was awesome. If he didn't have a conjunx (and was very happy in said marriage, thank you) that is the kind of attitude that he would be into. Loosening his grip to the railing, Frisk lets himself drop and lands ungracefully on his back. Yeah he's.. just gonna sit here for a second. Fun fact: even robots can get noodle arms. "Thanks. Feathers gotta be good for something, and gliding is one of them." His visor widens and brightens in his own version of a grin, "You sure about the medical part? Names Frisk, of the Scale Walker Tribe, by the way."

"Good one, Punch." Pipes remains in his secure self-made nook until the elevator gives up, and then works on extracting himself the rest of the way. His one leg is pretty jammed in, so he continues to work it slowly out. "No problem, Punch. As far as problems go around here, this one hardly ranks as reportable. Except to maintenance." From his perch he looks at the other inhabitants. Folly he knows, but "Hi Frisk, I'm Pipes." He waves from up there.

Folly tilts her head as if hearing something, as she investigates the power board, having lost most of its energy, its life. She produces a small astroglobe, studying it with her whirring eyes zooming in on it. "It says......"I only regret....not killing...all of you." With that she clasps her hand, folding back up the instrument, "Well there is that. Usually elevators don't turn out to be homicidal unless they've been ignored. I suppose that is something to think about..."

Flashing a winning smile at Frisk Punch says, "My name is Punch. I used to be a spy. Great to meet you Frisk. I'd offer a hand to shake but I'm going to have to free myself from the floor before I'll be good for anything else." Punch then laughs, gently and pleasantly.

Reaching with his left, and good, arm into the forearm of his right and pulls out a bag of powder. Carefully pouring it round the footprint of one foot the thermite flashes and cuts it free. He does the same with the other and, although a little taller Punch is back in the world of locomotion.

Nodding to Pipes Punch asks, "Any chance you think we've lined up with one of the floors?" He looks down at his feet, "Don't think I'm flying anyone out of here anytime soon. So it's climb or get lucky."

Frisk gives a mouthless smile to Pipes before staring at Folly. She ... what... "....If this doesn't register as strange to any of you, what registered as weird?" Chela, what has he dragged Killa into? "Well," Frisk says in response to punch as he shoves that thought out of his mind, "I don't know about you guys, but if climbing is involved i can always get out." Finally shoving himself to his feet, Frisk- granted somewhat shakily at first- walks over, "If we aren't lined up I can climb out and go get help." Being only about eight feet tall sucks, but it does have the advantage of being able to squeeze into small places.

Free at last, Pipes pops his leg free from the wall and tumbles to the floor, with only partial clumsiness. He looks back at the impression he made, wondering for a moment if it would count as art. Folly's translation makes him feel bad about it, though. "Oh, gee. Can you ask it why it's so ... upset?" Despite his caring attitude towards the elevator, he doesn't hesitate to move to the doors and work on pulling them open.

Having awkwardly made it to the door, the fused bits of floor changing the profile of his feet, Punch strains his actuators in arms, and hauls to part the plates that make up the internal doors of the elevator. A new sheen covers his smile as he sees the external doors, a little misaligned, but there. With a little work and, maybe, a leg up (no pun intended Pipes!) they'll be free. Next time... Punch'll take the stairs. If the ship has any.

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